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:D *back from vacations*


Hi everybody~! :D♥

As promised, I'm alive and back from my vacations~! (on time for VK 64. *lol* XD; )

Lovely plant I photographed while on vacation:

Sorry for the rather mysterious pic but at least it reveals nothing. XD;
*is ever as super-shy as usual and wouldn't put a pic of herself* XD;;;;

The vacations were lovely and so tropical~! *∇*♥♥♥

I really needed it! ^^; I feel like I've been so tired and so stressed for so long that I couldn't quite remember when I last felt truly rested. So the trip was wonderfully rejuvenating~! ♥♥♥

I also bought my LaLa magazine as soon as I returned (I almost went to do it on the way home from the airport, but ended up getting it the next day after all. XD;;; *was dead from the long flight*)
I'm currently scanning and cleaning etc. VK64, although I'm also still in the middle of undoing my luggage and will be catching up with everything in RL here as well, so I'm sure you understand why it's not as fast as usual. ^^;

I also didn't have time yet to check my fandom e-mail or other such PMs and messages, so I'm sorry if anyone is waiting for a reply on anything. ^^; *will get to it when she's done with the RL stuff and VK64 and has more time* :D

So for now, see you soon, sometime in the upcoming days. :D♥♥♥

*will most likely post the chapter directly instead of posting a summary first, to save time and make you all wait less* ^^

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