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Vampire Knight yaoi fanart infestation. :D (And innocent non yaoi fanarts too, large batch!)

I bring tons of VK fanarts today~! (*∇*)/ (Some by me, others commissioned...♥)

I died and went to paradise from Kaname's hotness!!! X3

I've been wanting to make a post wich a bunch of VK fanarts for a while but ended up not getting to until now, as I used up the free time I had lately finally getting to fangirl VK together with the people in the comments of previous posts (XD♥♥♥ it was time well spent!) + drawing and finishing some fanarts, + reviving my DA account a bit finally. (It's because it's faster to just click 'upload' than to come here and write a proper post. ORZ)
I didn't get to revive my 'Night ♥ Hall' site yet and my gallery there seems to be malfunctioning, but hopefully sometime I'll get my site back functioning again. ^^;

But I'm happy I'm finally getting to post a big fanart batch on LJ like I hadn't in a while. ^^

Lately also whenever I have a free moment I always rush over to, to drool over all the lovely VK fanarts and fics etc. that people post there. :D♥♥♥

I mentioned the new site before but I have to mention it again, it's such an awesome VK fanworks paradise!♥♥♥ X3


Blackened Wing (the wonderful author of "Secrets in the Dark", "Crimson Door", "Blood Moon" and other wonderful VK fics) is the creator of the site, so you can rest assured that it's a true haven for VK love and a wonderful place for a VK fan community. ♥
She's an outstanding figure in the VK fandom and also a beloved friend. :D♥

It's a site geared towards creativity and posting your drawings and your fics etc., so it has so many beautiful things. :D It's a lot of fun.
And since it's not centered on just talking like many sites are, it focuses on creating rather than fall into bickering and fighting. It's not a place for hatred or pairing wars, it's a place for love and truly enjoying the series and our beloved characters.^^

The site opened recently so it's not yet very full, but it's already very nice~! Please come on over too if you're a fan of VK, and are not the flaming & hatred type. ^^;
The site has profiles and clubs and friendslists also, it's like a mini social network all made of VK love~! :D♥

And back to the fanarts I was mentioning earlier in the post... :D I bring you ones I finished recently, and aside from those, I have a surprise!

I was craving some Zero x Kaname piccies so much, and as it's rather rare (few people draw them as a couple and the few who do usually have Kaname seme and Zero uke T^T *likes it Zero seme and Kaname uke*), so as a result, I was starving... XD;;;

So I commissioned a few wonderful artists to draw pics of our beloved hunter x pureblood pairing~!! :D ♥♥♥

Here are the lovely results~! :D

Click the small versions to see it larger. :D

This one you already saw earlier, but I can't help putting it, it's SO GORGEOUS. *___*♥

Bloodlust among the roses...

I'm telling you, way more than just blood-drinking happened~! X3 *yaoi happiness*

Angstily & sexily in the water. 8D *loves the protective way Zero is holding Kaname, like he's
just saved his pureblood lover from something and is still breathless from the exertions... :D♥

And some sweet innocence~! :D Notice the evolution of Kaname's expression...

Kaname: "Oh, Zero wants to dance with me...?!" *is happy and surprised*

Kaname: "Wait, his hand is on my hip...!! /////" *likes it but squirms & blushes shyly*

Kaname: *gasps* "Zero's hand is so warm where he's touching me.../////" *blushes more*

*melts in a happy daydream imagining that all going through Kaname's mind as they dance* 8D And from the look on Zero's face he knows exactly what Kaname is thinking. X3 ♥
The cuteness of the style and how adorably innocent they look is so irresistible!! XD♥ *melts*

I don't care if the situations above are all so far away from how the two behave to each other in canon. XD Yaoi = ♥♥♥
Fanon and fanarts etc. are so wonderful because such beautiful things can come to life in them! X3

The artists above are open for commissions still, so if you feel like commissioning a lovely piccie of your favorite characters, do head on over there~! :D ♥ They both have journal posts listing their prices and examples of pics, and their sites addresses are in the pics.

And of course, I bring you also fanarts that I drew. ^^/
(Some of it I drew recently, but most are things I had started months and months and months ago but only had time to finish it slowly and/or now.)


I've separated my fanarts in two posts because some are pervy so I've just posted the ones that are okay for all ages in this post, and I've made a separate post for the M-rated fanarts.
That way, people who don't want to see the mature ones can still open this post here to see the innocent pics and to comment etc. without worrying about their virgin eyes catching on fire or anything. XD

So this way to see the innocent pics. :D

;_; Throwaway kitties:

Two abandoned kitties, in need of adoption… X3

Kaname is all “OMG ANYONE, ADOPT ME!! PLEASE!!!” and Zero is all “Touch me and die b****es.” XDDD

Zero WILL bite if you try to pet him. XD And scratch, and hiss, and so on. XD He's the type to stay away for a while until he gets used to you and accepts some kitty food etc. XD

On the other hand, Kaname will take over your house and forever do his nails on your couch if you take him home. The innocent kitty act he’s pulling is not entirely innocent. XD

(Zero is possibly also in a bad mood due to being in the process of getting deafened by Kaname’s incessant mewing. XD XD)

On retrospect it occurs to me I TOTALLY should have drawn Yuuki’s foot/leg/shadow/whatever like that off to the left to show her standing in front of the box. XD
As she’s not showing, you can assume this loud display of mewing and of glaring from one and the other is in reaction to any of us, and that we’re the person standing off to the left of the pic/off-camera, and that the kitties are looking at. XD

Also available in wallpaper versions:

Kimono Kaname:

It’s Kaname cross-dressing, although I suppose you can also view it as being Yuuki. XD;

Beautiful men look good in male or female clothing… *wants to draw a Queen-of-Hearts Kaname + Alice Zero someday maybe, if there’s ever time* XD;

The pic is based on the fic “Love Game“. Hence the blue rose and the style of obi he’s wearing.

His left hand is tugging at his right furisode sleeve (the really long kimono sleeves), btw.
So it’s not a suspicious bulge, in case it looks like one. XD;;

Zero x Kaname - Breathless:

(It's yaoi but not of a level that requires being put in the M-rated post, since it's just a bit of chest showing...)

The marks on Kaname's chest are kissmarks/hickies/fang-scrapes left by Zero. XD;;
And yes, Zero's shirt is semi-transparent! 8D;; But still, the pic isn't too hardcore or anything, so... ^^;

Oh shock, look, a non-yaoi pic!!! O__O XD;;; *lol*

Zero x Yuuki, Knight & Princess:

This is one of the pics from a while ago that I was going to do. This one was for Pkdesigner.

Usually I'm drawing so much Zero x Kaname yaoi that it might be forgotten that I also like both Kaname x Yuuki and Zero x Yuuki. XD♥
(All together in a threesome or separately as two pairings.)

I don't have a Kaname x Yuuki pic to post in the same entry also, but some other time. ^^/
*enjoys drawing both of the het pairings, although neither of them anywhere as much as she enjoys drawing stuff with Kaname uke with Zero seme... XD;

I wanted to give the pic a dreamy romantic softness and fantasy feel (I love period costumes and AU lands with pretty castles etc. 8D), hence their AU clothing and Zero's epic earrings. X3 *imagines it's not part of the uniform, but something especially picked by Yuuki*)

I drew it imagining that it's in some world passed in the farther past rather than modern world (hence the clothing) and in which Yuuki is the princess of the kingdom and Zero is the captain of her close royal guard of knights, and also her lover...
I left the pic all in soft hues except for their eyes, to convey that vibrant feel of the love and lust 8D in their gaze. Hopefully it worked. :D

I also hoped that the eyes that way would give that feeling of something special and vampiric that comes forward a little from the otherwise-human feel of it. :D

It's primarily a ZxY pic so I'll refrain from mentioning that Kaname is probably prince in the AU kingdom and also the lover of both Zero and Yuuki, but considering my threesome infested mind, you can guess it would probably be the case. XD
After all, no matter how much the het pairings of VK may also be lovely, ultimately when I am fangirling either of those my mind always ends up straying back to Zero x Kaname yaoi in particular and VK yaoi in general... 8D *lol*

...Aaand speaking of yaoi... :D
Here's a sneak peek of what you can find in the post with the mature-rated pics. :D


The pics are yaoi and have some nudity, although this time around it's not very explicit.

I'd say the rating is between M and at the very most NC17 perhaps.

Enjoy~! ♥♥♥

Unrelatedly, I made a tumblr account! It's just because whenever I post here on LJ I end up making long-ish posts, which makes that lately I don't find as much time to post as I'd like to. ^^;
LJ is my main blog, but I figured I might make a tumblr and use it a bit like a twitter account for random mini-ramblings or sketches. ^^/

My LJ will still continue being my primary/main blog where I post all my stuff.
The tumblr is just a little extra twitter-like thingie for quick mini-updates in between making my posts on LJ. :D

I'm still playing around with it through, I don't know if I'll keep the tumblr or eventually close it, since I might end up not using it. ^^;
In any case, if you have a tumblr too, or if you feel like checking mine out sometime, here's the address:

Click to visit the page:


And I'll leave you with a sneak peek of something epic I've started making. :D (Yet another project adds itself to the list of things I want to make, slooowly but surely. ^^; )

That's a screencap of what they'd look like sitting just above the taskbar of the computer. (Here we see them in front of my open SAI window.)
They'll still change a lot on looks etc. though, this was just a mock-up to see quickly what it would look like.

They're a duo of Zero & Kaname PC mascots that live together in your PC~! :D

I'm still making little Zero of course (slowly but surely... ^^;;; *hasn't found time to make stuff for him in a while but hopes to finish him one day), but this uses a different software to make the mascots "alive", and so they can walk all over the place in your PC and interact, instead of only having one alone and only sitting on the window. :D :D

So it should be fun when they're finally ready. X3

There's so many exciting projects and fun things to make. :D So it might be slow at times due to the epic lack of time, but hopefully we'll all have lots of VK-related fun ahead. X3 ♥♥♥
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