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Vampire Knight volume 15 bonus chapter scanlated in English + various scans of bonus stuff ^-^♥

Surprise~!♥ I scanlated the VK bonus chapter + all the extras from volume 15 of VK, that came out the other day. \^-^// ♥ (Very early Merry Christmas? XD *lol*)


Click to see the epic hotness of this pic in large size. :D

If you remember how much I fangirled the tiny thumbnail version of this pic when it
was initially shown, you can imagine how much I loved seeing the full size. 8D~~~~~

*explodes from happiness, flies around everywhere on a pink cloud of fangirly joy*

I'm not currently scanlating the monthly chapters from LaLa, due to epic busy RL stuff/epic lack of time that made that I had to choose between having enough time to do anything fandom-related (which are the things I enjoy, such as fanart/fanfic/participating/reading/etc.) or do that, monthly chapter scanlations, though I do post VK news + summaries and translations of important points etc. every month, as well as various commentary stuff & ramblings about the chapters.

But! Like I was saying above the preview, as a surprise thingie for the fandom I scanned and scanlated etc. the bonus materials from VK vol 15, including the bonus chapter~! ^-^/ (It's a short mini-bonus-chapter but it's so amusing and cute~! X3)

The bonus chapter this time around is focused on Kaname with Kaname x Yuuki aspects (or pretty much Yuuki x Kaname rather than KanamexYuuki... XD), so if you dislike Kaname, or the pairing, or Yuuki, or anything like that, please don't be mean. ^^;
Similarly, if you enjoy that pairing, please don't be mean to people who enjoy a different pairing. Let's all live and let live rather than waste time with pointless bickering. ^^;

Focus on what you enjoy, rather than what you dislike, that way you can have fun AND also not ruin the fun of fans who might enjoy various pairings/characters/etc. :D

This blog is a peaceful zone that is 100% friendly towards all pairings, and in which all bashing is forbidden, of any characters, pairings, people, anything. ^^/
This place is for enjoying the series, not fighting or wasting time with negativity. ^^ ♥

And as always Hino-sensei provided some lovely things for both Zero and Kaname, so there is lovely fangirlable Zero moments throughout the volume, and he appears in some places of the bonuses as well, so you'll be seeing him too in this post, of course. :D<333

Not only that but as an add-on to the bonus material I also scanned some extra images in which Kaname-chama & Zerorin are particularly hot, so we can drool over them on their own... X3
I also scanned the Yuuki x Zero bite in the forest, in case anyone wants to have a scan of the pretty book version to drool at, as opposed to the more rough magazine version. :D

And the images are all pretty much in very large sizes, so if anyone feels like playing with them to make yourself a wallpaper/to color the pics/to do whatever fun stuff like that, enjoy~! ♥♥♥
I just ask that you don't go around posting it claiming it's your art (since it's Hino-sensei's art, not the art of any of us), and also if you're going to use it for something, please put a link to this post, so that other people can come and get it too. :D Links are lovely and they spread the love. ♥

I'm totally fine with people using my scans for all sorts of lovely fanstuff, but please put a link back to this blog if you do. ^^;
It takes money and time etc. to buy LaLa, scan, clean etc. etc., so it's only fair to have a little link back to where it comes from, especially since a link to the post is really no effort at all to paste. ^^
It also helps by making so that other people get access to the scans as well, through giving them the link. :D

And so without further ado, let's move onto the bonuses & the ramblings about them... X3 ♥

So, we've already seen the gorgeous Zero & Kaname destiny lovers pic XD above, I just MUST also mention that 1) It really did say fateful love on that pic in the advertisement version!! XD (Although they were probably mentioning their fateful love triangle with Yuuki, rather than implying that the fateful love was between Kana-chan & Zerorin, but... whatever, I'll happily take any Zero x Kaname fanservice they are willing to throw our way, hahaha~! XD;;; *is so starved for anything with the two, misses the time where they lived near enough to interact more*
2) That pic was the volume opening image, btw. :D :D :D

On the subject of Zerorin & Kana-chan interacting... 8D At least we sort of have a vague little bit of that in this volume. (Well... not quite interacting, but... They are in the same place and somewhat acknowledge each other's existence, w00T!! 8D *seriously starved for Z&K anything*

I was buried in deadlines until yesterday, now that there's some freedom for a bit, it's time for me to go gorge in delicious fanfics to make up a bit for the starvation of so little contact between Z & K in the manga. XD *lol*

Once I'm done with this post, that is~! X3

And back to the het couples, here's the huge size version of the Zero & Yuuki "guarding each other's backs" cover. :D

You probably remember my gushing about it in the previous post, but it's even prettier up close in the actual book cover rather than in a thumbnail. :D

Click to see the pic in large size.

That pic can be enjoyed in two different ways... It's lovely as a normal pic for all of us who like them as Zero & Yuuki or as Zero x Yuuki, and... it's also totally lovely for all of us who are into Zero x Kaname who enjoy the fact the current pureblood Yuuki very much IS a female Kaname, hahaha~! XD I love how they're so utterly similar in poses, looks and even so much of the way they are. X3 (It may not be as obvious because Yuuki is not yet quite as composed or as graceful at times, while Kaname is as elegant as it's possible, but it's there, and the resemblance is uncanny. X3 *is always so amused, adores that it's so easy to let the mind wander and imagine that it's Zero x Kaname... 8D)

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the pic for the Zero x Yuuki of it of course, but it's the same as when I look at the Kaname x Yuuki scenes (which I also love for the KxY aspect of course ♥) and imagine how they would be if it was Zero there with Kaname instead of it being Yuuki... it happens with any of the het pairings, it can't be helped. XD;; I always enjoy any of the pairing scenes in VK both as the pairing depicted and also as how it might have been if it was Zero x Kaname... XD XD; *loves the het pairings, but adores yaoi so much, especially lovely Zero x Kaname* X333 ♥♥♥

And speaking of images that are also even prettier in the book/up close than in the small versions we've seen before, the cover balanced the fact it had Zero x Yuuki in the front, by having a cover obi + inner flap with Kaname x Yuuki and a back cover with Kaname in his wistful dreamy blue-bird-nest-protector image from the VK virtual clock. :D (You can find the link to download the VK PC clock in one of my previous posts if you want, just scroll down my front page, it was somewhat recent and should be visible on the front page still, as of now. :D
Edit: Actually, here it is, so you won't have to search. ^^/)

So here they are~! ♥♥♥

Click to see the pic in large size.

The lovely back inner flap of volume 15. :D

Click to see the pic in large size.

And the same image, but in a larger version where you can see a bit more of it, was also in the obi
(that little belt with advertisement that they have around books), so I scanned that also. :D

Click to see the pic in large size.

I have difficulty imagining it would be possible to look at the pic above, with Kaname laying down like that, with his silky hair all in disarray, his expression so unguarded and innocent, his shirt partially open, his lips parted like that, and be able to resist the urge to do something naughty to him... in fact... *EXPLODES INTO A CLOUD OF SMOKE AND TURNS INTO TENTACLE MONSTER* 8DDD~~~ KANA-CHAN, SORRY, YOU'RE IRRESISTIBLE~~~! *MOLESTS*

The Zero version of that pic is gorgeous too, but he looks more seme-like, so it gives me the urge to put him on Kaname instead (wait, every pic of Zero gives me the urge to put him on Kaname, so that's a bad explanation, hahaha~! XD)
But basically, the Zero pic makes you wish Zero would look at you while being hot like that, being all seme and deliciously -makes-you-melt-with-his-gaze, while this pic of Kaname looks uke and thus...erm, rapeable? XD *is shot*

If there are any somewhat innocent readers around, uhm, disclaimer: real life is luckily not as bizarre as the odd world that is mentioned when I'm describing yaoi ideas about the characters. XD;;;
Although it should be fine since VK is already targeted for teens and up anyway, so it's not as if anyone truly innocent would come here and get horribly shocked by such comments. XD *lol* It's not as if I was making such jokes and comments about a series for kids, so the readers are already older anyway. ^^

And here's the version with the three, which I took from screencapping my VK clock. :D
(Not bigger because they are already tiny in the clock. ^^;)

So you can drool again at the combined trio hotness. X3

Back to the topic, before I veer off into a tangent about Zero x Kaname + Bloody Rose tentacles or something. 8D

Although the hotness of the following pic is not going to help resisting the urges to make fangirly pervy comments, haha~ XD

Especially with Zero looking so hot~! 8D~~~ It's very much a tragedy all in itself that Jinmu (the scowly guy) had to cover Zero's crotch XD;;; *one-track mind when it comes to Kaname and Zero* XD;; err, part of Zero. XD XD *lol*

Click to see the pic in large size.

But at least it's hotness with Yuuki in bondage 8D, so it's not quite as out-of-control "OMG PORN NAO"-inducing as if there were any Zero x Kaname potential yaoi mind images involved. XD *resist urge to make pervy jokes*

Also because I found that part of the story was so worrisome initially (luckily nothing happened to Yuuki, but it was so surprising that all of this happened). To see Kaien arrest Yuuki, and to see her go into the HQ like that... D: I had hardcore hoped that Zero would intervene (and hot fanservice with Zero rescuing her from the other hunters would ensue XD), but sadly we didn't get anything like that. D: (But at least there's academy fanservice with the recent chapters. 8D they only need to somehow make Kaname attend the academy again too and we can have a perfect trio sandwich hopefully. T^T *misses them together in the same place so much*)

The one EPIC thing from Yuuki's arrest though, is the knowledge that there are hunter restraints powerful enough to render a pureblood helpless!! (Since that was the premise of it being safe to take her into the HQ, and since we saw that the shackles did work since it made it possible for her to walk through the doors without it triggering the anti-vampire charms that should have made it impossible for her to get in otherwise.

In other words, there's IMMENSE POTENTIAL for fanfiction in those restraints/shackles, etc. 8D (Whether serious or PWP... whether angsty or kinky & happy...)
I'm looking at you, delicious Zero x Kaname bondage... 8D 8D *LOL*
Maybe we could have it be that Kaname was okay with it thinking Zero was going to use normal restraints and it would just be some random bondagey fun, but then it turns out the restraints are the real deal and block out his powers also, so he's a bit out of his comfort zone, (although it's still consensual, it's just... extra kinky. 8D), and so Zero gets to discover amazing things about Kaname's masochist side that he didn't usually get to see, as the night goes by and so on... 8D~~~

...*cough* what was I saying, about going back to topic... XD;; (See the power of fangirlable VK mind images? They sneak into the most innocent thing. If one can call pureblood-restraining-shackles as innocent and non-kinky. XD;; )

A thing I love with VK (and many manga in general), is that instead of having empty white pages when there's a page between the opening and the chapter, they have lovely moeable piccies instead. :D

Like this one. *_*<3

Click to see the pic in large size.

I think this pic was a "next month teaser" pic while I was offline from fandom for a while, because I don't remember scanning it prior to the release of volume 15.
It looked initially like the original was a much bigger size and so the slightly soft/faded appearance might be because when they reduced it to put it in the book, it made the lines and the screentone dots so much thinner/smaller, but upon closer inspection, it seems as if Hino-sensei might also have used a soft white tone over parts of Zero to give it the look that he's fading or something, if you look at his hair and parts of his uniform in particular. (It may look like it's poor scanning, but nope, it's like that in the book too. XD)

So the pic has an extra soft and angsty feel to it, with his expression and that effect over his hair etc. ^^

Also, if you look at the spot between Zero and Yuuki, you'll notice that his arm is extended and you can see his hand almost on Yuuki. At first I got all ":DDDDDDDD He's reaching for her!!!" until I realized you can see a part of Bloody Rose too... ^^; (You can see better if you click to see the full-size... it's the very back of the slide of the gun, but it's noticeably there, in his hand, almost hard to see because of Yuuki's hair.)
But being the epic angsty-story fangirl I am, that didn't interrupt the moe fit, it just mooved from "aww, he's reaching for her" to "awww, he's making an epic angsty face while clinging to his denial/being tsundere about it all"... XD;; *endlessly fangirls anything that shows up with all her favorite pairings, can't help it*

While I do hope that eventually Zero will drop the denial and stop with the gun-pointing thing, I do enjoy the angst a lot. XD *is the type to love angsty long as the angst is the middle of the story part, and the ending is happy* XD;

Let's not go into the depressing subject that a Zero x Kaname happy ending for VK is pretty much impossible (so I'll never get to see my favorite pairing in canon anyway... ^^;), and a happy ending for all three of the main cast (which would be the ideal ending for me X3) is...unlikely. XD; But not quite impossible! :D Hope dies last anyway. XD *clings to hope that somehow both Kaname and Zero could have a happy end, either by sharing Yuuki or somehow* ♥♥♥

And, before I go off-topic again... ^^ Here's the first of the comical little bonuses in the volume!!

This comes just after the chapter where Kaien arrested Yuuki and took her to the HQ. He was also angsting in the chapter itself, and more openly talking about his worries about whether she hates him now because of all that happened and so on. ^^ (Although of course, the bonus version is even more epic than the version in the chapter. XD)

I put little notes explaining in which part of the story the bonus are placed (since they are between chapters in the book) and other such relevant info as usual. ^^/

Click to see the page in larger size.

On the page next to that bonus, there was the opening page for chapter 70, which was this lovely image of Yuuki looking angstily at Kaname's empty chair. T^T It was so pretty and so appealing to the fan of angsty love stories in me XD that I had to save that one too, since I scanned the whole thing to scanlate the bonus above.

So here it is, if you feel like coloring it or making yourself a wallpaper or anything. :D It's a simple image so removing the title etc. wouldn't be too hard if people feel like it.

Click to see the page in large size.

And next, another bonus page/image, and it's one that had me laughing so much because it's such a terribly hilarious truth. XD

Click to see the pic in large size.

Of course, that tragic truth about Juri and Sara sharing a similar strain of sadism may be related to Hino-sensei being like that perhaps? XD *lol*

She said in an interview before that she was a mix of mostly the main trio + some elements of Ichiru, Ichiou (!!! 8D what an explosive mixture!!), and also Juri and the chairman. So we can wonder what parts of them did she mean, and if she is like this at all in real life! XD *lol*
She seems way too shy to pull the stunts that Juri or the chairman pull, but well, perhaps some aspects of the personality. XD It's almost scary to imagine the mix, especially with elements of Ichiou etc. also, haha~ XD *misses him, likes his character despite the terrible things he did* XD; He was so interesting!

Sara may be such an epic potential villain for interesting situations (one of the awesome things with VK is that the characters are never one-dimensional and neither '100% goody all-around' or 'nasty baddies', everybody in that series has the potential to do good or bad depending on their actions, even the good guys) but... so could be Juri, depending how you look at it. XD

Characters like that can be very interesting because even though Juri has good intentions, her actions had the power to cause terrible consequences to the people she was supposed to love. Well, certainly not when she would just tease the kids in comical things like the bonus above, but things like the decision to make Yuuki human instead of staying around to protect her too, was a huge risk. Throwing Kaname to the wolves/council when he was still a child is another thing too. ^^;

I'm not badmouthing Juri or anything, btw. That's not my style, obviously. XD
I'm just saying that if it was me and they were my children, I'd have gotten down from that balcony and done something to Rido that would deeply ensure he would never get the urge to harm my kids again. XD; Possibly tentacle-monster-style. XD XD *lol* *is shot*
I'd not have wanted to impose my choice of life on my daughter either, nor have put the children in such danger by leaving them so alone in such a dangerous world... with the eay they were left, if the council had decide to strike sooner, who knows, they might have gotten to Yuuki before Kaname could react, possibly even before Zero lived there. ^^;

Haruka and Juri together might have made enough of a difference that they could have stopped Rido then and there the night he came wit the council's vampires and attacked the house. It would have prevented all the danger that both of the kids went through, and all the 10 years of Kaname having to be in the council's hand to avoid them attacking the school. Not to mention that it was also only thanks to the fact Zero fought Rido and Kaname attacked the council, that the school didn't get destroyed right then, with both the Night Class dying all the human students and all too. ^^;

(And about Yuuki and her upbringing, considering how Yuuki is and already was then, she would probably have grown into a kind person who wants coexistence and all no matter where she would have grown up anyway. :D Even if she had not been hidden sealed as a human anyway. *has various fic urges about the AU possibility of them having all stayed in the Kuran manor (and uhm, somehow avoided Rido's attack XD;), and then later had somehow adopted Zero in as well when he lost his family, so that the trio lived together and became friends somehow since early* ^^♥
I'd love to write the fic but I'm lacking time to write the various fic urges I have... ^^; So if you feel like giving a try, please go for it, I'd love to read it~! :D<3 Just put a note saying the idea came from me, and you can totally write it if you'd like~! :D And please give me a link so I can read it too~! ♥ )

And onto a deliciously moe image... 83 I couldn't resist this gorgeous pic of Zero~!<33333

Even though it's from one of the chapters and not an added new thing in this volume, I had to post it too. 3 It's such a hot pic. ♥
If you don't like Zero, please just scroll through, but if you like him too and/or want the pic to color it or anything else, please enjoy the scan~! And like I said earlier in the post, please don't claim it as your art since it's Hino-sensei's, and please make sure to put a link to this post if you repost the pic somewhere. :D

Click to see the pic in large size.

His eyes are so amazing in this pic. X3 *melts at his sexy & contemplative angsty gaze* It's to die for~!!♥♥♥

If you're saving the pics, you might notice that the titles I gave to the files are very spot on. *LOL* XD Especially this one and the Kaname one, at least.

I'm SO dying to finally do a decent Zero cosplay sometime. Lack of time and various circumstances have prevented it so far (I cosplayed him before, a looong time ago. You might have seen pics in one of my older posts here, but it was quick and messy cosplay just to test my Zero wig... so I did it with what I was wearing that day... a black lacy dress. XD;;;; It was cross-dresser Zero, or perhaps Zeroko. Which makes it... Ichiru??? XD XD *lol*)

So I got myself a sort of Bloody Rose (sort of because it looks like the BR but lacks the markings, which I want to get done properly one day or something), and have been intending to get the uniform next.

I was finally going to buy a male Day Class outfit, but then I found out I could get a really nice price for the girl version and ended up with a Day Class Yuuki cosplay instead. XD;; Then, the next time it happened almost the same way, and I ended up with a Night Class Yuuki cosplay. XD;;;

But next time, for sure!! ^^;; (Until then, I could cosplay Zeroko or perhaps trenchcoat!Zero I guess. 8D)

You should see me shopping for clothes, it's hilarious. XD; Because even though I usually (for the most part at least XD) dress in a delicate and feminine fashion and shop for clothes in the usual girly stores, quite a bit of my clothes shopping is done based on what VK characters would wear too. XD;;; I inevitably chose some of the stuff based on their cosplay potential or what-this-or-that-character-might-wear-in-a-fanart type of fashion. XD;

And I sometimes make comments about it while shopping. XD Usually the 'normal' shop assistant girls stare at you like you grew a second if not even a third head, if you tell them "I'm totally getting this belt for a cosplay outfit. :D" XD;;

That and the inevitable "OMG, it says 'Zero' in the brand of that skirt, I'm getting it!!" and others "This shirt!! It's TOTALLY something Kaname would wear, I'm getting it!!", and so on. XD; People who know me just say "Oh, I can tell why you got this [shirt/whatever else]" XD XD

I don't usually shop any expensive brands anyway, so it's not like it's something that costs much at all, especially considering I don't normally spend much money on non-fandom items etc. in general. ^^ *has no interest in expensive brand handbags or fancy electronics and any other such items, so can get herself fun fandom stuff like that instead* ^^

I got a lovely lavender colored shirt that looks similar to one we saw Zero wear in one of the chapter cover pics, but the thing has been cruelly unraveling crazily even though I didn't get any chances to cosplay with it yet. ;_; It seems to be defective, but it was the last one, so I don't want to return it.

Oh, and I jumped with joy recently, because I found a bullet necklace JUST like the one Zero has! 8D *has been happily wearing that + a pocketwatch that has a chain that can be lopped through coat-button-holes in order to look a bit like the little chains in Kaname's trenchcoat also* 8D<333

I don't get any of those things for necessarily cosplaying in them (well, obviously except for the actual academy uniforms etc. XD) but it's just fun... I have a coat that's just like one Takuma has, for example, and even just wearing in normal daylife items that look like those the characters wear, is fun. :D It's like taking a tiny bit of that character with you anywhere you go. X3

When I get shoes I also tend to get ones that look similar or in the same style of the cute high-heels Yuuki was wearing at the manor, since I love that style already before VK. (Perhaps that's the kind of heels Kaname would wear as a girl too, since it was his taste of shoes. XD XD *lol*)
I have one that is a wine-color-almost-red with a rose on the side of the ankle strap, that is lovely. :D

And I got my husband shoes just like the ones the Cross Academy uniforms have. XD;;;; (He likes them, and I enjoy the look, so it's all win-win. XD *lol*
Good thing he is not one of the people who dislike otaku tendencies... then again, he is like me too, just with different series, so it's inevitable he wouldn't mind that, hahaha~ XD We give each other otaku-related stuff for Christmas etc. XD XD)

It helps that VK characters have a lovely style sense and dress so beautifully. 83 It makes you want to wear similar clothes, instead of making you go "erm, I don't think I'd wear something like this in real life". XD (I must also confess that my personal style of clothing likes etc. was already extremely similar to the VK fashion style long before the series came around, so... XD XD *could reuse items she already owned for that potential 'mini-almost-cosplay' vibe* XD)

If I was into a series were they wear strange things I would not be necessarily going outside dressed like that. XD *lol* Although maybe, depending where I'm going. XD
I'm also hugely into Saint Seiya (have been so for years, even since I was a kid X3), and never went outside wearing an armor, for example, hahaha~! XD (Err, though I probably would for conventions, if I ever made or bought a good cosplay for it. XD;)

I did however use to wear kimono a lot when I was younger, but that's just because I have always loved kimono... Though it may or may not also have been enhanced a bit by my deep love of Rurouni Kenshin for years. XD (*looking forward to the new stuff to be released of Ruroken* *_*)

But kimono is perfect since you have the ultimate excuse of it being cultural and traditional wear, and you never have to explain to anyone that "huh, they wear this stuff in this manga I like" or anything like that, which might happen with some clothing from other series, like if you go outside in Cross Academy uniform. XD
Then again, there's nothing wrong with going outside in whatever you feel like. :D ♥ *is a great believer of wearing whatever you enjoy and creating your own fashion of sorts if you feel like it* :D If you enjoy it, and it's not harming anyone, there's nothing wrong with wearing what you like.
I've occasionally designed my own clothing for fun, when I felt like having a particular piece and couldn't find exactly what I had in mind in stores. But this was when I was younger and had enough time for that...*has the ideas for designing pieces and all, but sews so slowly, and not too well* XD;;;

And while I work hard and can pay for my VK collecting and other hobbies and life stuff, there's no way I'd hire someone to regularly make clothes I design, that would be way out of budget/far too expensive. ^^;

Something I don't usually mention since it's not VK related, but since my VK-clothing rambling lead me here, I'm an avid kimono collector, attended occasional kimono-dressing-classes and used to wear kimono every so often, especially for New Year etc., but also at random times throughout the year. My collection was picked up over the years bit by bit so it wasn't a big expense or anything, but it's a very enjoyable hobby. :D

But kimono takes time to put on, and even more time to clean/care for/etc., so with the current lack of time, my poor collection has been sitting in boxes for a while. :X

Maybe I could cosplay Shizuka sometime. XD Or a sexy Ichiru wearing kimono, that might work too, since he could maybe have worn one to match Shizuka's fashion preferences. :3 *has wanted to draw a fanart of them that way*

If I ever get a decent wig for Shizuka... otherwise, uhm, short-haired Ichiru with my Zero wig perhaps. XD;

But back to topic... ^^ And a quick comment about something in volume 15/in the chapter following the pic above!

I was amazed that we got to see Yori's father finally!! And he's a congressman and clearly a big-shot in human society and in the affairs between humans and vampires. ^^

We knew that her family had a back-story already created since they had been mentioned by Hino-sensei in the fanbook, including the fact that the family is very old/rich/famous and Yori is already engaged (it's an arranged marriage and she hasn't even met her fiance yet nor knows his name-- which makes me wonder if there will be any epic revelations about it being someone we already know *has fic urges in which it's Zero and there's angst because Yori and Zero are rivals for Yuuki's love and don't want to be with each other* XD *is shot*), but we didn't know if or when Hino-sensei would ever actually show them, if ever. So it was epic to actually see her dad show up in the manga. :D

It had been mentioned before that many of the rich and powerful humans had interest in and a close relationship with the Hunter Association and power over the Academy, unsurprisingly, since inevitably they would know about the existence of vampires etc.

It also makes us wonder, it can't be a coincidence that Yuuki and Yori were placed in the same room when they went to live in the dorm at the beginning of High-school. Was this arranged by the chairman and Yori's dad? Most likely, just how Ichiou had Takuma attend the Academy with Kaname and he was going to have a large room like him even though Takuma isn't a pureblood. The other students shared half-rooms instead, in a more dorm-like method. (Takuma ended up pulling Shiki under his wing and so they shared a room since Shiki enrolled late and had no one to room with him, but originally it was going to be that Takuma had a room all for himself like Kaname. Takuma's room is still way bigger than the other students' rooms. Most of this according to tidbits of info Hino-sensei gave for drama CD profiles, some as per the fanbook maps.)

We can wonder, was it always the intention for Yuuki and her to become close friends, possibly for the same reason that parents from noble vampire families would try to get their children to be close to Kaname since his childhood? (Which was why so many sent their kids to Cross academy to be near a pureblood, hence becoming close to him and benefiting from his position and close alliance with him when they would grow old etc.)

It's probably for the best of both sides that they did things like that, but... it's a bit "uhm? D:"
But well, if it's for the best of both sides at least, that's would be good, hopefully. ^^; I just hope there's no nefarious anything related, since we don't know if Yori's father is a good guy or what. ^^; If you remember, various times before in the manga, there were mentions of humans in positions of power wanting vampire blood, and even of a black-market where captured purebloods would be sold to high-paying bidders. D: (*cough*Cue a bazillon yaoi fic ideas here. 8D With Kaname as the captured victim and Zero rescuing him. Okane ga nai style or not, up to the perv level of whoever is having the mind image. XD;;;;)

I can't help but have a ton of fic urges involving Yori's dad's position as a congressman etc., and depending on the mood of the moment it's having a good outcome for the relationship between humans and vampires, but in other moments it's dramatic plot ideas in which it turns out he's one of those people interested in taking advantage of the vampires etc. XD

After all, he did mention that the previous night class had been very beneficial/useful... 8D One can think optimistical and hope that he probably meant it in a purely uhm, "relations between our races/research/etc." manner but... the possibility is there!! XD
*has a fic idea in which Night Class students have to submit blood samples every so often, and it turns out that some of the ones with the best blood occasionally disappear, then show up some days later with no memories of what happened, since hunters were involved in the capture. Insert here some plot device about Kaname getting pulled into it somehow and Zero going after him to rescue him. X3 Inevitable yaoi somehow ensues. XD;;; My mind is like a swamp filled with VK plot bunnies. XD;;)

It's tricky because even though the ideals behind the academy are good, anyone involved with it inevitably have to balance it all to stay in the good graces of humans in a position of power, and who already don't view vampires with a good eye. It's very clear where the balance of power lays within the VK world, if you remember the saying "It's not a crime/sin to kill a vampire". And the fact it's been mentioned before that even if humans cause a vampire's death, there are no consequences. The law only punishes vampires who harm humans, but not the other way around. (Vampires will go after someone who kills a pureblood, but that's a survival of the species thing.) So the humans are the ones in a position of power, especially since they have the hunters as a potential weapon against any vampires rebelling against such a status-quo. But as long as vampires remain 'useful' to the humans in power, an extermination en masse is highly unlikely.

So there's some very interesting dynamics there for dramatic or angsty fic situations. It's elements like that of VK that made me create the AU world in my fic "Cradle of Blood", which is horribly dark, but based on all the dark elements we already see in VK, along with other elements from the real world, such as political propaganda, segregation based on racial discrimination and other things that create such potential for tragic or dramatic plots.

VK is a manga about vampires, but a lot of the background aspects of it are very interesting and realistic, not to mention deep also as a commentary of the good and bad sides of the human nature and of society in general, which is also something I tried to put in the fic. (Aside from the yaoi, of course. XD)

But away from the serious stuff and back to the lovely piccies~<3

And now, for some delicious Kaname-chama~! :D

This is from one of the chapters during the time when I was away, and I'm not sure if that image was already in the chapter then, or if it was added for the book, but it was a full page of Kaname looking both lovely and angsty, so... it was inevitably so moerrific. X3 ♥♥♥

Click to see the pic in large size.

Note the way he is gripping the trenchcoat so tightly. 8D~~~ Hino-sensei has drawn it like that before too, where Kaname is in his shirt and pants hugging his trenchcoat as it slips down falling off him. (It was in a chapter cover before, either 60 or around there.)

In this pic too it looks like it's either slipping down or simply draped over his legs, but an interesting detail is that even though he is showing a perfect appearance of calm in his facial expression, as usual, always so composed, things are nowhere as calm within... just look at his hand.
Try holding a piece of fabric in your hand normally: because it's light, you don't really need much effort or grip, so your hand remains relaxed. But the way he is gripping it is so different from a normal 'hand-holding-onto-fabric' moment. And Hino-sensei is a real master at drawing hands, so this is in no way an accident.
Kaname's hand is gripped so tight on the trenchcoat that the tendons on his hand are fully visible from the knuckles all the way to the wrist almost.

Try to replicate that, and you'll see your hand has to be in a tense and hard grip for it to happen. He might be gripping that trenchcoat hard enough to either go through the fabric or at least hurt on his knee, which seems to be what he is gripping under the fabric.

It reminds me of the time Kaname hurt himself while the leftover-bit-of-Rido was harassing him at the manor until Kaname clenched his hand (that was against his face) so hard that his fingers pierced his own face and he started bleeding all over down his face.

That composed look on Kaname's face in the image above is nothing but a mask. He's under immense strain. ^^;

(Well, that's not surprising, especially when you know that even back when he was living in the same school as Yuuki, his need for her presence was so immense that in days where he didn't get to see her he would just lay down and sulk until he fell asleep from the depressing mood; this is actually mentioned in the fanbook. So you can imagine how he must be feeling now that he is walking on this path of self-destruction and trying to push her away, expecting to eventually have her turn away from him. The poor thing must be suffering and falling apart inside to a point worse than ever before. D:

Another lovely Kaname piccie:

Click to see the pic in large size.

This was in color when it was first published in LaLa. It was during the time when I was offline, so I only saw it months later when I finally had the time to go through my LaLas from the several months, and it floored me with hotness. 8D He is so beautiful that way, even though his gaze looks softly pained and somewhat haunted...

If I remember well from the color version, the caption for it when it showed up in LaLa was "The King who threw away the world he could see from the seat of his throne", alluding to the fact he could have reigned or had the whole world if he'd wanted to, but he cast away his position as a prince and his future, for the sake of what he wants to accomplish. ^^;
The fact Kaname is sitting on the ground in a somewhat dejected position, next to an elaborate throne-like-chair is also such epic imagery for this situation. X3

He really could have had everything, if he had wanted. With the power he has, and with the position he's had, he could have seized the throne and done as he pleased. Molded society to worship and follow him, had the whole world of humans and vampires at his feet done anything he might have wanted.
But those things would never be things Kaname would have wanted to do. As we saw from the flashbacks and various comments he's made over the voluimes, Kaname is skilled at diplomacy etc. but he doesn't want power nor does he enjoy being in such positions --quite the opposite, it's a burden that he dislikes and only puts up with for the sake of protecting Yuuki or other ideals.
So instead of being at the top of the world, he chose the very opposite path, becoming a pariah currently hunted by all sides. :(
He's always been prone to sacrifice himself to his ideals (if you remember, in the flashback arc we see that he intended to die to protect mankind, originally, but the Hooded Woman went and executed the plan Kaname had intended to do. Originally, Kaname was the one who was going to sacrifice himself and give the hunters the power and weapons to fight the other vampires.) Now that there's Yuuki, the bar is even higher since he would have to die not only to protect humans for that ideal in general, but even more so for a cause so much more personal and closer to his heart. And things are so much more painful for him now that he had a taste of touching happiness and having to turn away from it. T_T

I just hope he can be stopped. I doubt Hino-sensei would have had us know of all of this so long in advance if it was meant to happen, considering her tendency to make dramatic revelations at the last minute.
So in all logic it should mean that his plan will fail and so hopefully he won't get to die like that at all.
At any rate, I'm sure that there will be a lot of things happening and various things changing still in the manga. ^^ Hino-sensei has demonstrated time and time again that she is good at making dramatic surprises and changes back and forth while still keeping both branches of the triangle alive, to keeps us all on the edge of the seat and pull the fans of both sides along with the story, so there's certainly still a lot of epic stuff ahead. :D

I so hope that it might lead Kaname and Zero to have to make an alliance of sorts to fight a common enemy instead, or something like that, at some point later. :D That would be lovely~! ♥♥♥ *has been saying so long before Rido in the anime btw* XD

And onto a non-angst-related pic (for once XD), here's a lovely Yuuki, from an empty page between chapters:

Click to see the pic in large size.

And back onto more angst (XD; inevitable in VK...), although mitigated by Hino-sensei's jokes... here's another bonus page~! :D

Click to see the page in large size.

I probably should have written the explanation in the post rather than in a note so that it would be more easy to read, but uhm, too late. ^^;;; At least it's not sideways/vertical? XD;; (Click if it's hard to read. :D)

I feel bad for Kaito but it was hilarious. XD;;;

I wonder if Zero would do the same to the chairman too, if not for the fact he may feel more compelled to hold back with the chairman. Err, well, actually, he already does such things to the chairman too (XD), but it's... amazing he doesn't do more, considering some of the things the chairman has done and said over the years. XD;;; *lol* It's amazing Zero hasn't exploded at him. XD XD

It's also amazing how Hino-sensei can make such bonuses about such angsty scenes and make it funny and cute despite all the angst going through the story. XD Must be due to her ability as a sadist, haha~ XD (I don't mean that in a bad way! XD)

It's a bit like that drama CD from a while ago, in which everything was so messed up and depressing in the CD, due to the dramatic situation with the main trio (after the Rido battle), and yet... the jokes made it all hilarious even when the characters were practically a hair's thickness away from possibly exploding/losing it/killing someone/killing themselves from so much epic angst going on in the moment. XD;;;; *lol*

And yet, Hino-sensei manages to make amusing stuff even with such tragic situations. XD;;; *almost feels guilty of laughing at such moments, especially with Zerorin or Kana-chan are involved, but loves the amusing bonuses too much* XD

And another piccie of Yuuki:

Click to see the pic in large size.

Unrelated to the pic above, but this is also the volume with the EPIC chapter in which we have the Ichijou x Kaname fanservice equivalent of that scene from volume 6 in which Aidou declaring his love for Kaname. X3
Because in chapter 73, Takuma and Yuuki have a talk about Kaname, in which Takuma mentions being jealous of Yuuki's position for Kaname, and the way he talks about his jealousy is so intimate and so... well, the way he worded it made Yuuki react by commenting that he was speaking as a person would speak to the love rival they lost their loved one to!! 8D
And Yuuki goes even farther by commenting that Takuma truly loves Kaname (whether she meant it as deep friendship or what is... 8DDD), and Takuma gets embarrassed and tells Yuuki not to joke about it (because it was worded back at him sounding like Yuuki was indeed saying that Takuma loves Kaname romantically...! XD)

And then they get interrupted by Sara spying with her spiders and then getting a fit of jealousy and slapping Takuma after he asks her if she got jealous because he was talking about his worries for Kaname.
(Sara x Takuma x Kaname, the other love triangle in VK!! XD XD *LOL*
Although one can wonder if Sara is interested in Takuma just because she can't get Kaname or what... If she could tie Kaname up in a basement, there's no doubt she would. *cough But then again, so would many of us, no? XD *is shot* Well, maybe not tie in a basement, but surely many of us would be delighted if we could have a harem of Kanames & Zeros like Sara has all her harem of girls in love with her etc. XD XD)

So you can imagine that for someone like me, who already normally enjoys the idea of Takuma x Kaname, this was an AMAZING SCENE. 8D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *has SO MANY fanart & fanfic urges just thinking about it!!*

And onto more moe from chapter 73... 8D~~~

This page isn't anything new nor an add-on just for the volume, but I just HAD to go and scan this page too. It's so gorgeous~!<3
And I'm sure that there's other people too who would like it also, whether just to have it or to color it for fun etc. :D

It's the scene when Yuuki bites Zero in the forest~! ♥♥♥

Click to see the pic in large size.

Like with the other pages, I just ask that you please make sure to put a link to this post or to my LJ in general, if you repost the pic somewhere or if you feel like coloring it or anything. :D
And of course, I also ask that you don't claim that Hino-sensei's art is yours. (You'd be amazed by how many people post manga pics on their DA or put copyright watermarks with their own name and other such claims of it being their art even though it's from a manga... ^^;)

And as the last thingie at the end of the volume, here's the bonus mini-chapter. :D

It had been advertised in LaLa last month, so you must have seen it mentioned in my post about the chapter last time. :D
They had only mentioned it without saying the length then, and it turns out it's a short one as I suspected it might be, but it's amusing and utterly moeable as usualy. X3 ♥♥♥

It's Kaname-centered and focused on Kaname's feelings for Yuuki, but Zero appears too, so hopefully it can be enjoyed by fans of both too. :D♥

The frame in which Sara is all "fading" with white gaps is really a white screentone used by Hino-sensei for an effect, and not a scan problem. Just in case you might think that. XD

Click to see the page in a larger size.

Something particular about this bonus chapter (and about the other bonuses above, as you probably noticed from the previous images), is that there are no text bubbles, the text just floats.
Hino-sensei has done this before for bonus images like above, but usually chapters tend to have bubbles (not for thoughts, but when they are speaking). It's not the case for this bonus chapter, much or the spoken text is just floating near the characters.
But the closeness to who is speaking and the context should hopefully make that you can't mistake who is speaking. The flashback parts when Takuma is speaking have bubbles though...

Click to see the page in a larger size.

When he makes that depressed face at the bottom of the page...GYAH~ XD;;; He's just so cute!! It makes you want to fluff his hair, or I don't know, something. XD
He's irresistibly adorable!! *just want to throw him down onto a bed and shove Zero on top of him* XD;;; (I can't resist. XD *lol* You can always imagine throwing Yuuki on top of him instead, that works also, and the reactions of either of them would be adorable and so amusing too. X3)

Click to see the page in a larger size.

The joke is all focused on the fact that normally, in conventional manga storytelling, a 'cool & serious' character like Kaname, who is supposed to be perfect and aloof etc., would NOT normally be the type to have situations like that. XD It's a bit of a break of character, for this type of character. But Hino-sensei frequently introduces humor into the series by showing that contrary to the stereotype one would expect from a character like that, Kaname is different in that he completely loses it whenever it comes to Yuuki, being gaga for her enough that he would draw such a thing on his notebook...

Kaname even actually draws in a somewhat similar style as Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka does. XD XD (The female main character of a Magical Girl series. 8D)
I can't help but wonder if it's a coincidence or an inside joke, especially since Madoka's name is also "Kaname"!! So Hino-sensei might have done that as a joke. 8D
Although for much of the series, Madoka is more like Yuuki and Homura is more like Kaname. XD XD *lol* But still, Madoka's family name is Kaname. (The main characters in that series all have first names as family names, instead of more usual last names.))

In any case, that sort of drawing is what one would normally see from a stereotypical schoolgirl in love. So a male pureblood drawing it makes it pariticularly comical... and also so cute in how much Kaname is so into Yuuki that it seems like the world ends for him when she does something as minor as changing hairstyles. XD

Also, that dog is most likely Zero!! Which means... Kaname drew Zero! 8D (It doesn't matter how he was drawn, or that he is in the pic as Yuuki's guard, I'm still happy that Kaname drew him anyway, haha~ XD;;; X3<333 *Zero x Kaname fangirl will happily take any form of interaction between them, indirect or not, of any type* XD XD;;; Even if they glared at each other only, it would be better than the current total lack of interaction in the manga. T^T)

Click to see the page in a larger size.

I tried to convey their ways of speaking in general, although in some of the lines in the bonus Sara in particular was speaking in a way that while clear enough in Japanese and succint for the comical effect, it would however have made no sense at all in a simple word-by-word in English. (Like "mine higher *holds pic*" to say that "it goes without saying that my art skills are better". So I tried to convey what they were saying in an understandable way that matches their usual way of speaking.^^ )

Poor Day Class boy. XD *rotfl* But, uhm, there's enough complications with it being a love triangle, if Yuuki were to somehow end up being with this boy and both Z & K were to end up miserable, it would be horrible, so... XD Sorry adorable boy but uhm, better luck next time? XD; Maybe you could have a lovely couple with Nadeshiko Shindou, the girl with glasses who is in love with Zero. XD

Btw, Sara draws in a style similar to the painter Klimt, sort of... Maybe. XD

Click to see the page in a larger size.

And because I MUST, ABSOLUTELY MUST, comment on the fact that Zero and Kaname are for once present in the same spot and page again (even if it's because it's a flashback...)... XD YAY~!!!

I laughed SO MUCH at the fact that Zero was Kaname's accomplice in this, covering Yuuki's eyes so that she wouldn't see what Kaname is doing.
He was even kind to keep her eyes covered even as Takuma forcefully dragged Kaname away!! XD *LOL* So it wasn't only to prevent Yuuki from seeing the Day Class boy (in that, Kaname and Zero had a common cause of getting rid of him/scaring him away, haha XD), but Zero could simply have let go and let Yuuki see Kaname looking bad by losing control and by getting dragged around, but he didn't uncover her eyes. X3 So.. Zero protected Kaname's image. 8D~~~ *LOL* XDD *is so amused by this, and can't help having a little happy fangirly party over the fact Z & K acted together/towards a common cause, with Zero in a way protecting Kaname, even if just his image/reputation in Yuuki's eyes. X3 *melts happily into a puddle, flies around everywhere as a happy puddle on top of a cloud of yaoi moe* XD;;;

It's extra hilarious that Hino-sensei drew such an amusing and innocent chapter right in the middle of so much angst in the series currently, and right as we've just had a chapter in the magazine that's all full of ominous hints of whatever Sara might be claiming to know in order to manipulate Zero and Yuuki by telling them that Kaname has terrible secrets or whatever. XD
If the supposed secrets that she told Zero were the stuff Takuma told her in this chapter, I would probably die of laughter after seeing Zero's reaction. XD XD

Although considering that it's in Sara's best advantage to make Zero & Yuuki think she has epic intel and string them along with tales about Kaname (like she did when she claimed to Kaien & to Yuuki that Kaname killed Ouri), there's no knowing what she could tell them and whether there would even be any truth at all in it or not. ^^
Especially considering she could make Takuma say untrue things also using her control over him (since she seems to have increased it more and more over time), so she has a very powerful way to pass info to Yuuki & Zero, true or not, if she decides to. D:

Onto less serious matters, I hope you have enjoyed the lovely comical bonuses~! :D
If you feel like making any colorings of the pics, or writing any fics or anything based on any of that, please send me a link? :D :D I'd LOVE to read it! ♥♥♥ X3

And a quick thingie: Because this fandom has really ferocious pairing wars and character-hatred trolling comments that ruin the enjoyment for other fans, and since there's people who can't control themselves from bashing characters/pairings or attacking other fans for either liking a different pairing (or more than one) or even simply for whatever they perceive as a slight even when it's not, I'll have the comments screened for now.
I've been leaving them screened in the monthly chapter posts and things have been more peaceful than usual, so for now it will stay that way. ^^;

That simply means that each time a comment is posted, it gets put on a waiting list before it becomes public.
That makes that all normal comments will go through and get posted (they simply have to wait a little bit before showing up publicly), but any comments bashing a pairing, a character, doing personal attacks or whatever, will be able to be caught rather than get posted right away and just cause fights.

It gets put on hold using LJ's screening/waiting-list feature, and then I just unscreen each comment as soon as possible whenever I log in. ^^/ ♥


So please don't worry about that, just go ahead and enjoy the bonuses and talk about them/fangirl as much as you want, and all your comments will be turned public regularly whenever possible. :D (Each time I get to log in and hit the unscreen button and make them all public.)

I'll be back to fangirl the thingies with you all whenever I have a moment, so I look forward to all our usual fangirling and having fun together. :D

Plus there's still time since I just finished a deadline (and then rushed to scan and scanlate this all as soon as I was done :D), so hopefully I might be able to draw a bit and/or write ficstuff (FINALLY ^^;;;;; *eyes super late fic updates*) before I get swallowed away by work again. ^^;

What do you have planned for Christmas, or for the Holidays in general if you are not into Christmas? :D ♥♥♥

I have tons of lovely VK thingies I'd like to do (as you may already know, I'm an uber-festive person who likes to do fanart on every single holiday or seasonal thing I possibly can, like the VK Halloween adoptable chibies I released, etc. :D
And I absolutely LOVE the Christmas season, so every year I have such urges to release special fun items, as gifts of sort for the fandom in general ♥♥♥), but I'm not sure yet if I'll have the time to do all I have in mind. ^^;

Do you have any Christmas-themed fics or fanarts planned? :D If so, please send me links!! I want to enjoy them too~! XD<3
Or even just any holidays plans involving VK somehow? :D (Christmas cake... 8D With Vk character stuff on it...? XD XD *lol* Hey, it's possible!!)

Or even just your plans of whatever VK stuff you might get or give as gifts? X3

My husband and I tend to do little wishlists for each other so we each know what the other would like us to get for them (it's just as a guide we pile up throughout the year, so that we each know what the other like or would have wanted), and my list is just a VK-explosion all along, this year again. 8D;;

It's not necessarily expensive gifts or anything like that at all, but even just little things from the series we love are always so enjoyable. X3

I'd love to know about your own Christmas or Holidays VK-related plans, be them fanfics/fanarts or gifts you might be planning to give or hoping to get. :D It's always fun~! ♥

I hope you enjoy the lovely scans, and hopefully I'll have time to post more thingies before Christmas. :D *wanted to finish various fanstuff thingies but is still having annoying PC problems, which slows everything down* ^^;

But at worst even if I epically lack time for anything else I'll at least do a Christmas VK fanart or something. ^^

And at best, hopefully I'll have time to finish the new dress-up chibies fangame with Zero & Kaname. :D Possibly even more stuff, hopefully~!<333

So stay tuned, and see you around~! X3

♥ ♥ ♥

And please make sure to support VK and buy the books, please~! :D♥

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