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Vampire Knight chapter 63 in English is here~! ❤


Here’s VK63. ^^/ Sorry for the delay.

I was doing the scans bit by bit while finishing my work deadlines as well, as usual, and so there was a delay in when I got to post the chapter. ^^;
I mostly finished earlier today and then had to go to a doctor’s appointment (for unrelated reasons XD;) and finally got to finish the chapter and post it now. :D

I’m quite dead tired right now. ^^; Plus the nurse was kind of wiggling the needle in my arm when taking blood. O_o ow.
It seems she went too far through the vein and so blood was having trouble coming out, and she started tapping the area to fix it and pulling a bit etc., while the needle was inside, oww. ^^;;; (Blood tests etc.… Never pleasant but at least it always gives fanfic ideas for VK stuff. 8D; *lol*)

But random ramblings aside, the chapter is here. :D♥

Preview image:

Close up of the preview image, for anyone wanting to have/use it or anything.

I put together chunks from the cover and pages because I wanted to have all
three of them in the image instead of only parts of the trio I love so much.

(Also, the preview image has a bit of an added blush for all three of them. XD)

And I’m tired of seeing people act in such unfair and mean manners. ^^;;

Enjoy the magazine version~! :D ❤
(Hopefully while you wait for the book version to buy/support, please~! ^-^/ ♥♥♥)

WARNING: If you intend to read the commentary and my ramblings and not just the chapter alone, then Please don't flame me for the occasional fangirling & yaoi themes/keywords in the posts.

And in case you're new here: I'm primarily a yaoi fan and my OTP is Zero x Kaname, although I also love Yuuki and ship her with both of them as a threesome, or with either of them as two lovely pairings.
When I first got into VK I got into KxY and then later into ZxY as well: I enjoy both pairings. And I adore the main trio, especially together. X3 Even if yaoi is my favorite over any of the guy/girl pairings. XD

So please don't throw rocks or anything if I fangirl either of the characters and you hate any of them.
I love the main trio, and find it really tiresome when people get all "if you like several pairings you're a traitor to [insert here whatever pairing the person flaming ships]".... ^^;;;

Fandom is for enjoying the series we love, in a peaceful and pleasant environment. It's NOT for pointless flaming or pairing wars.

This blog is a peaceful NO-pairing-wars & NO-bashing zone.

Bashing, flaming, cyber-bullying, none of those are welcome here. ^^;

If you get a sudden urge to rage and attack at anything, be it a pairing/character or, worse, a real person, please just breathe deeply and then talk about something positive instead. ^^;
Proceed with gentleness and before posting, think of how it would feel for you if your post was written by someone else talking about you yourself, or even just your favorite characters.

Let's all be considerate to each other and enjoy fandom in a pleasant and peaceful way~! :D❤❤❤

VK 63 this way! :DCollapse )

Please, don't forget to buy your local official releases of the VK manga and anime! :D
(Don't fall for the bootlegs, the anime pirated DVDs are so often made with stolen subs AND are generally of horrible quality. Please make sure to only buy the official DVDs and books, otherwise you're not supporting VK since the money goes to bootleggers instead of to the author etc. ^^;;;)

It's important. D: Any series dies without support, and VK may be popular, but it's popular for a shojo manga series, which means not that much compared to big shonen manga blockbusters. We have to support the series we love, as all series die without support. ^^;/

And that's it for this month~~! :D *hopes you enjoyed the chapter* ♥

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YOU rocks


July 28 2010, 15:34:16 UTC 9 years ago

lovely Chappies to know that zero yuuki kaname in this chapter plus the woman ancestor.
Things going with full of speculation again.
the secret of Hunter and vampire slowly revealed.
I want to know more.^^..!!

Are zero and kaname really related each other??
Kaname looks like a baby to his mother(laughs) or more like a doll to the woman ancestor.
Still confused but happy to read the chapter. zero looks cool,aidou looks funny(be careful with your mouth,zero gonna shot you lol), Kaname looks passive lol , yuuki looks cute, and woman ancestor looks hot.
waiting for the next chapter for more revelation.
Again, THANK you SGK for Ur hard work as always. ^^..!!
Thanks! :)


July 28 2010, 15:43:01 UTC 9 years ago

Thank you for the scanlation!!!
I'm happy...even about Zero I'm really happy about it. I love his cold mask. I can see right through him with that. It's not like he's hiding anything. He's just not revealing his emotions for now. If he did. It would be a volcano of every suppressed thought he had. :D I agree I find Zero so hot too. But I understand that it was only fair to have on character of each on the LaLa's hottest. Not fair for other manga guys.:)

Anyways, I'm glad Zero is related to Kaname! XD;;
Kaname has always been so down, as in having no hope, with his relationship with Yuuki. Have some confidence! He's very uke with women. 8D~~~
Lol. An abandoned cat.

Thank you.
Thank you so much for the chapter, looking so gorgeous in this chapter and I kinda can't believe Aidou would say something like that so openly o.o And the look Zero gives him just...pierces your soul O__O

The female ancestor is so beautiful and so looks like Zero o.o I love the kiss between her and Kaname, i'm really interested in their relationship now (:

I'm really intrigued by what Kaname meant when he was talking to Yuuki, i found it sort of confusing tbh...

But thank you again for the chapter =D


July 28 2010, 17:15:59 UTC 9 years ago

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing work !!!
I really love your blog !!

ps.i want to get a unreassuring grin from zero ,too >_______<
Thank you so much!
thanks for your work!! the woman ancestor is aweeesooome!! SHE RULEEEEEEESSS!! and So pretty!!!♥ idk but she have like a mischievous/rough/kinda evil aura to me so far... (its more than clear that she wouldnt accomplished all the things she did like been the "mother" of hunters and a leader without those qualities!) and the way she treated kaname killed me xD (by that time theres not even the slighthest clue that he would be the "feared Prince of Purebloods Kaname" we know now xD) the woman ancestor looks like shizuka to me... (but less insane xD)like how she's all bossy and her aparently evil look... and her relationship with kaname (in some points) like shizuka's and ichiru's...
and for me Kaname in this "yuuki's brother" part of his life have adopted the determination of the hooded ancestor... due to the need of protect yuuki and all...

I was about to have a heartattack and my eyes were like: O______O for aidou's fault and concerned about his existence when was speaking his mind! he doesnt value his life a bit!! when he was talking to zero and "the fight for the one you love" thing i was SOO NERVOUSS like "PLEASE AIDOU SHUT UP I LIKE YOU SO MUCH YOURE ONE OF MY FAV CHARACTERS AND WANT YOU TO APPEAR IN THE SERIES TIL THE END!" hes a genius but he doesnt know when to shut up!! commiting suicide.. (and kain isnot even around to save him!!) XD even when Zero wont do anything (mortal) to him... i almsot fell off my chair u.u xD


July 28 2010, 17:39:22 UTC 9 years ago

I'm gonna be honest, in the picture of lusty-eyes zero preview pic, look at the bottom.  I have to say that it looks remarkably like the top of a head in his .... crotch area lol   I'm not really pro- this or anything but it looks like Aidou's hair lol   And there have been a few strange things between them.  nothing is in a piece of literature without meaning and from early in the series ruka for example saw Aido drawing Zero and said it looks like love(and not just thinking of kaname).  now I don't think it'll happen, but I just wanted to state the facts lol.  XD.  you know what happens when someone is arrested. LOL 
Thank you so much for your hard work *___*
OMFG! Zero n the Kurans r related!!! So even ZxY fans can't bash KanamexYuki bcuz its still incest, to some degree! ;) I mean they aren't even human, more or less just grow up n over it ppl! I don't think Yuki will leave kaname, he'll probably tell her to just leave him bcuz he's not good enough! Ugh! But poor Kaname has had a very bad life! ;-; its sad! I mean the whole series can kinda b depressing sometimes! But VK is LOVE! K+Y=ETERNAL LUV! Z+K+Y=LUV TRIANGLE! Thxks Sagakure-sensai! U r soo awesome! HEART HUG SMILEY FACE! :-)
*is full of bullet holes*

Thanks for all your hard work and for posting this so quickly! :D

thats what your work is. I bow to you,
thank you so much for this. I was worried
you might get targeted for scanlating from
the industry, but it seems you are save.
I am relieved. *hugs*
But so like....answer this
Zero and Kaname are related? yes or no? lol
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