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Vampire Knight 79 + mini-hiatus


Hello everybody!! ^-^/

I was able to get LaLa super early this month~!♥ Four days early! *__*

Click to see the huge size version of this lovely pic.
:D ♥

But I'm totally submerged with stuff in RL and actually need to take a plane in less than 48h but need to finish a lot of stuff first, so... *rushes by* ^^;;;

This post will be way shorter than usual, and I'll still be extra-busy for some time after this, so I won't be showing up much online for a bit. Though I'll drop by to fangirl the chapter and post about VK stuff whenever I have a moment as usual. :D (Just less often/less long than usual.)
I thought it best to make a mini-hiatus warning just in case I end up not having time to show up much, that way hopefully it won't worry people. *still feels so guilty for worrying everybody with my long hiatus a while ago* ^^;

Also, I'm super late with catching up reading everybody's posts/comments/PMs etc. as usual, ORZ. ^^;; Sorry!!

I've been hoping to find a moment to finish the dress-up game and some mascots among other stuff also, but I didn't get to on time for Christmas. D:
Hopefully sometime I'll get to post them. :)

So onwards with the summary~! :D ♥


This blog is a peaceful zone that is 100% friendly towards all pairings, and in which all bashing is forbidden, of any characters, pairings, people, anything. ^^/

This place is for enjoying the series, not fighting or wasting time with negativity. ^^ ♥

NO BASHING of any character/pairing/real person/anything or anyone is tolerated here. It never was, and it still isn't.

All VK fans are always welcome here and are totally welcome to fangirl VK/characters/pairings/etc. as much as they want, but please don't bring negativity or hatred. ^^;
Fandom is more enjoyable with positive feelings. :D♥♥♥



Due to the need to rush by, the post will probably rather messy between the summary and the ramblings all jumbled together (sorry in advance ^^; ), but please don't flame for that or anything like that. ^^;
Hopefully it might still be helpful despite that.

The chapter is a huge rollercoaster of emotions, and there's terrible angst and lovely moe for both main pairings, depending on which scene you look at.
As usual with VK, there's pure agony of angst even though we are given moments of moe to be able to survive the angst. XD; *lol*

There's epic moments for both main pairings, and amazing things are revealed, including Kaname's past "great sin" (which is surprisingly anti-climatic after all the build up to it) and what made Zero say that it was all Kaname's fault in the previous chapter.

As far as we know now, Kaname didn't mess with the hunter lists or anything like that. But if you remember from the flashback early in the series, when he was an innocent child meeting Shizuka, he'd been there and met her when he was little and she was in her cage.

In 79, it is revealed that little Kaname opened the door of the cell Shizuka was locked in.

After that, she escaped and went after the Kiryuus.

In 79 also, after trying to push Yuuki away from himself, he claims that he opened Shizuka's cell so that she would go after the Kiryuu parents (at that point, he would have known that the Kiryuus had killed her lover, and that thus she might go after them if the door was open), and claimed that he had done it so that the twins would hate purebloods and become living weapons that would have the motivation to annihilate the purebloods. But there's no way to know how much of it is truth or not, if any of it, considering other elements of the story like Kaname's lies to make himself appear so much worse than he is to push Yuuki away etc.

Also, there's the fact that previously in the manga, Sara openly admitted to spreading false rumors to cause trouble, so we can wonder if that's all she told Zero, or if she painted the situation worse or something. Or if the rumors concern something else also.

But I'm summarizing it all somewhat out of order, so let me go back to the start of the chapter.

There's a DELICIOUS Zero x Yuuki cover. *__* ♥♥♥ *bounced happily at the prettiness when she saw the magazine cover* Zero managed to look semi-cold and semi-angsty as usual, but at least Yuuki is smiling. :D *wishes to see a cover with both of them smiling, or even better, all three of the trio smiling happily~!♥
Still, even if he's not smiling, Zero is still utterly smoking hot on the cover. 8D How delicious to see him so sexy each time~!

The chapter opens with Kaname's arrival at the school, although it is revealed it's only one of his alter thingies (which many people have been calling shades or familiars and so on, though there's not an exact term like that to convey the Japanese word for it, but you know what I mean, the pureblood power of separating a chunk of your body and sending it as an alter you that looks like you're there. It's the meaning of the word, hence why I use the term "his alter", since that somewhat conveys that idea of a chunk of oneself. Sort of, at least. ^^; )

Kaname is in full must-push-Yuuki-away-from-me mode, and realizing that his past attempts of this have failed, he uses the ultimate version of it, openly claiming that his feelings for her have changed and that she is now a burden to him, to try and push her away. (And yet, he either slips or contradicts himself by calling her "my beloved Yuuki" right as he's claiming he no longer cares for her...)

At this point I was going ";_; Wow chapter, so angsty...", but then had a hilarious 180 degree turn into explosive fangirl happiness when Kaname suddenly declared to Yuuki that to best know him, she should ask Zero, "who is the person who understands him the best." 8D~~~~~~~~ !!!

Sorry for interrupting the dramatic moment, but the Zero x Kaname yaoi fan in me had the urge to throw fireworks at this. XD;;; *epic explosion of moe* (I haven't had any concrete fanservice with those two in the manga since forever... I have to enjoy moments like those. XD)

And this of them being so close/similar in odd ways/etc. that they understand each other so much better than others, is something I've always loved for them in fics etc., so to see it being canon!!! 8D *extreme delight* Sure, it's not yaoi in the canon, but the understanding is there, and where there is understanding, there's some sort of closeness, be it love or hate. XD

In any case, back to seriousness, the beginning of the chapter is utterly angsty for Kaname and Yuuki, although later in the chapter, Kaname meets Takuma and it's quite clear from their conversation that 1) Kaname was lying about his feeling for Yuuki having changed, to push Yuuki away (otherwise, Takuma wouldn't be talking of how Kaname and Yuuki should run away together etc.) and 2) the way Takuma talks about the stuff also confirms the vibe we'd already got from the previous chapters that Kaname is on a self-destructive path. Not much is said of it; it might be possibly like he was a long time ago, when as the ancestor he had intended to die to save mankind from the bad vampires, or it might be something else.

So the start of the chapter is pure angst for Kaname x Yuuki, and the part later on is full of moe. To anyone who has been reading the manga until now and paying attention to everything going on, it is clear that Kaname's attempts to push Yuuki away are not based on him not loving her anymore (that's just a lie), but it is nice to see the confirmation of this every so often, like when the headmaster and Kaname had that talk some time ago, and now with the talk between Takuma and Kaname.

There was also a lovely moe/fangirlable moment early in the chapter, when Yuuki notices Kaname there, and before having the time to realize it's not him in person and just an alter, her instinctive reaction is to immediately move towards him, thinking "Kaname is here... MY KANAME is here." (8D That "my Kaname" had me fangirling so much. XD)
And then she goes on to think "I must go with him..." and looks so sad when she realizes that it's just an alter, since she can't feel the heartbeats (if it was the real Kaname, his heart beats could be perceived by Yuuki since she's a vampire).
She also cutely complains that it's not the real him coming for her, saying she had though he had come to take her away with him, like he once did.

Kana-chan & Yuuki-tan. As well as Zerorin's lovely hand too~! :D ♥

I'd love to make a longer post but I have to really rush so I can't stay very long on any of the pairings, but in any case, there's both angst and moe moments, like I was saying. ^^

Back to Zero x Yuuki, as you already saw above the cover with them is gorgeous~! *__*

The chapter has moe and angst for them too, so much~! I get the feeling maybe Zerorin is FINALLY edging closer to snapping out of his usual attempts of seeming so cold, and that he might finally open up to Yuuki sometime. *_* *clings to that hope*

It looked like he was almost about to, but then he pushed her away again. But we're closer, I think. *-*

As a result of the angst with Kaname and with the stuff about Shizuka, Zero was extra epic throughout the chapter (he is always epic, but this chapter has him more emotional and there's a confrontation with Kaname, so... 8D *is practically licking the pages as they catch on fire from the characters' hotness*)

When Yuuki made to go towards Kaname, Zero couldn't hold it anymore and grabbed her arm, stopping her. Either this was due to snapping into not being able to conceal anymore the fact he loves her (especially hard to hide when faced with the danger of her going away with Kaname again), or it might have been because he was worried about what Kaname might be there for (especially if Sara told him all sorts of weird things maybe?), or maybe both, but either way it's super hot. *-*

The arm grabbing looked possessive and sexy and had me filled with fanfic urges. *___* ♥

It was even rather kinky, because when Yuuki started saying the things about having hoped Kaname would have come to take her with him, Zero's grip on Yuuki's arm became so strong that she actually mentioned (in her thoughts) that the grip on her arm was hurting her. (And yet, she was not asking him to stop it, so uhm... 8D *depraved kinky/pervy fic ideas*)

Sorry, my mind is a swamp of porn. XD It's even worse when it's Zero x Kaname, but the guys with Yuuki also tend to immediately give me all sorts of kinky fanfic mind images, especially when there are scenes in which people start grabbing each other and all... Zerorin gets even sexier when he gets grabby. 8D~~~~ *SO wishes he'd get sexily grabby on Kaname* 8D~

There's a dramatic confrontation between Kaname and Zero, the main part of it I mentioned above, but sadly I'm really running out of time, so I won't get in detail on the fight since it would make me go into throes of Zero x Kaname yaoi mind images fangirling and would run out of time completely. XD;;

Basically, there's a trio moe & drama moment in which Zero points the gun at Kaname and wants to shoot and even though it's the alter/not Kaname himself, Yuuki raises her wrist near the side of Zero's neck and at first my kinky mind was torn between wondering if she was just petting his head/face or if she was for the first time stepping in and using her bracelet to stop Zero so he won't shoot Kaname.
With my pervy mind I was fangirling the possibility of "kinky bracelet use!!? *_*" (XD) but now that I had a moment to think of the location I'm editing to add that the tattoo is on the other side normally though, so it shouldn't be that.
A pity, since the use of the bracelet would have been epic dramatic kinky Yuuki x Zero bondage XD *is shot*, but the idea that he stopped just because of her touch is utterly lovely too. X3♥♥♥

In any case, Zero somehow stopped completely in mid-movement because Yuuki touched him. :D<3 *is all bouncy*
Seeing there's the wrist by the neck and everything, it might be that it was something about the bracelet inside her sleeve and Hino-sensei could have gotten the neck side wrong, after all there were past times when she forgot to put the tattoo on Zero at all, or got the gun markings drawn wrong etc. It happens when a mangaka is rushed. So the kinky bracelet theory is not completely impossible, just unlikely... Unless he froze like that just because she petted him. 8D *drools at that possibility* See Yuuki, the power you have over your harem? X3 *fic urges skyrocket, wants to see her reducing them both to putty in her hands* X3

We don't see the bracelet though, that theory was just based on the wrist near the neck, despite it being the other side; so while there is a tiny bit of kinky bracelet theory possibility left, it's probably not that. Most likely it was just Yuuki's touch itself. :D<3
(DON'T flame me for a simple theory/ramblings/kinky VK comments. D: Whenever I say ANYTHING about either of the main pairings, there's always extremist fans of one pairing or the other to come and flame me for whatever they perceive as a slight to their favorite pairing. I ship them both, so please stop with the whole 'only one pairing can be shipped' thing. :-/ It's rather depressing.)

In any case, probably the bracelet had no role in it, and that Zero immediately stopped simply because of Yuuki's touch. Especially since we see that she touched his arm first with the other hand... that moment was so lovely. T^T

Whatever it is, it was a powerful moment/scene.

On one hand it's an angsty moment for Zero because one can think how he might feel about Yuuki stopping him in such a moment... but on another hand, uhm, the perv fan in me wants to not focus on any serious angst and instead make comments about Yuuki using her bracelet on Zero for kinky purposes also. 8D *is shot* (I've long though that thing had immense potential for bondage. XD *is shot*)

It's moe also for the two separate pairings even if you don't care for them as a threesome, since ZxY fans can fangirl there the lovely situation and the power Yuuki can have over Zero + the whole touching him etc. lovely moment (see more on it below :D), and KxY fans can fangirl there the fact that Yuuki intervened to protect Kaname, even though it was just an alter/shade of him and even though she'd just heard all this epic conversation between Zero and him.

So it's angsty and epic but also moe... especially from the threesome point of view since there's the whole drama of Yuuki potentially with them both/separating them as they might fight. X3 (Err, I don't get much threesome fanservice for them, I must enjoy what can be found even in angsty moments. XD;)

And onto an totally moetastic Zero x Yuuki moment, Kaname leaves while Yuuki is holding Zero frozen in place, and then the moment afterwards, there's this powerful moment between Zero and Yuuki, and her hand goes higher, apparently caressing his head/face, and Zero snaps and pulls Yuuki into his arms in a hug. *-* ♥♥♥

Zerorin x Yuuki-tan in such a lovely moment~! :D ♥

While this is going on, Kaname left to go see Sara and Takuma (officially to kill Sara, but the whole thing is rather suspicious and makes me wonder how much of each others plans do they all know, especially since Takuma openly speaks of Kaname's plan as someone who knows it all, now as much as he did a long time ago. O_o)

Takuma says that rather than killing Sara, Kaname should let her finish the plan for him (presumably, the remaining killing of the purebloods), and that he (Kaname) "should take Yuuki with and run away somewhere far away", (since that way, the two of them would be happy together and safe from this all).
Takuma is trying to dissuade his friend from continuing on this path of destruction, from the look of things.♥

In the middle of this all, Sara reveals which was the famous "mortal sin" that Kaname committed, and which so often was hinted of being so terrible in past chapter.
Apparently, at some point during the time he was going around as the ancestor, they set up the law that the worst sin a pureblood can commit is to turn a human against their will. (Sara says "the ancestor had decided" that law, but plural doesn't exist in such a sentence in Japanese, so... it's not 100% sure but it's extremely probable that law was decided by Kaname himself, which makes him being guilty of the same crime extreme cruel irony of fate... )

I wonder who it was. O_o

I am also reminded of something Ichiou said a long time ago, during the fight with Takuma if I remember well. That his hatred for purebloods might have come from something shocking he witnessed in his youth (or something like that, this time this is heavily paraphrased since I don't have time to go check in the book again right now. D: )

It makes me wonder if this is when that happened. Also, if it has anything to do with kaien's past/his origins or anything.

Also, considering how much the whole thing had been hyped to the max, I really didn't expect something so simple... it seemed like it would be something much bigger, like something related to the curse of the hunter twins.

I'm still thinking that sooner or later Hino-sensei might link that to the rest of it all, since so much mystery exists around this and it makes no sense that there would be no explanation. Considering how self-sacrificial etc. Kaname was back as the ancestor, it's unlikely he'd have done that on purpose, though, so we'll have to wait and see if that ever gets explained or if it's totally unrelated to him or what. ^^

But back to VK79, and the unexpected threesome 8D trio of Takuma x Kaname x Sara. XD *is shot*

In a couple of frames Takuma actually touches Kaname, on Kaname's hip/waist area and then on his shoulder/top of chest area/reaching for his face as if he was going to cup Kaname's cheek. *___*
But it's not quite clear whether it's only a brief brushing or a caress that lingers longer. Of course, my Takuma x Kaname fangirling was wild regardless of how brief it might have been. Physical contact!! So rare in boy x boy fanservice in this manga these days!! XDDD♥♥♥

Also, the fact they behave like best friends who have seen each other just yesterday and not a year ago...*moes it* 8D I wonder if there have been secret meetings we didn't know of, and secret talks of plans etc. etc. 8D
And how much Sara is okay with this whole Takuma flirting with Kaname XD thing or if she is possibly attempting to take advantage of what she can use of Kaname's plan... (after all, they're playing a large scale chess, and the opponent is never too far in chess...even if she wants to pit Kaname and Zero against each other, if she can take advantage of Kaname's plan also she will, as we have seen her do before.)

Taku-tan & Kana-tan~!! :D ♥

Takuma also says that Yuuki trusts in Kaname, and that [even though he's told things to her] she will assume that since it's Kaname, it must be taken with a grain of salt. XD *lol* In other words, his plan of pushing her away might not work as well as he thought it would...

Indeed, by the end of the chapter, Yuuki is already going into wild ideas and concluding that this whole thing Kaname is doing must be because of her, and that this is even more reason for her to stop him from doing it.

So Yuuki is far smarter than we might have thought before... :D And also still intends, more than ever, to stop Kaname's plan.

As you can see, the chapter weaves back and forth between moments of KxY and moments of ZxY, and by the end of the chapter it's a mix of emotions and thoughts of both Yuuki and Zero, in a way that would look rather jumbled in English since English lacks certain specific ways to show whether a guy or a girl is speaking etc. ^^;

Basically, the thoughts floating are Yuuki's, and the thoughts in the darker rectangular blurry things are Zero's. Possibly this was done both so that we could know more quickly who is thinking what, and also so that we see the resolve in Yuuki's more composed thoughts, and the desperation and rush of feelings in Zero's thoughts, that seem messier and more rushed than hers... it's a really beautiful contrast with the fact that outwardly, Zero seems calmer, as he often does, while Yuuki is crying... He hides his emotional state, while she strengthens her resolve despite her tears.

The chapter ends with Zero pushing Yuuki away (breaking off the hug), looking at her crying while she thinks she has to stop Kaname's plan and while Zero is thinking that he doesn't want Yuuki to cry for him.

The cry for him thing is as in Yuuki is crying Zero's tears. Because Zero won't as openly show his emotions (or at least tries not to...sometimes failing fangirlably<3), and can't cry for the past etc., Yuuki is crying, and he concludes that she is crying in his stead.

It may sound a bit melodramatic, but the last line is from Zero, and very clear about the tears being her crying the tears he isn't shedding. T^T *clings to how lovely that situation is despite all the angst*

She might also be crying for it all, for Zero and for his past, for Kaname and for his plans, for the apparent rejection, for the possibility of her two loved ones fighting for real, for everything... (Again, don't flame me. I'm not saying it diminishes the scene at all, or pulling it towards one pairing or the other. It's just she has so many reasons to be crying then, that it makes sense if she's crying for many reasons. It's just an idea. Sometimes in this fandom it feels like saying anything might get you flamed, and that's not a healthy situation. ^^; Please be gentle to others... ^^;;;)

In conclusion, as usual the chapter got me dying to read fics with ZxK, ZxY and KxY. 8D;

Sadly, currently I have no time to read any fics, so not sure when I'll get to. T^T But I look forward to diving into FFnet when I do get a moment to finally.<333

And quickly before I run out of time, we also see Yori and other day class people in the chapter, very briefly, and there's an epic scene in which Maria is taking the Hanadagi guard to the dorm like Zero told her to, and Luca and Cain run into her, prompting a complicated situation because Maria assumes they must be there to kidnap the girl. (For some reason. XD)
Maria isn't sure what to do, but knows that they're with Kaname and assumes that since they might be enemies, it would be best to fight them/prevent them from approaching the girl, as she assumes this is what Zero would have done in her stead (my Zero x Yuuki fangirling makes that usually I don't give much attention for Zero x Maria, but this was a lovely moment, she was adorable thinking that).

Aido arrives and intervenes too, resulting in Cain and him almost fighting since they are after all assumed to be trying to take someone out of the Moon Dorm/Night Class etc. (even though since she was Sara's slave, it's doubtful she was a student, but well, Aidou comes in representing Yuuki sort of, so he can't let this sort of thing happen.)

Cain had said he was only passing though, so we don't know if they did intend to do anything with the girl. XD It might just have been Maria jumping to conclusions and dragging Aidou into it.

In any case, Cain makes a lot of flames and escapes with Luca without difficulties.

It makes me wonder how they would fare in a serious fight, though I'd prefer if we never find out, since it would suck to have Cain & Aidou fighting seriously. D:
But apparently, Cain's fire would be effective against Aidou's ice, it seemed to melt it.

And here's the sneak peak for next month:

Yuuki~! ♥

The teaser text is "The confrontation between Kaname and Sara... Sparks fly at Cross Academy?!"

I'd love to stay longer and ramble about the various a number of it kinky and pervy XD fic ideas and other such things that the chapter brings to my mind, or about all the various theories and potential interesting tidbits, but unfortunately I've already spent way more time in the post than I had, so I have to go. D:

I'm happy that I was able to make the post despite the lack of time though, and I hope you can enjoy it despite the messiness. (Sorry it was all jumbled, I had to rush by. T^T)
I'll be delighted to ramble on about the chapter and fangirl it with you all when I get a chance! :D

Also, sorry to everybody whose comments etc. I didn't get to reply to yet!! D:


I'll be back to happily fangirl the chapter with you all and reply to the comments whenever I can. ^-^♥ *has so much fun talking about VK with you all and fangirling together* ♥♥♥

I miss you all so much when things are rushed and hiatus-ish. T_T I miss VK itself, but the fandom in particular is so lovely (despite the extreme fans and the pairing wars etc. XD;; I mean the nice parts of fandom are so lovely!), so it feels so lonely not to have time to be talking with you all and fangirling the stuff together etc. T__T

And because whenever a new chapter comes out, tempers in the fandom flare really ferociously, and there's people who can't control themselves from bashing characters/pairings or attacking other fans for either liking a different pairing (or more than one) or even simply for whatever they perceive as a slight even when it's not, I'll continue having the comments screened for now.

That simply means that each time a comment is posted, it gets put on a waiting list before it becomes public.
That makes that all normal comments will go through and get posted (they just have to wait a bit before showing up publicly), but any comments bashing a pairing, a character, doing personal attacks or whatever, will be able to be caught rather than get posted right away and just cause fights.
In the past, there have been issues with people posting anon doing personal attacks (as if making up things to attack people's sexuality had anything to do with VK or could in any way be considered something other than trolling ^^; ) and people trying to cause trouble between fans of different pairings etc./encouraging pairing-flame wars etc., so for the time being I'll be using this LJ feature to hopefully make that things stay peaceful and people don't bait others for flame wars or anything. ^^;

Sadly there's no way to implement a simple list of keywords like homophobic slurs etc. that would automatically block basic hate comments (especially because it's trickier than that when it's against pairings or characters), so we have no choice but relying on LJ's screening/waiting-list feature, and I'll just unscreen stuff as soon as possible. ^^/ ♥

So please don't worry about that, just go ahead and talk about the chapter and fangirl at will, and all your comments will be turned public regularly whenever possible. :D (Each time I get to log in and hit the unscreen button and make them all public.)

And lastly, please support our beloved VK!! ;___; Series die if people don't support them.

Please buy the volumes and support the series, so that you can fully enjoy the complete experience of VK since Hino-sensei always adds all sorts of sexy things/more detailed screentoning/etc. etc. to the final versions of the chapters. :D
The magazine versions are always somewhat incomplete, as she adds retouches later. :D So if you buy the books, not only you'll be supporting the series, but also you'll het to see a much more beautiful and complete VK than if you just look at incomplete scans. :D ♥

The full sexiness of Zero and Kaname can only be experienced by people who support the series, since only by buying the books do you get to see it all!! 8D *lol*

Super quick next day edit as I rush by again:
I got to check the Chinese scanlation posts now, and "玖玖爱枢♀" posted the chapter as they've been doing every moth. :D
It seems they either got it the next day I got my LaLa or the same day but could post their scanlation the next day, so in any case it's still super fast as usual. Many thanks to Jinjinlin12 and everyone from their team. ^^
As usual no raws, but you can at least see the chapter pages in the Chinese scanlation, if you are interested. ^^/

Also, Senbyafanatic has translated the Chinese scanlation, so here's the link to her post also. :D

*hopes you'll enjoy the manga and have fun* ^-^/ ♥

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