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I got LaLa yesterday but was only able to start reading it & come online to make a post now.

I'll be back later for a proper post with more images etc. as soon as I have a moment, but for now I just HAD to rush and post it the moment I could finally go and open the mag.
When I saw the cover, I knew it needed to be shared immediately. 8D~~


Click to see a GIANT version of it.
Wallpaper away!! Do as you please~!! ♥ (Just please credit the scan.)

Sure, Yuuki is there too so it's not yaoi (it's lovely threesome though! XD ♥ *so happy*), but... ZERO AND KANAME, TOUCHING HANDS!! 8D *DIES OF HAPPINESS*

And the book cover!! GYAH!! It's completely yaoi hahahaha!! "Kaname vs Zero", it says... More like Kaname x Zero / Zero x Kaname, hahaha~~~ XD *epic fangirling in progress*

The episode is as full of drama as ever, but there's also IMMENSE FANSERVICE. ♥


Immense fanservice indeed, including a shot in which it looks like Kaname and Zero are about to kiss. *______________*

The way Kaname gets into the Hunter Association is hilarious. The charms are really powerful enough to restrain even Kaname/prevent him from entering, so he tosses a hunter against a door so it opens, and then walks onto the passed out guy so that the door lets him in as if a hunter had carried him in. 8D~~~

There's a big fight between Zero and Kaname. Zero's fighting is SO EPIC. *___* As always, pure hotness. It lasts a while and is super hot. *nosebleeds happily*
By the end of it though, Kaname seems to be getting the better of Zero, although we don't know if Zero wouldn't have turned the tables right then or what (I don't believe Zero could ever lose easily, especially not the way that scene was looking...!
Btw, so fanservicey... XD Fans of Kaname seme on Zero uke must be ecstatic. XD I'm focusing on the part with Zero's tentacles vines wrapped around Kaname, fufufu 8D *fangirly yaoi joy*), and also we don't know if Kaname was going to truly stab Zero or not since it seems counterproductive to his plans like whoa.
Seems more like something for the drama effect as usual lately... ^^; *hopes it won't fuel more fandom warring and hatred from fans of either side*

In any case, their fight gets interrupted by Luca, who throws herself between them and ends up getting hurt on Kaname's sword. D:
(After an also-fanservicey-talk with Yuuki, in which Yuuki demands that Luca returns Kaname to her! 8D
Yes, Yuuki! Go reclaim your harem! XD Quick or they'll both end up together instead of with you. XD XD *is shot*)

So Luca possibly hurt etc. is the cliffhangery ending of the chapter and we will only know what happened in the next chapter.

Though if she was going to die or something I think they'd have showed it now and not in the beginning of a new chapter since that would be so anti-climatic, so it's quite probably just for the drama effect. ^^

Or it could also be an illusion to create a big distraction for the people there, while Kaname runs off to fight Sara. That way, he gets away of the problem with Zero blocking the path to Sara.

Zero was SO COOL saying he is the ruler/master of how own life. X3 *fanfic urges to the max*

More spoilers and a ton more pics when I have a moment to come back and make a proper post. :D

*dances everywhere with the immense moe/fangirling* 8D~~~


Edit to add:
Also, the Chinese scanlation is out and Senbyafanatic already has translated the chapter from their scanlation too~! :D♥
So fans are super lucky with how extremely early everybody is this month~!♥♥♥

Edit to add also: I scanned a huge version of the volume 16 cover image too! :D

The small version doesn't do it justice!! *-*
Click here for the big version.

I can die happy now. XD *rotfl*

Well, once I have the volume in hands, with that sexy cover. 8D *can't wait for it to be out* It's on May 2nd, btw! :D♥

ZERORIN'S SEXY PARTED LIPS AND FANG PEEKING OUT FGYAAAAH~~! *death from dehydration after drooling too much* AND KANAME-CHAMA'S SEXY SIDE-GLANCE~!! Looking so sort of vulnerable...8D~~~ The inside blurb advertising the volume said "which of of them is wearing a mask...?!" (for drama, though both are, metaphorically speaking, hahaha XD)... 8D
*fangirly drooling, dies from more dehydration & nosebleeding imagining Zero x Kaname from that cover* And those ball masks!! *mind is gone into yaoi-lala-land with scenes of a masquerade ball in which they meet, masked and officially incognito, and have a torrid affair, fufufufufu~ *so much moe* 8D~~~~~~~~

Edit to add yet some more: Now I scanned the page where it looks like they're about to kiss. 8D~~~

Huge version this way.

It's more Kaname x Zero than Zero x Kaname, but it's okay, I'm starved for those two doing ANYTHING together!! XD

*HAPPINESSS* \*___*/

Also, cropped with the focus on it looking like they're almost kissing, it really looks like Yuuki is suddenly rushing in and being "OMG, my harem is getting busy without me?!! OДO WHAT." *rotfl* XD;;;

Poor Yuuki! XD But it's okay, you get to watch *is shot* XD, they're still yours, you can always make them make out for you. XD XD we fangirls will watch from afar though. 8D *can't resist making such jokes right now* XD;;;;

So... if they've almost kissed, it's all going well, the next step is going more regular and going on dates etc... :D :D :D And then the sex. 8D *is shot more*

...I already wanted to try and find time to release VK doujinshi this year, now I'm more fired up than ever, kyah~~~~~ 8D *bounces everywhere all hyper*

*currently feeling so happy that face hurts from smiling too much at all the fanservice* XD XD ♥♥♥

EDIT some more: I had to photoshop that pic, I just had to. XD XD *couldn't resist*
It's just a messily done one, but now Zero & Kaname are kissing for real. XD XDD *lol*

*wants that SO MUCH* 8DDD (Although, for me I'd wish for it with more of a Zero x Kaname feel to it. XD This pose is quite Kaname x Zero. XD XD XD Especially with Zero making that 'orgasm-face' XD XD *is shot*)

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