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Some Vampire Knight 66 etc. news~! ❤ (+ Zero x Kaname ramblings inspired by the chapter.)


Hi there~! Still alive, but still running around in circles with RL taking up all my time. ^^;;
"RL" = real life stuff, btw. ^^;/ In case you didn't come across the acronym before.
 RL has a way to eat up fandom time so much. ^^;

I did however get to run out early yesterday and buy my LaLa magazine super early~! ❤
So I'm very happy with that at least! *∇* ❤❤❤

I didn't have time to do anything yet, but I thought I'd drop by here quickly, even if just to post a brief batch of VK news. ^^/

The bad news are that VK chapter 66 unfortunately has no Zerorin in it (;___;), but the good news are that it has many scenes with Kana-chan looking smoking hot!

Yuuki is also very adorable in it, and Kaname and her have some very romantic scenes (possibly among the most romantic scenes they've ever had so far) that got me to have an explosion of mind images in which Yuuki was replaced in the chapter scenes by Zero and things went ❤ZxK yaoi❤ instead. XD;;;; *is shot but dies happily in yaoi bliss*

Especially since Yuuki mentions Kaname's vulnerability and the two finally open up about some things that matched so much various mind images I have for Zero x Kaname yaoi, that it was impossible to resist the invasion of mind images with Zero there instead of Yuuki. XD;;;
Yuuki is really growing up so much, and becoming able to stand up for herself more, btw! *has more 3P mind images of the trio as a result too* 8D

Ramblings + spoilers for the chapter ahead, highlight to read if you don't mind:
The scene in which Kaname says that if Yuuki feels jealous because his name was given to him by another woman, then Yuuki should just rename him, is such an epic scene. XD *violent nosebleed imagining a steamy Zero x Kaname scene in bed, with Kaname promising to cast away his name and begging Zero to rename him~<3*
The whole concept of Kaname's love being so much about giving himself completely to the person he loves, is one that make the Zero-seme and Kaname-uke fan in me so happy, because there's so much potential for yaoi. XD;
Like [more spoiler for this chapter:] the scene where Yuuki is thinking about the fact that for years she didn't know and just thought Kaname was so impossible to reach, and then now that she realizes that he'd viewed himself as belonging to her completely all along, she's not sure how to act... XD
And the whole thing with her desire to devour him being mentioned again. 8D I can't help but immediately have a ton of mind images of Zero feeling that way for Kaname too, and all the subsequent hot yaoi mind images that it causes. XD XD *floats on a pink cloud of yaoi delight*
Sure, it would be lovely to see any of the three main characters expressing such feeling for each other and vice-versa, seeing how they'd make such a lovely threesome, but to imagine it focused on Zero x Kaname yaoi is extra lovely to imagine. 8D Well, at least, for an yaoi fan like me, it's inevitable to get all fangirly about such an idea. *drools and nosebleeds happily*

So yeah, this chapter brought much delight and moeable mind images, which is a much needed little boost of energy during busy times. X3 *is dying to have time to fanart and fanfic etc. anything VK*

Sorry if anyone minds all the fangirling about Zero x Kaname btw. ^^;;; It's not that I don't like the scenes with Yuuki or anything, btw. ^^;;; I love Yuuki, she's really adorable. But Zero x Kaname yaoi is so much more lovely for me than any of the het pairings. 8D *drools at them endlessly* X3 *wishes Yuuki would just pull both of the boys into a threesome already* XD ❤❤❤

If you want to take a look at the chapter in Japanese, someone kindly posted some scans of it on a Chinese forum, there's a link in this thread in my previous post.

(Sorry I didn't get to reply to comments yet, btw! Thank you so much to all the lovely people who expressed concern or happiness to know I was okay etc.~! You are all so wonderful and lovely~!! ❤❤❤)

Onto more VK news, Hino-sensei will be taking a break next month, so there's no VK in November.

There will however be a 2011 calendar coming free with LaLa next month, and it will have VK content.
I'll post a scan of the preview when I have a moment, though it was a tiny B&W thumbnail of Yuuki sitting by herself and we can't see much. (Apparently no ZxK, err, Zero or Kaname in the calendar, sadly. It's just one page per series.)

I'm so looking forward to the bonus chapter next month too. :D *eagerly awaits magazine* (It's probably why there's no normal chapter, since Hino-sensei will be doing the bonus.)
I've been meaning to make a post mentioning there will be a bonus since forever, but with the lack of time lately, it hasn't been possible. ^^;

I'll pop up again with more news and stuff as soon as I can. :D

Meanwhile, I leave you with a quick little pic I drew of chibified Zero & Kaname jumping into each other's arms lovingly. X3 ❤
(Sorry I'm a bit rusty. I didn't have time to draw them in so long. ^^; *wants to have time and do some elaborate pics, especially with all the fangirlable situations and all the ZxK mind images* X3 ♥)
Please ignore the weirdness of them having no legs. XD;; It seemed like a good idea on the spot.

Click if you'd like to
see a close-up.

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