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Vampire Knight Yaoi fanarts: Zero x Kaname + various other pairings (Extremely Kaname uke batch. XD)


As I mentioned in my other post, I'm dropping by with a bunch of fanarts. :D

If you saw my other post, you have already seen the latest innocent VK fanarts I've drawn + the fanarts I've recently commissioned from other artists. :D

If you missed it, please click this link or scroll up to the post immediately above this one if you're looking at my LJ front page. :D

If you are here to see the rest of the batch, the M-rated pics, it's this way. XD

The pics are yaoi and have some nudity, although it's not really explicit.
I'd say the rating is probably M, or possibly NC17 at most.

Enjoy~! ♥♥♥

Apparently, strawberries and chocolate both taste better when eaten off Kaname's body...
(Pic done for oasis_stardune.)

The Takuma x Kaname pics are in wallpaper format, so if anyone wants to use it in their PC, feel free to. :D (No reposting or reusing without permission though, of course. ^^;)

And have a Kaname being held prisoner by someone with kinky intentions... 8D

It might also end up being used as a sprite in one of the Vampire Knight fan-games I'm making:

But for now I mostly put that screen together for fun while I was testing some stuff with the game. 8D; *has too many urges for the various game possibilities, wants to make several VK games, even if it will go slowly and take a while* ^^;

Kaname, imprisoned by the council under whatever excuse, and possibly drugged with some sort of anti-vampire drug that negated his powers momentarily and allowed his enemies to cruelly take advantage of him while they had him in their clutches...

It's up to you whether the stuff on his mouth is saliva due to the anti-vampire drugs, or something else. 8D (You know the answer, hahahaha~~~ *is shot*)

(Teary eyed version).

Hopefully Zerorin can come save the day and rescue him, but meanwhile we sadistic fangirls can't be blamed if we enjoy the show...? 8D;;;

Non-teary eyed version:

Washed out version (for fun. *was playing with effects*):

XD;; And lastly, the version where they've also whipped him, etc....:

Unrelated to the previous pic, but have a little screencap of another pic which I've started drawing but haven't finished yet. :D

Kinky Zero x Kaname bondage S&M:

In this one it's Zero who's doing kinky things to Kaname, but this time it's
okay since it's just consensual kinky activities. XD Maybe. XD *is shot*

And if you don't mind VERY messy sketches done just for the fun of doing a quick pic on the moment, there's an awesome thread in the previous post, in which the lovely Leanicolae and I were fangirling VK and then it somehow became uber pervy with talks of uber!sexy!seme!Zero and adorably!submissive!uke!Kaname. X3 Lea wrote things that gave me wonderful mind images, and it resulted in me drawing some pervy Kana--chan doodles. :D

It's very much 18+ rating though, so click at your own risks. XD; *not responsible also if people who dislike yaoi click despite the warnings and their eyes catch on fire or something* ^^;


Lastly, this is a pic that's not M-rated but I forgot to add it in the other post. XD;;;

Kaname (ancestor version): "Lost in the depths of time and reaching out for you".

Done a while ago, and if I remember well, done while I was thinking of whether he was reaching for a female Zero or what (...who is still seme on Kaname uke, in my mind 8D), so... is it yaoi...? XD;;; Or not quite, but uhm... if you want to imagine he's reaching for Yuuki, or for the Hooded Woman, it's up to you. XD;;

*hopes you'll enjoy the piccies* :D


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