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Vampire Knight is paradise XD *lol*

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An image speaks more than a thousand words, so here's me defined in just one image:

As in, I love Zero x Kaname, not as in I'm the window or anything. XD

Year of birth: 1979 (Specified for the LJ communities requiring such info).

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✖ Moe Sagakure, pureblood vampire, doujin artist and porn enthusiast.

✖ Year of birth: 1979 (Specified for the LJ communities requiring such info).

✖ Hello there~! I'm quite obsessed by Vampire Knight right now, and so most of my fanarts and fanfics are VK ones lately.<3
English isn't my first language, but I joined English-speaking fandoms and started writing fanfiction in English in order to get better at that language, some years ago. :D That way, fun while practicing the language. XD

✖ If you're here for the Vampire Knight stuff, feel free to friend me, I totally don't mind. :D
(Unless you're an art thief, in which case I do mind. *LOL* But otherwise, you're most welcome to add away! :D)

I regularly post my VK fanarts, fanfiction, sketches & ramblings, and often enough episode fangirling summary posts shortly after the episode plays on TV Tokyo.(Wow, I hadn't updated the profile in a while. XD; )

I also post a lot of VK news etc., so people tend to add me to keep up with the updates. :D

I used to scanlate VK on my own for some years, since I have worked as a professional translator and figured it would be helpful for the fandom.
However, as things got more and more busy in RL lately, I ended up having to stop, otherwise I wouldn't have enough time to do that and fanarts and fanfiction. I'd have to give up on the latter even though fanarts & fanfics etc. are the part of fandom activities I enjoy the most. ^^;
So I'm sorry I'm not scanlating anymore, but I still do post the chapter summaries and ramblings etc. + chapter commentary thing with the summaries right as LaLa magazine comes out. ^^/

Favorite characters & pairings:
Vampire Knight: My absolute OTP is Zero x Kaname yaoi.
My OT3 is the main trio in a threesome
XD *adores the trio* X3

When I started reading VK I first got into Kaname x Yuuki Yuuki x Kaname (XD Yuuki-seme is lovely on masochistic Kaname), but some volumes later I also got into Zero x Yuuki. :D *loves both pairings, wishes people could love the characters and enjoy fandom peacefully rather than hate the pairing they disagree with* ^^;

*loves Zero, Kaname, Yuuki in any combinations, ideally in a threesome*

I also like anyone x Kaname (Kaname uke, yaoi or het). I prefer Zero seme and Kaname uke, so I'm not really into Kaname x Zero, mostly just Zero x Kaname, but I occasionally dabble in K/Z also.

✖ Here's my Vampire Knight fansite (Night ❤ Hall), if you want to look at my art:
Night Hall

It's mostly the same art I post on my LJ. Sometimes I post sooner on LJ, sometimes on the site. It's in Japanese, but people from any country are welcome. ^_^/
Parts of it are in English (fanfiction too), so have a look. :D
Art thieves are NOT welcome, however. Please always ask first if you want to use art for something. ^^

Sometimes, the site is behind on updates if I'm lacking time. ^^;

✖ I post my VK fanart and fanfiction here as well as in communities and other sites, and sometimes it can be hard for people looking for it to find them among the mess of my normal entries etc, so I tag my VK fanworks so that fellow VK fans dropping by can access it from this profile. ^^/
My pics tend to end up on my site sooner or later, but since I don't always update on time, and the site is sometimes harder to navigate for non-japanese speakers, this list should hopefully come in handy. :D
You can find it in the center link beneath the banner above this text. :D

An image speaks more than a thousand words, so here's me defined in just one image:

As in, I love Zero x Kaname, not as in I'm the window or anything. XD

. . . a l l i w a n t i s t o b e y o u r s t i l l d o l l

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