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Vampire Knight yaoi! Kinky fridays #2~! :D♥ (Once more posted on a random non-friday day. XD;;; ORZ)

Hi everybody~!♥ Here I am with another installment of the VK Kinky Fridays~!♥♥♥ :D

If it continues that way I should just rename it to "Vampire Knight Kinky random day" since I always end up not having time and not posting it on the day I meant to. XD;;; This week it's on a tuesday... ORZ
But oh well, nevermind that. XD

If you saw last week's post, you already know about the "♥Vampire Knight Kinky Fridays♥", a kinky fandom thingie I'm hoping to do either once a week or every two weeks or so, in which I post a bunch of kinky yaoi or non-yaoi sketches and people are welcome to either post their own VK sketches too or share any VK fic ideas/plot bunnies/ fun VK situations etc.♥ So we can all have fun together. ^-^/

~ This week's VK Kinky Friday preview ~

Yaoi bunny-boy Kaname. X3

It's an 18+ mini-event thingie, since hardcore yaoi sketches etc. get posted.
VK is already normally targeted at late teens anyway in most countries, but if you're younger/not of the legal age to view such contents in your country, please don't look at the Kinky Friday posts. ^^;
By clicking/viewing the post, you acknowledge you're of the legal age, and it's on you, I already put the warning that it's hardcore inside etc. XD;

I also make non-yaoi and yaoi-ish-but-safe-for-all-ages posts that everybody can view without having to worry about their eyes catching on fire. ^^; Just... lately I didn't have time to finish any non-pervy fanarts. XD;
(Actually the reason why I came up with the VK Kinky Fridays was because lack of time to finish full color pics often gave me the idea to post the messy sketches etc. instead, rather than almost never posting. ^^)

But sometime I'd like to do a sketch dump of innocent piccies too. :D♥

But for the time being, we're in yaoi-land, and here's the second installment of the VK Kinky Fridays~!! :D♥♥♥
(VKKF welcomes also het pics etc., it's just that the ones currently posted are mostly yaoi. XD)

This week things are much busier (the whole second half of the month usually is ^^;) so for now I won't be opening free sketch requests just yet, but I'm here to post some new thingies, as well as the results of last week's VK Kinky Friday, which yielded quite a harvest of yaoi since people had various interesting requests. :D
(I'm still working on finishing some of the ones from all the lovely people who asked for stuff last week ^^/ *will finish the others as soon as possible*)

But if you want a free sketch, keep tuned since I'll be reopening them as soon as I have a bit of time. ^^/
Maybe it will be after the VK chapter coming out, or maybe sooner.

For now, here's last week's piccies. :D

So if you like Vampire Knight yaoi, come on this way~! :D


And if you feel like posting any VK sketches of your own, or any plot bunnies/art bunnies/fic ideas or any other fangirlable VK thingie, you're most welcome to do so~!

(The only things unwelcome are bashing/negativity/pairing wars etc. ^^; But then, you already know that.)

So without further ado... :D

Have some Kaname nearly passing out from too many bedroom exertions/barely able to stay upright on his hands and knees. XD
(It's up to you to imagine whether it was loving and consensual, and the exhausted face/half-out-of-his-mind look and teary eyes are from pleasure, or whether it was non-con and things are more angsty than that. XD; *cough*COB*cough*)

It's not breasts, it's... yaoi uke chest. XD Nipple focus. *lol*

It's a wip, might get finished or's mostly finished anyway, so it might just stay that way. :D

It was drawn partially to test a different brand of ink I was thinking of switching to, but I couldn't resist adding tones etc., mostly because I wanted to play with screentoning Kaname's nipples since usually I just draw them in color due to lack of time to do doujinshi. XD;;
And then ended up adding more and more tones.

It's inked/drawn by hand (ink + pen-that-you-dip-in-the-ink, however you call that in English 8D;;; ), and screentoned digitally.

I made a wallpaper version also, if anyone is interested/is not afraid of people's eyes catching on fire when they see your computer. XD

My reason to live is to draw Kaname's nipples. XD *is shot*
(In a way that hopefully makes you want to reach into the screen and touch him. XD; *tries to* XD;;;)

The temptation to release VK doujinshi this year is huge. I've always wanted too, but I don't ever find enough time etc. T^T
This year might be the same, so maybe there will be no doujinshi... or I might manage to find some time to squeeze here and there and release something anyway! We'll see... *eyes all the various still slooooowly being done VK projects she has* Err... XD;;;; Argh... *needs clones of herself to do several projects at once*

If I do release something it will probably be a Zero x Kaname doujinshi, with also some mob(council etc.) x Kaname, and possibly some main trio threesome short stuff.

Perhaps also some Zero uke. (shock, I know... XD he has to be seme with Kaname, in my mind, but if it's Ichiru everyone else bottoms for him. 8D~~~ Ichiru-sama... fufufufu *fangirly giggling & drooling noises*)
Maaaybe, something with Shizuka kidnapping Zero and Ichiru doing all sorts of terribly kinky things to him. XD Unsure yet.

The Kaname part of the potential book is a rape-fest. XD;;; Well, no, the parts with Zero x Kaname are kinky but consensual (Academy times them having a torrid affair in secret from the Day & Night classes X3 in classrooms and in the garden etc. XD + some current-ish/AU-ish times angsty Hunter-Association-President-Zero x vampire-prisoner-Kaname possibly), but the Vampire council part is very non-con... XD;;;

There are too many ideas of thingies I want to do in doujinshi, and not enough time, so I'd have to pick bits and chunks of the tons of stuff I'd like to draw... ^^;
I kind of want to also do a compilation of short mini-stories parodying various bits of the manga, with the story taking a yaoi and/or kinky turn at various points where it normally doesn't in the canon. XD Like things happening to Zero at the Hunter Association building, when he goes there with Yuuki and Kaien... or something like the Vampire council/senate demanding sexual favors from Kaname in exchange of not condemning Zero to death (when he asks them for not doing that, in volume 5)... 8D~ *depraved* XD;;;

Maaaaaybe there would also be a bit of Kaname x Yuuki and Zero x Yuuki stories in a few pages, but it's less sure than the yaoi pairings... I want to draw adorable Yuuki being cute with the guys, but my porn-swamp mind ends up shoving Z & K together if they're on the same page. 8D;;; So maybe a bit of that, or mostly yaoi.

Would anyone buy such a doujinshi? 8D;;;

If it ever gets done, it would be a simultaneous release in Japanese and English (because I figure releasing it in a single language would suck since I'm both in the international and Japanese fandom anyway), and would be sold and shipped internationally.

And actually, would you all prefer it if there was yaoi stories and het stories, in the same doujinshi or in separate ones?
(Both Zero x Yuuki and Kaname x Yuuki in the same doujinshi, though maybe in separate stories since each would put the focus in one or the other of the guys.)

...hohohoho, Sara x Yuuki short story... 8D~ *tempted* Or even super-seme-Yuuki does Sara + then goes back home and does also her male harem... XD *is shot* XD

AU or later-years-VK with a more mature and kinky Yuuki... dominatrix Yuuki with Kaname and Zero in leather bondage outfits... 8D~~~

But, like I said, the potential release or not would depend on whether I can find time... ^^; So it's not at all a certain thing.
I'm just testing the waters, trying to figure out if there would be interest, and what people might enjoy seeing. ^^

For the time being, have some more random Kana-chan nipples. Please ignore the fact the head and body look all weird, I... just drew the pic just as an excuse for the nipples. 8D;;; *depraved yaoi fangirl is depraved*

Screentoning Kaname nipples is so relaxing. XD
Everybody should do it, it's better than yoga. XD XD

...and in the next stage of my fangirly disease XD *is shot* I ended up even skipping the 'draw a pic as an excuse' step. XD;;;

They were done quickly and look rather odd though. ^^; Especially without a pic to go with it.
But since it's a anything-goes-including-quick-messy-sketches post, I figure screentone fun is in a close enough category and is okay too.

Small pink creatures from another planet. XD;;;

The wallpaper one was with traditional screentones, this one is with Photoshop ones.
I LOVE PHOTOSHOP BTW. *-* It's pricey but definitely worth every cent~ *clings to beloved software that makes toning such a breeze*
Screentoning used to be so much more time consuming with my drawers and drawers of tones + cutting them and scrapping for effects and everything... With modern technology it's so much more pleasant. *-* Whether I'm using normal tones or the bitmap halftone, Photoshop makes the toning so much faster. :D
And no need to buy the tones again, you only buy once and never run out... no more rushing out to buy more because you ran out of the tone you use the most etc. either! ^^)

And here are the sketches I drew for the free requests several people had in the previous post. :D

Takuma, being his usual angelical self... or not? XD *lol*

Definitely not angelical. XD But at least he loves his pet bunny and enjoys feeding him huge carrots, isn't that sweet? XD *is shot*

And this is what Kaname is wearing. XD It was hard to see so I drew a separate thingie of it just so I could draw his butt again XD

Zerorin x Kaname-chama~! :D



Lingerie mode. XD

Ichiru x Yuuki

(The request was for him to be saying he's better than Zero). I ended up feeling tempted to add a comical element also, as you can see in the next pic... XD

Yuuki has issues remembering names. XD

Her harem is growing too big, it makes it hard to concentrate on who's doing what. XD *lol*

And of course, I couldn't resist going for some yaoi as a bonus pic. XD


I am obsessed about Zero being seme with Kaname, but with Ichiru I view everyone as uke. XD Ichiru~~<3

And a random solo Yuuki.

Vanessa, the requester, had the perfect caption for that pic. XD
Yuuki: "Damn, I had another orgy dream again.." XD XD XD *LOL*

Ichijou x Shiki, doing the things they enjoy the most... Reading Manga, Eating Pocky, and having sex. In that order. XD; *lol*

Btw, it's too small to see now, but the manga Takuma is reading... I meant for it to be a yaoi manga of Zero doing Kaname. XD *lol*

And Zero x Kaname in the AU settings of "Cradle of Blood" (my ongoing ZxK yaoi fic series), but sort of AU from the AU (or is it looking into the future in Cob...?! 83) since they're not having epic angst. XD;

Errr, lewder/more spread-looking version of the above. XD *lol*

That's it for now, but I'll be back to reply to comments and if anyone feels like either posting their own VK sketches too or sharing any VK fic ideas/plot bunnies/ fun VK situations etc., you are most welcome to, and I'll be delighted to fangirl it in the comments with you all~! ♥♥♥♥ ^-^/

*hopes you all enjoy the post, if you like yaoi/kinky fanarts* \^-^/ ♥

Not sure if the next VK Kinky Fridays will be late or what, since I probably won't have time to do both the VK chapter summary + commentary and VKKF... ^^;
But as soon as I can, I'll be back with more of it. :D That and post last week's other request pics I didn't get to draw before. :D

And the next one will probably be open for free requests again, though maybe not as many as last week's one... or maybe as much. Not sure yet.

So if you want a free piccie, stay tuned~! ^-^/ ♥


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