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Vampire Knight chapter 63 in English is here~! ❤


Here’s VK63. ^^/ Sorry for the delay.

I was doing the scans bit by bit while finishing my work deadlines as well, as usual, and so there was a delay in when I got to post the chapter. ^^;
I mostly finished earlier today and then had to go to a doctor’s appointment (for unrelated reasons XD;) and finally got to finish the chapter and post it now. :D

I’m quite dead tired right now. ^^; Plus the nurse was kind of wiggling the needle in my arm when taking blood. O_o ow.
It seems she went too far through the vein and so blood was having trouble coming out, and she started tapping the area to fix it and pulling a bit etc., while the needle was inside, oww. ^^;;; (Blood tests etc.… Never pleasant but at least it always gives fanfic ideas for VK stuff. 8D; *lol*)

But random ramblings aside, the chapter is here. :D♥

Preview image:

Close up of the preview image, for anyone wanting to have/use it or anything.

I put together chunks from the cover and pages because I wanted to have all
three of them in the image instead of only parts of the trio I love so much.

(Also, the preview image has a bit of an added blush for all three of them. XD)

And I’m tired of seeing people act in such unfair and mean manners. ^^;;

Enjoy the magazine version~! :D ❤
(Hopefully while you wait for the book version to buy/support, please~! ^-^/ ♥♥♥)

WARNING: If you intend to read the commentary and my ramblings and not just the chapter alone, then Please don't flame me for the occasional fangirling & yaoi themes/keywords in the posts.

And in case you're new here: I'm primarily a yaoi fan and my OTP is Zero x Kaname, although I also love Yuuki and ship her with both of them as a threesome, or with either of them as two lovely pairings.
When I first got into VK I got into KxY and then later into ZxY as well: I enjoy both pairings. And I adore the main trio, especially together. X3 Even if yaoi is my favorite over any of the guy/girl pairings. XD

So please don't throw rocks or anything if I fangirl either of the characters and you hate any of them.
I love the main trio, and find it really tiresome when people get all "if you like several pairings you're a traitor to [insert here whatever pairing the person flaming ships]".... ^^;;;

Fandom is for enjoying the series we love, in a peaceful and pleasant environment. It's NOT for pointless flaming or pairing wars.

This blog is a peaceful NO-pairing-wars & NO-bashing zone.

Bashing, flaming, cyber-bullying, none of those are welcome here. ^^;

If you get a sudden urge to rage and attack at anything, be it a pairing/character or, worse, a real person, please just breathe deeply and then talk about something positive instead. ^^;
Proceed with gentleness and before posting, think of how it would feel for you if your post was written by someone else talking about you yourself, or even just your favorite characters.

Let's all be considerate to each other and enjoy fandom in a pleasant and peaceful way~! :D❤❤❤


AS USUAL, the commentary written in my post can be full of spoilers.
So please only read the commentary once you've read the chapter, in case I am randomly talking about later pages. ^^;;
Not only that, but the commentary can sometimes be VERY random. It's the sum of the notes + my fangirling, my rambling about theories and fic ideas resulting from the chapter, and a number of things. So if you read each page reading the commentary on same time, it gets very messy. I always recommend always reading the chapter once first, and THEN re-reading with the commentary, so that your enjoyment of the canon isn't diminished by losing track of things due to all the random rambling. ^^;

And warning: the ramblings/commentary are generally full of wild fangirling. ^^/
For the most part, it’s yaoi fangirling, since I adore Zero x Kaname (and tend to wildly and randomly ship Rido x Kaname, Ichiru x Zero, and a ton of other pairings also), but it also delves into plenty of other pairings, and particularly, I ship Yuuki with both of the guys.

This month it might be less wild on the fangirling because I'm pretty tired right now, so my post might be rather incoherent as I'm writing this (except for the copy-pastes of the notes since it's written long before, as I scanlated), but hopefully it might still be a bit entertaining if you also are into VK yaoi or like the threesome etc. and/or are wondering about the same things I'm rambling about. :)

If it makes you get angry to see people fangirling the manga or the characters etc., you probably should stick to just reading the chapters themselves. ^^;
In any case, please don't hate me for talking about various things in the post. ^^;; It's not like I'm forcing anyone to read anything on a pairing they dislike, and you can always scroll past the commentary etc... ^^;;

Some more stuff to get out of the way before we start:

What I love the most in fandom, is fanfiction/fanarts/fanstuff. That's the embodiment of the love of the fans for the series and its characters.
I have tons of fun drawing and writing VK stuff, and a lot more fun reading or seeing stuff by other fans.
This and rambling about the things we enjoy in the series etc. with other fans is what I enjoy the most in fandom. ^^

I COULDN’T CARE LESS for all the pointless “this/that pairing is good & this/that pairing is bad [*insert here ferocious discussion*]" thing that seems to unfortunately occupy so much of so many fans' time. ^^;
In fact, as long as Zero and Kaname can both end up not totally miserable or dead by the end of the series, I’ll be happy with it. For me, who Yuuki ends up with is VERY secondary compared to that (though I also like Yuuki and want her to be happy too, of course! What I mean is, as long as Z & K are okay and not miserable, I don’t mind if Yuuki ends up with Aidou or whoever. XD *lol*)

The most important thing for me is to enjoy the series and my favorite characters. Which are Kaname and Zero.
All the pairing stuff and pointless rivalry etc. is not important for me.
(Well, if there’s fanservice with any of the characters I like, I'll find it a lovely scene for that, but that's just it, it's not "superior" to a scene from the other pairing.)

My OTP is Zero x Kaname, but I obviously realize VK will not end in yaoi. XD;
So by definition, my favorite pairing is impossible anyway.

I also love Yuuki and love the trio in a threesome, and over the course of the series, I have gotten into her with both of the guys, so for me the ideal ending for the manga (other than Zero x Kaname XD), would be for them to somehow end up ‘sharing’ Yuuki or some sort of arrangement like that, so that both Kaname and Zero are at least somewhat happy by the end of the series.
This is the ending I’d cheer for, regardless of how unlikely it may be. Hope dies last, and so we can all always hope for the arrangements we’d like most. :D

So in short, I root for Zero x Kaname when it comes to fanservicey lovely things (regardless of ZxK not being a couple in canon), and for Yuuki in a trio with the two guys, as my ideal hopeful ending.

So please stop bringing pairing-war stuff to this place. It doesn’t belongs here. I don’t care for pairing rivalries. ^^;

And as a last little thing, I of course hope Yuuki would not dump Kaname, but that doesn’t mean I don't want her to be with Zero.
For fans of only one pairing, this idea seems incompatible one way or the other, but for us fans who like both pairings/the trio together, it's perfectly simple.
It just means I want her to pull Zero in too, and be with both of them. X3

(So please don't attack me if I express happy fan spirit etc. over her being with one or the other or over the possibility of her being with one or the other...)

They’re vampires after all. They can do all sorts of epic things, so for one pureblood girl to have a bit of a harem… well, it’s comparatively way less shocking than things Rido has done. XD;;
(Or so many other characters in the series. Even Ichiru, who’s human, and yet had cannibalism etc. and yet is still loved by the fans without problems, for example.)
So go for it Yuuki!! XD Reassure Kaname from his fears of you ditching him and then go finally knock some sense into Zero’s head and bring him home too. X3 *so hopes such a thing would happen already*

And a thing about VK in general: The love triangle aside (that's the romance aspect of the series, but not its world background), VK is for the most part a series about racial issues and about the difficult path for people of different races and with all the baggage of the past to accept one another and coexist ideally. ^^

Hino-sensei has expressed before that she feels strongly about war/fighting being bad for people, and countless authors before her have created other worlds and also used fictional races (vampires in this case) to better illustrate the problems of racism and difficulties for people of different ethnicities to accept each other etc. in our world as well. By doing this, those authors get to criticize the bad things of our world without having to make the story be about one ethnicity of our world vs. another. It’s a metaphor so that readers can see it without reacting the way they might react if it was real ethnicities instead of imaginary stuff in another world.

Of the key characters of the story, they pretty much all are or were at one point of another idealistic over such matters.
Regardless of whether they continued that way through time (example, the Kuran family except for Rido), or partially changed mind along the path (example, Zero, who as a child had risked his life to try and prevent his master from killing a level E who had attacked them, and who in the novel hoped for a world where hunters didn’t kill the vampires, not even level E’s), they all had that spark of hope and innocence in wanting to reach for an ideal (coexistence etc.) that may be utopic but that's worth striving for. :)

So I don’t think that this story could end up turning into anything like “vampires are baddies and humans are like little angels” or something simplistic like that. ^^;
Likewise, it’s not about purebloods being bad either. Ichiru himself, despite being human and having gotten killed by Rido, pointed out that it’s all the same, humans are just as bad.

There’s no “good race” and “bad race”. ^^;

VK is pretty much a story about how we’re all different, but we all have to learn to live with each other in peace, even when terrible things happen that make people feel like others are ‘the enemy’ or something. :D
Sooner or later, people hopefully just end up realizing that it’s not like that and that there’s good people and bad people in any group, anywhere in the world. ^^

Which is why I think that if the manga keeps in the same direction of importance of coexistence and peace etc. like it’s been going towards all along, then sooner or later we’ll progressively see Zero challenge his own views of things, and have to come to grips with the issues in his past and with Yuuki, and accept that she’s still the same person he loves, and that purebloods are not any different from others. :D❤
Hopefully, one day he might be able to rescue some of the innocence and ideals he had before he grew up and his life became so difficult after Shizuka etc.

I don’t think Kaname and Zero would ever end up cheerful buddies ( XD *would love the fanservice if they did though*), but the grudging understanding of each other they shared at school might return and/or get better even, one day.

I don’t think Zero could end the series truly hating purebloods or something like that. A lot of his hatred is a mask. It gives a purpose to keep moving forward, like when he focused everything he had on killing Shizuka (and planning to die with her ^^;; But luckily ended up not)
…Zero is a survivor, so even when things are bad he clings to it and keeps moving forward. Both Kaname and him end up wearing such thick masks as a result of having so much hurt and problems to hide beneath, but it doesn't changes the fact that beneath the mask, the softness and hurt is still there. They just LOOK cold and perfectly calm etc. ^^;

So for now, Zero might still be the way he currently is, but I don’t lose hope that sooner or later he’ll come back to the more hopeful and innocent path he was on as a child. :D
(And it’s also the only hope for him and Yuuki together, because he has to accept her and even himself for it to be possible, and it can only be done by overcoming the issue he has with vampires. ^^; *hopes Ichiru’s views might help with that* :D❤)

I strongly hope that Yuuki will mature more and be able to give Kaname the reassurance he needs as well as be able to talk to Zero without letting his current mask stop her. That and I hope Zero will make concessions in that too and talk to her. :D He needs to interact with her more to see that she's still the same Yuuki. *hopes they'd all three just get together and break the ice wall that's in place between them* ^^;

So, whether you hope for a threesomey ending like me, or whether you ship only one of the main pairings, please don’t focus on the hate and mistaking the series for something encouraging hate or any of the such, when all along it’s been about coexistence and the beauty of striving for such ideals even when the odds of those two races living in peace one day are so difficult. :)❤❤❤

And about the current stuff going on with many scanlation sites closing down:

In case you haven't heard it before, a coalition of Western and Japanese publishers are leading a movement against the scanlation aggregator sites (that's the large sites with many series in them), because with the industry being in such a crisis worldwide, companies are more actively searching for potential causes for their sales falling, and then things get rather tangled with the legal aspect of it all. ^^;;

It's a pity that things are going this way, it would be great if they could instead reach some sort of agreement on both sides to keep such sites as a form of semi-official manga site paying royalties back to the publishers, so that it could work for both parts, the sites and the publishers. ^^;

But as of now this doesn’t seems to be the way things are going, and sites are closing down as a result. OneManga in particular is closing this month, and many of you have asked about it in PMs etc., wondering if I'd stop posting translations too.

Some of you have also asked about the 2channeru comments people made on sites being closed. (A thread with reposted 'worst of' comments had been passed around from there).
I'd like to remind you that 2channeru is the Japanese equivalent of 4chan (in fact, I believe it inspired 4chan's creation), and like with anon boards all over the world, if there's some troll comments in threads there it's really not something surprising, nor does that mean that all Japanese are that way... there are trolls in every country. ^^

In any case, this current thing is going on between the publishers and the big scan aggregator sites, the coalition said nothing of hunting down the individual fans who are just translating to share with fellow fans etc. without having lots of series in a same site etc.
So maybe it might still be okay for the people just translating etc.

Unless this situation changes later, you can still read the translation here. ^^/

Even if the large sites end up having to close down, you can always drop by for your dose of VK, be it the translation and the VK news as I usually do whenever there's something new, or simply for the overall fangirling and rambling + fanarts and fanfics etc. :D❤❤❤

And onwards to the chapter itself:

Click for a slightly bigger version of the cover.

Gorgeous cover is gorgeous. *-*

It must be the Kaname-uke love in me that makes me like so much images in which he's so... deliciously vulnerable and looking somewhat unconscious or other. X3 Hino-sensei seems to really like to draw him that way~!❤
(Like in the coffin pic from a while ago, or in the teaser pic some chapters ago. 8D❤ *drools*)

I just need to Photoshop Zero into that image in a fan-edit of it sometime. 8D *is shot*
(Well, not necessarily to remove Yuuki and replace with Zero, but just adding Zero to have him in the image would be cool too. X3)

I just wish he had more images where Zero smiles etc... D: Happy-looking images...^^;;;
VK needs more of those.<3 Not just for Zero but Kaname too, there's not that many with them all smiling etc. *treasures the few*

...Inevitably, no matter what image I'm talking about, it somehow ends up with ramblings about Zero x Kaname or at least Kaname & Zero. XD;; *lol*

I'm actually ecstatic over the fact the ancestor woman in this chapter makes me think of Zero so much. 8D The way she looks and her very light hair etc. :D

Fellow pervs in parts of the Japanese fandom were also giggling over the whole thing and how the fact she created the hunters and mixed her DNA to theirs makes that the Kurans and Zero are distantly related after all. 8D *is amused and finds it somewhat kinky*

...and back to the chapter. ^^; *rambles*

There was some extra stuff in LaLa this month, because of the LaLa magazine 34th anniversary celebrations.
However, if you hate Kaname you should probably skip this part and go directly to the B&W chapter pages, because it's all Kaname. ^^;

Just in case, because there's all sorts of pairing-war-induced-extreme-paranoia in this fandom, before showing you the scans I wanted to make it very clear that:
I pass on the news and stuff from LaLa for the sake of sharing anything VK-related etc. with the fandom, but I have no power over who or what shows up in the magazine, quite obviously.

I'm happy Kaname is in the anniversary stuff, but I'm not happy over Zero not being in it.
My showing you scans of the things LaLa did for the anniversary thing does not mean in any way that I approve of them having shown one character and not the other.
(In fact I'm hoping they'll have similar stuff with Zero another month or something hopefully.

There's no point in flaming me for editorial decisions taken by LaLa magazine or anyone's choices etc. that I have nothing to do with.

As you know, cultural differences etc., make that fans from different cultures favor this or that thing in this or that character, causing different favorites in different areas.
That may be why Zero is favored by the majority of the fans in the West and Kaname is favored by the majority of the fans in Japan.
(Pairings may fluctuate back and forth depending on this or that recent event, but ratings seems to remain stable for the two guys by themselves.)

This is a fact, not an opinion or anything on my part. So don't flame me or accuse me of ridiculous stuff, please. ^^;;;
It’s been that way since always with this series, Japanese fans have always loved both of them with a preference for Kaname and Western fans have always loved Zero more.

And anyway, there’s nothing wrong with it not being exactly identical for each character all over the world, it’s all a part of how diverse our fandom is. ^^;
Love is always good, for either of them. ❤❤❤ (It's hatred that ruins fandoms, never love, even if they sometimes walk hand in hand when people unfortunately think they have to hate a character because they love another. ^^;; )

And just in case: I JUST PASS ON INFORMATION/NEWS. ^^;; I obviously don't get any say in who loves or hates which character in which countries, so please don't flame me for it.

Few things are more unfair than shooting the messenger for bringing news you dislike. ^^;;; (And this goes for either side, I'm not targeting anyone in particular of course. ^^;)

(I love them both anyway...*wishes SO MUCH that VK was yaoi* XD;;;)

Both characters are loved, in both fandoms, English-speaking one or Japanese-speaking one.

With this all said, here's the magazine pages finally.
(It’s sad that fandom virulence and paranoia can be such that you need to put so many warnings just to be able to pass on some info from the magazine without as much risk of being misunderstood or flamed. ^^; Strange world…)

So, LaLa is celebrating the magazine's 34th anniversary. For this, they decided to do a thingie with the 34 years of hot guys throughout their most popular series, with each year the series started. (VK started on the January 2005 LaLa, which came out in november of 2004. SO VK gets 2005 as its start year.)
Sometimes, there's more than one character per year, so I happily looked through the list in search of the VK spot expecting to find both of the main guys from it, and suddenly noticed... that the magazine shows Kaname only, representing VK.

O_o *totally expected both of the guys to be in there*
And the way they present the thing by mentioning the loveable heroines, their best friends and the hot guys is also so odd... Hopefully it's just because it matches so many other series that are non-love-triangle-heavy. ^^;;; (Maybe they couldn’t have two guys from a single series and had to choose… ^^;; But...!! so wanted both*)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy to see Kaname there, but I'm definitely unhappy that Zero isn't on the list too. ;-; *wants both, finds both so hot and worthy of being on a “historic hotguys of the magazine” type of list* (Zero's also so hot...)

Again, PLEASE don't use that to attack either side of the fandom. It doesn't makes either of the characters better or less good, and it doesn't justifies either side to bash either. ^^;

Unrelatedly and on a less gloomy tone though, I find it amusing that since it's a list of hot male guys and they have to put the iconic characters of the different series... it ends up getting funny in cases of series that are not romance based or not exactly about 'hot guys' per se, such as the series with the ferret, or the series about the kindergarten kids, which is displaying one of the main character toddlers!! XD *lol* Really not quite 'hot guys' there, but well... maybe in quite a while once they grow up. XD *lol* The boy I mean, not the ferret. XD XD

The other anniversary thingie was a thing where they look at the items characters "own" or carry around with them. ^^

For that one too, they had Kaname representing VK, as well as a contest to win super limited Kaname wallets:

Unfortunately, not Zero carried thingies. :X The rest was other mangas.
*is hoping that they might do it with him too another time* ^^

And lasty for the little anniversary extras, they were also doing a contest for the anniversary where you can win illustrations from the mangakas of the magazine, and Hino-sensei drew a color pic of Kaname in summer mode under the shade of the leaves:

And into the whole trio now, next month's LaLa comes with a new free VK goodie~! :D

That's it for the little extras, and we can move onto the chapter itself. ^^/

At first when I read quicly the first time, I was more focused on the worrysome aspect of the scene because I fear so much that people might go wild bashing because Zero is arresting Aidou etc... But despite it being a serious situation, Aidou makes it funny too, and the yaoi mind images of it all inevitably invaded my mind. 8D *so wishes Zero was sexily arresting Kaname instead, and going to take him for some HOT Zero x Kaname in the association dungeons or something* XD<33

I'm sure we all agree we would love to be grinned at in 'unreassuring ways' by Zero... 8D *drools*

(Not only he looks as smoking hot as ever, but his smile that way gives me all sorts of kinky mind images. 8D Zero smiling looking like he has some sort of kinky idea in mind is irresistible~~~~! *melts all the way*)

Note: Hino-sensei has used before in the drama CD the situation of Aidou and other vampires babbling about things that make Zero think of Yuuki or of Kaname and Yuuki together, which subsequently makes Zero angry and causes him to snap at Aidou etc. In the drama CD, it was used for comical effect in scenes where Aidou and Ichijou would mention Kaname or Yuuki and Zero would get increasingly furious, resulting in the former Night Class members panicking with Zero reaching for the Bloody Rose and the others trying to shut Aidou and Ichijou up and telling them things such as they were risking their lives etc.
The current angst level in the series with the love triangle makes that even in the drama CD, it was already a comedy-mixed-with-drama approach, but when the theme is pulled into the manga itself rather than just in stand-alone drama CD situations, the tension in such scenes is naturally higher.
However, please keep in mind that Zero still hasn't done more than just arrest Aidou: Please don't bash him regardless of what you think might happen or not with them.
Same for Kaname or any other characters. Bashing is always something that lessens the fandom enjoyment for everybody, so please try to keep our fandom pleasant for us all and by not bashing any characters or pairings.

Btw, the wobbly bubble is Aidou's. In case it wasn’t clear. In Japanese it flows so easily, but there’s so many things that are far less smooth in English, hence why I always try to make sure it’s as clear.

Also btw, the elctric shock is probably from the door... I'd guess, at least. Since the hunters have stuff for vampires to not go through this or that, so it would make sense that it works that way also in cars to arrest them, and that it might zap him if he shakes the door too much.


No matter how serious the moment, saying such things is inevitably going to cause this for fans. XD;

But it's ever so odd how Zero's perfect ice mask is so in place these days, and how he looks so.... calm etc. even while saying this. ^^; *wants him to look more passionate again, and more lively*

Note: Aidou may not have said the name, but it's clear that he's talking about Yuuki, by implying that if he’d been Zero he’d have fought his adversary to take the woman he wants from him. ^^
There's many possible interpretations for why Aidou might be saying such a thing despite being on Kaname's side. The most simple one in the current situation is that Aidou is visibly glaring at Zero for being dragged into this and arrested, and by implying that if Zero is angry at Yuuki being with Kaname instead of him, then he should be taking this up with Kaname directly, Aidou can point out to Zero that he’s aware of what the real issue at hand is (Zero being angry due to the love triangle and not at Aidou personally), and that he feels Zero should handle the issue itself rather than be pulling him into it.

It is also possible that Aidou might be being genuinely kind in telling Zero what he thinks is best for someone (Aidou might be thinking that regardless of who wins such a fight, it's best to still try again and again anyway rather than to live in anger and regrets instead).

Aidou's last bubble in this page had a verb in Japanese that doesn't have an exact English equivalent in a single word, and that means “taking something or someone from someone else”, hence the bubble.

*drools at the partially open shirt* 8D

Yuuki is looking through Kaname's memories and seeing the scene where the last chapter ended. Kaname had been refusing to drink any blood because he didn't want to drink from the humans, and he'd passed out, presumably from starvation or just being too weakened by continually not feeding. The hooded woman had found him and taken him to a bed. When he regained consciousness, she offered him blood (but with the condition that he'd repay her for it). This picks up after that scene, although we don't see if the blood drinking already took place or was later. They are talking to each other, and Yuuki is hearing while she watches Kaname's memories.

Subtle details in how they speak etc. allow us to know who's talking: The first bubble in this page is Kaname. The next three are the hooded woman, and the last two are presumably/probably also her.

If you remember their past interactions in the previous chapter, both are human-friendly, although Kaname's refusal to bite them goes so far (he won't bite them even when they're willing volunteers) that she'd scolded him for what he's doing to himself. She approves of biting humans that are willing, but wants it to remain limited, and disapproves of some of the other purebloods, who have been biting/turning more and more humans for fun.
Kaname lived many years among the humans, trying to pass himself for one of them, but they eventually realized he didn't age etc., and ran him out of the village as a mob with pitchforks etc. This incident seems to have heightened his reluctance to drink blood, and his loneliness and impressions of being a monster.

With this new scene, we finally see what idea he came up with in the attempt to fight his need for blood: if he manages to make himself love someone, one person in particular, then he will only truly crave that person's blood, and the humans would be safe from the danger he would otherwise represent for them.

The prospect of someone attempting to make themselves feel that way for the sake of protecting others, and to try to hold that way for eternity (purebloods can't die naturally), makes the hooded woman think it's a fool's idea, but it's also so deeply idealistic and desperately utopic that it's very revealing of Kaname's self-sacrificing nature, and gets her to find that she finally understands him a bit better.

Note: We saw in vk62 that Kaname had been the feudal lord of an area, in which he was close to the villagers, helping them with their harvests and even giving them his own blood for medicine. He was hiding that he was a vampire, however, and when they realized he was different from them, they called him a monster and cast him away. Kaname obeyed them and left without fighting back or trying to convince them otherwise, not even to refute that he wasn’t a monster.
Knowing this makes the hooded woman understand more about Kaname’s own image of himself: He won’t refute the names the villagers called him because deep inside, he seems to really think he is a monster for being born what he was...

Incidentally, I still have TONS of urges for fanfiction about the villager crowd x Kaname. 8D

And now also about the enemy pureblood group x Kaname too. 8D;;;

EPIC HOTNESS FTW~! 8D Kaname is so deliciously uke-looking (or just plain innocent-looking and adorable XD) throughout this chapter~! X3 The hotness is so adorably irresistible~! *urge to doodle Zero x Kaname fanarts is HUGE*

The verb he used has a suffix added to it that indicates she did it for him, as in, it’s not a random statement of her having held his hand and that’s it, it’s also an indication of him being grateful for her having held it.<3
There’s no such add-on verbs in English, hence the “kindly” used as a replacement so that the same meaning of receiving something done by someone for you is implied.

Those two pages are so cute and look so sad. ;-; *clings*

VK is ever so complicated and long and full of details and vague things, so here's a little timeline of things we do know about Kaname's current life. ^^/
(You already know this if you read the manga/re-read the series sometimes etc., but sometimes there's people asking stuff like why would Kaname like Yuuki or whether he's in love for her, and so I guess perhaps some things get forgotten over the several months...? ^^;)

Sort-of-timeline of Kaname's current life:

1) 18 years ago, Haruka and Juri have a baby. Rido decides to devour the child, but then thinks that it would be a waste to gain so little power when he can instead sacrifice the little life to awaken and bind to his ownership the ancestor, which he would then immediately devour, gaining a considerably bigger power.
The plan backfires however, since Kaname freaks out at what's going on with the baby etc. and manages to attack Rido. Faced with the option to devour Haruka/Juri etc. to regenerate his body, or give them complete control and power of life and death over his life etc., Kaname seals his own memory and turns himself into a baby again, the only form for which he could regenerate enough flesh due to the damage his body had sustained over the years etc.
So Kaname became a baby raised by Haruka & Juri, and had no memories of his past life. As such, he was like any other normal child.

2) Yuuki was born etc., the two children were engaged (the "born to be his bride" thing and other traditions of pureblood intermarriage, though we don't know at what point it was done.
In any case, at this point, the children presumably believe themselves to be siblings since Kaname doesn't has his memories back yet. They are very close and exchange cute promises of getting married later.)

3) Kaname grew up next to Yuuki, sharing unconditional love and the warmth of her and the family. Naturally, he loved her back too. (In flashbacks with them little, including in the recent Pureblood Pack drama CD, Hino-sensei showed clearly that while he was still a bit reluctant and shy around the parents, he was completely open to Yuuki, and she had him wrapped around her little finger long before either of them were old enough to realize that. The moments with them interacting etc. make it clear that they were very close, and that in a way he depended on her already even if she didn't know yet, and even if he might not have remembered yet who he was since earlier on.)

4) Kaname's memories of himself as the ancestor returned (we don't know exactly when/what age, nor if they came back progressively or what --in fact, we don't even know if he remembers everything even now). At this point, in any case, once he regains his memories he remembers his ex from the previous life, but he also has his love for Yuuki now.

5) Whether Yuuki has any link with the past or not, Kaname loves her (with epic levels of clinginess X3), and deeply fears that she could come to any harm. He also fears that she might die the way the previous one did, something that he couldn't stand to go through.

Note: Yuuki isn’t actually in the past herself, she is seeing Kaname’s memories through his eyes. So others looking at her are actually seeing Kaname back then and not her.

If you remember, in the previous chapter, the hooded woman said she’d give Kaname her blood, but that she’d have him repay her for it right away.
Apparently, the moment might be now, since it seems she’s taking him to have him go fight the other ancestors she mentioned before… ^^;

When Yuuki identifies the woman as the one who picked up/rescued Kaname, she used the same word used for when someone finds an abandoned cat/ takes in a stray/ adopts a cat from a rescue. XD<3 *rotfl*
(Sure, that word is commonly used in normal talking about taking in/rescuing etc., but I was amused because it matched so quickly with the mental image of lost-kitty-Kaname in the past after the villagers threw him out. XD;;; *is easily amused*)

Yuri now, please. 8D *is shot* XD;;;

Incidentally, it's interesting to note that all along, even though it's made clear that the relationship with the ancestor woman was important for Kaname, it's never openly said whether it was actually romantical feelings that they shared. ^^ *wonders and looks forward to hopefully more stuff about the past*

Did Kaname actually get to love the hooded woman in a way anywhere similar to the way we see that he loves Yuuki nowadays, or was it just him trying to focus on something in hopes of resisting the thirst for blood and the danger of biting humans as a result?
(After all, you can't "make yourself love someone" just for the sake of not hurting the humans... Which might be why he seems so passive around her, and she's the one always talking and going into action etc.)
After all, we don't know if he ever felt 'actualy romantical love' for her or if it was a deep attachment but more of the nature of someone clinging to a parent or mentor or other important role/life-altering image. ^^ It's interesting either way, I find. :D

When Yuuki felt Kaname's feelings for the woman, it was that she was an important thing in his life, but she didn't say the word love. So that's an interesting thing to wonder about, whether it might mean something or not. :D

And of course also, we can wonder whether the woman was ever in actual love with Kaname... Did she pick him up when she'd find him unconscious because she cared or because she saw there an opportunity she couldn't pass on? (And he was rather easy to manipulate in his condition then and with how dejected he seemed to be after being kicked out of the village and treated like a monster etc.)

In a way, she's the one who left him, since she sent him off to follow her orders and then went off and died. ^^; So... this might also be another thing that left a heavy weight in his heart making him to scared of the possibility of Yuuki sacrificing herself one day, or even just throwing him away and leaving. ^^

Although with this chapter, it seems he's reached the end of his rope and he's thinking Yuuki has done enough for him etc., and apparently once again expecting her to dump him. ^^; But seeming more deeply depressed and resigned than usual. ^^;
*wonders if he'll try to pull away etc., or what* (It's a not uncommon plot device to keep things moving, to have one of the two people pull away 'for the sake of the other' but only resulting in more angst for both too since Yuuki loves both K & Z. ^^;
*wishes they'd just pull Zero into the Kuran manor too and become a happy threesome already* XD;;; *is shot*)

This is so much bigger than we could have imagined in past volumes. ^^ The conflict between the purebloods mentioned before was directly linked to the Kuran side trying to save mankind from being exterminated/being turned completely. They were fighting the purebloods who wanted to convert all humans into ex-human servant-slaves... O_O

Epic fanfic urges now~! X3

Keep in mind, we see Yuuki, but the woman is seeing Kaname. XD

Note: By “they”, the hooded woman is talking about the other purebloods turning all the humans into slaves, and not about the victims (the ex-humans). We saw her express disapproval of the other purebloods actions in the previous chapter already, and Kaname is against biting humans and would naturally also want to stop the enemies’ plan of wiping out mankind. Which in turn, prompted her to take Kaname there and then subsequently this scene where she sends him against them.

This page might be a bit confusing at first sight, but basically: the hooded woman talked about the whole issue of the humans being turned and used as slaves and the other purebloods planning to turn all of mankind that way. After she was done talking, she turned and stared at Yuuki, who was thinking about the situation and realizing that she’s seeing things through Kaname’s eyes, in his memories.
Right about then, Yuuki notices the woman is looking at her (hence the little marks showing she noticed, in the top left frame), and is confused as to why she’s looking or what she’s expecting her to say or do, and asks the woman “What?”
At that point, the woman shoves her [whom she’s seeing as being Kaname] off the horse, angered by Yuuki’s “what?” since apparently her silence and staring meant she was expecting Kaname to get off the horse and go after the other purebloods she’d been talking about. (Hence her mention of what he’d also said before, and her ordering him to go.)

The “they” she keeps talking about is the ancestors wiping out mankind. They are the ones Kaname wanted to stop. Hence her words in the next page.

The plan etc. appears to be hers and not Kaname’s though, and so was the whole thing that was brought up. This is evident in the way she speaks of it all, and concludes by apologizing for pushing this duty onto him. He wants to stop the bad guys too, but she’s the one with the ideas and leadership at least at this point it seems. That and many other things really pass on a feeling of mentor/student that makes me wonder if maybe Kaname learned strategy etc. from her. :3 (Since nowadays we know he’s good at planning etc., while he seemed so much more subdued and just going with the flow of her decisions back then.)

Note: The last two bubbles are again Yuuki perceiving Kaname’s feelings since she’s actually seeing the memories through his eyes and feeling what he felt back then. It was also Kaname’s feelings Yuuki was feeling when they were on the horse.

Yuuki… you can still have hot yuri experiences while in the memories… XD (Well, not exactly yuri technically… if there was sex, Yuuki would feel it through Kaname’s body and as such she’d… discover the feeling of having certain body parts she doesn’t usually has. XD *LOL*
*cough*Well, outside of some of my favorite fics, that is. *cough* XD XD)

We'd all expected she'd look like Yuuki, and yet, she looks... sort of like Zero. XD *lol*

I love that she has such light hair, and longer eyes and face, giving her a beauty that's so different from Yuuki's beauty or that of other characters in the series, on the girlier side. She has a more powerful and somewhat manlier beauty. :D Feminine still, but stronger in the features etc.
(In the way her face and nose are longer and look more 'grown-up' and strong, and her eyes are also longer and less roundish, considerably more like the Kuran guys' eyes than like the girls' eyes. Not just Yuuki, but more than Juri too. ^^ Her features are very distinct, and I find that very interesting.)

Hino-sensei might have done this all so that people wouldn't think they look alike and assume that this could be why Kaname is with Yuuki or anything like that. :)

This way, it's a clear cut and there's no doubt that they're completely different, not only in the way they speak but also in their looks etc. :D

There's something I wanted to mention, that I also mentioned in the summary:
Even if Kaname were to turn out to have had romantical feelings for the hooded woman, it wouldn't change anything to the love triangle in nowadays-VK anyway, because Yuuki loves two people nowadays, so even if Kaname had loved someone in the past, it wouldn't make him any less worthy of her. (Especially considering how long ago it was anyway, and that he never betrayed Yuuki, it was long before she was alive nowadays anyway...)

If anything, it makes him even more similar to Yuuki in a way, although still different because he was so lost back in the past and clinging to just anything, while the love he has for Yuuki seems different and so much more than from what we could see of his interactions with the hooded woman so far.

No doubt there will be people who hate Kaname saying that he's unworthy of Yuuki because he was with someone in the past, but there's always been and always will be character hatred, unfortunately.
(Just how there's also people saying Zero is unworthy of Yuuki because of the times he's said he'd kill her, but it doesn't changes the fact we know that he loves her, and I don't believe he'd actually do it. It's just words. So hating a character and even bashing just because of something they may have said/done/thought at one point or another of a story is a pity. ^^;)

There will always be haters for any pairing, and this doesn't changes how lovely the manga is or how interesting and loveable the characters are. ^^

So don't let people tell you any pairing is unworthy or "not good" or whatever, just love whatever pairing you love without ever attacking someone else's favorite pairing or character, and fandom will be a much more enjoyable place for us all. :D ❤❤❤

(And please don't flame me because I mentioned all three of them in the same sentence, I'm NOT speaking negatively of either pairing! (People sometimes get angry when you mention one or the other pairing when talking about the other, so I thougt I'd warn just in case and avoid getting flamed, hopefully. ^^;

I love all three of them, which is why I mention all three of them. And just how it pains me to see people saying it's ridiculous to like ZxY because they think it's "impossible" or that he doesn't deserves her or whatever, it pains me to see people saying it's bad to like KxY because of the past or whatever makes the person hate Kaname.

Both pairings are lovely and deserve love, not hatred or pairing wars.)

Yuuki is a very sweet person, and she deeply cares for her loved ones and understands them. (Or at least tries to so much, even the times she has trouble understanding them. XD ♥)

The way she breaks the kiss smirking like that and says that… it’s so epic. XD;;;; *lol*
I love that woman. XD I crave hardcore yaoi fanfiction with her as one of those super demanding seme characters. XD XD *lol*
Well aside from the fact she’s a woman and so yaoi fics wouldn't be really yaoi... but it’s okay. XDD I bet she would have no qualms about using certain, err, things for such situations. XD *is shot*

Onto a more serious subject, we can guess she didn’t mean that just about the situation at hand… It was probably also about the fact she knew Kaname would go on striving for his ideals, which are also her ideals, even after she was gone. (As in, dead.) ^^;

The girl turned by the castle people looks totally unfazed by the distress of her mother. ^^;
It’s scary the things a bad-intentioned pureblood can do to humans. ^^;;; (And as a direct mirror of it, it’s all the more amazing and wonderful to see purebloods that are not like that, such as for example the Kuran family :D --–well, aside from Rido. XD;)

Kinky Zero x Aidou dungeon bondage with chains etc. anytime now. *lol* XD *is shot*

*nosebleed explosion at the trenchcoat look, inevitably* 8D~~ (That and how hot he looks when he's talking about the gun stuff... *-* Wow! *licks page*)

Note that instead of the usual term “anti-vampire weapons”, Aidou chose to call them “weapons for killing vampires.” Perhaps from the point of view of a vampire, this is how they would be normally viewed... ^^;;

So... Zero and the Kurans are related. 8D❤❤❤

The female ancestor's DNA was mixed to the hunters, giving them power etc. when she gave them blood, which is why the hunters have vampire genetic material within them too... :D (As we saw in the Kaien bonus.
Hunters have their abilities and go on passing them on to their children because they have this genetic material within them.)
So it's her genetic material that's passed on in each hunter generations, passing on the powers. ^^

So Zero is related to the Kurans as a result. X3 (Because genetically it's the case, the genetic material is there, even if the hunters weren't direct descendents of the ancestor woman. They received her genetic material and powers in the blood instead of by birth, but they're passing it on by giving birth to more children, and as such, it's passing on and on just as if the Kurans and them shared a distant relation. X3)

We don't know if the presence of that genetic material in the hunters' blood is enough to have any direct uses (like the way Shizuka could use Maria's body because she was a distant relative) or if it's too little to have such effect, but it's just a fun thing to think of for fans, that's all. XD *likes kinky situations for the characters, and is amused by this* XD

Parts of the Japanese fandom were having a bouncy happy amused moment over the main trio being related, earlier. XD

Funny enough, this makes that Zero and Yuuki are distantly related, like Kaname and Yuuki are, but unless it turns out that the ancestor woman and Kaname were also somehow related physically/genetically (which doesn't appears to be the case as far as we know XD), then Kaname and Zero are still unrelated......*weeps, would have liked it even more if Z&K were related too, but will settle for them both being distantly related to Yuuki* XD

I love so much that the ancestor woman looks sort of like Zero. XD XD *so many Zero x Kaname mind images*

Note: The word used by Zero in Japanese is one used for people mourning someone’s death (hence the bubble...), so she did apparently die indeed.
However how, or when exactly she might have died is not quite clear yet, because technically, a pureblood wouldn’t die just from having their heart destroyed. They would need to also have their healing stopped by a hunter weapon.

So it’s possible that she became the first victim of the newborn weapons, or that the hunters she’d just created were angry by the death of the ones who didn’t survive trying to gain their new powers, and that they took her life for it. We also still don’t know whether she was devoured after this, or whether the reason why the hunter curse begun “for devouring an ancestor” was just because of her blood and heart getting consumed, but that perhaps she wasn't entirely consumed. ^^ *looks forward to more chapters to hopefully know more on it*

One thing remains, she died. When and how we're not sure, but maybe once she was weakened from the heart thing, that's when the devouring happened maybe…? ^^; The first hunters might also have killed her once she was at their mercy... ^^; From their point of view, she was like the other vampires after all, and they would be angry that some of them didn’t survive the power-gaining thing. ^^;

We finally know how the first purebloods came about. (Even if we still have many questions left, including about what triggered this happening, and stuff on Kaname's earlier past/first childhood.)

Something significantly less important but still interesting about this page, is that it might be implying Kaname's parents didn't love him, perhaps. ^^;
*wonders and wonders if there's some hidden meaning in those lines or not*

Otherwise, why would the manga put this emphasis on her "MY parents loved me."? ^^;

Maybe that's why no one called him for so long, and why he forgot so much as his own name. Maybe he was an unloved child, and it's at the basis of his issues with being a "monster" and refusing his vampiric needs etc.

Maybe he forgot not only because he was alone for so long, but also because of trauma? ^^

Whether it ever turns out to be the case in canon or not, I have so many urges to go write angsty fanfiction on his potentially traumatic childhood and abandonment. XD; *is a total sucker for angsty fanfiction*
If it turns out it was indeed the case, then the fics work, and if it turns out it was otherwise, then... AU! XD Fanfics always are fun anyway.

It's a terrible thing, to pick up an abandoned cat, give them some hope and then just abandon them again. D: *is shot*

I'm a total sucker for angsty fics though, and the urge to write so many about this whole situation is epic* 8D~ XD;;

HOTNESS! 8D *nosebleeding forever*
(Ignore the random dude from an unrelated manga...? XD;;; *lol* The previews are always one over the other for the many series...)

Please, don't forget to buy your local official releases of the VK manga and anime! :D
(Don't fall for the bootlegs, the anime pirated DVDs are so often made with stolen subs AND are generally of horrible quality. Please make sure to only buy the official DVDs and books, otherwise you're not supporting VK since the money goes to bootleggers instead of to the author etc. ^^;;;)

It's important. D: Any series dies without support, and VK may be popular, but it's popular for a shojo manga series, which means not that much compared to big shonen manga blockbusters. We have to support the series we love, as all series die without support. ^^;/

And that's it for this month~~! :D *hopes you enjoyed the chapter* ♥

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