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Zero x Kaname yaoi = happiness. XD (+update & random Vampire Knight ramblings.)

I'm still around, although as I'd mentioned before I'm very busy still/again, and there's a work deadline this week and another next week, so I might disappear for a bit (or show up every so often but just for short bits of time from time to time).
Also, as a result I'm not sure when exactly I'll get to go buy my LaLa/read the VK manga chapter 75 or post anything talking about it. (;-;)
But feel free to post a link to it here if/when it shows up. ^^/ It's totally fine/welcome~!

Onto better news though, I thought that before that I could drop by and post a few fanarts I drew of our lovely Zero x Kaname XD *obsessed* Zero and Kaname. :D
(You will probably recognize them as the pics I was using for the example screencaps of the VK fan game I'm currently making little by little. ^^/ )

If you haven't been here for a while, please see my entry from a few days ago, for more info on my return and on the VK fan-game. (And on my current epic lack of time, making that I can't do much other than the occasional fanart/fanfic and VK news post. ^^;
If I tried to do more I wouldn't have enough free time for everything and would have to give up on the fanarts and fanfics, which are what I enjoy the most in fandom. ^^; Which makes that currently I'm prioritizing those + VK official news whenever I can find a bit of free time to enjoy fandom and to come post stuff.)

Both of those pics were originally drawn for people to whom I owed pics since a long time ago, so they belong to the people they were drawn for. ^^/

"Bloody Rose"
(Zero looking all sexy/badass while hunting Level Es).

Done for Sasusakufan1.


Click for a larger size.

If you are extremely motivated, you might find Kaname hidden in the pic somewhere. XD
(It's worse than those books where you have to find someone in a crowd. XD Hint: it's one of the Kaname bats only, watching over Zero's hunting to make sure he's safe. 83 *inevitable fangirl* XD;)

And the two together playing chess ferociously XD. X3

Zero x Kaname chess.
(Semi-flirting and semi-confrontational/angsty...X3)

Normal version + Variant: Night Class Zero
(Click to see the full-sizes.)

Done for Miss Miako.

In which Kaname is so focused on the Queen that he ends up losing the game and is in shock from the surprise XD... but it's okay, it was strip chess, so it's a loss for a good cause. XD
(A loss for Kaname's clothes, a win for us fangirls peeping through the keyhole while they're playing... XD XD)

*so wants to draw a pic of the aftermath, with them naked, when there's some time* X3

Aaaand, almost forgot to add this one. ^^;

Relaxed Kaname reading while being seductive towards the viewers:

Done for Memphy5.

Enjoy the piccies~! :D♥

And hopefully see you all soon, depending how fast I can find a moment of free time, or whether it's long enough to drop by and/or post some stuff. ^^/

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