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Quick post: Mini hiatus + chibi VK icons. ^^/


Things are crazy busy right now, so don't be surprised if it takes super-long for me to reply to PMs/mails/comments right now. ^^; *cough*worse than my usual dying slug speed, I mean;*cough*

I have some deadlines to finish, after which I should have some time off!! X3 ♥

The catch is, with being busy and then with the vacations, I won't have much time to go online at first, and then later I'm not sure if I'll have access to internet for a bit (I'm taking my laptop, but I'm not sure, plus there might not be much time so I probably won't get to check fandom stuff etc.), so chances are I won't get to do much fanart/fanfic/fandom activities if any at all during that time, but if all goes as planned then I should be done with the current deadlines and the vacations after them and be back online around the week of the VK chapter coming out (official date), so... don't worry if it looks like I'm offline for a while or something, I'll come back for the chapter. XD *lol*

I really wanted to have had the time to update my Zero x Kaname fanfic series, "Cradle of Blood" within July, but... D: Time has flown by again, and poor CoB will probably/hopefully be updated when I'm back instead. ^^;; Sorry!!
To everybody who's been asking about the fic and still following it despite how late the update is, sorry for the delay and thank you so much for your lovely support~! ♥♥♥

I also wanted to have had time to finish the fan-game I'm making and which I mentioned before, in which you get to undress Zero & Kaname... ^^
But this too will have to wait a bit. ^^; *was almost done but it seems time disappears so fast when you're busy*
(That game and the countless other fan projects I still have unfinished, like the Zero mascot. ^^; *got a new program for it but still have to figure out how to code in it to make the mascot function* :D)

But well, despite the lack of potentially yaoi XD sexy game stuff or other such things, hopefully you can still enjoy instead some little icons I made. :D
(*didn't want to make a post without giving a little something in it so that people can enjoy their stay when passing by* XD;)

I drew those pics to be used as VK "plz" icons on DA (plz are like smilies, but bigger and custom-made by the users, so those VK ones were made so that people posting there could have the VK characters showing up in their comments :D), and so I made icon versions for LJ-sized icons as well. :D

Please ignore the fact that some of the sizes of the characters are a bit off. ^^; (*saved Yuuki in two different sizes after fixing the way her hair looked off* ^^;)

Individual icons:

And lovely combinations:

Yaoi ♥

OT3 ♥

And here are also a few het combinations in various flavors (face-to-face or Yuuki chasing after the guys). :3
*wanted to convey the idea of "seme-Yuuki" in the chasing aspect also, but with chibi characters it's so very vague and all is innocent anyway* XD *lol*
Please ignore that I forgot to make additional short-haired and long-haired versions so that they each have an icon with both hair lenghts. ^^; *started by putting the characters' presumed favorite lengths for Yuuki's hair and then realized after already closing the program that there weren't more variations* ^^;

*will make some more with the different hair lengths some time maybe* ^^

These icons are free to be used by anyone you just have to please follow those three conditions:

1) You can't use them for anything flaming or bashing.
(Be it bashing people, bashing characters, bashing pairings, they can't be used for any of that, anywhere. ^^
Thank you so much for your understanding and help with that. Those icons are about fandom love and peacefulness, so it would be terribly sad if they were used in bashing comments etc. ^^;)
2) You can't use those icons if you have any icons/layout/etc. made with stolen fanart.
(That means any fanart that's being used without asking the fanartist if they were okay with you taking/using their art.
We fans have to stick for each other, and it's not right to take something a fellow fan took hours to create without asking if they're okay with it. ^^;
Always think: you wouldn't take someone's fanfic and edit it to use for yourself or repost it on your own site without asking the person, so naturally you can't do it fanart either. Please always ask fanartists first. :D ♥♥♥)
3) If you'll use the icons, then please put a credit line saying "Fanart by" in the second line of your icon thingie on LJ, as shown below. :D♥
If planning to use the icons in some other site, then please put the credit line somewhere in your signature or some visible place like that.

An easy thingie demonstrating how to put the credit line in icons:

Just the site adress is okay though, like I mentioned above.

*hopes you might enjoy the icons* :D♥

See you all again soon~! :D♥
(Well, "see" online, but yeah. XD<3)

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