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Quick post on chapter 75. EDIT: +MINI-SUMMARY. EPIC INDEED. O_O Edit: now also with link to scans!


Thank you to the kind anon who posted the link to the partial VK75 scans, in my previous post~! :D

The chapter seems pretty dramatic! ^^;; *hopes everybody in it will be okay*

I'm torn here because I'm still stuck with my work deadline and I'm not done, but on the other hand, those past days I've been phoning all the nearby shops and should be able to get LaLa early today, in only a few hours... But there's work holding me stuck and unable to go anywhere, so... T^T *dramatic dilemma*

If I can take a break long enough to go buy LaLa and read it, I'll happily make a post rambling about it sometime, otherwise, it will have to wait a bit longer until I can have time to properly do it (it involves going out, then reading the chapter and taking the time to digest it and think of it in context with previous chapters and so on before rambling about it --although I still didn't get to catch up with all of the previous ones, as I mentioned in my previous post. ^^;;; So... the ramblings might be less in-depth otherwise.

In any case, I'll keep you informed when more pops up and as soon as I have a moment. :D

It's horrible yet hilarious that when I looked through the previews, one of the things that strongly came to my mind (after freaking out about some stuff in the chapter, of course) was "OMG, Kaname's coat, it's slightly extra long and covering his hand, leaving the fingers peeking out as if he was wearing a coat too big for him." *exploded in uke-Kaname moe mind images and vague thoughts of her own Zero x Kaname fic series, CoB, in which Kaname wears Zero's jacket and it looks too big because Zero is more muscular than him and wears a larger size as a result* 8DDDDDDDDDD *is shot by all the serious fans*
YAOI = ♥♥♥ XD

Also, I don't understand Chinese, but if you take a look at the comments in that thread translated using an automated site some of the results are quite funny due to the translation getting all messed up. XD

EDIT: EPIC SPOILERS, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. O____O *will probably stay making that face for a while after reading this chapter* XD;;

Click for a close-up. :D *couldn't resist tossing together a quick image with the lovely trio* X3
Sorry it's so messy and rushed, I literally just sped through scanning
the 3 images + cropping and tossing it together so it's pretty dirty.
But it had to be done, the three were so deliciously angsty and just asking to be put together in a threesome pic. X3

I got LaLa some hours ago but didn't get to come and post until now.

Although I didn't get to actually read in detail it all and digest/fangirl/think on it much yet, so for now it's just the quick summary of what happened in the chapter + wild ramblings.

Actually, I'd been suspecting this might come to pass for a while but thought it wasn't going to be brought up so soon.

As I'd mentioned before, it was extremely clear before already that his plan was to kill all purebloods to make the world fully safe for Yuuki. ^^;

The worrisome thing is that it's now more and more clear that he intends to sacrifice his life as well.

He says his objective has been the same all along, and that now he's merely walking a different path to get there, but that the objective remains unchanged.

If you remember, his original objective was to sacrifice his own life. We see in the flashback arc that his original plan was to die to create the hunters and their weapons, and give the humans a way to fight the purebloods.
Then, after his re-awakening and Yuuki's birth, he discovered happiness and for a moment hesitated in maybe following a more peaceful and happy path. Hino-sensei herself has stated (in the fanbook) that Kaname lives only for Yuuki.

But it seems despair has finally build up enough that now he's determined to sacrifice himself and make the world safe for Yuuki and the humans. D:

In this chapter, we see his plans confirmed, and also the mention of his idea of giving his life to turn Yuuki human (an idea he's had when he was a little boy already! ;-; --btw, there's an adorable scene of little Kaname & little Yuuki at the chairman's place), as he had foreseen that Juuri's spell would eventually fail.
(Possibly his version of it will be better done/not fail? Possibly because him giving his life to Yuuki would be more powerful than Juri's life when it fueled her spell.)

So it is as I thought, his idea was to put her next to Zero so that Zero would protect her, and then make the world safe for her, sacrificing his own life for her as well. T___T

It also confirms something I was suspecting for some time, which is that the intended tragedy of the end of VK would quite possibly be Kaname's death (if his plan comes to completion/if Yuuki doesn't manage to stop him from sacrificing himself.)

However, of course, I still have hope that this might not come to pass. Especially since Yuuki will not just sit by and watch this happen.

If this had not been mentioned until the end of the manga I would worry his plan might come true for real (it's actually one of the worries I had for the story, for a while), but it being mentioned so soon now makes me hope strongly that it's happening for the sake of the tragic drama in the story, but that this plan will actually be interrupted before coming to fruition.
(Otherwise, storytelling-wise, why tells us so early on of it? It makes sense that it's to worry us and to prepare for the plan being interrupted by Yuuki, or by some other event happening.)

VK is VERY peculiar for a shojo manga, in that unlike most manga in that genre, where it's mostly all centered around the female main character, VK relies heavily on the main trio, especially Kaname.

If you notice the meaning of Kaname's name as well as the way the story has unfolded all along, the main character in VK isn't Yuuki.
She's just a decoy for the sake of it being a shojo manga. The true hidden main character is Kaname.
(Well, Zero, Kaname and Yuuki are all three the main characters, this isn't a conventional shojo centered only on the heroine. Kaname is clearly the pivotal point, the one on whom the whole story is primarily focused, hence all the revelations about him swaying the plot left and right.)

Hopefully Yuuki can grow up more now that she's on her own (she seems to be getting more mature), and do it fast enough that she still has time to stop Kaname from dying and get Zero to finally open up about everything he's been bottling up in his heart.
Not only Kaname desperately needs her intervention, but Zero too would. It can't be healthy to live hiding yourself always. Sooner or later Zero's mask (of hiding his feelings, especially for Yuuki) will have to break, and it's best if he just lets go of that mask and accepts his feelings.

The chapter also has some UBER HOT Zero scenes, including a lovely moment in which he pulls his usual Zero-self to protect Yuuki from the hunters, without being obvious about it, but still protecting her, discreetly.

When the hunters initially come to talk to Zero Yuuki mistakes their intention and wants to get in the way thinking they're there to harm Zero, and for a moment there's a danger of them killing her. So Zero pushes her aside and tells her off, as if he was just dismissing her/telling her off, but in truth it's to protect her.

For the angst factor in the chapter, Yuuki points out later that she understood that he did it to protect her, and as a result Zero gets angry and puts the gun to Yuuki's head. There's a "O_O" moment but she challenges him to pull the trigger (that was hot and so angsty too!! 8D *fanfiction urges all over again*), and of course, Zerorin doesn't pulls the trigger!! 8D~ *salivates at the fangirlable situation, imagines it if it was Zero x Kaname also*

It doesn't help that this whole shoving-gun-in-face thing is SO HUGELY the type of interaction that would happen between Zero x Kaname, so even though it's happening with Zero x Yuuki, it makes me fangirl both ZxY and ZxK so wildly... XDD
Current!Yuuki is very much a female version of Kaname, hohoho~! 8D *drools* (There's that and the fact that I always end up going wild for ZxK regardless of whether we're being shown KxY or ZxY. XD;; It's due to how starved I am for any ZxK fanservice. XD XD)

It's Zero's hand on Yuuki's head on the preview pic, btw. :D♥ (From when he pushed her aside to get the hunters attention away, when for a moment their auras flared with the intention to kill her. But I shall fangirl the image imagining Zero is petting Yuuki's head instead. XD♥ *urge to color the pic*)

Also, the Hunter Association, Yagari included, declared mutiny against Cross as a president, and chose to sort of side with Kaname. (Or at least, they want him free for now rather than captured or killed.)
*mentions this huge fact almost as an afterthought, was too busy drooling at Zero & Kaname's sexinesses and almost forgot to mention it* 8DDD;;;;

They want to see all the purebloods wiped out, and are quite willing to make use of Kaname for that.
However, they presumably also want to kill Yuuki (it's just implied sort of, in the way they seem aggressive at her, causing Zero to have to interrupt, and also later Yuuki mentions the Association will come for her and kill her next) which goes against Kaname's plans, so... ^^;

Zero might be made president sooner than planned, if the Association moves against their current president, as Zero had stated earlier that he stood with Kaname in wanting the same objective. (I SHALL DREAM OF ZERO X KANAME YAOI BASED ON THAT. XD Any excuse is good to fuel that, even among the currently horribly dramatic situation. XD;;;)

Also, Kaname asked Kaien to lie to Yuuki, telling her that Kaname is guilty of having assassinated Ouri, and that he'll come kill Sara next. He's hoping Yuuki will cease to trust in him and wait for him. T^T (Already before Sara had lied claiming Kaname killed Ouri, something that had bothered Yuuki. But Kaien said Yuuki still trusts in Kaname etc.)

So the chapter is an epic angstfest. ^^;

*fanfiction urges like who, though it will probably quicky revert to uber urges to fanfic Zero x Kaname in the middle of the huge mess of the moment* XDDD;;;

I'll edit the post again or make another post once I get to read the chapter in detail and digest it etc., but for now I have to rush back to work. I was just talking a quick break to flip through the chapter and come make a quick edit to this post.

Edit to add: There's also parts of the chapter dealing with the blood tablets that Sara has tampered with. They are invading vampire society. D:
Takuma himself, now under Sara's control, is trying to make even Shiki take them! O_O

There are also very lovable scenes with Aidou, trying to go after the chairman due to sensing that the chairman might know where Kaname is etc. ^^/ As a result, Hanabusa & Akatsuki meet again!! *__*

Cain was in the street interfering with vampires that were passing each other the new tablets poisoned with Sara's blood. He takes them away from a vampire girl who looks like a junkie, and then asks Aidou to take those tablets and the girl (now unconscious) to the Association. (There was a guy giving the tablets to just about anyone, possibly under Sara's orders.)
Presumably, Cain was there on a mission sent by Kaname (he said he was returning to Kaname's side, once he got done interfering with the deal), hence why he is trying to stop the thing with Sara's bad tablets.
So they're aware of what Sara is doing, and hopefully so will be the hunters now that Aidou will take them the new tablets. *hopes they'll look into it so that the hunters too will know the reason why those tablets are spreading like a wild fire* ^^; Maybe the hunters can stop Sara's plan before there needs to be a showdown between Kaname and her.

It's also mentioned another interesting fanfictionable XD point, that humans are not punishable by law no matter what they do to vampires, even killing them.
We knew since early in the series that there was the saying "killing a vampire isn't a crime" in the VK world, but it could have been just a figure of speech. Rima mentions it's not though, it's actual law. So she was worried about taking medication and things developed by humans and not yet tested in-depth to make sure it's safe, since the humans can get away with killing vampires and not have to worry about consequences...

The urge I have to write terribly angsty fanfiction on that subject is immense. XD;;; *as soon as she has some more time next week or next month, wants to update her fanfic Cradle of Blood* XD XD

An add-on to the post, as I was asked about why Kaname took the blow from Kaien's sword:

There was a reason for him to take the blow. He revealed that he was using his bats to form the shape of himself (his partial body's presence there facing Kaien and getting to talk to him), but in truth his bats were around the Touma pureblood (the one who had torn through Yuuki with his bats in a previous chapter, making her bleed in her lungs and needing Zero to save her as Touma might have killed Yuuki).
As a result, when Kaien cut through Kaname's alter/bats, he cut into Touma. So Kaname got hurt from having his alter/bats cut up, but he also got rid of Touma...

So Kaname's trip to Isaya's place failed in killing Isaya, but it got Touma dispatched.

Kaname could have just killed Touma by himself, but perhaps this was a way to let Kaien have a part in it, since Touma had wounded Kaien's beloved daughter so nastily. Kaien wants to respect association laws so nowadays he wouldn't have gone to do it to a pureblood on his own, but he might at some point have felt like doing something about Yuuki having suffered like this at the hands of Touma.

And also this way Kaien could do it to Touma without getting in trouble diplomatically, since the guilt of Touma being killed will fall on Kaname.

EDIT AGAIN: Kaname_no_Sora from the Baidu forums in China uploaded a Chinese scanlation of the chapter.

So here's the link for anyone who speaks Chinese or who might want to look at the pages even without reading the text. :D
I don't understand Chinese so I can't vouch to the translation, but well, it was extremely epic fast, so it's great that it's up and can be looked at so early. :D

You can always refer back to the summary I've written in this post to know what's being said, or, well, the summary of it. ^^; *burns with guilt that there's no time to scan her own LaLa and scanlate it all to English, but has to go back to work* (I took a break to do this summary and to come fangirl etc. in the comments, but I still have to finish my work deadline, and so... Time is a rare commodity. T^T *is sucked back away to her desk*)

*will drop by during breaks to fangirl some more when possible* ^^/
*wants to fanart things from so many past chapters and this one, when there's more time than currently*

EDIT AGAIN (yet again XD):
Witlessfool posted a translation she made based on the Chinese scanlation. ^^/

So if anyone wants to look at the scans while reading a translation, there you go. :D

I wish I had had the time to have done a full translation of the chapter in my post, instead of just the summary + ramblings etc. but these days I'm buried in work so I can't... ^^;;

*wouldn't have enough time to do or follow anymore fanart or fanfics or fangirlings etc. much if at all if she had to continue scanning, cleaning, scanlating, etc. etc. everything. ^^; *enjoys fanarts/fanfics/etc. best in a fandom, feels so guilty for not scanlating but hopes you'll still enjoy the news posts and summaries etc.* :D)

The more VK progresses, the more we are reminded of what a fascinating story it is, and how amazing the main trio is. Even so many volumes later, both the main pairings/both sides of the love triangle are still just as beautiful and interesting.

And Hino-sensei is ever so good at torturing us, since she makes sure that both of the pairings are still completely possible and equally full of drama and tragic fascinating angst moments. X3

It's a heart-wrenching series, but all that passion and drama are one of the things that make VK so interesting. :D

So when you think of it, please remember how awesome it is, and how much you love it, rather than focusing on trying to destroy one pairing or the other...
This blog is a peaceful all-pairings-friendly no-bashing-allowed zone, so luckily we love and enjoy all of the characters here. But I know there are way too many places all around in the fandom where people focus on hatred and on destroying the pairing or character they dislike. That is a huge waste of time, and it's such a pity to ruin such a large part of the enjoyment you can take out of the series. When you focus on hatred rather than on actually enjoying and understanding the story, you miss out on the full VK experience. (That and it also ruins the fun of the fans of the character/pairing being destroyed by such behavior.)

One character's self-sacrificing/self-destructive tendencies and another character's mask of indifference and reactions don't diminish in any way the chances of their respective pairings. :)

As the story stands now, both Kaname x Yuuki and Zero x Yuuki are equally fascinating and have equal chances of being the potential end pairing (regardless of whether the end will be a complete tragedy or a dramatic but more hopeful ending), and there's no reason to hate on one because you like the other or to claim one pairing has no chances because you like the other or because you assume so based on momentary events. VK is a story constantly moving and evolving.

Both pairings are fascinating and utterly lovable.

Of course, if it depended on me, I'd have it end in Zero x Kaname, and Yuuki would be an yaoi fangirl pushing them into each other's arms, but sadly it's not up to me. XD XD *lol*


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