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Vampire Knight chapter 63 in English is here~! ❤


Here’s VK63. ^^/ Sorry for the delay.

I was doing the scans bit by bit while finishing my work deadlines as well, as usual, and so there was a delay in when I got to post the chapter. ^^;
I mostly finished earlier today and then had to go to a doctor’s appointment (for unrelated reasons XD;) and finally got to finish the chapter and post it now. :D

I’m quite dead tired right now. ^^; Plus the nurse was kind of wiggling the needle in my arm when taking blood. O_o ow.
It seems she went too far through the vein and so blood was having trouble coming out, and she started tapping the area to fix it and pulling a bit etc., while the needle was inside, oww. ^^;;; (Blood tests etc.… Never pleasant but at least it always gives fanfic ideas for VK stuff. 8D; *lol*)

But random ramblings aside, the chapter is here. :D♥

Preview image:

Close up of the preview image, for anyone wanting to have/use it or anything.

I put together chunks from the cover and pages because I wanted to have all
three of them in the image instead of only parts of the trio I love so much.

(Also, the preview image has a bit of an added blush for all three of them. XD)

And I’m tired of seeing people act in such unfair and mean manners. ^^;;

Enjoy the magazine version~! :D ❤
(Hopefully while you wait for the book version to buy/support, please~! ^-^/ ♥♥♥)

WARNING: If you intend to read the commentary and my ramblings and not just the chapter alone, then Please don't flame me for the occasional fangirling & yaoi themes/keywords in the posts.

And in case you're new here: I'm primarily a yaoi fan and my OTP is Zero x Kaname, although I also love Yuuki and ship her with both of them as a threesome, or with either of them as two lovely pairings.
When I first got into VK I got into KxY and then later into ZxY as well: I enjoy both pairings. And I adore the main trio, especially together. X3 Even if yaoi is my favorite over any of the guy/girl pairings. XD

So please don't throw rocks or anything if I fangirl either of the characters and you hate any of them.
I love the main trio, and find it really tiresome when people get all "if you like several pairings you're a traitor to [insert here whatever pairing the person flaming ships]".... ^^;;;

Fandom is for enjoying the series we love, in a peaceful and pleasant environment. It's NOT for pointless flaming or pairing wars.

This blog is a peaceful NO-pairing-wars & NO-bashing zone.

Bashing, flaming, cyber-bullying, none of those are welcome here. ^^;

If you get a sudden urge to rage and attack at anything, be it a pairing/character or, worse, a real person, please just breathe deeply and then talk about something positive instead. ^^;
Proceed with gentleness and before posting, think of how it would feel for you if your post was written by someone else talking about you yourself, or even just your favorite characters.

Let's all be considerate to each other and enjoy fandom in a pleasant and peaceful way~! :D❤❤❤

VK 63 this way! :DCollapse )

Please, don't forget to buy your local official releases of the VK manga and anime! :D
(Don't fall for the bootlegs, the anime pirated DVDs are so often made with stolen subs AND are generally of horrible quality. Please make sure to only buy the official DVDs and books, otherwise you're not supporting VK since the money goes to bootleggers instead of to the author etc. ^^;;;)

It's important. D: Any series dies without support, and VK may be popular, but it's popular for a shojo manga series, which means not that much compared to big shonen manga blockbusters. We have to support the series we love, as all series die without support. ^^;/

And that's it for this month~~! :D *hopes you enjoyed the chapter* ♥

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Thank you for the translation ^-^

Interesting chapter. Some revelations about origin of hunters. We finally know who has created the hunter weapons.
yes, zero's trenchcoat scene, ah. makes my heart skip 2 beats. makes us wanna lick his collar and bite him XDDDDD

really jealous with that woman... she kiss him!!!!!! >,<

thanks for share this treasure... b(^v^)/

why this manga is not published in my country yet?? just wondering... hehe

good job...
Kaname's words to Yuuki puzzle me. It is very ominous. The way he consoles himself for what she has given him so far, implies that he feels it will be taken away. Whilst it could be dismissed as paranoia, the way he says "I know the decision you are about to make" implies that she will do something drastic.

Perhaps she really is from the past somehow and he knows she will sacrifice herself for the peace of the co-existence? IDK.

Thank you for the scans, my dear. I see you posting yet again about bashing; I hope that soon people will realise your message that they just have to drop it. I used to get so frustrated with bashing because on the forum I used (not everyone, ofc!) there was a tendency for Kaname bashing to be acceptable and Zero seen as perfect, which in turn led to Kaname fans bashing Zero from irritation... yadda yadda.

Next chapter I am already excited for!
Hi Maddy!Yeah I kinda get that feeling too, but with me it's the other way around.The ominous feeling I get is from Kaname, sort of like he regretted tremendously that failed to save a loved one, in the past. That this time he will do anything in this power to make sure that it wont happen again even to the extent of of him going to the very depths of hell,sacrificing his everything to prevent that. Maybe he's paranoia streams from the fact that he can feel unrest brewing again, and what Yuuki did recently almost getting herself killed because of her ideals in stirring some age old fear in him, of the possibility that it will happen again... I really fear for Kaname more than Yuuki . I have the feeling that he will go a far as to face all those evil pureblood single handledly before they get to cause any harm to Yuuki or before Yuuki could get to do anything to them... we'll I hope my presumption is wrong , He's a smart guy I hope he wont do anything drastic out of his fears. Kaname's paranoia is really getting to me lol!I even have this fear that when Yuuki wakes up from this, Kaname wont be there anymore...

Re: Ominous...


9 years ago

I still say that woman is Zero's ancestor and her horse is Lily's ancestor LOL
It would be so random...but awesome xDDDD
First time I saw the woman's face I was like those eyes and that hair look like Zero's :D then again I thought Hino likes to use kinda same styles for a lot of characters..................ZERO <3!! *has random fangirl spazzes*

ANYWAYS! Seriously, this story is getting so epic X3!! whenever we think we have solved a mystery we realize that answers just bring in MORE mysteries XDD I LOVE IT

And I love it that Aidou is with Zero!!
Finally Zero is having contact with (good) vampires!!
And after Yuuki and Kaname are finished with their story telling, they might start wondering where the heck Aidou is XDD
I wonder if they will go get him or if they will just be like he can take care by himself and leave his there XD?


I'm getting al YAY!-like
I need to stop writing XDD

Thank you so much for scanlating!! As always, you are AWESOME!!
I am just waiting for the release of more VK books to buy them X3
They take so LONG!!
Well gives me time to save more cash 8D

Thank you again SGK :D!!
thank you so much for the scanlation as always! too much awesomeness in this chapter!^^ would you mind translating the page with 34th anniversary? would like to know which manga the hot guys came from :)
i think that the decision kaname was talking about (the one yuuki is going to make) is related to staying with him, being his support, taking all his pain and lonelyness etc.
and so he says that she alredy did enough for him by being right beside him since she was born and holding his hand so strongly and kindly all the while
ungh .... forgot to say thanks and the works :s ... sorry
i'm always off in my own little world where manners dont exist so i forget about them in this universe too XP

well now properly : thank you for these wonderfull scanlations
i, personally, consider you an angel who for being so kind in scanlating the chapters and translating them even though you have very little time


Re: decision


9 years ago

Re: decision


9 years ago

Thank you very much!

I think mangaka hit the nail on the head. Global warming has become a topical issue in recent years. Racial, political issues are pretty popular too
Furnace with mother-metal of hunters weapons? What? i have no idea that they have such a big reserve - whats make bloody rose and artemis so unique then if they were made from that same metal like so many others hunters weapons? Or they're not?
somehow, some answers leads to more questions LOL
I also intrigued why Bloody Rose and Artemis appears to be special anti - vampires weapons. I like to know how Artemis was passed from one Kuran to other; as it do not appears to have being own by hunters. Maybe they were make not using the same metal batch from the others or had further modifications done by their original users. Probably we will get answers soon.


9 years ago

Yet Another Rambly Comment XD


July 30 2010, 23:22:43 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  July 30 2010, 23:23:12 UTC

It’s been that way since always with this series, Japanese fans have always loved both of them with a preference for Kaname and Western fans have always loved Zero more.

I find that really interesting and I'd love to find out why that is - purely becuase I'm curious about it XD

It's hatred that ruins fandoms, never love

Gah, THIS SO MUCH ¬_¬ I have to admit, I was quite guilty of this when I first found fandom, but I've grown and matured a lot since then and, well, hating isn't cool kids!

I love the context prize picture though... *wants* XD

re: the free goodie... I'm still waiting to try and get the headphone holder *sadface* heh

Awwh, Aidou! *draws sparkly hearts* :-D The idea of him being "contolled" by force/applying shocks... :-D (again XD)

*KINKY YAOI MIND IMAGES* 8D *is shot* - you and me too, hon... you and me XD

I am thinking that they're long and arduour journey back was relieved by many fun things ^_^ :-D

Your little history re-cap was really good too, reminded me of a few things!

This chapter also reminded me of how much I love Aidou... Usually it's Kaname/Aidou, but the gun and the hotness and Zero... I can change my preferences XD

I am such a sucker for the angst too, though, and Kaname is just so... so... yeah, lost kitten...

I'd adopt him XD
"It’s been that way since always with this series, Japanese fans have always loved both of them with a preference for Kaname and Western fans have always loved Zero more.

I find that really interesting and I'd love to find out why that is - purely becuase I'm curious about it XD"

Wow! That is interesting. In the authors ramblings in teh first volume(s) she mentions more than once that she agonised over the design of the two boys because she was worried that Kaname would overwhelm Zero. And I thought to myself "well you went the other way, didn't you?"
But to a Japanese person it must appear differently. Maybe Zero's impulsive nature doesn't appeal to Japanese, while Kaname's self control can seem sinister to me.

For me Zero was the hero of the first arc. So Tragic. And it came as a surprise to me that Hino regards Yuki as the hero! Well I suppose I should have known that! :)

But now that we know about Kaname's past I love them both, more or less, equally. They are such a worry!
Hurray! So glad Hino-sensei is going into the past so much! Kaname's past is so interesting! He really is the perfect Uke. He's SOOO hot that way!!

Yuki, he obviously wants you to dominate him and make him pay for what he thinks is letting people down in his past. He'll be happier if you do it so don't hesitate! *hehehe*

Thank you so much for posting this. It was nice to read your thoughts on the manga hosting sites as well.

A question to Sagakure:

I know that you used to publish your VK chapters after translating them into English on the website is closing down!! So...what's next? Will you only post your chapters here? Will you find another source to post them? (It's sad to see closing...)

BTW...You spend so much of your time translating the chapters into English and making the chapters available to the English are so noble to do that and I applaud you
Thank you so much for the translation. You totally rock. I'm also a big KxYxZ fan I would LOVE it if it really came out this way *sigh* though I know that not gonna happened, but there is always fanfic so I guess i can be happy with that. BTW I also love KxZ ;)and this chapter has given me some really good FF ideas...
Thank you for the "sort-of-timeline of Kaname's current life" i understand why he is showing this to Yuuki..he is afraid that he might to the same thing than that woman.
i still think that there´s a connection betweenyuuki and that woman.. i mean, he said something (in past chapters) about not wanting yuuki to do the same thing again o.o
Thanks so much for posting this every month. I really enjoy your comments too. :D


August 3 2010, 21:27:12 UTC 9 years ago

i love u sooooooo much!! like this ................................................................................................................................................................ much! thanks for all your hard work you wonderful person :D
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