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Happy Vampire Knight Halloween~!

I thought I might not have enough time to finish drawing this on time for Halloween, but a couple of days ago I ended up having a bit more time and got to finish it then. :D

♥ VK chibies dance for you wishing you a lovely and fun Halloween~ :D ♥

Their costumes are not so recognizable. ^^;

Zero is dressed as a mummy (who wore shorts to conceal the, erm, 'strategic areas' XD XD, and a trenchcoat because it was cold), Yuuki is a fairy queen (with the detailed butterfly wings I drew a while ago, if you remember them XD), and Kaname is in “traditional vampire”-ish costume… X3 Not much of a costume for him, but I wanted to give him something vampire-ish and more ‘old times’ looking, with the breeches and stockings.
Hino-sensei drew them in vampire/fairy/mummy costumes before, although it was a different costume design from the ones I drew.

I've also made a separate version which you can take freely and use to decorate your page or whatever you want to do with it. :D ♥

You can use them for whatever you like, if it's not bashing.
Enjoy~! :D ♥

(The only condition is that they can't be used for anything bashing related, and, of course, you can't claim you made them yourself. ^^; Please credit if you use them anywhere. ♥ )

You can also just take the individual characters if you like one better than the other or want to put them in a different order to decorate a page or anything. :D

Edit: And here's also some pairing versions.

Their dances are slightly different because their arms weren't all at the same height. XD

Zero x Kaname & switching around Z&K. ♥

Again, whether you take one, two or three, or the pairings, please don't bash any of them or use them for anything unpleasant for anyone. T_T
I make those fanarts and little animations etc. with love for the fandom and characters, they are meant to be enjoyed and used in fun activities, not in anything unpleasant or negative in any way.

A happy and positive fandom is so much more enjoyable than one where there are pairing wars and character bashing etc. T_T There's enough negativity in the world, fandom is meant for happy fun and enjoyable moments. ♥

Hopefully their cutely peaceful & innocent vibes might act also as a bit of a softening balm for any pairing wars or anything going on right now anywhere in the fandom. ^^;;;

It seems whenever a new chapter comes out, things get really heated in fandom, so on various places like DA fanart posts etc. I've been seeing more hate-comments against characters and pairings. T_T
It's particularly sad when people leave such comments on artists' pages or on fanart posts etc. on sites. Posts in which the artist wasn't even talking about a pairing but just posted a pic with them, and then people make unpleasant comments on the pairings. ^^;
(This was not on my DA page itself, but I've noticed it happening and I thought I'd mention it because I consider it so sad for the fanartists and for the fans dragged into it by being made to see the comments and having their fun diminished because of the bashing and overall unpleasantness etc.)

People fight fans of other pairings as if that would determine what pairing is 'better', something that seems so pointless. ^^;

Please don't bash any characters, pairings, or much worse, real people...yes, me included. ^^; This is my personal journal, which I want to be a place for VK enjoyment, and not a place for any pairing wars etc.

The nasty comments against a pairing or the other can be sometimes even more heated when some of the fans react to people who like both pairings. ^^;
In various cases over the years, I've been flamed by people of either side. People who dislike that I like the trio together, or people who feel that I should pick only one pairing or the other and that liking both is wrong. ^^; It's happened in posts as well as by PMs/mails etc., and it's nothing new, but it's like the pairing-hatred in this fandom never ends, and well... it's so pointless. ^^;

At least when it's by PMs etc. it's more fair since it's not bothering other fans who come by just to enjoy fanarts or whatever and who are dragged into it. ^^; But since people flaming tend to post as anon, well... ^^;

So if there's anyone into pairing wars or anything like that reading this, please understand that, as I've been explaining for quite a while now, I love both pairings and so whoever ends up being with Yuuki (if either of them even do, since we don't know if there will be a happy pairing end at all), in my opinion it's secondary and is not at all worth for people to fight over or ruin the enjoyment of other fans.
I just wish both Zero and Kaname could both end happy, but even if that's hard in canon, I'll still continue supporting and enjoying all the pairings I like. And there's always fanfction etc. also...

The one pairing I support in VK with my whole heart, is NEVER going to be the final pairing in the manga, as there's no way that the story would end in Zero x Kaname yaoi. XD (But please don't bash them either. T_T)
So as for any other pairings, I just feel that regardless of whether Yuuki ends up with one of them or with no one, I hope so much that we can have a pleasant and hopeful ending in the manga, like that lovely New Year teaser pic Hino-sensei drew. ^^;

And for the record, I never said Kaname x Yuuki was a dead pairing because of Kaname's current plans or whatever, (just how I have also never said Zero x Yuuki was dead either, back when Yuuki & Kaname were living together.)
And I doubt Hino-sensei would write off either of the pairings so soon! She just always adds more drama for each side by having the love triangle pulling back and forth.

None of us can predict the ending just yet, we can only talk about whatever are the current events each month, and hope for the best for all the characters. ^^; Whatever happens in the manga, only Hino-sensei knows how it will end, as of now.

So any current developments in the manga don't mean in any way that this or that fan theories or whatever are the ending for sure.
So many people thought ZxY was over for sure when Yuuki left with Kaname, but see, ZxY is still around too, and now so many people are claiming KxY is over, when it's really not at all the case for them either, both pairings are still possible. There's just always obstacles for all pairings, to make the story more interesting and dramatic. That's a necessity in a love triangle plot, otherwise it would be over quickly.
Hino-sensei's story has always gone back and forth to create drama for the story, it's part of the whole plot and love triangle situation. It doesn't mean either pairing is 'over' whenever some new development happens.

Please don't attack either side, regardless of what you believe pairing-wise, and regardless of who you believe will be the final pairing. If you believe in something, that's great, believe in your pairing, enjoy the pairing you like, but please don't ruin other fans' enjoyment of fandom by trying to force that opinion onto others. ^^;

Nothing that's going on in the manga right now means either pairing is finished for sure. Both are still possible.
The story still has a lot of interesting things to reveal to us, for both pairings, I'm sure. :)

So please, whichever is the pairing you like, don't lose hope, and don't flame people for liking the other pairing. ^^;
It doesn't matter which pairing you support, surely we can all coexist together in fandom and enjoy the series peacefully? It's a lot more fun that way.

I don't think whatever plea for peacefulness in this post will necessarily change things, of course, but I just feel compelled to post happy-chibi-VK characters and express that feeling of 'please enjoy fandom peacefully ;_;' when I see some things, especially in fanart pages etc., since pairing hate and such things can be so sad and unpleasant for the other fans having to read it. ^^;

The VK fandom I love is one where we can freely love and fangirl whatever pairing we want, post the fanarts/fanfics/fanworks/etc. we create about them, have fun together as a large international community, etc., and not have to worry about whether if you post a fanart people will come say nasty things of the pairing you drew.
A peaceful and enjoyable fandom, not a bashing-filled one. ^^;

That's the fandom for which I try so hard to find a moment of free time whenever I can, to draw fanarts, write fanfics and news posts when something happen with VK goodies or whatever, etc. etc. The fandom for which I posted VK news and LaLa stuff etc. for so long, for which I nowadays put so much effort into learning programming so I can make more elaborate fangames (by night, while falling over half-asleep, so often...) and all that. Because I deeply love that fandom and want to do things for it, have fun it in, enjoy stuff together with you all.

A fandom that's so fun and enjoyable and full of lovely people that it's worth doing all of this for.

Not a fandom where people bash, flame, make personal attacks about people's sexual life and etc. (Whenever I ramble about something pairing-related in my posts, there's someone to get angry, and sparks fly as anons flame etc.)

If you bash and spend your time making angry posts against other pairings or other people, stop and ask yourself: what is your contribution for fandom?
Are you creating something enjoyable, that can give pleasant moments to other people, like all the fic writers and fanart artists etc. do? Or are you posting things to try and crush whatever other pairing that's not the one you like?
I believe that fandom is a giving thing, you read/see/enjoy things in it, then you also give back by producing enjoyable things for it, if you can draw fanarts or write fanfics or other. Like posting a fanart to repay the fangirling vibe you got from seeing someone else's lovely fanart. :D ♥ Or if you write, post a fic to tell what story you came up with and give fun moments to the readers, since you also got fun moments from reading someone else's fic. :D It goes back and forth with everything you fangirl and all the fangirlable moments you can also give by producing fanart and fanfics etc.
Or if you don't write or draw, having enjoyable conversations about the fandom without bashing or making things unpleasant for anyone is nice too, like fangirling together telling each other fic ideas and fun fangirling throughts etc. That's always nice too! :D

It's a like giving back to the community you 'live' in, even though of course we don't 'live' in fandom, we just spend in it the moments of free time that we get to have fun with such things. :)

Of course, it doesn't mean you have to view fandom the same way I do (I'm not trying to say everyone should view it the same way or anything like that ^^; ), but whether you are also into creating fanarts and fics etc. for fandom or not, please don't create negative things like pairing bashing and flaming etc. ^^; That only ruins people's enjoyment of fandom.

The way I see it the priority in fandom should be to enjoy VK, the story, the characters, etc. Not to fight about which pairing might be the one in the ending (if any pairing at all). The whole pairing part is up to Hino-sensei to reveal when the time finally comes, if there's even a pairing in the end.
I just wish the main trio could ideally be happy in the end of the story, somehow. And especially, that we could all enjoy fandom happily and peacefully.

Anyone who's prone to pairing wars or bashing/flamning/making personal attacks probably would laugh and not care for a message for peace like this, but I can only hope that such a thing can at least mollify a bit the hearts of those among you who might be in between or be tempted to strike back when you see too much bashing. It's so much better to love VK and enjoy it peacefully too. ^^;

Bashing and flaming should never be a thing that ruins our fandom. Hopefully it won't be the case. ^^;

Sorry for the messy post. As it's usually the case I didn't have anywhere as much time to write it as I needed so I didn't get to proofread or organize it well. -_-;; It's probably horribly rambly and messy, but hopefully it got the message of "please don't bash pairings/characters" etc. across. ^^;

And hopefully people will enjoy the chibi characters in a peaceful manner. :D ♥♥♥

Onto other news, I've been meaning to post for a while the logo I made for the VK fangame. You might have seen it in the quick post I made on my tumblr, but if not, here it is:

The title will be "Love³", as in love x love x love, since the ideal ending for me is the trio together and happily in love. X3

As I mentioned before, once it's ready the game will allow you to play as Yuuki or as yourself (since you can change the main character's name), and try to win the hearts of either of the main two guys, or of both of them as a threesome. Or, you can also try to push them into each others arms if you choose to make Yuuki an yaoi fan too. X3 ♥♥♥

The idea is that hopefully that way fans of the various different pairings will be able to enjoy it. It is meant as a present of sorts for the fandom as a whole. :D

So hopefully the game will be enjoyable once it's ready. :D♥

I have also a new fangame surprise to announce sometime. X3

Well, this isn't a proper announcement yet, but due to the fact that I suck at programming XD I really needed to learn A LOT of stuff to be able to develop certain parts of the VK fangame well, I started a different mini-game as practice. :D
It will be a chibi Zero & Kaname dress-up mini-game. :D That one isn't a story-game like the other one, so it's a LOT faster to make, and hopefully I should be able to post it well before Christmas, perhaps even sometime in November. :D So hopefully it will be enjoyable also~! ^_^/

I'll post more about the games etc. when I have more time. :D ♥

I'm still slowly, whenever I have time ^^; drawing all the costumes for the dress-up game, so if you feel like it, let me know if you have any suggestions of costumes that chibi-Kaname and chibi-Zero can wear~!! :D

So far, the plan is to have the Cross Academy uniforms, and kitty-costumes. XD
But I'd like to add other things too, so whether it's costumes or props, please post suggestions of anything you would like to see them wearing! :D
If I have enough time and it fits with the rest of the stuff, I'll happily try to add the items to the game~! :D


Comments to this entry are currently screened (meaning you can post but it won't show up right away), because this is my journal and I want this place to be a peaceful VK fangirling and fanarts etc. area where we can all have fun and enjoy VK, and I was worried that with anon flames and attempts to bait people and drag them into pairing fights etc., it might get unpleasant.
The way comment screening works: When set to that mode, comments show up initially hidden/not public, and then each time I get a moment to log in I'll click and all the comments to the post will display. ^^ New ones posted after that are hidden also, until I get to log in and do it again, so any new comments will appear by batches that way each time I get to log in. ^^/

Once things get a bit more calm in fandom as a whole, I'll set the page back to normal. ^^; (It usually happens after the new chapter gets digested and people's tempers are less heated, I guess...? ^^; )

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