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I'm alive. (And no, I haven't lost interest in VK.)


Hi everybody! ^^;; *dodges rocks for lack of life signs/scans/news in so long*

An RL emergency has pretty much swallowed me for the past weeks, and this is why there were no news/scans etc. posted.

As of now, I still have my suitcase sitting in the living room, ever since my return from vacation back in August. A bunch of my stuff is still in it, I didn't even have time to finish unpacking everything. For the same reasons, I didn't get to finish the scans I'd mentioned in my previous post.


This is just a somewhat quick post because things are still pretty busy, but I just wanted to clarify a few things:

1) I'm alive, and still love Zero x Kaname yaoi X3 VK. ^^; (Primarily ZxK yaoi, but VK in general also, of course. XD; *can't help but always focus more on lovely ZxK since they're my OTP*)

If you're among the many lovely people who were worried, I'm so, SO sorry for having worried you, it wasn't my intention. ^^;
Things were just so crazy and busy, to the point that my fandom mailbox is still exploding with messages even now. I didn't have the time to actually go through it yet, ever since before the vacation. ^^;
As of now, the only thing I had the time to do just before posting this, was skim through some of the mails and some of the comments on my previous LJ post and stuff like that, and even that was just a few here and there throughout the pages, or using the search function in my inbox (it's the only way I can find mails in there right now, there are literally several thousands of messages in it, I'm not even sure if or when I'll ever catch up. ^^;)
b) If you're among the few people who flamed and bashed, hidden under the cover of being anon and multiposting etc., then please find a more constructive way to spend your time, rather than trying to create drama and insulting someone who has never done anything against you.
If you are into a manga negatively enough to hate people just because they support several pairings instead of just the one you like, or for any other such unfair reasons, then you might want to rethink what is it that you follow a series for: Enjoying the manga and the fandom companionship with other people who love the same series, or creating drama and spreading hatred?

3) I didn't get to really do anything fandom at all in weeks. As I've mentioned, I didn't even get to go through my mailbox yet.
So no, I'm not ignoring people for fun or anything like that, I just didn't have time to come here to post or reply or do anything fandom.
But my computer still happens to exist even while I am busy, and my husband occasionally uses it too. Depending on which browser you open, one or the other of my two youtube accounts are usually permanently logged in, among other things. (Well, don't know about "permanently" per se, but the cookies seem to last months, as I checked just now and it was still logged in.)
Apparently, some of you thought I was ignoring people because there were no new posts here although there was some activity showing that youtube had been accessed while my account was logged in. Well, maybe it's bats secretly flying in to go surf on my PC (XD), or maybe it was just my husband checking something or another on Youtube, even though he has been rather busy as well... But in any case, please don't jump to conclusions like that. ^^;;

4) And lastly, a bit off-topic from this post, but since sadly there's people in fandom who comment to try and create unpleasantness and drama, I just wanted to repeat that I don't condone any personal attacks or other such pointless fighting between scanlation groups.
Please don't come post here to attack me, and please don't post any personal attacks and/or comments trying to start drama attacking either side.

I didn't get to look into much of the mails/PMs/comments yet, so there might be more related stuff in one direction or the other and which I haven't seen yet (I just got to take a quick look and am adressing just what I saw), but from what I could already see I've received some attacks from (apparently young) fans who seem to think that by insulting me or by putting down my contribution to fandom they might get another group to be seen as good or better or something like that.
I don't know if it's a sense of rivalry against preexisting groups when a different group comes from another fandom or if some fans think there's a spotlight or something to be taken from anyone, but that's so terribly pointless, and I doubt any group actually likes to see their fans attacking anyone. ^^;

Please don't fight for an imaginary/inexistent "spotlight" (that's not what fandom is about anyway), and please don't send personal attacks against anyone. It's pointless and unfair.
And if you were flaming with an advertizing purpose in mind, it doesn't do any good to the group you are trying to "advertize" for, so I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate you flaming me or anyone either. If anything, it just makes them look bad when you drag their name into it while attacking other people, be it because you have a pairing war issue with any other fans or simply because you think you have to tear someone down to replace them with the group you like.

And I don't know much about the new group but I certainly don't think they would condone such behavior either, be it from their own site members or from anyone who wants to talk in their favor.
(At least, I hope no group would, so I don't think they would.)

It's not a war or anything, it's just scans, so please behave in a decent manner to other fellow fans.

I've put so much time, money and effort into doing a service for the fandom, and this all throughout such a long time, during which you would otherwise have had to wait for the books to be out in each of your countries before reading the chapters. If you respect nothing else in fandom, at least respect common courtesy towards a fellow fan? Don't attack either group/side/whatever, please.

And for people who hate that I would have a commentary and ramblings in my posts with scans, no one ever forced you to read the commentaries or other posts instead of just the manga pages.
I've always openly shipped Zero x Kaname yaoi primarily, and ship secondarily (far behind...) Yuuki with the two in a threesome as my OT3. My comments are never against any pairings, nor do they come from Hino-sensei (I never claimed that random theories were canon or anything, and when I ramble about yaoi or about any other thing that comes to mind, it's always clear what's canon and what isn't...), so please accept the fact that I'm free to be alive/breathe/have opinions/ship several pairings and talk about all sorts of random theories in my personal journal if I feel like it.
You have your own likes and theories and so on, so just stick to it instead of attacking me for also having such things. Especially coming to my journal to flame me for it.
It's not like I ever forced anyone to read the commentary or to "believe" in whatever of the many possible theories I was rambling about at any given moment. If there's people who do it, it's not fair to attack me for it.

Fandom is for fun and enjoyment. Please don't make it about bashing and hatred.
When there's so little time and so much stuff to do in RL, it's hard enough to find time, energy and motivation at the end of the day to do stuff in fandom too, so if people make it unpleasant rather than an enjoyable activity, it's so much worse.

Lately things were too busy to even have the option to do anything fandom at all, but once there's a bit more time, I'd hope to come back and find an enjoyable fandom where I can have fun with fanarts/fanfics and other such things I enjoy, and not a bash-filled fandom full of hatred, pairing wars, and people who flame others out of some sort of sick drama thing. :(

I'd like to think that what matters in fandom is that we all enjoy the series together and care about finding out what happens in it and with its characters, writing about them and so on. That this companionship and sharing of information and derived fanstuff (art, fics etc) is what "fandom" truly is. I still do believe it, and it's why I care about fandom.

But it seems in any fandom there's always some people who are not really into the series at all, and who just want to troll other people to irritate or hurt others as much as they can through pointless online bullying. I guess the ones of us who actually care about fandom can only enjoy the series and rest assured that sooner or later the trolls will grow up and get out of it.

I still do look forward to the next chapter despite the lack of time and stuff though, and wonder what will happen in it~! :D Especially now that [Spoiler if you haven't seen last month's chapter, highlight to read:] Especially now with Sara plotting to throw Zero against Kaname so that one will kill the other and thus rid her of a dangerous potential enemy on her path for power. O_O

While I of course worry for Z&K since they're my two favorite characters, I'm also a huge fan of angsty fanfiction, and the current situation is so wonderfully filled with potential for it with conflicts between them etc.! X3 (That and I don't think Sara's plan will actually succeed, or at least I certainly hope it won't!! ^^; It would be so sad if this turned out to be the tragic ending.)

I'd love to see a showdown between Yuuki (later, with her more powerful and very in control of her abilities or something like that) and Sara, with Yuuki beating Sara up in hot yuri action. XD; *is shot* as payback for Sara having tried to play puppeteer with Yuuki's personal harem two loves. 8D

As you might know, Zero x Kaname is by far what I most enjoy about VK regardless of them not being a canon pairing, and yaoi fanstuff with them is pretty much the main reason why I'm so into the series, but Yuuki is lovely too, and the awesomeness of her defending her harem is delightful. X3

Rather than fighting over pairings or doing even worse things such as posting personal attacks to other fans and/or bashing, how about talking about VK, the things you enjoy in it, the things you wonder if we'll see in upcoming chapters etc..? ^^/ (Without fighting or baiting people to fight, please. ^^;)

Or please post VK fanfiction etc maybe...? :D :D *hopeful* ^^; *can't wait to have time to go and catch up on any ZxK fics I might have missed during all this time* ^^ *is dying to read fics on them*

In any case, I so wish that people could post more often in a way that would allow us all to enjoy fandom, rather than find the comments etc. littered with pairing hatred and trolling/attempts to incite fights, or flaming etc. ^^;; Please don't bring such things to my journal.
Actually, if at all possible please leave the hatred and bitterness somewhere far from fandom at all, away from it all, so that we can actually enjoy the fandom, regardless of what site(s) we go to? ^^; Our little fandom world would be more fun that way, with peacefulness between fans and groups/sites/etc. regardless of what pairings they ship or anything. :D

Bottom line is, I'm alive, but not sure how active in fandom I'll be for a bit. Things are starting to get a little bit less busy in RL, but it was just such a crazy roller coaster lately, so I'm not sure just yet. D:

I just wanted to make this post so that you would know I'm alive and not ignoring you or anything. (And in hopes that people might go for VK-related subjects instead of trolling and flaming.) ^^/

*needs to go pass out asleep now* ^^; So... see you around whenever possible! ^^/

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