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Vampire Knight PC clock & game + Zero x Yuuki Parody fanart + Fanfic update + fanart + ramblings. :D

Still around! :D *does a happy chibi dance*

*not sure for exactly how much longer I'll have this extra bit of free time but I definitely will try and find bits of time here and there so that I at least get to have enough time to continue posting ramblings & VK official news + fanarts/fanfics/etc. like this even as the RL stuff gets crazy busy again* ^^/
Even if that means sleeping little. XD *missed fandom so much, is so happy to be back and doesn't want to disappear for long periods like that anymore if she can help it* ^^;

This post is a bit of a mix of a bunch of things, some fanstuff and some official VK news. ^^/
Sorry for the long post, but I'm unloading a bunch of stuff at once. XD
- My Zero x Kaname fic update
- The official VK PC clock
- The official VK quiz game
- A fanart I drew of Zero x Yuuki
- A fanart I colored of Kaname x Zero

First, a quick fanfic mention, you might have noticed if you're on FFnet, but I (FINALLY ^^;;;) updated my Zero x Kaname yaoi fic series "Cradle of Blood", with chapter 24.
I feel so guilty that it hasn't been updated in a year and 8 months. ^^;;;; But finally, chapter 24 is here, albeit with a cliffhanger. XD;;;; *hopes to be able to update the next chapter within a more decent time frame this time. :D

So if you're interested in Zero x Kaname yaoi and Romance with Hurt/Comfort (despite it being a rather dark fic series), here it is. :D

Cradle of Blood - chapter 24. (Warning: Rated M)
Summary: AU. Ten years after the vampires lost the war, the world is ruled by the hunter supremacy and vampires are only kept alive to serve as pleasure slaves in brothels. Everyday is a nightmare for Kaname, until he meets a certain silver-haired hunter… ZxK & KxZ

And onto official VK news now, LaLa magazine is celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, and as a result they have done a lot of festive thingies. :D

One of them is the LaLa online festival, for which they've done various little thingies of the series running in the magazine. :D

For VK, they made a Vampire Knight PC clock with the main trio! :D

It's VERY nice, even if it serves not much of a purpose other than to have a lovely VK thingie on your desktop telling you the time. XD

Here's a preview of what it looks like:

To install it, you need to first either install (or update, if you already have it) Adobe Air, the program actually used to run the clock. (You can get it here.)
You might also have to update it regularly as you use the clock. The clock asks to connect to the internet so that it can update it's news tab... ^^ It's not adware, even though technically, it's advertising the Hakusensha releases. XD

And you can download the VK clock itself in the page I linked above, or directly in this link.
(Either just install it or save and install. I saved just in case they later close down the download page and I still want to have the clock/install it in another PC. ^^; )

The clock is nice in itself, but to make it totally awesome, when you click "time" (at the bottom of it), it will actually display the date and time as if they were being said by the VK characters!! *_____________* *delights*

From 6:00 AM to 2:00PM Yuuki is in charge of informing us of the time (as it's day, and she's so sunshine-like X3), then from 2:00pm to 10:00PM it's Zero's turn (a time turning from day to night as a metaphor of his being formerly human and then becoming a vampire :D), and finally from 10:00 until 6:00 AM it's time for Kaname to reign over the late hours of the night, most fitting for a pureblood. X3

So it's utterly perfect because not only the hours they chose for each of the three are relevant to them as characters, but also that way both of the guys are constantly next to Yuuki. :D AND, to my utter yaoi delight, we have Zero and then Kaname. XD *likes to think this order means it's Zero x Kaname rather than Kaname x Zero* XD XD *LOL* (My obsession is ZxK, which means I love Zero seme topping Kaname uke, but don't care much for Kaname seme topping Zero uke, so that's just perfect from my point of view. XD *lol*)

Here's a screencap of the lovely images:

(We've seen them before in the magazine
preview images, but it's still awesome!)

About the functions at the bottom of the clock: :D
"News" gives you the latest releases from Hakusensha (VK's publisher in Japan) etc.
It's a pity it's not a VK news thingie, just a Hakusensha releases thingie, but well. XD; *wishes it was about VK*
"Time" gets one of the main trio to tell you the time and date, like I was saying. *FANGIRLY JOY* X3 (No sound though, just the image and the line with time etc.)
"Movie" gives you a little VK advertisement video they did with the images from the beginning of the manga. Presumably something made to advertise because they sell it online also, although it would have been nicer if they could have used anime music and/or made something more up-to-date, but it's still nice. :D
You may or may not get stuck with the movie playing over and over. XD;;; *has it happening right now*
"Links" is self explanatory. :D The manga official site etc. (so old also... ^^; *wishes they made it more lively adding stuff to it regularly etc. ^^;)

So other than having the MMV playing for fun, the functions are mostly great because of the VK main trio telling you the time. X3 *clings to that function so much*

And still about the LaLa online festival, they've also done a VK quiz in which you can test your knowledge of English, (although that won't be as fun unless you understand Japanese also).

Basically, they took pages from the US release of the manga, and the quiz is to read those and pick which is the proper Japanese equivalent of the English lines, out of 3 options. (Some of the options are nonsensical so even if you couldn't understand English it should be possible to not get it wrong, but if you don't understand Japanese you won't know which to pick.)

If anyone is interested, here it is:

I don't know about the other results yet (I didn't have more time or I'd have tried messing up on the questions and seeing all the other results you can get XD;), but if you max out the test you get pureblood level, which gets Kaname to compliment you and express his pride in your results. XD<3

Do please post a screencap if you get Zero? X3♥
Or the others, if you feel like it. :D

Edit: Thank you so much to all the lovely people who posted screencaps!! X3♥ *was so glad to get to see Zero without having to wait longer* X3

I got to play with it again today and get him myself too~! X3 *happy*

I haven't tried all the possible combinations yet, but I tried a bit more today and got Zero at 14 points. (I tried seeing what happens if you get all answers right but one.)
So I guess Kaname is only possible to get if you get all questions right, Zero is from 14 points to I'm not sure how many (maybe 10 or so), then below you have Aidou, then Yuuki and the level E if you have 0 points. ^^/

The max score is 15, as there are only 15 questions. ^^/

And here are the translations of what they each say when you get them:

"Pureblood class" - Kaname: "You are truly a paragon of vampirism. I am proud of you..."
"Competent hunter class" - Zero: "You're... quite something [quite amazing]..." [the word means "amazing" but it can also be used sarcastically, and considering it's Zero saying it to praise someone answering vampire-related questions, it makes one wonder if he means it as genuinely "amazing" or not... XD Hence the 'quite something' since I feel it sounds a bit more mitigated between "is he praising me or making fun of me" vibe. XD]
"Aristocrat class" - Aidou: "You're not there yet. Learn from me!"
"Like [as bad as] Yuuki class" - Yuuki: "That test was hard, wasn't it...? Well, at least it wasn't 0 points."
"Level E class" - Level E: *HISS* ("Can't you try harder than that?!!")

...I wonder why they went with "competent hunter" and not just plain "hunter"?! XD Perhaps it's just assumed that the rest of the Association sucks compared to Zero's level as a hunter maybe??? XD *LOL*

And onto something totally different, I'm not yet caught up with all the chapters but I couldn't resist drawing a parody of the scene in 74. XD

Please don't view it as offensive or anything. ^^; (It's not offensive in any way, but sometimes there are fans that are so quick to get angry or flame, I can't help but worry with anything... ^^;;;)
I drew it as a comical thing because the moment when Zero said [spoilers, highlight to read] that he had nothing to hide in his heart because he "had no more love/feelings for Yuuki", I just couldn't help but go "WHAT?! YEAH RIGHT!! XD Like we believe you when you say such a thing!!" XD XD XD

So the saying "zero credibility" came to my mind, and after that I couldn't resisting drawing a parody pic of that scene just to have him all uber-tsundere and put that caption on it. XD;;


Click for a version with a slightly pervier caption, if you don't mind the M rating. XD

Yuuki totally knows the effect she's having and is playing with it... XD XD (Well, in this parody at least. XD *wishes she'd gone all super fanservicey on him in the actual scene as well, even more than it was already deliciously fanservicey. XD)

In case it's hard to read, the text behind is "OMGSHE'SLICKINGMYNECK-" over and over as his mind goes into overload. XD

I forgot she wasn't wearing her school uniform in that scene, oops. ^^;
Also, due to extreme yaoi mind, I'd initially started drawing the male uniform jacket before it hit me Yuuki would be wearing the girl one, so I had to redo that. XD XD *lol* Luckily it was only in the sketching and not after already starting colors.

I would give so much for there to be scenes like that between Kaname and Zero. T^T
The blood drinking from chapter 30 is still the thing I like the most in the entire manga. XD;; *would probably never have gotten into it this much and developed such intense love for VK if Zero hadn't bitten Kaname then* XD;;;

The lack of Zero x Kaname anything fanservicey in the manga since forever is truly an agony. ^^;

I must be compensated with much fanart and fanfiction at least. ._. *wants to draw and write more whenever she can find tiny bits of time* XD;;

Although ever since Yuuki returned to being a pureblood she's become SO MUCH like a female Kaname lookalike in absolutely everything (especially some of the looks and poses, it's like it's the same person in male and female version!! *-*) that there are scenes of the manga where I just go off to yaoi lalaland and imagine the current new Night Class arc is a doujinshi about Zero x female Kaname. XD *is violently shot by the het fans of both pairings*

Well, those daydreams aren't anymore offensive than whenever there are lovely Kaname x Yuuki scenes and I'm all over it imagining how it would be if it was Zero drinking from Kaname instead of it being Yuuki doing it. *lol* XD XD XD;;; *is shot again*

I do fangirl the scenes of her with either of them for the sake of the het pairings themselves as well of course, but it's inevitable for my mind to fangirl the het as a minor element and then to run back into the Zero x Kaname yaoi mind images. XD;; *is filled with ZxK yaoi love*

*rambles on* XD;

Have another fanart before I leave! X3 I colored a pic by the lovely Raisin-Mucchin.

♥ Chibi Zero & Kaname pocky love. ♥

Click for a larger version of the pic. :D

I guess this is it for now. ^^/ Enjoy the various thingies and hopefully see you all soon~! ♥

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