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LaLa Magazine, Vampire Knight chapter 76 ♥

Hello everybody~! :D It's that time of the month again, and while LaLa isn't actually officially out and for sale until the 24th, it is starting to pop up early, and I've just gotten an ok from a place that will have it for sale in something like a few hours to a day. :D So if all goes well, I should hopefully have my LaLa very early, and be able to make a post about VK76 tomorrow or so. :D

The trouble is that things are also crazy busy with work and stuff around this time of the month. D: So it might not be as early as I'd hope for. T_T
But at least once I can finally get enough time to go and buy the magazine-read the chapter - come here and write a proper post about it, I'll rush here to post. :D

Meanwhile, you can always enjoy the eye candy of the sneak peek pages from VK76 which Ta kindly uploaded to her blog.
She expressly asked people not to repost the pics, so please respect her wishes. ^^;
Spoiler, highlight to see: The pic of Sara with all the blood-taking needles to make all her brain-washing tablets is so creepily sexy! 8D~
And Kaname having nightmares about Rido devouring Yuuki would make for some delcious angst also in the chapter. XD; Well, we can't see much yet, but it seems to be the gist of it. :D We'll know for sure once the chapter is actually out. :D

I'll edit this post to add more info as soon as I can, either as soon as I get my magazine & get a chance to come post, and/or once someone buys the magazine and posts more pages. :D

*is horrified at how little she posted this month, considering how much she's been hoping to post so much more after finally returning* ^^;; Hopefully next month...

Lately things have been busy, so when I can have a brief moment I usually either start the lineart for a new fanart or add more color to one that was already partially done from before. I have folders and folders of older fanarts, some of which I drew years ago and never had time to finish, so sometimes I can go and finish some up and post more, but I haven't really had the time to draw much new stuff lately, other than tiny quick things.
The stuff I posted recently is mostly things I'd started a long time ago and only finally got to finish now.

Mostly I've spent most of my breaks etc. doing stuff for the upcoming Vampire Knight fangame I'm making. ^^ (The long/story fan game, although I have also other VK fangame projects that are mini-games etc. and that I want to finish sometime. :D)

But hopefully closer to the end of the year I might be able to find a bit more time and advance some more those various fan-projects, maybe even release a mini-game or another, hopefully finish some stuff for the mascots (Zerorin slowly progresses), and hopefully release something fun for Christmas time as a little gift for the fandom like I had before. :D♥♥♥

So stay tuned. :D *will edit with more info about VK76 as soon as she can* ♥♥♥

Edit to add: Next month's VK (November) will have color pages and LaLa will come with a VK tape roll as free goodies. :D (Pretty decorative tape... awesome for Christmas packages~!)

Edit to add: The Chinese scanlation group 玖玖爱枢 (99 Love Kaname) posted a Chinese scanlation of the VK chapter like last month, so anyone speaking Chinese or just wanting to look at the pics can do so on this link. :D
(It's scanlated in Chinese quickly after release, and I don't speak Chinese so I can't read the text and vouch to whether it's accurate or not, but it's great to be able to see the chapter early.)
Thanks to Kaname_no_Sora & Jinjinlin12 and the others involved in the post. ^^

I'll post a summary from the magazine/from Japanese text as soon as I can get enough time to do so, right now I'm just rushing by and wanted to update with the link. ^^

Spoilery fangirling, hightlight if you want to read:
*nosebleeds to death at the ZxY arm grabbing & wistful looks moment and at the Kaname-licking-Yuuki's-blood-off-the-ground moment* 8D~

But with my yaoi infested mind, after a brief moment of innocent het fangirling of the two pairings, it immediately degenerated to wanting to photoshop Yuuki off the scene and replace her with Kaname where Zero is grabbing the arm, and to photoshop Zero into the Kaname scene and have it be some kinky Zero x Kaname yaoi S&M scenario going on between them in the licking-the-ground scene... 8D *is shot* (Ok, it doesn't show the licking, maybe he was kissing the ground, but how likely is that? XD *has a pervy mind*)

*still nosebleeding* XD<333


Okay, I FINALLY got a moment to read through my LaLa and come make a post!! :D


The image advertising the color pages VK chapter next month:
Click the scan to see it in large size. :D
Btw, on the lower right corner, you can see the VK tape we'll get for free with next Lala!

Edit to add: Scan of the ad pic for the next VK goodies to be sold:

LaLa stars portrait set. 5 portraits + case.
For sale for limited mail-order shipping within Japan only, but those always end up
for sale also on auction sites later, so don't get discouraged if you want one too. :D

Edit to add: Upon closer inspection of that pic, Yuuki is still wearing her tie but the tie she's holding in her teeth is a man's tie, like the Night Class outfit ties. The stuff behind her on the tree branches appears to be a coat (you see a sleeve with the cuff), and you can see also a white jacket hanging in the branches behind, to the left.
Yuuki is undressing someone with her teeth. 8D And is that a shoulder in a black shirt, leaning over to her left, partially hidden behind the weird leaves?
Why are they doing this in the tree?? That pic is so wonderfully kinky and intriguing. XD *needs to buy that portrait set like whoa, will scan asap once it's released* XD
Considering the white uniform, she is either undressing Kaname with her teeth (it's not the first time, if you remember the coffin pic XD), or it's Zero wearing NC uniform exceptionally (possibly especially for the kinky tree activity? XD *is shot*), or if it's neither and the pic really is passed in current times, then she is...........having an affair with Aidou behind the backs of the two guys?! O0O *comical shock* XDD I doubt it's Aidou, but I couldn't resist saying it. XD XD *lol*

DETAILED SUMMARY + TRANSLATION of what's going on and being said in the chapter:
(It's not a word-by-word line translation, it's an actual in detail summary + explanation of who is saying what and all, together with mentions of past chapters that are referred to... so it's time consuming to write but hopefully so much more useful also. ^^/

The chapter opens to Ichijou having a heartbreaking but hilariously drawn fit of "Here Shiki you should totally drink those they're delicious" thing with the tablets, and then when Shiki says he will because it's from Ichijou-san, Takuma manages to break through Sara's control and not give Shiki the tablets. He also tells Shiki that he shouldn't come near him, it's dangerous.

It's also revealed that Takuma had apparently chosen to be near Sara in hopes that it might allow him to spy on her and possibly get to do something to help Kaname. ^^; (Although in past volumes it had also been hinted that he had hopes for her/that she might not be as bad as she seems/Shiki had even wondered if Takuma was in love with Sara)
*clings to hope that Ichijou will realize he's bitten more than he can chew and ditch her before it's too late*

Worrisomely, Shiki eats some of the brain-washing tablets Sara had made with her blood. D: There's a Shiki x Rima moment in which she admits that she worries for him. :D

Yagari, on the other hand, is going down a surprisingly dark patgh, although when you think of the fact his priority has always been humans and the HA, it makes sense (after all we first met him when he came to the school to kill Zero, remember...?)

He has Kaito spying/watching Zero & Yuuki, hoping that the two will get closer/possibly get together so that ultimately the HA could manipulate them into obedience. (It was mentioned although he didn't expressly say whether it meant that if Zero turns against the HA, they could use Yuuki as hostage to force him into obedience, or if they would use Zero to force Yuuki into not going against the HA. Either option is worrisome, and far more worrisome is to see Yagari so skilled in cold politics even when it comes to Zero. ^^; It's not that surprising when you think of some things his character has said and done in the past, but it's still a surprise considering we tend to have a more positive image of him usually. (Possibly because he's often nicer in fics...? XD)

Surprisingly, Kaito, who usually has a reputation of having no ethics after he endagered Yori using her as bait for the vampires, was the one to criticize Yagari and say it was disgusting for Yagari to try and use the feelings of Zero (and possibly Yuuki, though one would think Kaito would be more protective of Zero and not so much for Yuuki) like that.
And before anyone says Yagari doing this is okay since Kaname had used Zero's love for Yuuki to make sure Zero would be near her and protect her, I must point out the situation is very different: relying on someone to keep safe the person you both love is one thing, and using someone's love for someone else to force them into obedience of your unrelated political cause, it a whole other thing. I hope it won't come down to that and Yagari won't end up doing that. D:

We also see Touma again. (That pureblood who badly injured Yuuki in a past volume, and who got pulled into the fight when Kaien tried to kill Kaname in the previous chapter (Kaien ended up hitting Touma instead, when he thought he'd cut through Kaname).
For all his talk of receiving the "finishing blow",it appears it was just drama and he didn't actually die. XD So Kaien took him away and he's recovering.

Back at school, Maria comments with Yuuki that Zero's looking more pale than usually lately, and that she wishes she could be the one to "save" him. Yuuki stares at her with one of those pureblood looks that makes her look so much like Kaname, and I nosebleed both at the Zero x Yuuki feel of it and even more at the Zero x Kaname fangirling I inevitably get over the school scenes in the current arc, since Yuuki looks so much like Kaname these days that it's crazy. XD *constantly has the feeling she's reading a Zero x female!Kaname doujinshi when reading their scenes at the school, nosebleeds happily* XD;;

The moment gets interrupted by Sara's arrival into the room, which prompts all the brainwashed vampires to get all "Sara-sama~~~" bowing to her etc. (I liked to see Maria didn't bow. X3 *is having more and more Maria x Yuuki urges also, especially since the whole Yuuki-looking-like-Kaname thing made me think that Maria looks like Zero, and well, you know how Zero x Kaname is the one main thing in my head, hahaha~ XD;;; *is shot, can't help finding little things to fangirl Zero x Kaname in ANY scene of the manga* 8DDD)

Rima noticed Shiki bowing to Sara and looked worried. Shiki didn't seem to even realize what he was doing. D:

Yuuki & her close group (see, I'm telling you she's a female Kaname 8D~) then get to talking about the tablets. They realize it's probably the same as the ones going around the class, and they know Sara is connected to it. Yuuki asks Aidou to inform her of the results as soon as the analysis is done. She made another epic!Kaname!face and I nosebleed violently all over the page. 8DDD

Yuuki wants to inform the HA of the tablets, depending on the result of the analysis. Although she says she would rather not have to let them know, but it's necessary. (She was so hot and pureblood-y then. X3)

At the HA, while they are wondering WTF is Kaien doing bringing a pureblood to HQ, he says he brought Touma there because the HA is the safest place to keep him safe from Kaname. He then proceed to rambling about how Kaname said he'd go after Sara next, and he doesn't know if Kaname was saying the truth or not but it's vital to make sure Sara is safe etc. etc., at which point Yagari calls him a moron and rushes up then punches him in the face.

Yagari yells at him saying he can't hold back anymore and telling him that they should just let it be, and let the vampires all tear each other to pieces. Yagari thinks purebloods should be eliminated because they're such a danger. He mentions that it's not about what vampires can do to each other, but that purebloods are a danger because "if they feel like it" they could just turn all of mankind etc. (As those important keywords are said, the page changes to showing Sara looking out of the window, somewhat ominously... 8D )

Until now, the chapter was interesting and full of important things, but from this point on start the TRULY EPIC things. 8D Or at least, the immensely fangirlable scenes.

Next we see, Aidou gives Yuuki the result of the analysis of the tablets, and she hurries out of the school. Zero is looking for her, and we see him ask about her to Shiki, who is downing more and more of those tablets... D: D:

Zero goes after Yuuki and asks why she is going somewhere when she's been called by the HA president (Kaien). She says she has something to do of higher priority. Zero asks if it's about Kaname, and tells her the message from Kaien, which is the lie Kaname told him to tell Yuuki, to try and make her distrust him. (In 75, Kaname asked Kaien to lie to Yuuki saying Kaname killed Ouri, so that she'd think he'd been lying to her and so that she'd maybe stop trusting/loving him. In the previous chapter we've seen that Kaname is pretty determined to go on the self-sacrificing route and appears to want to make Yuuki to stop loving him, possibly so she won't suffer or be worrying about him. ^^;
(Later in this chapter is also becomes clear something that I'd been wondering about before: Kaname is purposefully trying to get Yuuki to be with Zero. Both of the guys have a terrible tendency to think they're unworthy of her and try to push her to the other instead... they should just all three get together already and stop with all the angsting. XD;;; )

Yuuki asks Zero if he's thinking that she'll reject Kaname because of such things. (Initially, she says a line as if she was saying she's fed up of Kaname dragging her along into such things, and then her expression changes and she asks Zero if he thinks she'd say such a thing. (Asking in a rhetorical question type of wording, implying that she expects Zero would be thinking that she would react that way to such a revelation.))

She asks Zero to send thanks for the message and says that she is happy Kaname is still thinking of her. (Implied she was afraid he'd forgotten about her. Oh Yuuki, if you knew how far it's the very opposite of that... ^^;; Although perhaps she does know. The Yuuki of now is not at all the old Yuuki. She knows both Kaname and Zero more than she ever did, and perhaps more than they themselves do! ♥)

Yuuki tells Zero that even if Kaname considered her a pawn in his chessboard, her choice would then be to move as he wishes and advance the game according to his plan. (Although considering that she doesn't knows his plan is so self-sacrificing, hopefully she will change her mind and try to stop him once she finds out. ^^;;)

As she walks by Zero to go on to wherever she was going, he can't take it anymore and grabs her arm (after sexily parting his lips also, as if he was about to say something then silenced himself... 8D *drools*)

Then they stare into each other's eyes in a soulfully and surechigai-ish way (sorry for a comment partially in Japanese, but it's the word that comes to mind when I see the scene, and I can't right now think of an English equivalent for the term?? It means lovers who yearn for each other but dramatically keep failing to meet in the right place over and over- type of angsty vibe --whether metaphorical or not, it's an angsty and beautiful image) and Yuuki freaking bluuushes... 8DDD *dies of happy because of that blush at Zero's touch*

She tries to smile and go "What?" at him holding her arm still, but the EPIC MOE IN THE AIR IS TOO MUCH. 8D (So much ust... XD) Also, I was practically licking the page, ZERO IS SO HOT THAT IT'S PAINFUL TO LOOK AT HIM~ *writhes on the ground in delighted agony* Yuuki is SO HOT ALSO, GUH~
But aside from that hotness... THEY'RE SOMEHOW EVEN MORE HOT TOGETHER THAN ON THEIR OWN, GUH~~~ 8333 ♥ ♥ ♥

Sadly, instead of having kinky sex right then and there (j/k... sex outside no less XD; *is shot), they look down/away angstily and Zero lets go of Yuuki's arm.

The end of that page switches to an (ALSO SO LOVELY~! XD<333) flashback of Yuuki talking to Kaname as he caresses her face, and as she tells Kaname that she wants to be with him and start their love/relationship anew from now on.
(From a chapter a while ago. I was away from fandom then due to epic RL busy, but it was the chapter where Yuuki says she wants them to be together starting anew so everything is clean/proper in their love now that she knows his past etc.
After that chapter, he left on his path to self-destruction, as if he felt he didn't deserve her or something. T^T)


Don't get me wrong, I utterly wish the entire cast could all have a happy end, but I'm one of those weirdoes who loves dramatic stories full of angst --as long as it's angst on the way to a happy end. XD; So I do enjoy all the angst, even though I yearn for a happy end. XD
If the trio has epic angst due to their feelings being torn between one another etc., I find it super fangirlable. XD; (It's also why I write such terrible dark and angsty fanfiction even though I love to see the trio happy and safe... the happy ends are so much more sweet if the path to reach it was full of difficulties and angst!! If it's easy, it's nowhere as fangirlable. XD;)

Excellent example of that is the fact that when I first got into VK, I got into KxY right away because it was so angsty and 'forbidden' while ZxY seemed like the obvious classmates pairing so it was less angsty... and then Yuuki turned out to be a pureblood and the angst fan in me started shipping ZxY like whoa. XD; *is shot*

I love both KxY and ZxY, although of course, my heart truly belongs to Zero x Kaname yaoi. XD

And on that glorious subject, OMG I SO NEED TO photoshop Yuuki off the arm-grabbing scene and replace her with Kaname so that Zero & Kaname can have this epic angsty moeable moment... XD;;; *is shot* (I mean no disrespect to Yuuki, she was lovely in that scene. I just want an EXTRA scene with Zero x Kaname instead. XD;)

And onto the subject of MORE angst! While Zero is having his 'omg-want-her-but-musn't---*grabs her arm*oops-shit-did-i-just-grab-her-arm-crapcrapcrap-*err, lets go, looks angsty* and Yuuki is having her 'augh-want-him-but-musn't-*thinks of Kaname*-angstangstangst-wants-them-both-omg' moment, Kaname is languidly laying on his settee couch and having nightmares about missing Yuuki. 8D

Note, he really was having nightmares so much that he was making noises in his sleep, to the point that Seiren came into the room and woke him up saying she noticed how bad his dreams were being. 8D HOLY CRAP THE LEVEL OF ANGST~! *nosebleeds so much more so due to the fact she's written fics about this before already* XD XD (Err, although in my fics the nightmares were more kinky, and the person awakening Kaname was Zero... and they were together... and well... you know it, inevitably, when it comes to me. XD XD *lol*

So, back to the sexgod XD to Kaname's nightmares, he's seeing Rido holding Yuuki. Incidentally, Kaname is looking more and more like Haruka with each passing chapter. XD;

The image of Rido in Kaname's dream points out something that hopefully will finally silence the Kaname bashers out there ... he heavily implies that Kaname is purposefully manipulating the whole situation to give Yuuki away to Zero.
Rido asks if Kaname is really ok with this, (especially right when Kaname had finally grasped happiness/finally had Yuuki with him and loving him and everything finally okay). This is all said in flowery speak and the usual Japanese language subtleties, but for anyone reading the Japanese text it is spoken as plainly and as obvious as black ink printed on white paper.

The imagery of how he mentions Yuuki is beautiful, saying Yuuki is a flower whose bud was finally about to open up for no one but Kaname... but that will now be 'devoured to pieces'. *somehow has epic pervy mind images from this wording* XD;;; (It doesn't help that such terms are often used in porny innuendo, especially in doujinshi and stuff... XD *rotfl* It's... as poetic as can be and yet it could also sound just as pervy as can be. XD XD)

This is a nightmare, so nevermind the logic since we figure Zero won't devour Yuuki to pieces, but since in the dream Rido is holding her, it's, well, both dangerous and kinkily sexy... 8D

Kaname, in his usual manner of belittling himself (I swear, both Kaname and Zero need to get therapy for their self-esteem issues of always thinking they're the lowest XD;), says that the image of Rido in his dream is truly the embodiment of the dirtiest parts of himself, and that he already understands, so there's no need to keep asking the same question over and over. Rido smiles evilly and disappears, leaving Kaname with nothing but Yuuki's shirt and her blood splattered on the ground.

And now, in one of the most explosively sexy Kaname fanservice moments in some time, Kaname drops to his hands and knees, brings his face close to the ground where Yuuki's blood is spilled..., (having a wistful look on his face that's so AMAZINGLY HOT that it's utterly painful to look at the page, I practically caught on fire and had my head explode in a volcano of nosebleeding XD),

...and then, HE LICKS THE GROUND.

Okay, to be exact, the scene gets cut showing his face lowering and him closing his eyes and doing whatever he's doing, so one could imagine maybe he's kissing Yuuki's blood on the ground instead of licking it, but considering how badly he's yearning for her and missing her and the blood and the need and the whole vampire aspect, it's quite probably that he licked the ground. In fact, if it was revealed that it was something other than a lick I would be utterly surprised.

Especially since editorially speaking, they wouldn't have censored it if he had kissed the ground, while licking it is so much more heavy and would get cut off both because of the image it brings and also because they're very careful about not "harming the image" of characters in Japan, so licking the ground would be somewhat taboo... it would require a more important scene than a dream for that perhaps, especially since VK is a series that breaks so many taboos when it comes to important scenes, and yet clings to 'propriety' when it comes to small things like holding back on the shirtless fanservice and other things other series show so much more easily.

But basically, there's EPIC AMOUNTS OF SEXY IN THIS CHAPTER. 8D At least, for the main trio.

You have NO IDEA HOW MUCH I WANT to Photoshop Zero into the Kaname scene and have it be some kinky Zero x Kaname yaoi S&M scenario going on between them in the licking-the-ground scene...
8D *is shot*

At this point of the dream, Kaname's sleep was apparently agitated/noisy enough for Seiren to then come in and wake him up to pull him out of the nightmare.
Note that as a result, it interrupted his blood licking in his dream... poor Kaname, not even in dreams he gets a break. ^^;

Incidentally, it makes me wonder: were the noises because of angsting while missing her/craving her blood in the dream... *wants to crack a joke about it having been other, pervier noises, which Seiren mistook for distress* XD Although it's more likely it would have been noises of distress... *urge to go write a fic about Kaname crying in his sleep* 8D *adores the vulnerable Kanbame craving Yuuki* Even if I'm terrible and so in my fanfic it will be Zero who shows up to comfort him. X3 (Another reason why I love the trio in a threesome so much: if it's just KxY & ZxY it's lovely, but NOWHERE near the loveliness of Zero & Kaname together... 8D~~~ But if it's only ZxK yaoi, it;s lovely but it's missing something. *wants all three of them together so that there's the whole 'craving Yuuki + angst' aspect thrown in the middle for the two guys, and so that they can have all those lovely 'we share this together, our feelings for her' things like back in chapter 30... It's so much better that way since the angst level is even higher and when Z & K finally get together is so much sweeter even. X3 *could ramble all day long about the wonderful possible situations for those three in fanfiction, but sadly wouldn't have the time to, so much rush this post* XD;;

So back to the chapter again, Seiren says they still have a lot to do, and Kaname looks so utterly sexy on the settee, all laying languidly and despondent/dejected... X3 *adores the angsty looks*

Back at the academy, Yuuki now knows that the tablets are using pure vampire blood, and confronts Sara. Shockingly, Ichijou steps between them protectively when Yuuki gets more wild confronting Sara about how their blood is dangerous/shouldn't be used like this.

Sara says that blood is alive and is one's birth right, so it should be used in life, otherwise it's the same as being dead. She says there's nothing wrong with her idea of living for her own power/talents rather than serving someone else. (Implying that Yuuki is in the wrong by following Kaname instead of using her own power for herself. Sara either doesn't see or doesn't want to see the bigger picture, that Yuuki is not a besotted child following Kaname blindly, but actually believes in the same ideals of protecting humans and not imposing her power on people, something that Sara sees no problem with doing.)

Yuuki says she can't forgive Sara's behavior and that she will stop her.
Sara laughs and tries to mess with Yuuki's mind, using her fear of not knowing everything about Kaname. Sara asks Yuuki if she's taking this position for Kaname's sake and taunts Yuuki, saying she wonders what Yuuki would do if she knew everything about him...

(Then again, we know that Sara knows about Kaname being the ancestor since Takuma and her were talking about it before, but considering the idea she has of Yuuki, we can wonder if she perhaps thinks Yuuki is not aware of that. XD So perhaps her taunt is falling empty since Yuuki already saw even Kaname's past.)

In the ground in the next room, btw, is a girl who seems to be the bodyguard for the Hanadagi , whom Sara had beaten when she broke into their castle to assassinate Hanadagi in his sleep.

Considering Sara's tendency to build herself a harem of pretty girls, it won't be a surprise if she's taken the poor girl also as spoils-of-war, for her harem. D:

The other girls at least were with her consensually (although seduced and then controlled, so one can wonder how fair that is...), but this girl definitely doesn't seem happy being there. D:

...and somehow that gives me urges for fanfics in which Yuuki rescues her. XD;;; Augh, VK, why are you making me more and more into yuri? XD Nooo!! *likes yuri but doesn't wants it to take away what time she has for yaoi* XD;;

So I'll post this really quick now and then come back to ramble a bit more if I have time. X3 *rushes by*

I'll also upload some scans of beautiful stuff Hino-sensei drew to advertise the color stuf fin the next chapter, and so on. :D

EDIT to add: I noticed only after posting so unfortunately I didn't get to give you the link sooner, but witlessfool has kindly posted a translation she made from the Chinese scanlation~! SO here's the link if you want to go read it. :D ♥

Hopefully you'll find the summary etc. post useful anyway, especially since it's summarized and translated directly from the Japanese text. (And also hopefully those of you who are into yaoi and/or just into VK fangirling together can come and have fun with my outbursts of Zero x Kaname throughout the post... XD; *is dying to fangirl the chapter with everybody and wants to draw so much fanart based on it when she can finally find enough time* X333)

EDIT: I scanned additional things, and they're stuff that's not in the Chinese scans, so don't miss out on the lovely stuff. :D

The next chapter teaser image, usually a tiny blurb, this time was A FULL PAGE. *__*
It's the New Year teaser image, and it's MIND BLOWING!! *_____*

Teaser chunk of it as a close-up:

I think this is maybe my favorite images of the trio EVER. T___T Or at least one of my favorites. It's SO RARE for them to actually look happy, to be together ALL THREE smiling!! And no fighting, no sad looks, no pushing one or the other away... just together, happy, safe, having Yuuki nicely between them/in their arms, everything so perfect and happy.... T_____T
It's so beautiful it can bring tears to your eyes. *bawls easily even to kitten ads, so much more when it's characters she loves* XD;; Especially with how peaceful and happy all three of them look.

The powerful meaning behind what they are doing in the pic, considering the Japanese tradition is also so wonderful. T^T *clings to it and wants to frame it and put it on her wall as the ideal happy trio together* Oh if only the ending to the manga could be like that pic, all sparkly and happy and heart-wrenchingly beautiful.... T__T

Uhm, before I ramble about that pic forever, let me show you the rest and give you a close up. X3 *will ramble more then*

There's the pics above and earlier in the post, and also some more stuff:

Click the scan to see it in large size. :D

Kaname looks so lovely with that gentle smile there... ;___; It's worrisome, almost, he looks so peaceful and pretty... so distant from the turmoil and sadness within as he craves for Yuuki and walks on that dark path towards destruction he's currently on... T^T AUGH, MY KANA-CHAN, WHY YOU SO SELF-DESTRUCTIVE?! *bops both Zero and him on the head and shoves them both into Yuuki's arms, hoping she can keep her self-loathing & self-destructive harem out of trouble*

*cough* XD;;; *back to News post mode*

About that lower right corner of the page, Lala magazine has been planning to release additional sister mags for LaLa, like they have LaLa DX etc. (except that LaLa DX is a set regular thing), and so they've recently announced there would be a Black LaLa and White LaLa. (It's part of the celebration for LaLa's 35h anniversary, which I'd mentioned in past VK News post stuff.)
I haven't followed it much because it didn't have any VK in it (XD;;; *obsessed*), but apparently Black LaLa is dark stories, and uhm, I don't remember for White LaLa. XD;;
As I wasn't paying much attention to them, I'm not sure if they're a one-time only thing or if they'll have them more than once with one-shots like they do with LaLa DX etc...
It's a special number type of thing, so it might only be a one-time only thing, or they might do it again during the year.

But in any case, and this is the part that concerns us more, they got famous authors of LaLa to draw stuff for it, and so Hino-sensei has a really short tiny one-shot in it. I'll scan a pic. ^^/
That character looks so... scary. XD Very different from her usual stuff. (Makes me think of Ikari Gendo from Evangelion but looking...scarier, like he might skin you and serve your flesh in his bakery. XD;)
The title is "The ill-humored baker and I".

The tag line for it said "Very different from Vampire Knight". *LOL* No kidding. XD XD

Hino-sensei commented (not on that page) that even though it was just a tiny one-shot with just a few pages, it was time-consuming to draw because it wasn't VK, and she's so used to drawing VK. ^^

I'll probably buy it out of curiosity, unless it doesn't show up at the nearby shops. *has been out of time for anything, so won't be able to drive around searching for it to go buy it elsewhere, although might order it since it's by Hino-sensei*

White LaLa comes out on November 10th in Japan.


Click the scan to see it in FREAKISHLY HUGE size. :D
And if you feel like coloring that pic or whatever, PLEASE DO IT. T___T I WANNA SEE.... please post links... XD;;

Please take and color anything, I'm dying to see so much more of this pretty scene. T___T *craves happy VK trio SO BADLY*
Don't forget the puffy fluffy sparkles of happiness over them, like we see in the pic in their hair etc.. XD; *is shot*

As I was saying, the pic is utterly wonderful not only because it's such a TERRIBLY RARE (T^T) sight of the main trio close together peacefully and happily (ALL SMILING, NO LESS O___O *is in awe of such an amazing rarity*), but also because it's full of meaning.

The things in the tree branches here look like ribbons (possibly for the pretty effect, and to stay in with the European imagery of the series rather than look more paper-like), but this is the teaser pic for LaLa New Year issue (the January issue is New Year issue in Japan, and comes out in November, because Japanese magazines are like that XD; That way people get to enjoy the seasonal thing all the way up to the new year. X3 Things are VERY attuned to the seasons and the seasonal events, in Japan.)

In Japan, there's the tradition of the first temple visit of the New Year, the Hatsumoude, when you go out in the cold wearing pretty clothes (well, especially the girls, usually kimono stuff), visit the temple, pray for the New Year etc., and get your fortunes, if you're into that. (It's written on a paper thingie, which you can tie).

If your fortune predicts bad fate for you, you take it and tie it to the tree branches to ward off the tragedy from your path... EXACTLY like they are doing in that image.

After the past couple of chapters spelling so much tragedy for Kaname, to see him smiling standing next to Yuuki & Zero, tying his fortune to the tree branch, felt so utterly powerful.
(I wonder if even Hino-sensei, the angst-master, was feeling like things were too dark lately and she needed to soothe the agony of her fanbase XD;)

Not only that, but look close (I provided a freakishly huge close up if you click XD), you can see Yuuki too is tying hers to the tree, so she too might have tragedy coming that can be averted by this...

And if you follow Zero's arm beneath the add for the 2012 all stars contest (XD), you see his arm too is up on the tree, most likely also tying his bad fortune away! And smiling, next to the other two, something so rare... T^T *clings to them*

Btw, if you get a good fortune, you can also tie it to the tree in a way to ask for it to please come true, but most often the tree tying is for warding off the bad that could happen to you if your fate/fortune that you got was bad. Because the belief is that whatever bad fate was going to happen to you, will not come true if you tie your fortune to the tree. (Somehow it works differently if the fate was good. XD)

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I'm constantly talking about how much I wish it would be possible for the tragedy in VK to turn out to have been all that happens prior to the ending, and once the storm is over the main trio somehow manages to have a happy end at the end of the manga. Somehow.
You know I like to ship them together as a threesome, but even if the three actually being together that way never comes to pass in canon, I just want all three of them to end happy somehow... T_____T

So this pic, it floored me, it's so beautiful, so heart-wrenchingly wonderful... *cries* T^T;;;

This image is my ideal VK ending. I wish the series can end as beautiful and hopeful as this pic is, with the three of them smiling, close to each other, happy, tying away the tragedies of their lives and starting anew, finally safe and happy.... T___T

OHGODINEEDFANFICTIONABOUTTHISMORETHANINEEDTOBREATHE. T_________T (Although if the happy ending happens in canon it's so much better, but meanwhile I'd love it if there was so much fanfiction with them.... T^T)

As soon as I have enough time, you can expect me to fanart this stuff like there's no tomorrow. XD XD

I have to go back now but I'll be back later to fangirl the chapter more and ramble about the lovely things in it with anyone wanting to fangirl it together, so... X3 See you all later~?

♥ ♥ ♥


Edit: Well, this isn't related to VK76 or to the official VK news, but due to the happy bouncy mood brought about by the hopeful New Year pic, I thought of posting this.

So have a fanart I did of Yuuki dreaming about Zero & Kaname kissing. X3 ♥

She would dream of them while sleeping in class, every day,
snoring, drooling and making weird little fangirly noises. XDD
Yori is so fed up she thinks she might explode soon. XD *lol*

♥ ♥ ♥

EDIT, about the freeze: There were many more normal discussions going on in the post but there was also some more heated pairing-stuff being brought in and people getting angry and claiming one side or the other of the fandom is more prone to bashing, and anons were throwing oil onto the fire by baiting both sides.

I don't want a 'Yume vs Zeki / Zeki vs Yume' pairing war exploding in my journal, so I froze the comments for now.

This freezing of comments is only to avoid pairing wars happening and stuff escalating, and it is in no way directed at any of the people posting in particular, nor at the other threads, so please don't misunderstand me.

I'm not saying any of the people posting normally in the threads were pairing warring or causing any problems, what I'm saying is that I'm afraid things might escalate with the anons throwing oil on the fire etc.
I'm not accusing anyone of anything, and if you have not flamed or attacked anyone, you are not at fault of anything, of course. Especially people who were posting not anon and without flaming etc. Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not accusing anyone of anything. *is stepping on eggshells with all this, doesn't want anyone to take this wrong* -_-;

I just want to avoid stuff escalating into all out pairing wars and getting nasty, especially if people fall for anon bait to attack one side or the other of the fandom.
That's why I'm freezing the comments for now.

I'm aware either side has lovely people in it as a majority, but either side also has more extreme fans, and with the anons and the possibility for things escalating and breaking out in all out pairing war I prefer to freeze comments and hope things will cool down.

I don't want a battlefield in my journal, I'm sure you all understand the feeling. ^^;

Please don't think I'm doing this in any way against either side.

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