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Zero x Kaname fanfic update! (Cradle of Blood 25) + Vampire Knight kinky fridays!♥ (free sketches!)

Edit to add: More fanarts added to the post. ^-^/ ♥
I'll be adding the sketch requests as I draw them (I'll post them in replies to the comments), so come back to check the post every so often if you'd like to see them~!♥


Hi everybody~! \^-^/ ♥ *is all happy and fangirly today as always? XD* X3

I have some more time at the moment and so I FINALLY got to update my Zero x Kaname fanfic series, "Cradle of Blood"! :D *bounces happily at finally getting to post it*

Cradle of Blood - Chapter 25: “A lie Into the sweetest truth… ”
(Warning: Yaoi, Zero x Kaname, Hurt/Comfort/Romance fic, mature rating)

I even drew a commemorative quick piccie for the 'finally updating!' moment. XD

(Although it is very random since most of the elements in the pic don't match what actually
happens in the chapter. XD;;; *should have drawn something more accurate to the contents* XD;;)
Like where he is wounded and where he isn't and stuff. XD; *just doodled randomly*

Click if you'd like to see the full version of the pic.

Story summary:
AU. Ten years after the vampires lost the war, the world is ruled by the hunter supremacy and vampires are only kept alive to serve as pleasure slaves in brothels. Everyday is a nightmare for Kaname, until he meets a certain silver-haired hunter… ZxK KxZ

Please don't click if you're underage or dislike yaoi and/or dark themes in fanfiction. ^^;/ (CoB is a pretty dark AU fic, with a world that's rather brutal to vampires. ^^;;)

Otherwise, if you don't mind such themes etc. in fics, I hope you'll enjoy the chapter~! X3 ♥


The other part of this post is an infestation of yaoi fanarts. XD something I meant to post last friday, but well, I guess today will have to do too. XD; *is late*

This post is the first installment of a new idea I had, the Vampire Knight Kinky Fridays~! :D
(They'll just be called that way for now by lack of a better name, even though it won't be always posted on fridays. *failure* XD *had the idea on a friday and couldn't think of a nice memorable name* XD;)

Only named that way because it sounded less odd than "vampirturday" or something terrible like that. 8D *is shot*
Caturday is awesome, but it just doesn't work the same for vampires. XD

VK Kinky Friday preview~

Please ignore the text, this is the cropped preview I made for the Japanese fandom, I forgot
to save an English version of it, but the full size later in the post has an English version.

More COB!picstuff of Zero x Kaname in this post also. ^^/

And for once also, some Kaname seme x Zero uke instead
of Zero x Kaname! ^^ Hell must have frozen over. XD;

The VK kinky fridays might not have a new post each week since it would depend on having time and all, but the idea is that every so often, I'd make one of these posts and it would be a swamp of porn XD a place for me to dump quick yaoi sketches etc. and for all of us pervy fangirls to ramble together about the characters in all sorts of situations, post quick sketches we all draw, or fic ideas/bunnies/mind images inspired by recent chapters of the manga, etc. :D ♥

Lately I rarely have been posting fandom stuff due to lack of time to do elaborate full-color pictures often, but I miss the VK fun so much, and so I'm hoping to post more often if it's to make sketch dumps & fic idea ramblings, rather than actual finished full pics or full fics since that takes more time to complete and thus gets updated more slowly... That way I still post the more elaborate stuff whenever possible, but in between I'm hoping to make little posts like this with messier stuff and fun fangirling VK with everyone and exchanging lovely mind images taken from our fic ideas/plot bunnies etc. in comments here. :D

So the VK kinky fridays are basically a happy box-garden for us all to get together and dump out fic ideas/plot bunnies/quick sketches and simply fangirl VK and go wild talking about the various ideas etc., in the comments. :D

That kind of talk + fic ideas and pics etc is always welcome in all of my posts anyway, but the idea behind those friday posts in particular is that it would be a special area where we could all post about all sorts of hardcore things without worrying about an innocent readers passing by and stumbling on it by accident. :D

There will be a bit more to it than just that, btw. :D *had some ideas for fun stuff*

I'd like to make those posts more entertaining and engaging for everyone, so whenever I have enough time for that, I'll offer to draw quick/simple free VK sketch requests for the first few people to comment in the post. :D

I have more time this week, so for now I'll tentatively say:
I'll draw free VK sketches for the first 10 people to comment on this post with a sketch idea. ♥♥♥ ^-^/
(I'll post them in the comments as the post goes.)

That way, I figured it would be more fun for everybody than just talking about plot bunnies etc., since people dropping by will have a chance of getting a free sketch of whatever VK setting they might like, if they arrive early on. :D

NOTE: Due to the nature of a post centered on kinky explicit yaoi pics, please do not view this post and the fanarts if you are under the legal age for such a thing in your country. ^^
By viewing this post/the pics, you acknowledge that you're of legal age and not offended by it.
If you are either underage or hate pervy fanarts, please enjoy instead the posts that I make that are safe for a broader age etc. ^^;/ (*tries to post the pervy pics and the normal pics separate so that people can view the posts according to their preference etc.*)


A few quick rules for the sketch request thing. ^^/
The sketch request can be yaoi or het etc. (or also no pairing), it doesn't have to be pervy or anything, it can be innocent.
Only VK characters please, no OCs or characters from other series (unless it's from one of the main fandoms I also fangirl, such as Saint Seiya, Madoka Magica, Suzaku x Lelouch or Fate/Zero).
(Sorry!) ^^;
★ Max is 2 characters per sketch (exceptions might be made if you have anything with the main threesome XD j/k a trio request that sounds fun to draw :D).
★ They would be simple/rough sketches (more or less simple depending on how inspired/fangirly I feel at the moment XD), and it can be any VK characters or pairings.
★ You can specify a general idea of a pose if you want, such as "Zero on a horse" or "Kaname & Zero kissing", "Yuuki holding a bunny" or whatever like that, but I only guarantee the VK character(s) in the request; as for the pose etc. I reserve the right to change the setting a little, like Yuuki might end up holding chibi-kitty-versions of the guys instead of a bunny for example.
The pose and settings might end up the same or change a bit depending on however my fangirling goes. ^^ (Since they are free sketches instead of commissions, and that would make it more fun for me to draw. ^^)

I'm setting it at that amount of free sketches for now, but if there's a lot of people interested and the requests sound fun/are fangirlable and get my moe fired up for drawing, I might draw more than that. :D♥
Or if you arrive after the free request slots are all filled, you can always try your luck on the next VK kinky fridays, when I open the free requests again. :D♥

And some more info about what to expect of the VK kinky fridays as a whole:

1) They might change name from "VK Kinky Fridays" so whatever else when I can think of a better name. XD;
2) They won't necessarily be posted on fridays... XD;;;
The original idea was for it to be posted on friday ideally, so that we'd all be able to fangirl throughout the weekend most and then continue bit by bit until the next week, but it might be a bit random depending on when I have time each week... ^^;
(If you have this page on your Flist or on RSS, it shows you when I update my blog, so it should show up in it. :D)
3) The VK kinky fridays might not have a new post each week, since if I'm totally out of time I might not get to post new stuff... in which case, we can always continue fangirling VK together and talking about lovely fic ideas or posting VK sketches etc. in whichever is the most recent VK kinky friday post. :D Even if it's a week old or more.

→ It's not an actual 'weekly' only thing, it's an ongoing permanent thing, the different installments are simply for the sake of my posting new sketches etc. in the main body of the post when I have new stuff, but if it's a busy week and there's no time to make a new post, we can always continue the fangirling of VK and rambling etc. in the previous post's comments with everybody's sketches and plot bunnies etc, as long as we all want. :D

I guess that the VK kinky fridays when I have time will be more lively than the ones when I have less time. XD; Since whenever I have time I'd like to post more random piccies and to offer free sketches when possible etc. :D

If you have pics/fic ideas etc. you'd like to share too, you can post whatever sketches and plot bunnies etc. you'd like to show/talk about as long as they don't contain or incite bashing, and are entirely created by you. ^_^/
(No posting fanarts etc. that aren't done by you, unless you have the permission of the artist, of course. ^^; )

We can all still keep talking about yaoi in the other posts too of course, but the friday ones will be especially kinky I guess. XD *lol* Hence the name.

And that way we can post explicit yaoi pics that can't go in the news posts etc. :D

(VK is normally targeted at older teens in most countries anyway, so it's not like anyone coming to a VK blog to read about the series would be an innocent soul who never saw anything pervy (if they are, they're reading the series itself in secret...? XD;), but having a post specific for us all to dump sketches and fic ideas would always be a fun thing anyway. :D

The focus of the VK kinky fridays is on yaoi simply because that's what I'll be posting most, but het pairings are also completely welcome, with the single condition that only if the fan posting about it is not going to attack the other pairing(s). ^^;

Like with all of my blog, it's a peaceful zone that welcomes all fans of VK and the fangirling of any characters and pairings, but bashing or attacking any other characters/pairings/or, worse, real people, is completely forbidden. ^^; Please have fun without ruining the fun of your fellow fans, so that we may all happily enjoy the series together~! ^-^/ ♥

Since the VK Kinky Fridays will cover both sketches/pics and also fic ideas/plot bunnies etc., I wanted also to mention quickly:

ALL kinks/types of situations (with yaoi or het or tentacles or anything XD) are all welcome with the condition that it's not done to be demeaning or bashing. ^^/
For example, if you want to talk about a fic idea/plot bunny in which a character is raped or rapes another for the sake of angsty situations where they lose their mind to bloodlust and it becomes a kinky non-con fic or something like that, then that's perfectly fine and as welcome as any other kink, but if the fic idea/plot bunny is about that character getting raped or raping someone just because you hate him and want to put him through misery or to portray him as weak, or to portray him as an evil rapist, just for the sake of showing that character negatively or for any other hatred-based reason, then that's not welcome. ^^;

Even though the fic ideas would be technically about the same kink, the treatment of the character wouldn't be the same at all, and the hatred instead of love would make a huge difference in the portrayal etc. of the characters. ^^;
Because fics written for the sake of bashing are not enjoyable at all, and the character portrayal is poor and unappealing for actual fans of the series. Especially for the fans of whichever character is getting bashed, because it wouldn't be a true fanfic of that series, it would just be a bashing attempt disguised as a fic.

What I'm trying to say is, all fetishes are fine in fanfiction, as long as the story or story idea/plot bunny/etc. is written with the author's care and dedication/love, and not with hatred.

Non-con or any other fiction kinks are fine, there's nothing wrong with fictional rape, after all, this is not real life/actual rape, it's just fiction and mere fictional kink, completely different from reality. In fiction, all sorts of things like that are fine.

The important thing for fanfics (not only ones mentioned here, but fanfiction in general), is that fanfics are meant to be written with an author's love, the love of us fans for the story and its characters. Otherwise, we'd be writing our own original fiction, rather than writing fanfiction.
So writing a fanfic must be an act of love, and not an act of presenting personal hatred for any character/pairing/etc.

So even the most dark and hardcore fanfic ideas are completely welcome, as long as you make it clear that they are hardcore/etc. for the sake of whatever is needed in the plot (be it for the sake of Hurt/Comfort, or a plot device requiring a rape scene, or a kinky PWP or anything else), and thus are just kinky and not dark because of any character or pairing hatred. ^^

Now that the boring explanations are over, let me go ahead and flood the post with pervy pics XD post some piccies~~! :D :D ♥

Some of those are fanarts I started drawing ages ago and only now finished, and others are newlt drawn fanarts or messy quick sketches. :D

You've already seen the CoB-related pic above, drawn for chapter 25 of my fic. I had also drawn this one, which doesn't really matches any recent chapter of the fic, but which is a bit of a CoB-related comical situation. XD XD

In case you're not a reader of "Cradle of Blood", the reason why Kaname is shorter is that it's AU and in the world of that fic, Kaname was captured years ago and spend part of his years growing up with anti-vampire drusg in his blood-stream, which stunted his growth and made that he's a bit shorter than Zero in the fic. (In the fic, Zero wasn't bitten by Shizuka, and is still human. And while in the AU like in the manga Zero is also a hunter, in the AU he grew up without the strong hatred of vampires and thus is much more of an idealist like he was as a child in the volume 1 of the VK novel.)
Zero and Kaname slowly fall in love, despite the way the dark post-hunters-vs-vampires-war world is an invasive background interfering with their love story. ^^/
It's a mix of a tragedy and a romance, with hopeful tones also. (It's kind of like VK in that it has hopeful stuff as well as depressing stuff, and can also be terribly dark and hopeless at times due to how cruel the world of the AU is. ^^;)

That pic also happens to be a wink to a lovely pic Raisin-Mucchin drew, of Zero & Kaname in CoB, in the scene where Zero brought Kaname cream puffs and they eat them in the bathtub. :D♥
She is an amazing artist and does utterly adorable VK fanarts~! :D She did some for CoB which make me melt of how cute they are! X3 *bounces with happiness at how lovely they are* :D *finds it so wonderful when people draw fanarts of CoB* ♥♥♥

And unrelated to COB but also Zero x Kaname yaoi, here's a pic I just HAD TO draw from the explosion of moe that came about with chapter 81 of the manga, and Kaname being all shocked that Zero was drinking "dirty blood". XD<3 He sounded so... adorable, touching the door and looking as if he would have preferred Zero to drink only his blood... *melts*

Please ignore the fact his pose is, uhm, not exactly related to blood drinking. XD XD *lol*

*loved all the fanservicey vibes in 81, wants to draw more fanarts for it* 8D~~~
*hopes for more fanservice in the series* ^^ The angst is nice, but... XD Sexy is nice too!

It almost looks more pervy with that heart, as if the heart was something spread open... 83 *is shot*

And also caused by the fangirling of VK 81, here's a really quick and really messy sketch, which I might or might not eventually redraw clean for coloring sometime. ^^/

It's Kaname being all inviting for Zero. (In case it's so messy/just a bunch of chaotic lines that it's hard to tell who it is. XD;)

His leg isn't morphing, it's just that I changed my mind about in what pose to draw it. XD;; I wanted to show that he's spreading his legs but still had the underwear on the leg, and kept changing the pose.

My pics usually have a messy stage like that at first, since I imagine a pose in my mind, then put it in the paper and change my mind a lot before I go and draw a clean version of it. :D

That's my latest beloved leather-bound notebook btw. X3 That's why it looks weird/fluffy-ish, the cover is leather with an unfinished soft inside. *adores old-school notebooks*

I normally use modern art paper for serious pics, but I have a deep love for pretty notebooks for the ones I carry around to just doodle on, and own a ton of different ones from all over the world. Anything with leather covers and old-school looking/seems like something from ancient times, is my top choice at all times. XD;

They have leather-bound Italian notebooks that are amazing. *-* Some of them with the old-style rough paper look... it looks just how what I imagine the notebooks Leonardo da Vinci carried around on his belt must have looked like. X3 *lol*

Of course, the notebooks won't make any of us draw any better, much less like Leonardo da Vinci!! (*wants* XD), but they sure look pretty on a shelf and are more enjoyable to flip through than the messy pile of loose leaf papers that's always getting tossed around on my desk. XD *lol*
So I can't resist the pull to collect them especially when I see really pretty ones for a good price. *-*

Continuing with the pervy piccies, this one was drawn as a birthday gift for Blackened Wing, and also in part still as a result of the explosion of fangirling from chapter 81. X3

The idea behind this pic is that Zero has just taken Kaname, hence the pulling out and the dripping. :3
But they're kinky like that, and Zero had told Kaname not to come until he says he can, so Kaname is being his masochistic self & eager-to-please-his-loved-one by holding with all he has, but so desperately wants to finally be able to come. X3 Zero is caressing his face while probably praising him for his control, and is about to finally let him get his release as well. :3

There's also a variant with a lot more of the dripping etc. from Zero having just pulled out ^^ And Kaname looking more undone even. *was trying to convey that he's possibly shuddering etc. with the feeling of Zero pulling out and of everything dripping out...

And now for something completely different, I did an art trade a while ago with the lovely Mochifight... ^^/ (who draws utterly awesome VK fanarts which you can find on VKnet, btw :D *adores both that site and Mochi's art* ♥♥♥ )

I finally finished her pic now (ORZ /so late), and since she had drawn an awesome Zero seme and Kaname uke for me, in return I drew Zero seme and Kaname uke for her. :D

So... you'll get to see a Kaname and Zero VERY different from how I usually draw them, since I tend to go for super-seme Zero and melting-uke Kaname usually... XD *lol* While this time it's instead domineering-seme Kaname x on-heat-but-too-tsundere-to-admit-it-uke Zero. X3

Mochi wanted Kaname being all seme and kinky, talking dirty to uke!Zero, which would be turning Zero on even though he won't admit that he likes when Kaname does that, so... X3 The pic got pretty kinky.

She asked for the pic to be in Japanese, although I was supposed to write also an English translation. I ended up forgetting to write an English version on a variant of the pic itself though, so I'll just write it below in the post instead. ^^;/

Just in case, hoping no one misunderstands this: Mochi and I both adore Zero & Kaname, and of course, the dirty talking is only for the sake of it being kinky, and not at all as anything to humiliate Zero for real or make Kaname seem mean or anything. ^^; It's just for it to be kinky, dirty bedroom talk.

Zero himself is very turned on in the pic, the setting for it is that being talked that way makes him horny, he just won't admit it due to pride/tsundere-ing, but it's totally consensual and all. ^^ Just kinky play, but not real-life humiliation. (Considering the things I put Kaname through in pics and fics etc., you know well it's just kinkiness when such things are done/told to either of them in my fanworks. XD *lol*)

The setting I had in mind for the pic is that Kaname regularly gives his blood to Zero but things get heated in the middle of it and they always end up having sex etc. as a result of all the bloodlust & lust mixing together... And Zero doesn't like to admit that he's submitting to Kaname willingly, so he acts all tsundere and denies that he's terribly turned on and enjoying it, but Kaname knows better since they've been doing this for a while and he's gotten used to Zero's body language... X3

In that scene in particular, Zero just gave Kaname a blowjob after drinking his blood (hence the stuff all over Zero's face)... X3 And Kaname had moved onto preparing Zero for penetration, but Zero was feeling embarrassed and started claiming he wasn't into it, and so Kaname started talking super dirty for the fun of seeing Zero looking even hornier and craving it while on same time looking all terribly embarrassed. X3

Translation (things in brackets are things that didn't quite have the same meaning in Japanese as in English and needed additional nuance explained/conveyed) :

"You claim you don't want this...?
What are you on about, after all we've already done...?

I know how much you're on fire from what I just did...


As usual, your body is more honest, Kiryuu-kun...

Your mouth [up here] might deny what you truly want, but your other hole [the mouth down here] is begging for it...

You slut..."


The sound effects surrounding Zero are various noises of panting and of pleasure. (Japanese language has sound effects that actually convey such things with specific meanings, instead of just being a noise. XD So they're actual noises of being turned on and feeling pleasure/jolting with the feeling etc. X3)

The line about the two mouths (the one 'up here' and the one 'down here', with the lower one being more honest one XD) is a huge cliche line for porn movies etc. in Japan. XD The tsundere and/or proud character who claims they don't want it while being totally turned on and visibly wanting it, often ends up getting told that sort of expression. XD
So when Mochi described the type of dirty talking she wanted for the pic, I just couldn't resist having Kaname say that. XD

Here's also a variant version in which Zero still has some blood on his mouth from drinking from Kaname.

The bloody one was the original version, but I ended up thinking it looked hotter without the blood, and made two versions instead.
...and also had ended up making more in case anyone wanted to see it without the text etc. ^^

...and now back to some Zero x Kaname + threesome implications, here's a very messy sketch I did, when I was just throwing together some ideas for a potential doujinshi cover (hence why it looks like crap, it was just a rough sketch to toss together the idea of the pose I had in my mind).
Possibly won't get finished due to lack of time + issues with giganto-genitals on the front cover. XD

Erm, the person on the top of the pic, making somewhat of a creepy rapist face, uhm, that's supposed to be our innocent shojo manga heroine. *lol* XD *is shot*

And the person whose head wasn't drawn yet but who has a manhood the size of 5 normal men's is Zero. XD;;; *hides under a rock*
(Kaname's one was supposed to be of equal size or something similar but along the way I got distracted drawing Zero's parts and it ended up gigantic. XD;;; It's his super-seme aura, it does this to my brain when I draw him. XD;;;)

Please ignore the creepy disembodied flying genitals aspect of that pic, it's just a quick sketch. XD;;

The setting for that pic is: "Why but Kaname-senpai, Zero, you two have it all wrong...!! I never wanted you two to fight for me! I have a much better idea of how all three of us can enjoy life instead of you two pointlessly fighting..."

It's passed during Academy times, hence human!Yuuki. Probably a doujinshi that will never come to life though. XD;;

I just had this huge urge to draw a pic with Yuuki pinning down Kaname's arms while 'offering' him for Zero to take him... And Kaname is all for pleasing Yuuki so he submits, but he is still not ready to accept the feelings he also has for Zero (and vice-versa, otherwise, how am I supposed to get them into a happy threesome before the end of a short story? XD *lol*), so he's rather unsure of himself while losing his virginity to Zero. XD
Meanwhile, Zero was equally unsure but gets dragged into it by Yuuki (she has a way of doing that XD), initially being in denial and telling himself that it will be a form of revenge against purebloods to wipe the smugness or whatever off Kaname's face by doing him like that, but then he ends up feeling bad and having to confront the fact he loves Kaname too.

So of course, a happy threesome ending eventually ensues, at the lovely speed only PWPs can achieve. XD *lol*

And by the way, if anyone feels like writing a fanfic for the setting of that pic, I will draw a full color VK pic for you in exchange/as thanks. *__*/ ♥♥♥
(Provided Zero is seme and Kaname is uke, in the fic. XD Most people write KxZ instead of ZxK, so I'm always so starved for ZxK fics. T^T *craves her beloved favorite pairing*)

*hopes you all enjoy the post, if you like yaoi/kinky fanarts* \^-^/ ♥

And if yaoi etc. isn't your cup of tea, hopefully you'll get to enjoy the non-yaoi post(s) when I have time to make some about the upcoming VK mascots etc.* :D ♥

*will be back later to draw piccies etc* :D


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