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Vampire Knight chapter 63 in English is here~! ❤


Here’s VK63. ^^/ Sorry for the delay.

I was doing the scans bit by bit while finishing my work deadlines as well, as usual, and so there was a delay in when I got to post the chapter. ^^;
I mostly finished earlier today and then had to go to a doctor’s appointment (for unrelated reasons XD;) and finally got to finish the chapter and post it now. :D

I’m quite dead tired right now. ^^; Plus the nurse was kind of wiggling the needle in my arm when taking blood. O_o ow.
It seems she went too far through the vein and so blood was having trouble coming out, and she started tapping the area to fix it and pulling a bit etc., while the needle was inside, oww. ^^;;; (Blood tests etc.… Never pleasant but at least it always gives fanfic ideas for VK stuff. 8D; *lol*)

But random ramblings aside, the chapter is here. :D♥

Preview image:

Close up of the preview image, for anyone wanting to have/use it or anything.

I put together chunks from the cover and pages because I wanted to have all
three of them in the image instead of only parts of the trio I love so much.

(Also, the preview image has a bit of an added blush for all three of them. XD)

And I’m tired of seeing people act in such unfair and mean manners. ^^;;

Enjoy the magazine version~! :D ❤
(Hopefully while you wait for the book version to buy/support, please~! ^-^/ ♥♥♥)

WARNING: If you intend to read the commentary and my ramblings and not just the chapter alone, then Please don't flame me for the occasional fangirling & yaoi themes/keywords in the posts.

And in case you're new here: I'm primarily a yaoi fan and my OTP is Zero x Kaname, although I also love Yuuki and ship her with both of them as a threesome, or with either of them as two lovely pairings.
When I first got into VK I got into KxY and then later into ZxY as well: I enjoy both pairings. And I adore the main trio, especially together. X3 Even if yaoi is my favorite over any of the guy/girl pairings. XD

So please don't throw rocks or anything if I fangirl either of the characters and you hate any of them.
I love the main trio, and find it really tiresome when people get all "if you like several pairings you're a traitor to [insert here whatever pairing the person flaming ships]".... ^^;;;

Fandom is for enjoying the series we love, in a peaceful and pleasant environment. It's NOT for pointless flaming or pairing wars.

This blog is a peaceful NO-pairing-wars & NO-bashing zone.

Bashing, flaming, cyber-bullying, none of those are welcome here. ^^;

If you get a sudden urge to rage and attack at anything, be it a pairing/character or, worse, a real person, please just breathe deeply and then talk about something positive instead. ^^;
Proceed with gentleness and before posting, think of how it would feel for you if your post was written by someone else talking about you yourself, or even just your favorite characters.

Let's all be considerate to each other and enjoy fandom in a pleasant and peaceful way~! :D❤❤❤

VK 63 this way! :DCollapse )

Please, don't forget to buy your local official releases of the VK manga and anime! :D
(Don't fall for the bootlegs, the anime pirated DVDs are so often made with stolen subs AND are generally of horrible quality. Please make sure to only buy the official DVDs and books, otherwise you're not supporting VK since the money goes to bootleggers instead of to the author etc. ^^;;;)

It's important. D: Any series dies without support, and VK may be popular, but it's popular for a shojo manga series, which means not that much compared to big shonen manga blockbusters. We have to support the series we love, as all series die without support. ^^;/

And that's it for this month~~! :D *hopes you enjoyed the chapter* ♥

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For starters, I adore that scene where Kaname's held in that woman's arms and how his face overlaps with Yuki's gently crying face. Is it a far stretch to assume that Kaname was the one actually crying and that Yuki is merely experiencing that, thus the reason for the ambiguous overlap? XD I think it's amusing how all the super-uke Kaname scenes from the past have Yuki standing in for him. lol.

Zero's gotten progressively hotter ever since the time skip! He exudes the sort of sexy, dangerous vibe now that is reminiscent of Kaname from the first arc. XD When I saw Zero's "unreassuring" grin, I totally melted! haha. His facial expressions have been really cool in recent chapters!



July 29 2010, 19:18:11 UTC 9 years ago

Thank you ! You made my day. :)
I added you as a friend, because I'm moving and will have limited internet access. So that means, adding you makes it easier for me to find you when I do get to pop online :) Thanks for your hard work! I just graduated college, working on getting a career going, then I'll be back to buying more VK :) Till then, thank you!!!
For once, I'm reading this on time :) Wow, information overload... I too am pleased that that woman kind of looks like Zero *hearts* It is sad yet understandable why Kaname fears for Yuuki's life so much... because of all the things that happened in his past. *wants him to fear for Zero's life too and hence to protect it* XD

Er... does that mean that the Bloody Rose partly came from that woman's heart?

Anyway, thanks so much, SGK!! *goes back to drool at sexy Zero* And of course, Aido's funny too! *pats his curls*
I think I've never commented before, but I'm really a huge fan of your work and your comments. I don't like the yaoi idea, but you talk about it in an amusing way that I do like ^^

What is more, I hate the "who does Yuuki love the most?" or "Who should Yuuki end up with?". And I like your opinion about not starting a war about it.

So, about the chapter. I adore this new arc. I feel sorry for Kaname. It seems he went through the painful hell during his previous life. It's true that the hooded woman sacrifice herself for human's sake, but the one who was the most sacrificed was Kaname. He found a reason to life just to lose it. He needed to keep living forever completely lonely and broken, and in the end he should have realized that her sacrificed was a waste.

Vampires were corrupt and the humans they (the hooded woman and Kaname) wanted to protect killed vampires as it was just a natural thing to do. The mankind saved by Kaname and the hooded woman treated vampires as monsters and enemy. In the end, Kaname lost his important person for nothing. The coexistence between races was just a dream that didn't became true. He was betrayed for the ones he tried to protect, both humans and vampires have hurt him.

After reading this chapter the hypocrisy of the hunters is really pissing me off! They hate vampires and kill than as they were monsters, although they owe their power and the protection of mankind to pure blood vampires. If Zero repeat he want to kill all pure bloods I'll really get mad at him.

i think you are judging the hunter too much , yea i agree in a part with you but from our main hunter none of them seem cruel plus we still don't know what happened next after they became hunter's i think to judge them we need too see all the picture , like bad purebloods there are bad hunters too plus zero's hatred comes from a trauma that he had when shizuka killed him family plus little zero didn't hate purebloods he wanted the coexists so we need to wait and see
Man! That 63 night cover is vulnerable it needs a FRAGILE sticker! Drops dead lol
Thanks Sagakure. Hope your blood test results are okay.Must not overexert yourself to the point of getting sick. After all Health is wealth...
Do you think that this hooded woman had any relation to the Hanadagi Family, who's currently in slumber.Since Kaname had been concerned about them in one of the previous chapters. Or if not, maybe we'll see them in Kaname's memory later on. Because I think Miss Hino would not just mention them in passing without bringing up their relevance later on... And I sure hope Miss Hino would not just lump Kaname's past in only 2-3 chapters. I hope to see more about his past, not just the times when he is most vulnerable, but his glory days as well, as to how he became the leader of vampires and how's his life during the monarchy and to the time when he had children...Being the founder of Kuran clan he must have at least 2-3 children to keep the bloodline going and to keep it pure...
I dont think Yuuki will just leave Kaname because of his troubled past maybe the 1st arc is all about the extreme to which Kaname would go for Yuuki to keep her safe and by his side. And so maybe this second arc is Yuuki's turn to prove her worth and love for Kaname, as to what extent she would do for him... Relationship is not just a one side thing after all , both side has to do their part, to make it work and to keep their bond strong.
THank you very Much is great all the translate and the so pretty scanlation
the cover is so hoot an i love it the expression of yuki holding Kaname is passion she says he is my grrr !!
im so happy for Kaname he is amazing, the pic is cute
was a good chapter but.. the girl i dont like so much is wear,


July 30 2010, 06:32:47 UTC 9 years ago

i really appreciate your dedication in making these scanlations. I absolutely love vk, but unfortunately i find it very difficult to acquire a copy from where i'm coming from so i really look forward to the scanlations while waiting for my copy to arrive. thanks so much!


July 30 2010, 06:33:08 UTC 9 years ago

The frame where Zero told Aidou about mustering sympathy towards the woman's sacrifice towards the hooded woman... I have wish he would continue saying that that the woman is his previous life... Muwhahaha...*yaoi vibes running wild*
Wait... if hunter's weapon are made out of Pureblood's stuff, that means purebloods can control them can't they? Like the previous chapter where Kaname asked Zero's Bloody Rose to release him from the vines and the weapon obeyed... I have a bad feeling about this...
I don't think all purebloods can control vampire hunter weapons, I think only certain members from the Kuran clan. Early in the chapters it was mentioned that Kuran members can wield vh weapons, which is also the reason why the first Kuran was able to become king. So I doubt that Sarah and other purebloods can use them. Also, remember when Sara killed her fiance, she needed the assistance of that hunter (turned her into a vampire) because she can't use vh weapons.

*wishes Kaname to magically morph into his wolf-dog self at the end of the scene*



July 30 2010, 20:49:53 UTC 9 years ago

hell yea

Zero x Aido fans anyone?
I wish this sentence was in the real VK! ZeroxAido fan? Me!!!

Would Hino-sensei ever let Kaname tell Zero that he looks like his previous wife? *daydreaming*
Reading the chapters from this site made the series much more rewarding and enjoyable, although I think I'm catching some of that contagious kinkiness that has basically smothered the whole page LOL(I found myself giggling subconsciously so it kind of freaked me out at first haha).

Nonetheless, THANK YOU to the highest power for a job well done. You've inspired me to find more ways to support the series, mangaka, and publishers.

I might even begin creating my own fanfics...
Hi five. Welcome to yaoi land!
Thank you ^^
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