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Vampire Knight manga chapter 81 scans & summary + Zero & Kaname chibi mascots news +fangame stuff ^^

I couldn't resist messing with the chapter cover to make this little preview of the two sexy vampires standing nearby. X333 ♥♥♥

Angst? What angst? Nevermind how dramatic that image was supposed to be. XD
If we enjoy the sexy fanservice, the agonizing dramatic canon eases away somewhat... XD; *lol*

Another month during which I ended up not getting to post anything on my LJ. ^^;; ORZ
At least I got to go read a few bits of fics here and there and some stuff, but not much. D: *has so many lovely series to catch up on, especially the multi-chaptered ones that need more time to savor*

I did get a bit of time this month after all, but I figured that if I were to come online properly and start fangirling VK, that time would disappear quickly, so instead I just stayed offline and used that time up to write more of my Zero x Kaname fic, "Cradle of Blood", and to work on making chibi-VK mascots!!♥ :D

Mini teaser screencap of the beta-testing version:

Chibi-Zero glares at us. XD He is jealous of people poking his Kana-chan.

(More on that later in this post.)

Onto the new VK manga chapter, VK 81 had the usual epic dramatic build ups and the also usual (at least usual for a while now...^^;) depressing XD; angst to up the drama and make it seem like the world will end in each chapter, but it also had a very delicious moe/fangirlable overload in this chapter, especially for fans of Zero & Kaname. *___*♥ Fans of them together as a yaoi couple, at least. XD *is shot*
It's nothing at the level of the series best moments (delicious chapter 30 ZxK drinking scene, anyone?), but considering the starvation of Zero & Kaname fanservice we've been put through for such a long time, this chapter was APOTHEOTIC. 8D

So much so that it had me drawing pervy fanart within minutes of reading LaLa. XD;; *only had time to do a messy sketch so far, but will try and do a clean version later and post it sometime* :D

There were also some very angsty but deliciously moeable moments for fans of Kaname x Yuuki and Zero x Yuuki, but I almost forgot I also fangirl those pairings due to how hardcore I was fangirling the Zero & Kaname fanservice aspect. XD;;; Yuuki who again?? Oh! Errr, the main character, yeaaah. XD; VK is really not a normal shojo manga. XD *lol*

So without further ado, here's a chapter summary +commentary & ramblings and some delicious scans. *__*/♥♥♥

Warning: LOTS of Zero x Kaname fangirling, some mild amounts of Zero x Yuuki and Kaname x Yuuki fangirling.
Nothing explicit though... but if you are allergic to anything implying or mentioning man x man mind images or multiple-pairing-fangirling, err... you might break out in hives. XD; *lol*

There's a, err, normal summary (XD; well, at least with not a lot more yaoi than usual), but by the end of the post things degenerate faster and faster into mind images of Zero & Kaname rolling around on the ground tearing each other's clothes off (XD;;; my idealized way the rest of the manga should be *lol*), so if you dislike yaoi, you might want to skip once the summary itself ends, and just scroll past the fangirly fit to go to the rest of the post about the VK game stuff etc. XD;


This month's VK chapter is utterly epic and full of moe... as usual, Hino-sensei drowns us in angst and makes it all suspenseful and dramatic, but in the end, the most awesome moment of the chapter (at least for me, of course, due to the ZxK love) was the epic Zero x Kaname vibes of those last pages... 8D *lol*

I had such an explosion of moeing & fangirly delight that I thought I might momentarily die. XD *lol*

I moe'ed the chapter so hard that I almost tried to scanlate it, but there would not have been time for that much, so instead I'll at least scanlate the text Kaname says in the one frame that floored me the most... 8D

One image speaks for thousands of words:

Those two frames are taken from the same page and Zero is looking up right after drinking Sara's blood, apparently towards the door behind which Kaname is.
Kaname is touching the door separating Zero and him, with a longing look on his face and talking about his disgust for Sara making Zero drink her 'dirty blood'. 8D

I'LL GO DIE OF NOSEBLEED NOW, BRB~! 8D~~~ *does a happy dance*

And now we proceed to a rambling summary of the chapter... expect lots of fangirly moments. 8D~~~

The chapter cover is Zero and Kaname with their backs to each other, standing among a bunch of coffins. (Not as close as in the preview pic above, but it's still a very beautiful image. XD)

This summary has a lot of redundant descriptions like this, because I wrote it first, then realized I had time left to scan more than I expected I would have, so... I scanned pages, some of which I had already described in writing. XD; So don't be surprised if you see some descriptions of stuff even though there's also a scan. XD;

The cover:

It's symbolic for all the dead people, and indeed, as the first page opens, Zero is talking about the fact that for him, Yuuki died the day she ceased to be human. (Well, at least he keeps telling himself that kind of thing to try and convince himself. XD Zero is epically in denial as usual. *urge to write fics on that, but would probably end up making it turn into Zero x Kaname instead of it staying about the guys' feelings for Yuuki* XD;;;)

Zero is thinking back of when he kissed her (before Kaname and her left the school, back several volumes ago), and saying that that day, he kissed a corpse, and that that kiss was an offering to the dead [the dead Yuuki/the human Yuuki].

I wish they had made the kiss flashback longer, but at least there was that sensual frame with the lips nearby. *-*

The next page changes back to nowadays, and he has a "AND YET..." in bigger letters... 8D~~~

He's thinking of the fact he had believed/hoped she would go and be with Kaname. (Bittersweet moments like that make me all fangirly for the het pairing(s) and also because my beloved OT3 is especially loveable in situations where the guys are angsty and each thinking himself not worthy of Yuuki and trying to push her to the other. X3 It makes them even more loveable. This is such a huge element in canon VK, it's a wonder there's no more fics on it. X3)

Zero's thoughts continue, with "And yet... why did I hope for it/make that wish?" And he remembers the scene from the previous chapter, where Yuuki says she isn't worried about Zero (implying she doesn't think he would team up with Sara), and then goes on with his thoughts: "Why does that corpse continue to look at me with those same eyes as before?"
(In the flashback, she has that extremely Yuuki-like gaze. X3<3 It makes Zero have trouble holding onto his 'Yuuki is dead' denial thing. XD<3 ADMIT IT ALREADY, ZERORIN~!<3 You love her!!)

It is indeed such a lovely face, so very Yuuki and sunshine-like. X3
If anything can bring Zero (or Kaname too, either of them) back from
bottomless pits of despair, it must be Yuuki making that kind of face~!<3

That page is SO MOE. X3 ♥ Sure, it's full of angst and dramatic stuff as VK is more and more tall the time, but it's also so lovely because for once, Zero is FINALLY putting his finger on the big problem for him, his constant denial that the vampire Yuuki is STILL the same as the human Yuuki. :D

He pretty much goes through the motions/living trying to avoid facing that, by continually telling himself that the woman he loved died, so that he doesn't have to accept the fact she's still there but is a vampire... but when Yuuki looks at him the way she did right then, it's really hard for him to lie to himself about it not being the same Yuuki. X3 *drools at that scene, is filled with moe for Zero x Yuuki as well as for the inevitable Zero x Kaname mind images (8D) + threesome ideas that come from any scene in which Yuuki is with either of the guys* XD;;;

Sadly, instead of giving us a longer scene with Z & Y or something more about the direction Zero's thoughts were going to, the manga teases us with that delicious taste in only those two pages, and then rushes off into the dramatic stuff and angst again. T^T *was hoping so much for some more of Zero thinking of Yuuki possibly even opening up more about it all finally*

Instead, Zero goes onto thinking of the fact that unlike Yuuki's "corpse", Ichiru's corpse became cold and didn't look at him anymore, and then he thinks of his anger for Kaname.
(In case you missed the previous chapters, it was said that as a small child Kaname had opened the door of Shizuka's cell, which ended up with her escaping and later attacking the Kiryuu parents.
Although one can wonder how much of it all is actually true, considering that when that was revealed, Kaname was doing all he could to ruin Yuuki's image of him, so one might take with some suspicion his immediately confirming Sara's story and claiming that it was actually a well organized plan even when he was a little kid. It wouldn't be the first time he tries to make Yuuki think he is guilty of stuff he hasn't actually done, to make her think he's worse than he is, like when he asked the chairman to lie about stuff to incriminate him.
Kaname was a child too when the stuff with Shizuka happened, and considering the supposed plan it's extremely odd that he would have taken such a risk knowingly since Shizuka might have just killed them all anyway and left him without the powerful hunters he needed. The original plan might have been different and have changed along the way, we don't know if there's attenuating circumstances to it that weren't revealed yet or not. Or how much of it might have been truly planned and how much was grasping at straws after things got messier than expected by a child, who then maybe carried on the blame out of guilt.
Zero heard the story from Sara, who isn't exactly trustworthy with such things (she even said that she'd been lying to cause problems for Yuuki, but about what, all, part...? We don't know.)

Some ramblings:

Amazingly, from what I've sometimes seen it seems there's people who like Sara just because she's against Kaname and they hate him. O_o (Sara is interesting too, but I find that an odd reason for liking a character.)

Something very weird too is how often there's people who hate Kaname and yet like Ichiru (or Shizuka!!), even though it's canonical that Ichiru betrayed Zero and their parents, was an accomplice to the murder of the parents, went on protecting the person who killed them, and had that whole thing he mentioned on their first time meeting again, about having asked Shizuka to leave Zero alive as a vampire in order to make him suffer before killing him (as he claimed in the manga). ^^; Of course, we could hope/wish/etc. that Ichiru might have been lying about that last part, but if we give the benefit of doubt to some characters, then why not also to Kaname about elements of that suspicious story, especially when he is canonically already lying about other things to make himself appear worse than he is?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not questioning loving Ichiru at all, I adore him (even if of course not as much as I adore Zero XD I can't help that, both Zero & Kaname are in a whole category apart from any of the other characters of the series <3) and I cried my eyes out when Ichiru died, but I accept the fact that despite my loving him, he did some pretty terrible things to Zero. ^^;

I'm just mentioning him as an example, because you see this kind of thing every so often, and it boggles the mind.

And I'm not saying it's everyone (or anyone in particular) obviously, but I think it's so unfair that so often you encounter people who tend to overlook even Shizuka's guilt, and yet are so quick to irrationally hate Kaname for absolutely any possible thing.
"Oh, he manipulated Zero into protecting the woman they both love and that Zero would have protected anyway without that." (Nevermind that Kaname also saved Zero from falling to level E, in volume 7... Yuuki said she felt like Zero was falling to E that night when Kaname intervened by giving him his blood so he wouldn't fall).... and now the new leitmotiv is "Oh, he had Zero's parents killed!!" to justify any hatred of Kaname. ^^; (But did he really? It sure wasn't that simple or clear cut. He was a child and opened a door in a cell. He didn't hold anyone's hand while they were killing anyone. It was something bad of course, but he's not the monster some make him out to be. Shizuka killed them, not Kaname, regardless of him having opened a door.)

Shizuka herself mentioned how un-vampire-like Kaname was when they met when he was a child... We don't even know if he already remembered everything of who he was, back then.

And Shizuka is so often loved and very much 'forgiven/accepted' by so many people who despite that, still hate Kaname for things he's done that don't even get close to a fraction of what Shizuka did to Zero. O_o And while Ichiru was just her accomplice, Shizuka is THE person who turned Zero and everything, so... ^^;

Is it because Shizuka is dead and Kaname is alive, that all the hatred gets focused on him? Or is it because Shizuka has no pairing claims towards Yuuki and so only characters viewed as rivals get to be bashed and hated? It's irrational and terribly unfair. ^^;;

Even Ichiru's death itself, is not at all Kaname's doing, Ichiru went there to avenge Shizuka for Rido's wrongdoings towards her, and he got mortally injured by Rido in the process. If not for that, he would have gone on living, with the strength he'd received from Shizuka's blood.

This rambling is not at all to accuse Ichiru or Shizuka, it's just that it shocks me how it is possible for people to hate a character for something and yet be fine with a different character when they do similar or in some cases arguably worse things. O_o (Shizuka having actually killed the parents and turned Zero, but Kaname getting the blame. Even though she was a grown up who actually did the killing, and he a child who only opened a door, if he even really did that much.)

It's as if for the people who hate a character, any horrible things other characters do are acceptable or forgivable, but anything the hated character does is viewed so much worse than anything else.

It never ceases to amaze me, how unfair some of the more extreme fans can get due to focusing on hatred for the characters, especially with the levels of hatred for Kaname that exist in the Western fandom. (And that's even though Zero is not hated in the Japanese fandom; the mirror between West and East is not symmetrical in the hatred, it only holds true in the fact that Kaname is adored by the East and Zero by the West.)

It's as unfair as when some people go on ignoring completely all the depth Zero has, and simply focus on the superficial things without caring for his feelings behind the things he says or does, or his true self. The character hatred is unfair towards either of them.
(Hino-sensei and all those angsty shock-effect moments she spread throughout the series for added drama did create a lot of chances for people to misunderstand the characters, but after being baited by such things for so many volumes, we all have come to know Kaname and Zero are not as simple as those angsty moments make it seem. ^^ In the past, it was inevitable for us all to fall for it when they'd do or say crazy things that were completely unexpected and sudden and could make us think it was for real, but by now we all know better than take whatever they say or do at face value without examining what they are saying or doing and their past behavior... ^^)

Both Zero and Kaname are good at wearing masks, in part because both are so hurt inside, and both also have such a low opinion of themselves. But often, it seems that the more extreme fans don't see past those masks, hating one or the other for things that are not at all representative of how wonderful and deep those two characters are. Everyone would enjoy the manga more if it was yaoi...j/k XD;;; *is shot* if people focused more on enjoying it and on appreciating all of those characters regardless of favorite pairings, rather than focusing on hate and wasting such a loveable series. ^^;

Sorry for the rambling... ^^;;; It's just that as usual, it depresses me that there's so often character hatred in a fandom that has the luck of having such delicious fangirlable characters. It seems like such a waste. ^^;

And it's also one of the things that makes me hesitate to go online more often when I actually have time to, since it ruins my fun when I start browsing and then come across people's posts with hateful things about characters I love... There's only so little time in life to enjoy a fandom, so you want to focus on seeing happy and enjoyable things, not the characters you love being trampled under the feet of people who hate one or the other. ^^;

Just in case:

This blog is a peaceful zone that is 100% friendly towards all pairings, and in which all bashing is forbidden, of any characters, pairings, people, anything. ^^/

This place is for everyone who wants to enjoy the series, not to fight or waste time with negativity. ^^ ♥

NO BASHING of any character/pairing/real person/anything or anyone is tolerated here. It never was, and it still isn't.


And, uhm, back to the chapter itself, so the flashback and thoughts ends with the page showing Zero nowadays, stretching his hand towards Sara and saying that he accepts her offer, and will shelter her at the Hunter Association. In turn, Sara says than she "will lend him a helping hand in making his wish come true, as she had promised."

Sara asks Takuma if he is coming too (so he had the choice... O_o), and he says he is, and goes to take her hand into his.

At that, Shiki lunges forward asking Takuma to stop, saying that "isn't how Ichijou-san is".

But Takuma smiles at him and says that it is actually "exactly how he is", and leaves with Sara. Shiki starts to say that the Ichijou-san that he knows would- and he gets interrupted by Rima running in and throwing herself at him (fans of the other love triangle of VK rejoice at the angsty moe moment XD XD), asking him what he is doing. When she turns to protest at Takuma as well, everybody is already gone all of a sudden, and Shiki and Rima are left standing alone looking dramatic.

Meanwhile, outside, Kaito almost gets kicked in the face while trying to hold down the ex-bodyguard of the Hanadagi clan, who had been prisoner of Sara, and whom he is taking to the Hunter HQ in chains.

Interesting things to note about that scene are that Kaito is as powerful as we might have expected him to be: the moment the girl tried to kick him, he dodged out of the foot coming for his face with the same speed as her, despite her being a vampire and him being human. Hunters are supposed to be far superior to humans, but nevertheless, it's interesting to know Kaito can move as fast as a vampire. :D *moe*

He is an ambivalent character, because he does some terrible things (like using Yori as bait to try and start a conflict with the vampires a while back), but he also has good sides as well, since he had been shocked in a past chapter by Yagari wanting to manipulate Zero's feelings for Yuuki etc., and since in this chapter, he keeps telling the vampire girl that her trying to attack Sara would only get her killed.
And yet... he is also taking the girl (an obvious innocent) prisoner, and since Zero is going to shelter Sara at the HQ, there's a very strange moment later where they both arrive there and the girl is all in chains... I sure hope they don't intend to say that's vampire matters and just hand the girl back to Sara. ^^;

While that's going on at the school, Yuuki has finally caught up with Kaname (the actual Kaname, and not an alter-version made of bats) + Cain & Luca.

The scene between Kaname and Yuuki is filled with extreme moments of both angst and moe and bittersweet beauty.

I was in serious-chapter-mode until the page in which, well, the thing with Zero in a few pages, and then my mind just exploded into a swamp of Zero x Kaname perversion, and uhm. XD;;; *lol* *has tentacles right now* XD XD *lol*

But I'll get to it, for the time being let me describe the Kaname & Yuuki part and try to resist rushing off into Zero x Kaname fangirling instead. XD;;;

Basically, Yuuki pretty much seems to have decided that since Kaname is doing terrible things, and since talking him out of it is not going to work, she must go all dominatrix on him 8D~~~ err, beat the crap out of him and chain him up somewhere until he is thinking straight again. XD XD XD Well, she didn't say she'd chain him up, but the fact she attacked him and openly said she intended to injure him and take from him both his regenerative power and his ability to move freely for a while... it's pretty much a logical mind image that he might end up tied up somewhere IN A S&M DUNGEON WITH DOMINATRIX YUUKI & ZERO BEING KINKY AT HIM XD *is shot* until Yuuki knocks some sense into him at least. 8D~~~

Dominant!mode Yuuki is another of the things I love in VK, so... 8D *drools in delight*

The looks Kaname keeps giving Yuuki throughout the fight are heart-wrenchingly lovely. T^T

Also, Yuuki is the one who keeps attacking, and Kaname is only blocking her blows and dodging, although at one point Yuuki somehow gets a scratch/small cut on the face (unclear whether on his sword or power or what since at no moment do we see him swing it at her, only up against the scythe blade blocking it etc.), and Kaname caresses her face and wipes her blood (yes, in the middle of the fight, while being super angsty and gorgeous XD<3)... and later in the chapter, we can see he is still carrying those droplets of blood on his fingertips, and appears to be kissing them. X3

But let me get back to the start of the scene:

Yuuki says she's irritated that despite the situation, the throbbing of Kaname's heart is so quiet. (Possibly mentioned since in the previous chapter she mentioned that she could tell the Kaname-made-of-bats wasn't the real one because it had no heartbeat. So it avoids a longer and momentum-breaking explanation or an additional frame to show that it's really the whole Kaname. That bubble gets it out of the way while also displaying Yuuki's increased pureblood abilities.)

Kaname uses her comment to reply claiming it's because he's "a horrible man who threw you away", and Yuuki says that she isn't throwing/going to throw him away. (It makes me wonder/hope that her saying that means also that she realizes he's been lying through his teeth about not caring. After all, from the scenes about his plans with the chairman and Luca before, as well as from the body language and everything Kaname has said and done before, it is an obvious lie that he is actually throwing Yuuki away. In truth, he is throwing himself away, and hoping to convince Yuuki to go along with it and give up on him. D:

In response to his recent claims of not wanting her anymore, Yuuki brings up the thing he's told her several volumes ago, about being unable to let go of her, and that he would prefer death given to her by him or to him by her, rather than them being parted. (Vampiric love, ever so dramatic and epic. XD; *lol*)

Kaname says he remembers it, and that this is why he had brought Artemis back to Yuuki. (Which makes it once more clear that whatever he said, his hope was for her to kill him...)

Possibly it's the despondency of such a line (if you remember, already back then Yuuki had later blamed herself for how Kaname must be feeling to say such a thing), in any case this seems to have put an end to Yuuki's attempts of communication, and she moves onto her plan to capture/injure Kaname to stop him instead.

She lunges at him with the Artemis, and in the next page says that with this weapon, she will be able to take away both his regenerative ability and (thus) also his ability to move for a while.
He blocks the scythe's blade with his sword (his hand is as injured as ever btw, wow, the way it looks all messed up D: D: D: There's one frame later on, in which his sword handle appears to be actually 'dripping'/splattering off Kaname-hand-chunks, as he moves the hand. ^^;;;), and Yuuki rushes past him, the scythe still around his body/front, although his sword is preventing the blade from cutting him.

Yuuki looks super sexy 8DDD totally determined, and says that she won't let him keep doing as he is doing, even if she has to cut him up for that.

The term she used is one that means "to cut [something/someone] up" and can also mean "cut to pieces".
No doubt there will be people who dislike the pairing to claim they were actually trying to kill each other, even though it's abundantly obvious from the whole fight that it couldn't be farther from the truth. Not only from the fact that the only one attacking is Yuuki while Kaname is only blocking and being pushed back, but also from the fact Yuuki spoke of taking his regenerative ability and the possibility to move for a while (so obviously, she isn't planning to kill him), and the fact that Kaname gets a huge chance to easily kill her later in the fight, but instead uses the moment to escapes the place.

It gets even more obvious that neither of them wants to kill the other in the next frames. Kaname had already said he'd taken Artemis back to Yuuki for this (so, for her to be able to kill him), and when Kaname says it's troublesome that Yuuki is trying to stop him, Yuuki says that if so then he should kill her, that he should use his sword and pierce through her heart.
She attacks more strongly then, blades clashing as she actually is pushing Kaname back, yelling that if he's just going to come and kill her like the other purebloods when her turn comes, she would rather he do it now instead of giving her such a lukewarm form of compassion. (By making her wait.)

He has such a beautiful and sad look on his face in that page. T^T *missed seeing Kaname drawn so gorgeous* Lately we've mostly seen him in poker face mode more often than not, so it's always delightful to see him with such a gaze... *wants to molest that frame at the bottom of the page* 8D;;;

It's debatable whether Yuuki is saying so much just to try and jar Kaname out of the current drama or if she actually has fallen for Kaname's act so far that she actually believes he would kill her "when her turn comes" like any other pureblood. Her sentence did have that "IF" in there though, about 'if my turn will come', so perhaps she doesn't actually believe it would. It could be either way.

If she did fall for his act and thinks he could do it, then it's not entirely her fault either, since she is missing a lot of the elements of the equation. ^^; Like how she wasn't present when the chairman and Kaname fought and talked about how ever since he was a child Kaname had planned to give his life to turn Yuuki back human again after she returns to being a vampire again. Yuuki also wasn't awake when Kaname was holding her and caressing her looking so sad while Luca was asking him why he hadn't just ditched Yuuki at the school instead of being with her.

In any case, she is clearly asking him to kill her now, just as he has asked her to kill him... and yet neither of them actually does it. XD They are both just having an almost ridiculous battle in which each hopes the other will kill them.

The blood from the little cut on Yuuki's face drips down, and Kaname reaches and caresses her face, wiping it off. He's holding his sword aside and not even trying to cover himself, in that scene you can see well how the sword isn't even blocking the path of Artemis then.

The looks they both have as he caresses her face!!! T^T *melts*

Yuuki grips the Artemis hard, as if about to swing again, and Kaname also moves the sword again to get back into position (but not swinging towards her, if you pay attention to where their bodies are and the position of the arms, the sword is as usual in his left hand, and the arm was holding it up aside, and now it's pointing it down and still away from her. In the next page he raises it into a waiting stance beside/behind him to be able to intercept her blade when she swings the scythe at him again. He's not actually pointing the sword at Yuuki.)

That's the page where the bits of his hand seem to be coming off/flying off the handle as he swings down the sword.

Kaname says that he will answer Yuuki's doubt before her consciousness/thoughts sink into a pool of blood [the need for blood]. (The cut on Yuuki's face is small, but she hasn't had much blood lately and so she is probably extra susceptible to bloodlust?)

He asks her, "Do you not understand [feel] it, even as you wield that weapon?"

And then, looking all dramatic among the darkness surrounding him, "The killing of the purebloods is... 'Her' will."

Yuuki is in mid-jump swinging the Artemis down at Kaname, and we see her thinking (for the sake of the readers who missed the flashback chapters about Kaname's past XD), " 'Her'? That ancestor woman...?"

The scene starts in one page & extends into the other, and Kaname says such a heartbreaking thing: "You should throw me away."
(The word he's been using is literally a complete throwing someone away, it's the same word you use to throw away actual garbage. T^T *clings*)

In the other page, as he is standing and Artemis is swinging down towards him, he's looking up at Yuuki with this incredibly beautiful and sad face as he says:
"Consider me gone mad, and throw me away."

Yuuki lands, but instead of cutting into Kaname, Artemis is going into the ground where he should have stood, as Yuuki got suddenly pulled into an illusion by Luca, who just intervened to put an end to the fight. (I can't help but wonder if she stopped it right then in particular because to her too, his words and his utter self-destructive attempts are so painful. X3)

It is not shown right away that this is an illusion though, to better mess with the readers minds. XD It is only mentioned later. So when you are reading... it's an epic shock, what happens immediately after this.

Whenever I buy LaLa, I quickly flip through to see what's going on in a rush before actually reading the chapter, and I fell right on the page after this one. XD XD XD If you've seen it, you can imagine the "O_____O WHAT! WHAT... WHAT!!" moment that ensued. XD;;;

Because in the next page, the moment Yuuki straightens up going "Huh?" at Kaname's disappearance, Zero shows up behind her, the Bloody Rose pressed to her head.


He then shoots her in the head, at point blank range. O_O

...shockingly I was so hyper about Zero x Kaname at the point when Zero appeared that for a moment my brain blanked out and I totally seem to have forgotten about either of the het pairings, which I also love. XD;;;
Instead my fangirling skyrocketed into "OMG ZERORIN SHOWED UP AND IS SUDDENLY PROTECTING KANA-CHAN!!! O_O WHAT IN THE-?! YAY~~~~!" *is shot* XD;

That sent me into a meteoric moe fit and then my eyes LATCHED onto the bubble where Zero is talking, and... XD His sentence is actually quite clear when you actually read it rather then skim by the pages in a fangirly fit while rushing through, but in the first time I just briefly saw it while flipping through the pages, I was just having such a fit of moe that I had a hilarious reading-version of a Freudian slip. XD XD *rotfl* I saw it and it became yaoi in my mind, hahahaha~~~

Zero's line, once you actually read it, obviously means "How could you not throw him away, even after what he's done to me...", but when I was rushing flipping through just to see what happens, I initially breezed through it and in my mind it became yaoi with Zero saying instead "Even after what he's done to me, I cannot throw him away". XD *rotfl* It was a delicious Freudian-slip, what a pity that when I actually read the line I saw that he is actually speaking to Yuuki, about her not throwing Kaname away... XD *has urges to draw a doujinshi version in which him saying it the way that line was when it was seen through my yaoi glasses, hahaha*)

So, sadly, it was fangirly wishful thinking. XD XD And besides, it was an illusion created by Luca anyway, so even if he had said it sounding protective of Kaname, it wouldn't actually have been something the real Zero was saying... T^T

BUT STILL! XD Regardless of it just being an illusion to distract Yuuki, I still got to see Zero acting as if he's protecting Kaname, which is one of the things I most wanted to ever see in VK!! \*______________________*/


I must be a horrible Yuuki fan or something. ^^;;;; *is aware that she should have been going totally "Arrrrgh!! WTF?! Yuuki got shot!!", but couldn't help herself and was instead having a fit of "OMG ZERO WANTS TO PROTECT KANAME?!! WHAT?! ...what? OH I DON'T CARE WHY OR HOW IT'S POSSIBLE, IT'S WONDERFUL, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS~ WHEEEEE~~~! *fit of insanity, doesn't see who is getting shot*" XD;;;;

To be fair, I wasn't thinking rationally during my fangirly yaoi fit, or I would have gone "WHAT?! NOOOO!!" over Yuuki being shot, especially by Zero of all people, but... wwwwww my brain COMPLETELY ceased to function the moment Zero stepped in in apparent defense/protection of Kaname. XD *JOY AND DELIGHT*

THERE'S ENOUGH MOE THERE ALONE TO FUEL ME FOR MONTHS. *_____* *survives on moe and fangirling energy* XD XD

Of course, after the first moments of hyper fit of insanity, I actually calmed my fangirling down for a second XD (especially when Yuuki got shot XD;; I did think it must be an illusion, since Luca was there and she has that power, but still, it was a wtf moment.)

So yeah, sadly my most extreme sudden moe spike in quite a while only lasted enough time to turn the page and then go back and actually read what he said. XD XD *lol*

But NEVERMIND, because some pages later, there's MORE fanservice!!! \*_______*/

Btw, Yuuki has really come a long way, in her understanding of vampire powers and of so many things, because the moment the illusion started she went "this is..." and now that she's on the ground, looking shot, and illusion!Zero is standing over her, as if about to shoot her again and asking her "why aren't you throwing him away?", Yuuki says that the real Zero "wouldn't accuse her that way", and we see her thoughts saying that she realizes this is just an illusion Luca is showing her, and that while she is seeing this illusion, they are already on the move, going after Sara!

*_* Epic.

Although my heart shattered to see the confirmation that it was indeed nothing more than an illusion created by Luca, and not Zero truly protecting Kaname. XDDD (Er, not that I'd ever enjoy either of them harming Yuuki, but considering how important Yuuki is for them, if either of them were to fight her to protect the other, it would be the ULTIMATE embodiment of Zero x Kaname love, no? XD;;; *is shot*)

In any case, back to the serious (for now XD), the scene switches to the Hunter Association, where Zero has arrived with Sara, and where Kaito is also bringing the Hanadagi guard girl, who is still furious and yelling to be freed. She is in chains around her body, although Sara is wearing no chains etc. with the exception of only a pair of the restraints that allow hunters to bring in a pureblood into the building, like they had done when they arrested Yuuki in an earlier volume, so that she could pass the hunter charms in the HA gate.

Yagari and the other hunters confront Zero, not pleased by this at all, and ask if he truly intends to shelter that woman from Kaname. Yagari says he can't think of it as something sane to do, and then asks Zero if he didn't hear anything of what they told him when they had 'that conversation' the other day.

Kaien, who is present, asks what conversation they're talking about. (It's the talk they had the day the hunters feeling mutinous towards Kaien had come to talk to Zero some chapters ago, about not following Kaien's ideas as the HA president.)

Zero, who apparently isn't one for mutiny or for secrecy much, (either because he's always felt he owed Kaien regardless of disagreeing with him, or perhaps also out of dislike for doing things like that in the shadows like Yagari was doing X3 ...whatever it is, I was amused by him blowing the lid off it all so quickly), openly answers Kaien, and reveals that the rest of the hunters decided that "all Purebloods should be viewed as unnecessary, without exceptions being made for ones with the right personality", and that the talk they had, "mentioned it would be good if Sara Shirabuki and Kaname Kuran just went at it and killed each other as they please..."

Kaien is shocked, and says that's a poor taste joke. He turns to the hunters, calling for them asking if it's true that they feel that way, if they really believe in something so shocking/shameful for any hunter who considers themselves to have a heart. (Kaien... XD What. I don't think that's going to convince them, you know.)

Sara says to Zero "So that time has come... what will you do? You can still abandon me."

Meanwhile, in the streets right outside of the Association, we see Kaname + Cain & Luca approaching, while being watched by Sara's spiders (which are a part of her like Kaname's bats are of him, if you remember.)

Luca is saying that even if it was to stop that battle, she feels bad that she showed such a terrible illusion to Yuuki-sama. (She looks so lovely in that page! And I couldn't help but wonder a bit, considering Luca's point of view over such a matter, if she was saying the illusion was horrible in particular because of the contents, with Zero that way (Hino-sensei toys with us so much, that scene was such epic drama XD;;;), or if, from Luca's point of view the illusion was particularly terrible because of the question asked to Yuuki, of why not to throw Kaname away, which would be so shocking to Yuuki but also to Luca herself, who cares about Kaname and would wish for him to be okay rather than putting himself through such things.)

As she is saying it, Kaname is bringing up to his face his fingers that he had caressed Yuuki with and on which there are still some drops of Yuuki's blood, and he is apparently kissing the Yuuki!blood on his fingers. (Or at least he's touching his lips to it, without licking it or anything, at least at that moment, so... if that's not a kiss, I don't know what it is!! XD

He tells Luca he is grateful to her, and the scene reveals that they are actually RIGHT IN FRONT of the Hunter Association building, just outside, right where Zero and the others had been moments before. O_O

In fact, right as this is happening, the hunter crowd appears to sitll be right there, just inside that gate, only a closed hunter gate away from Kaname outside! *___*

Zero looks all nosebleed-inducingly hot as usual and tells the other hunters that "whoever doesn't want to see something gross/repulsive" (to hunters at least, and you know how Zero tends to talk about such vampiric things), "better step away."

He then grabs onto Sara and sinks his fangs into her neck, right as Yagari & co. STARE at him like there's no tomorrow. XD

At that point I ran off and drew a fanart of Zero doing that exact same thing to Kaname instead, while tearing off his clothes. XD;;;;;; *COULDN'T RESIST*
The, uhm, need to clean my mind from the sight of Zerorin biting someone other than Kana-chan, it's brutal. *rotfl* XD My territorial thing goes into red alert whenever any character gets too close to Zero, and is not Kaname or Yuuki. XD XD;;; In my happy fangirly yaoi mind, Zerorin belongs with Kana-chan, and Yuuki is okay because both of them are lovingly totally her carpets XD *is shot violently* because both of them love her, but any other character makes me get the urge to fanart ZxK all over again to wash off the mind images or something. XD;;

Also, Yuuki looks so much like Kaname that any Zero x Yuuki scenes are fangirlable both a ZxY and as Zero x female!Kaname. XD *is shot again* XD XD

Similarly, the fact that Hino-sensei has been unmasked as a closet Zero x Kaname fan before makes me wonder if it's not quite a coincidence that the ancestor woman looks SO MUCH like Zero. *rotfl* That way, the moe is never ending, no matter what pairings. XDDD

T^T *is starved for lovely VK trio fanservice, with all of them happy and not in dramatic tragic settings*

But, uhm, back to the chapter... XD

(Wow, the eyes of shock Yagari made... XD *couldn't help cracking up*)

I had to save a close up, even though it's small and grainy. XD
Also, couldn't resist adding Zero's sexy eyes to the close-up as well... Zeeerrroooo~~~ *licks page, drools at his never ending sexiness* 8DDDD~~~~~~~~

... AND NOW COMES THE BEST MOMENT. XD (For ZxK fans at least... XD XD XD)

Right as I was staring at that page in shock and in "NOOOO, ZERORIN, DON'T DRINK IT!!! IT'S A TRICK!!! ;_____;", I turn to the next page to see the last two pages of the chapter, and...

Gyah~☆ XD *fangirly choking of delight*

Initially, there's just a dramatic moment with all the crowd of hunters still staring at their future president drinking from a pureblood, while Sara looks all victorious and saying that she will "help you [Zero] with your revenge... help you to crush/destroy Kaname Kuran, who is an obstacle for me" (the word she used is one that means both something that can do one harm and which is an obstacle, but seeing the context, Kaname is potentially both for Sara...). In the next page, she continues in the ominous dark pureblood voice type of bubbles, saying Zero "must kill that man... for he is the one who took everything from you", she's speaking as Zero is drinking from her neck, and it's ominous and makes one wonder if she's trying to manipulate Zero mentally with her powers right then or if she's only speaking. ^^; Is she just saying it, or is she further trying to put into his mind the belief that Kaname is to blame for everything...? ^^;

I should be worried about the possibility of her actually managing to throw them against each other, but... right as we're seeing her smiling and looking like she is exulting as she is telling Zero this stuff in the second to last page, we see that immediately on the other side of the door from where Zero is, Kaname is standing, his hand pressed against the door, looking at it... he makes this epic face that looks like a mix of wistfulness, longing (maybe it's just my yaoi glasses for the longing part XD *rotfl*) and jealousy, and says he is disgusted that such a dirty blood would be offered to Zero!!!!!!! 8D



KANAMEEE!!! How can I be expected to stay calm and make a collected post when you say such cute things about Zero???!! *raep* XD XD XD CONFESS IT, you wanted him to take your blood!!


*rolls on the ground foaming at the mouth*

You guys are supposed to be rivals... what's with all the longing looks and wistful door-touching thing???!! X3333333 OMG THE DOOR TOUCHING, AS IF REACHING FOR ZERO BEYOND THAT DOOR!!! AND WHAT HE SAID THEN!!


*explodes into a cloud of smoke, her true form becoming visible, along with its thousands of tentacles stretching out towards the characters* GYAAAAHHH!!! ~~~~~*______*~~~~~




Even more so when, right as Kaname is pressing his hand to the door and saying such an ~EPIC~ line, Zero looks up from Sara's neck, with an EPIC FACE!!! Sara is still speaking (that last bubble is her), saying they/Zero will crush/destroy/kill Kaname, but right at that moment, Zero is looking up, apparently/possibly in the direction he might have felt Kaname was standing at.

Zero is ALWAYS hot, just like Kaname is too, but wow, in that frame, he is somehow PARTICULARLY HOT. 8D~~~ So is Kaname in the same page. And Zero with that look of half angst/sadness half/predatorial, OMG GYAH~~~ *________* *fangirls all hyper*

THAT PAGE. *_____________*


This fit of moe, it will probably last me several chapters. *___*

VK being the usual torturing-teasing series it is (XD;;;), I will hold no hopes that the next chapter will have Zero open the door and roll on the ground wrestling with Kaname sexily as they tear each other's clothes off, but uhm... OH SCREW THAT, OF COURSE I WILL CLING TO THAT HOPE ANYWAY!!! ☆・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:♪・゚(*°∇°*)。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:♪・゚’☆ミ *rotfl* XD;;;

At least, if somehow they do fight, I hope clothes will get torn XD that they somehow won't actually hurt each other unless that leads either of them to make sex!faces as a fanservicey side effect of being out of breath or in pain or whatever *is violently shot* XDDD

Zerorin can do terrible things to Kana-chan and vice-versa as long as they do them sexily and neither of them kills the other. XD;;;

↓ This is total fangirl hyperness, scroll past if you're horrified. XD ↓

With a bit of luck, their fight might become increasingly fanservicey and cat-fight like, with them rolling around in puddles of water (transparent clothes!! \*0*/), and Sara would grow increasingly annoyed that he plan is not working, until Yuuki is done having sexy kinky times with the Zero!illusion XD and can come back, beat up Sara for messing with her harem (MORE catfights!! More clothing gone transparent!) and then... they can make up and have popcorn while watching Zerorin and Kana-chan touching each other err, solving their problems physically. X333

And then then Kana-chan & Zerorin will be BFFs (*rotfl* one can hope... XD) and Yuuki & them can have a threesome~~~!

I stayed good, I said nothing of the crowd of hunters joining in and things getting err, kinkier. XDDDD;;;; *is shot*

It would be the most epic crack ending for VK, but uhm. XD Also, I don't think it's quite thaaat close to the manga end, but welll... if they do end up somehow fighting, we might as well have lovely pervy yaoi mind images until then, no? XD *lol*

Even if as usual, there's a significant chance that they'll tease us with a possible fight and yet it won't quite happen yet, or not fully in any case, even if something does happen. XD; (VK tends to make you think that though, so the day and ACTUAL battle ever does really happen, we'll probably all be caught like deer in headlights. XD;)

I probably should be freaking out in worries about Zero drinking Sara's blood, about her mental powers, and about Kaname being so hell-bent on self-destruction (err, and Yuuki-tan following the bad example too D: it must be a genetic Kuran feature XD *is shot*), but right now I'm SO HAPPY with the illusion image of Zero protecting Kaname (even if he wasn't protecting him at all, just looked like that due to interrupting the fight XD), and with the image of Kaname and Zero practically reaching for each other XD; with than sexy moment touching the door, and how much it seemed like Kana-chan would have wanted to give Zerorin his own blood instead of letting him drink someone else's... 8D *is in a happy yaoi cloud, cares not about the fact the chapter is full of epic drama, is enjoying the yaoi glasses version of it right now and doesn't want to get back down from the cloud for a while yet* XD XD

...Basically, I'm so happy and full of fangirly moe right now that I can't bring myself to worry about the depressing angst or the dangers and the self-destructive tendencies of the characters or anything of that, I'm just too hyper fangirling the positive aspects of the chapter. X333


This is the end of the summary, but there's more VK thingies beneath, with news about my upcoming adoptable VK mascot stuff + the VK fangame and stuff, if you want to scroll down lower. ^^/♥

And here's the teaser pic, with a lovely image of the "other trio". X3

Color stuff in the next chapter btw~!! :D *bounces*

As for that ominous line in the teaser, I still remember (and mention as a frequent example XD) that the last time Zero & Kaname faced off, the teaser image had said they'd fight to the death at Cross Academy, and the chapter after that panic-inspiring line only had them fight for a bit and Zero tore off Kaname's hand, but neither of them died, luckily. ^^

So the "they will at last...?!!" implications, until I see anything concrete I might as well expect them to "at last" have tea and biscuits together or something. XD *rotfl*

So yeah, for now that's it. :D *is all bouncy with fangirly mood, will pop by later to fangirl the chapter like whoa more again with everybody* ♥♥♥

And of course, my fangirly mood only means that I'm very happy right now, but it doesn't mean that we can't also talk about the dramatic stuff from the chapter. ^^/ If you're dropping by or want to comment or anything, please feel free to comment about anything from the chapter or about the characters etc. as you please, of course! ^^♥ Be it cheerful cheering or about the angsty moments.

Just please don't bash anything/anyone or attack etc. anyone. ^^; This blog is a peaceful little island of happy fandom-ish stuff, which I wish so much to keep for all the enjoyable fandom talking and fangirling, safe from any pairing fights and character bashing and anything negative that ruins fandom at all. ^^

As usual(because whenever a new chapter comes out, tempers in the fandom flare really ferociously, and there's people who can't control themselves from bashing characters/pairings or attacking other fans for either liking a different pairing (or more than one) or even simply for whatever they perceive as a slight even when it's not), I'll continue having the comments screened for now. ^^;

That simply means that each time a comment is posted, it gets put on a waiting list before it becomes public.
That makes that all normal comments will go through and get posted (they just have to wait a bit before showing up publicly), but any comments bashing a pairing, a character, doing personal attacks or whatever, will be able to be caught rather than get posted right away and just cause fights.
In the past, there have been issues with people posting anon doing personal attacks (as if making up things to attack people's sexuality had anything to do with VK or could in any way be considered something other than trolling ^^; ) and people trying to cause trouble between fans of different pairings etc./encouraging pairing-flame wars etc., so for the time being I'll be using this LJ feature to hopefully make that things stay peaceful and people don't bait others for flame wars or anything. ^^;

Sadly there's no way to implement a simple list of keywords like homophobic slurs etc. that would automatically block basic hate comments (especially because it's trickier than that when it's against pairings or characters), so we have no choice but relying on LJ's screening/waiting-list feature, and I'll just unscreen stuff as soon as possible. ^^/ ♥

So please don't worry about that, just go ahead and talk about the chapter and fangirl at will, and all your comments will be turned public regularly whenever possible. :D (Each time I get to log in and hit the unscreen button and make them all public.)

Edit to add: It turns out there's a place that scanlated the chapter super early (though I don't know if they did it from the Chinese scanlations that tend to show up early or from an actual Japanese raws, but in any case, it's totally awesome that they're posting so early). ^^♥
Here's a link yo their site, Dragon & Fly Scans. :D

And as I promised at the beginning of this post, I also have news about the adoptable VK chibi mascots I'm making. :D♥

The long awaited Zerorin chibi mascot should hopefully come out sometime this year, and should be even more cute and interactive than it was originally going to be, btw~ :D Thanks to err, technology advances. XD *lol* As in, I have been figuring out how to make various cute thingies. X3
I can't say yet when anything might get ready since due to lack of time I have no idea, and don't want to disappoint people by announcing it and then not being able to release things on time. ^^;;; *wanted to have released Zero ages ago already, but lack of time + I kept changing him happened*

But there will also be other adorable surprises~! \^-^/ More Z&K mascot stuff, if all goes well~!
For now here's at least an actual moving sneak peak of something from one of the planned mascots... :D

Please ignore that they currently look crappy. XD;

This is still a draft because I'm not yet done drawing them, I just did a rough mock-up to animate them. I don't use references of live action people walking etc. for the chibi animations, since it wouldn't look right for chibies, so I have no choice but to draw it several times and animate things over and over until it looks cute and how I wanted it to be. ^^; So I do the rough tests first, and when the mascot works fine/the animations are cute, I do the final versions of the pictures drawn for it. :3

Hilariously, my mind is so 100% focused on Zero x Kaname that I can animate their romantic interactions super easily, but when it comes to just one of them walking by themselves or whatever, I have to do it over and over again because it looks like crap. XD;;;; *lol* Such is the power of my Zero x Kaname moe.
I'm an illustrations person, not animation, so when I animate stuff it's erm. XD; *eyes the failed ones with horror*

When they're ready in the draft version (like that example above), I might offer them as adoptable beta mascots for anyone who might want to have one for fun and who doesn't mind the messy & not-colored aspect. ^^ That might be a fun thingie to have while waiting for the final versions to be ready.

As for CoB (my Zero x Kaname fanfic series), I'm so hoping that I might be able to update this month, for real that time since last time I said that it seems time flew by. ^^;

Chapter 25 of CoB is almost finished, but it still needs some last chunks in various parts of it etc., + I usually take a while in finishing details. ^^;
But on the good news side, it's ridiculously long. So hopefully that makes up a bit for the lateness of being updated. ^^;

I wanted to also make a better update with more details etc. about "VK - Love³ -", the VK fangame which I'm making (the one where you get to play as Yuuki and try to get the guys, or push them towards each other X3), but lack of time makes that I'll have to postpone such a better post again. ^^; Another time. :D
It's going slow, but hopefully it will be enjoyable once it's finally ready~! :D

For now here's at least an older screencap I did of the way a page in the CG gallery in the game will look like:

As you play the game, you unlock the CGs, which you can then later look at in the CG gallery part of the game, so that you can see your favorite moments again without having to play through all over again each time. ^^
Though it's empty at the beginning, of course, before you unlock them. That screencap was just to show the layout of the gallery, with a couple of example empty thumbnails. ^^

I'm not sure yet exactly of how many CGs the game will have, because my obsessive fangirl self would like to make a ton of scenes and push things and have even more than the official VK game actually has (*shoots self* XD;;;), but erm, realism about lack of time etc. makes that it should not be so. ^^; So I'm not sure yet. Most of the time spent on it so far is on code and tweaking things to make the interface and the various events in the game to work, so the art will be another also very time consuming step. (Hence also why there's not much to show yet. XD;)

But hopefully, once it's ready, it will be fun to play~! :D ♥

I keep coming up with ideas for dates you can go on with with guys (as Yuuki or as yourself or whatever name you choose to play as, since they'll call you by whatever name you give them etc.), and since usually I'm thinking of that while my mind is a bit weird due to either being tired or due to being fangirly etc. (XD;;), ridiculous ideas always end up popping up to interfere with the serious ones. XD;;
(Such as, there's a date in which Zero takes Yuuki horseback riding, and it rains so they have to run back into the barn all wet... normally, Zero makes a fire for them to dry their clothes and it can get romantic or, err, hotter XD (if you have build up enough points to do things with him, that is ;D) but... it's a barn: I get the ridiculous urge to make the option of it catching on fire and them having to run out with the horses and all as the place is engulfed in flames and the chairman gets a fit. XD;;; )
In the date with Kaname, he ends up not having a way to pay (Ichiou is his legal guardian and has control of all the Kuran finances XD) and they have to leech off the chairman's credit card to not have to do a dine-and-dash. *lol* XD

Most likely, there will be the possibility for this kind of fail!moment happening in the game depending on how well you're doing in the game, or the dates might go well and be all romantic and sweet. :3 It all depends of how you make the story progress in the game. ^^

It's not exactly a 'normal' type of romance game. XD (Well, aside from the obvious since the heroine can get a thresome ending or try and get the guys to turn the game yaoi instead. XD XD *lol*)

Unlike in most romance games like that, Yuuki has to worry not only about winning the guy(s)'s hearts, she also has to be careful because she can die if you mess up. XD Shockingly often in some cases, like by getting attacked by level E's or getting in accidents etc.
After all, it's a vampire story in a world full of dangers, rather than a normal school romance in a safer world. :3
(The guys can die too, but less often/not the same way as Yuuki. XD;; VK is angsty... but luckily in the game at least you can save every so often and go back to your previous save point if someone dies. XD)

Depending on how you do, the game can have full happy ends (the 'perfect endings' for the trio and each of the pairings you can go for, such as Yuuki with either of them, or the guys together with each other)), or intermediate endings (pairing-related endings that are partial good ends and partial bad ends), or terrible bad ends... as well as some crack endings. XD
You have to make things flow smoothly so that Yuuki gets the pairing she wants without upsetting the balance of things. :D

So hopefully it will be fun. ^-^/ ♥♥♥

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