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Vampire Knight chapter 63 summary~! ❤


Mso kindly scanned and posted the chapter on her blog album, and kind commenters in my previous post pointed it out. ^^/
(Sadly, this was several hours ago, or I'd have made a post about it much sooner. ^^; *was away for a bit*)

The chapter title is "Hunters and Ancestors", and Yuuki holds Kaname tightly
on the cover, while in the pink line she says "Oniisama, show me everything."

Click to read the scans on Mso's blog.

I'll have a slightly shorter summary rather than go super in detail as I sometimes do, because I'm hoping to go out and buy my LaLa today, and would rather spend this time now into trying to finish some work stuff so that I can start scanning etc. sooner, and this way, hopefully you might have to wait a bit less to be able to read the chapter. ;)
Edit later: Fail, it ended up just as long as usual. XD;;; But I got to go out and buy LaLa!! \*∇*/

This chapter has SO MANY revelations, it's EPIC!! *___* ❤


WARNING: Don't flame me for the occasional mentioning of yaoi themes/keywords in the summary. XD This chapter had Kaname looking so uke that it can't be avoided to point it out. XD *lol*

And in case you're new here: I'm primarily a yaoi fan and my OTP is Zero x Kaname, although I also love Yuuki and ship her with both of them as a threesome, or with either of them as two lovely pairings.
When I first got into VK I got into KxY and then later into ZxY as well. I love both pairings and I adore the main trio, especially together. X3 Even if yaoi is my favorite over any of the guy/girl pairings. XD

So please don't throw rocks or anything if I fangirl either of the characters and you hate any of them. I love the main trio, and find it really tiresome when people get all "if you like several pairings you're a traitor to [insert here whatever pairing the person flaming ships]".... ^^;;;

Fandom is for enjoying the series we love, in a peaceful and pleasant environment. It's NOT for pointless flaming or pairing wars.

This blog is a peaceful NO-pairing-wars & NO-bashing zone.

Also, from time to time people who ship one or the other pairings pop up seeming to demand that the summary be some kind of perfect detailed thing with every single possible detail from the manga and every single possible theory so that they may know everything that there is to know about the chapter. (And fuel their arguments with other fans, in some cases...)

This is not the point of those summaries. The summary is just an early taste of the chapter, a post in which I pour out the main elements that happen in the chapter and my impressions and random theories etc. hot after reading it for the first time.

If you want to know every detail that there is to know about the chapter, and without any yaoi ramblings or anything etc., then just wait for the scans and read the chapter itself. ^^;;

But please don't read the summary, get in a flame war with someone, pull out a theory which you read here (or anywhere else, as this happens anywhere) and which you mistook for canon and not theory, and then come back to complain at me. ^^;
That's not fair. (Especially when I always try to make it clear what is just speculation and what is actually from the chapter, and when I also always try to avoid rumors about VK stuff that's not true, be it ones of people mistaking canon and theories or people passing on rumors of fake season 3 anime etc. ^^;)

This summary exists so you can get an early taste of the chapter if you don't mind spoilers. It's not for fueling pairing wars or for getting people expecting to know every single tiny detail there is to know about the chapter. ^^; For that, please wait for the scans themselves.

I don't mean anyone in particular btw, so please don't get offended and flame me. ^^; I'm talking in general, because this happens from time to time, from either sides of the main pairings...

The summary has the things that happened in the manga chapter, and it also has the ramblings and little yaoi fannish comments etc.
If that bothers you, please wait a bit longer and read the scan pages themselves. ^^

With this out of the way, onto the summary...

First, I sometimes wonder if Hino-sensei is into some of the kinky things we yaoi fans of Kaname uke are into seeing in fics etc. with him. XDDD *lol*
(We know from what surfaced of stuff with Hino-sensei and her friends playing around with VK stuff, that she goes for Zero seme on Kaname uke, although it appears she's somewhat in the closet and doesn't openly says it officially, possibly because of working for LaLa, a rather traditional shojo magazine, and not wanting to say such things in her own blog and risk stuff with her work. ^^; It was her friends that blew the cover about that, not her on her blog. XD *lol*)

I wonder because the more this arc goes, the more Kaname's so visibly uke that it's epic. XD *lol*
(Well, he was already that way for Yuuki so often, what with the whole masochistic aspect and all, but he's... so very passive and all in those past two chapters. X3 *yaoi fan is delighted by this* 8D *dodges rocks from people who like him more active* XD;)

The chapter is mostly Yuuki delving through Kaname's memories, again with impressive delving-through-shards-of-memories imagery early on. :D

Sometimes, it's as if she's seeing the memories through her eyes seeing Kaname etc. too, but a lot of the time she's just seeing it directly through his eyes, which makes sense since it's his memories, so she gets to feel what he felt then, and people react to her as if they were seeing him, calling her by his name and all since it's his memories and it's actually him that's there and not her, since she's just seeing the past through his eyes.

(And btw, in current times, we see her apparently shedding tears from his pain etc. again, like in the chapter where they were in front of the doors to the ancestor crypt for the first time. *finds that lovely*<3)

We finally know from canon btw, that Kaname's love for Yuuki is indeed for her as herself, and not because she looked like anyone else, since the pureblood woman ancestor looked totally not like her at all. XD
(We don't know yet if there was a past incarnation of Yuuki and they might have met later or if not, and if he just fell in love with Yuuki in the current life.

Yuuki is, after all, the first one who loved Kaname with no strings attached and who didn't demand anything back from him.❤ So that and the fact he'd suffered so much that he wanted to die so bad in the coffin etc. and finally found happiness in this life as a child next to Yuuki, before he even regained his memories of being the ancestor, might be simply what made him fall in love for Yuuki so deeply. :D (Which is after all even sweeter maybe than them being from the past. X3))

We finally see the face of the hooded woman in this chapter, and she she's a (somewhat manly in a hot way XD) light-haired woman with a really impressive powerful gaze. :D

Seriously, her eyes and facial structure are more manly than I expected. XD Totally not the girly-delicate or even youthful-Yuuki-type of look. (In fact, she reminds me a bit of Kaien as a hunter... 8D But this might just be because she seems to be blonde or some light color like that. She also TOTALLY looks like Zero, when you look at it under that light. 8D
And with the horse and all, being white like Lilly... 8DDDDDDD *LOL*
Maybe it was Zero's past life? 8DDD *is shot so much* XD XD It would definitely be the most epic thing ever, and if there's someone we can ever picture shoving Kaname off a horse or yelling at him etc., it would be Zero. XD *rotfl* *clings to Zero-similarity* XD XD *wonders if maybe the hooded woman might have had an affair with one of the hunters and started also the Kiryuu clan somehow? XD (Ignore the fact the baby would be a vampire and so it wouldn't work anyway. XD But it would be so epic. XD *urges to write AU fanfiction* XD)

She doesn't even look like Sara or other blondes we've seen, she's seriously... so much more badass or something, in a more manly and take-charge way. XD

Hino-sensei might have done this all so that people wouldn't think they look alike and assume that this could be why Kaname is with Yuuki or anything like that. :)

This way, it's a clear cut and there's no doubt that they're completely different, not only in the way they speak but also in their looks etc. :D

(Btw, the woman's looks also would indicate that the image we've seen earlier when Rido was talking to Kaname in a past chapter, of apparently Yuuki wearing that same hood, was maybe just a metaphor of Kaname's fears of losing Yuuki, or possibly the Yuuki's-past-incarnation theory if she comes in later or something.

Because in any case, it can't be the hooded woman from the past, since the hair color is so different from Yuuki's. ^^/)

If you're a Zero fan also, you'll be delighted to know he appears in this chapter~! :D On several pages too~!❤❤❤
Although be warned, Hino-sensei is still doing the thing of playing with the fact Zero's so hard to read and guess what he's thinking right now... And pulling on the hunter aspect and on the drama effect of Zero doing things that get us going "DDDDDDDDDDDD: Eeeehh!! What are you doing?!" ^^;;;; *worries*

Zero arrested Aidou and is threatening to force him to talk, to obtain information. ^^;;;

Aidou is screaming that he's innocent and shouldn't have been arrested etc., (and he's thinking of all the stuff he said that might have irritated Zero, in mini flashbacks such as when he told Zero he should remove the jacket on which Yuuki's blood dripped because it must be hard to be smelling it nearby etc. XD;;)
When Aidou points out he did nothing illegal or in breach of the treaty with the hunters, and that he should be treated as a guest, Zero says that Aidou's not suspected of anything, but that there's no need of such a thing [for them to arrest him]. Aidou then looks actually worried and says he won't speak.

I'm thinking there's more to it, and that it's okay that Zero wants information but I hope he won't actually do anything to Aidou. ^^;;; *hopes they could just talk and things would be okay*

*hopes it's just a plot device for us to see Zero and have some more angsty and drama in the hunters aspect of it, but that nothing bad will happen to Aidou at the Association. ^^; I don't think Zero would do that, after all. ^^; He may be hard to read now, but he's still the same Zero. He's even still calling Aidou senpai even in the hunter vehicle taking them away... ^^;

I can't imagine torture happening, especially between those two. ^^;;;
*hopes people won't go wild bashing Zero as a result of the arrest scenes and their talk*

I'll get back to that scene later in the flashback, and for now, the past parts:

We see a new flashback of when the mob wanted to go after Kaname with pitchforks for being different etc. (see VK62), and it confirms that he didn't even try to fight or anything. He obeyed them and left the village.

After the mob issue we saw also in the past chapter that Kaname had been refusing to have blood/bite people even with humans that were willing to be turned, and had pushed himself far enough that he was passing out from starvation etc., and the hooded woman had taken him to a bed and said she'd give him her blood, but that he'd have to repay her for it.

In the new chapter, we see the scene after this, and more and more the woman appears to be... 8D So epic, seriously, that woman belongs in yaoi fanfiction or something, if she was a guy. *rotfl* XD *is shot* (As in, one of those cool antagonist characters in yaoi fics or something to that effect. XD *lol*)
The way she pets Kaname and leads him around and totally out-semes him like whoa... XD<3 *lol*

You probably noticed from the past chapter, that the way she speaks to him is light-years away from the way Yuuki speaks, or even the way Kaname speaks to her etc., in that the hooded woman sounds rather bossy sometimes, and seriously sounds like a leader of people giving out orders etc. instead of speaking softly about things, generally.

In this chapter it's the case too, even more so perhaps. XD (And the way she yells Kaname's name telling him to do this or that... XD; *S&M yaoi fan is amused*)

We see that the hooded ancestor woman is actually the one who created the hunters and the hunter weapons btw!! O_O
(And she didn't even die to do it, as far as we've seen. XD (just minor loss of body parts *lol* XD *is shot*)
She's got some epic levels of badass. XD;;)

And she does all of this while totally leading Kaname around like a puppy on a leash. XD;;; (He's very passive in this chapter... like he was in the previous one too, actually. *finds that hot like whoa, wants to write a tons of Zero x Kaname fanfics after reading the chapter* XD *cough*)

Seriously, at one point, while Yuuki is seeing Kaname's memories through his eyes, they're on a horse, but the woman is seeing Kaname, not Yuuki, so... it's really how she acts around Kaname, (and she's definitely saying his name and all so it's not like she's seeing Yuuki). XD

She first tells him to get on the horse, pulls him up by the arm and has him sit behind her, holding onto her, in a typically 'girl' position (really! XD... well, we see Yuuki, maybe because it would have been to weird for LaLa to show Kaname in that position, but the woman is seeing Kaname! XD), and then rides through the army of ex-humans who were turned by the other ancestors and that are building their masters a great castle.

She comments on it, disapproving of the whole thing, and then turns and looks at 'Kaname' (we see Yuuki, but the woman is supposed to be seeing Kaname instead because it's his memories and Yuuki is just seeing it through his eyes.)

Yuuki asks her "what...?", not realizing the woman was done speaking and that her staring meant she wanted Kaname (we see Yuuki) to get off the horse and get to 'work'. XD

In response to the surprised look and the 'what?', the woman hits Kaname (Yuuki) with her hand, throwing him off the horse, complaining that he asked 'what' and ordering him to get going with it already. XD;;;;

She also throws in his face that he had said they should stop the bad guys (the ones turning the humans) even using force if necessary, so he must do it now. (XD;;; We don't know if it's just her way of speaking that sounds so direct or if she meant to manipulate him into such a situation.
The duality of the possibilities for this characte is very interesting, and this of us not knowing whether she's someone possibly good but willing to do something horrible for a good cause, or if she's something else that could be into it for her own personal gain or not, also make her so different from Yuuki, who is a much more soft nature and unlikely to give such orders to anyone. Yuuki would have gone and fought by herself, perhaps.
Although we don't know whether the woman wants Kaname to do it so she won't have to, or if she plans to take part in it too, or even if she's giving him this order while she does something else that might be very dangerous too.)

The hooded woman says the only way to stop the others from turning all those humans is to cut it at the source (presumably, kill those purebloods, from the sound of what she said later). She wishes she didn't have to hurt their people so soon after finally meeting them, but... and she trails off. ^^;
She told him they'll also have to deal with the ex-humans who lost their masters as well. ^^; (In other words... perhaps kill the ex-human army too, maybe. ^^; If it's the case, considering how protective Kaname is of people and not wanting to bite humans even when they're willing, it must be a very difficult situation for him.
Sure, those are ex-humans and not humans, but he's always been very idealistic, and they were once humans, even if they now lost that humanity and became an army at the hand of the enemies, and a potential danger for mankind to be wiped out/turned. ^^;)

The other ancestors, who had been turning more and more humans, have created an ex-human army of proportions so epic that it's significant on a scale of human race size. (Since the hooded woman was commenting that it's bad that this is happening right when the humans had been getting more people after the losses they suffered due to the climate change...)

If you remember from the previous chapter, they'd been talking about how they were worried that some of the other ancestors were turning a lot of people, and we know this is some generations after the climate change, hence the humans repopulating a bit. (We know it's been at least two human generations since then or more, since Kaname spent at least that length living with the villagers, as one of them had mentioned in 62.)

On regards to Kaname's feelings, it's also epic revelations. XD This chapter shows that he was terribly afraid of how dangerous he could be to humans (because if he bites anyone human they would turn etc., he seems to be afraid of himself and what his thirst could cause him to do), and now that he couldn't live with the villagers anymore and just drink little bits of blood in secret to survive, he was so afraid he might end up biting humans etc., and so... he convinced himself that he needed to make himself be with someone, because if he managed to make himself love someone then he'd only crave that person's blood, (and so the humans would be safe from the danger he is). O_O

Yuuki sees Kaname saying that to himself in his memories in the scene with the woman when he woke up and she offered him blood. (This is earlier in the chapter, as Yuuki is delving into his memories and seeing this scene).

Shortly after, on the same page, we see the hooded woman standing by Kaname's bed and pulling him to herself holding his head in her hands, (while he looks totally uke *cough* 8DDD) while he lets her do it, and she smiles saying "good boy... good boy..." 8D

So he apparently convinced himself to be with the hooded woman since she was offering blood etc., and it played right into what she wanted, though we don't know yet what are her feelings on it all and if her intentions are good and she actually genuinely cares about him (and not just about how useful he might be against the other purebloods and their army ^^;), or if she might not have as good intentions for him and just seized the opportunity and used his fear of hurting people to make him be her puppet or anything like that. ^^;
(As usual, Hino-sensei is great with making it hard for us to guess what a character might be thinking when she wants to keep it vague, and so the hooded woman could be just as well a ruthless but good person, or someone bad. We can't know for sure yet. One thing is sure, she's rather bossy and totally epic and 100% seme. XD *lol*)

We also see a scene passed nowadays, in which Yuuki has her eyes closed, deep in the viewing of the memories inside Kaname's blood/mind, and he holds her and is thinking of when she held his finger when they were tiny, and of how he's certain that she'll make the decision (and he doesn't finishes the whole sentence but it's implied he thinks she'll decide to throw him away now.
He says she's done so much for him already, sounding like he is grateful but doesn't expects her to want to stay with him any further. Of course, as we know, Kaname has always been rather sure she'd dump him, so he's rather pessimistic on such matters, probably due to the fact he looks down on himself.)

(For someone who accepted without complaints that Yuuki loved both him and Zero, Kaname is terrible harsh on himself when it comes to how he expects her to perceive him having been with the woman in the past. XD;;
It's as if he can't see the parallel and how much it makes Yuuki and him similar, if anything.

Unless he is thinking that Yuuki will be disgusted of him and dump him not for him having been with the woman in the past, but because of him having had to dirty his hands in the potential war etc., depending on what happened with the enemy purebloods and their army etc.)

The whole vibe around it when the woman says "good boy" sounds creepy or hot in a yaoi-ish vibe, rather than cutesy or innocent. XD;; *rotfl*
Though of course, this feeling can be perceived differently by different people, maybe...

...however, there's no doubt at all about it sounding somewhat creepy when she repeats it later in the chapter, after she's given Kaname's his orders and shoved him from the horse. XD *lol*

I really don't think the "good boy" as meant to be a cute endearment, I think it was Hino-sensei's way of showing us that the hooded woman is so much more than what we might assume. (Whether this means she might be partially bad, or at least ruthless, or whether it simply means she's got a strong and somewhat scary personality as a leader maybe. XD)

She's telling Kaname what to do, and then (maybe because it sounded so bad with the whole kill everybody vibe in the air XD;;;;;), she looks away and apologizes for forcing this duty on him, which immediately prompts Kaname to reply that not at all etc., and express concern for her, caressing her face and asking her why she's not looking well. (This might have been after she went to the hunters, we don't know at which point this happened, because Kaname never saw it, so it was not in his memories, but in what Zero tells Aidou later.)

She leans from the horse and kisses Kaname, while he looks still passive and his eyes are not shown, and as the kiss breaks she smiles/smirks while saying again "you're a good boy, Kaname..." and "you'll work well even when I'm not around you..."

8D Epic, I'm telling you.

We don't know yet if Kaname obeyed and went after the other purebloods then (probably...? ^^;), or whether he was supposed to kill the ex-humans too or wait for her, or what happened after she left. ^^; And if he did go, how is he supposed to face so many purebloods also. ^^;

The woman leaves and we see Kaname (Yuuki again, but still just being Kaname with Yuuki seeing through his eyes) left there in the middle of the crowd of ex-humans, seeing the distress of the relatives of people who were turned into vampires.
(This human woman followed her daughter who's apparently going to the castle of the other purebloods and who says she has to go and obey the person who turned her. The woman was even offering her blood, but her daughter wouldn't budge, saying she had to go there.)

This chapter also reveals that the first purebloods had naturally evolved as a new species yes, but not from scratch or from some other organism: They had been born from human parents, but as some sort of genetic anomaly, because they have not a drop of human body in their body, since they're already some other race. But still, originally the ancestors were born from human parents.

We don't know anything about where Kaname came from, because as we saw in vk62, he was alone for so long that he doesn't even remembers stuff, even his name before the hooded woman gave him a new one ("Kaname").
So he might not remember the older part of his own past either, since he'd been around for a while even already back when we see the first flashback start in the previous chapter. (If you forget even your own name, chances are you really don't have a very clear memory of the rest.)

The hooded woman, on the other hand, remembers her parents well, and said they did what they could to protect her at the peril of their own lives, even though she was infinitely stronger than them. She says this is why she doesn't hates humans either.
(We can wonder if this implies some of the other purebloods do hate them, or if it's just because Kaname's level of friendliness towards humans is so unique (even the hooded woman, who is apparently human-friendly, was shocked that he refused to bite the humans etc.), that she needs to say talk of such things to relate, since he's so different from other vampires.

In a way, Kaname is maybe to that time period what Yuuki is to the vampire society nowadays, perhaps. XD *lol* Complete with him having lived among humans, although unlike Yuuki, he wasn't sealed to seem human, so it didn't end well, as we saw in the previous chapter. ^^;

This talk the woman and Kaname had about the way their race was born is at the end of the chapter, btw, but it's short so I mentioned it briefly now.
(It's more her monologue than a talk, actually. XD We rarely see Kaname talking, usually it's just the woman talking to him and pulling him around. XD;)

Back to the scenes before, with Aidou and Zero, as we've seen they were early on in the chapter in the armored-type vehicle with bars, and had the discussion I mentioned earlier in the summary.

Aidou is ever so direct, and puts his finger on the real problem quite quickly. XD After the conversation with Zero and all this stuff of how he'll make Aidou talk etc., Aidou stares at Zero for a while, glaring, and then Zero finally tells him to speak instead of looking at him like he wants to say something... Aidou then says that if he was in Zero's place, he'd just try over and over and take back the woman he loves (in not so direct terms XD), but Zero doesn't replies to that, and just looks on with an enigmatic stare. (Hino-sensei's mastery of making characters unreadable in such occasions is ever so epic... *bangs head on the wall, had hoped for a more telling angsty sexy look or something like that, rather than this mask Zero is wearing talking to Aidou* ^^;)

(Btw, Zero too is as smoking hot as ever in this chapter. X3 ❤❤❤ *was staring at some of the pages and drooling for a while, both at the Zero pages and at the pages with Kaname, who's also as unbearably hot as always, both on the cover and in the chapter itself* X3 ❤❤❤)
Zero then takes Aidou to the Association, and leads him around in the building, then talks about the hooded ancestor woman from the past!

Zero then takes Aidou to the Association, and leads him around in the building, then talks about the hooded ancestor woman from the past!

I'm thinking that torture or anything like that will hopefully not actually happen (I certainly can't imagine Zero torturing Aidou ^^;;;;; *hopes Hino-sensei wouldn't make that happen) but that this whole thing of Zero capturing Aidou is maybe just a plot device to have Zero be apearing too in the chapters about Kaname's past, so that it won't be a long stretch of chapters without any Zero appearances. ^^

Plot-wise it would make total sense. The series has after all always been about the dramatic situations with the love triangle and all that, and it would be weird for Hino-sensei to totally leave one of the main trio off the series for several chapters more. ^^;

Especially since those flashback scenes Zero is talking about are being shown simultaneously to the ones Yuuki is actually seeing by looking into Kaname's memories. The Zero scenes cover things Kaname has not seen himself, and thus that Yuuki wouldn't have seen in his memories. (This way, the readers can still see it. XD)

Zero tells Aidou (though Aidou already knew, he says, so it's again more for the sake of us readers XD) of how the hooded ancestor woman came to the humans in secret from the other ancestors, and made them into hunters (the ones who survived the process she put them through, that is ^^;), and then later, she went to a metallurgic equipment thing (a big vat of molten metal) and tore off her own heart (remember, purebloods won't die from that, as long as they're not wounded by anti-vampire weapons) and cast it into the metal, which then became "something terrible/scary", according to Aidou.

From that metal merged with the blood and flesh of the heart of the ancestor, must have been forged the hunter weapons, then... ^^

We see her again later, talking to Kaname in the scene where she mentions her parents, but we don't know if she dies later or what, and considering that purebloods get momentarily unable to fight if their heart or head is destroyed, chances are that the hunters might have eaten her after this maybe. Though this is only a supposition/a possibility, since us seeing her later would make it seem that she didn't die then, or if she did, that the scene later is passed before.
Unless the "devoured" mentioned in past chapters was just of what she gave them, of her blood and heart flesh for them to have power and make the weapons also.

The chapter leaves more questions open, but it gives us SO MUCH meanwhile. 8D And there's room for so many delicious theories. X3

Such as, did Kaname actually get to love the hooded woman, or was it just him trying to focus on something in hopes of resisting the thirst for blood and the danger of biting humans as a result? (After all, you can't "make yourself love someone" just for the sake of not hurting the humans... Which might be why he seems so passive around her, and she's the one always talking and going into action etc.)
We don't know if he ever felt actual love for her or if it was a deep attachment but more of the nature of someone clinging to a parent or mentor or other important role/life-altering image.

When Yuuki felt Kaname's feelings for the woman, it was that she was an important thing in his life, but she didn't say the word love. So that's an interesting thing to wonder about, whether it might mean something or not. :D

And of course also, we can wonder whether the woman was ever in actual love with Kaname... Did she pick him up when she'd find him unconscious because she cared or because she saw there an opportunity she couldn't pass on? (And he was rather easy to manipulate in his condition then and with how dejected he seemed to be after being kicked out of the village and treated like a monster etc.)

And, of couse, even though it's in the background, there's also so much to wonder about on the conflict and the ex-human army. :D

That the purebloods who made that army might not be very well-intentioned, is quite easy to imagine as a quite probable possibility (at the very least, they're turning a large part of mankind into their servants/enslaving them, and we don't know if they intended to stop anytime or if they were going to just put an end to all of mankind... But I wonder what happened after that. Did Kaname go after those purebloods...? And the army...? Or did he maybe not kill them and then something bad happened as a result, and is that maybe why he felt he should have done something, and ended up fighting so much etc. later and creating the Kuran monarchy to unite and pacify the race?
(We saw in a previous chapter of the manga that he mentioned a big war thing betwen purebloods, which drastically reduced their numbers, and which ended with the first Kuran king putting an end to the fight and creating the monarchy to unify the race.)

However, if he couldn't kill Shizuka alone without Zero's help, then he couldn't kill all of those enemies ancestors by himself either (unless there's some power he hasn't regained yet due to being in a younger body again in nowadays time), so was it teamwork with the rest of the hooded woman's group and/or the hunters...?
(Unless maybe he could kill Shizuka by himself if he'd taken the risk, but not without risking severe damage to himself which would take some time to heal and get the council to know what had happened and move against the school --if they thought a hunter who had a good reason to kill her like Zero, did it, they were less likely to act or care much since Shizuka had long been an eye sore for them, and Kaname could then in turn shield Zero from he council, as it happened in vol.5.
The mere spilling of blood at the school could alert the other vampires and they'd have known they fought and what happened possibly, and then someone might inform the council. So if Kaname had been wounded the night Shizuka died, the school would have been in danger, since its safety was only as long as the council didn't feel like moving against him. ^^;).

But enough of pondering about the past volumes, and back to wondering about the current stuff... XD;

Another tidbit on the hunter weapons... we know from past chapters that no vampire can use a hunter weapon, unless they're formerly a hunter like Zero or some occasional cases among the Kuran family... We'd all wondered why the Kuran family had this extra thingie of some of them being able to use it, and now that we know the hooded woman created the hunter weapons, it's probably why, if she's the ancestor of the Kurans with Kaname.
(And if so, we didn't see any children at this point, so either she only dies later, or they...cloned themselves or something...? XD;
Unless it's simply something that won't be shown, but in any case, we don't know yet how the clan started exactly. ^^/)

(I also wonder if it's because she took Kaname's blood too that Bloody Rose could recognize his blood, or if it's simply that the gun 'met' him later, either in battle in some point we haven't seen yet or simply because Zero short Kaname on the side of the head once, and so the gun 'tasted' him then.)

I need to write kinky fanfiction about Yuuki watching Kaname's memories and staring in mild awe and shock as she stumbles on some hardcore S&M scene in which the ancestor woman tied him to a bed or something. 8D *LOL*
Maybe Yuuki could use some inspiration for things to do nowadays... XD *lol*

Also, I wonder, are any of the first hunters we saw in the flashback Zero's ancestor maybe? X3 *stares there, trying to find a hot one that might have been him* XD;;;
There should be more of them, that we haven't seen yet though. We only saw a few, and Hino-sensei might still modify the pages for the book releases as she often does, so he might be added in later like the vampire guy from the academy showing up in chapter 53 was added in for the book... :D (See my post with the extras of vol.12)

I also wonder if Hino-sensei will go more in depth over the way the hunter weapons work and how they 'act' etc., since in 46 we saw that BR seemed kind of scary in the way it drinks Zero's blood to have power, and how Yuuki was freaked out by that.

I'm also wondering what exactly will be Yuuki's reaction to this all, although I'm more optimistic than Kaname on the subject. XD; *doesn't thinks Yuuki would ever cease to love either Kaname or Zero, especially not for such simple reasons as what she's seen in his past* Kaname might be ashamed of himself and even struggle with thinking he's a monster etc., but Yuuki is not the type to hold things against people she loves so easily. :3

Considering how Yuuki has always been about protecting her loved ones (be it Kaname or Zero) and caring so much for them and worrying about their suffering etc., there's no way she'd be in character and throw Kaname away like an used rag just because some woman from the past used to pull him around like someone in a leash and he was so lost and desperate that he followed.
Even if ends up turning out that the hooded woman (*wants to know her name, this takes long to type each time XD XD) and Kaname had actually loved each other in a romantical manner then (something we don't know yet whether it was the case or not), it changes nothing of the current life thousands of years later and after he was remade into a child and grew up with Yuuki and not remembering he was the ancestor at first etc.

And it definitely changes nothing at all on Kaname's love for Yuuki either. So there's no reason why she'd stop caring for him for that, just how vol.1's moment of Yuuki finding out Zero was a vampire has changed nothing in Yuuki caring for him either.
(And please don't flame me because I mentioned all three of them in the same sentence, I'm NOT speaking negatively of either pairing! (People sometimes get angry when you mention one or the other pairing when talking about the other, so I thougt I'd warn just in case and avoid getting flamed, hopefully. ^^;

I love all three of them, which is why I mention all three of them. And just how it pains me to see people saying it's ridiculous to like ZxY because they think it's "impossible" or that he doesn't deserves her or whatever, it pains me to see people saying it's bad to like KxY because of the past or whatever makes the person hate Kaname.

Both pairings are lovely and deserve love, not hatred or pairing wars.)

Yuuki is a very sweet person, and she deeply cares for her loved ones and understands them. (Or at least tries to so much, even the times she has trouble understanding them. XD ♥)

And as a last thingie I wanted to mention, even if Kaname were to turn out to have had at some point actual romantical feelings for the hooded woman, it wouldn't change anything to the love triangle in nowadays-VK anyway, because Yuuki loves two people nowadays, so even if Kaname had loved someone in the past, it wouldn't make him any less worthy of her.

If anything, it makes him even more similar to her, in a way, although still different because he was so lost back in the past and clinging to just anything, while the love he has for Yuuki seems different and so much more than from what we could see of his interactions with the hooded woman so far.

No doubt there will be people who hate Kaname saying that he's unworthy of Yuuki because he was with someone in the past, but there's always been and always will be character hatred, unfortunately.
(Just how there's also people saying Zero is unworthy of Yuuki because of the times he's said he'd kill her, but it doesn't changes the fact we know that he loves her, and I don't believe he'd actually do it. It's just words. So hating a character and even bashing just because of something they may have said/done/thought at one point or another of a story is a pity. ^^;)

There will always be haters for any pairing, and this doesn't changes how lovely the manga is or how interesting and loveable the characters are. ^^

So don't let people tell you any pairing is unworthy or "not good" or whatever, just love whatever pairing you love without ever attacking someone else' favorite pairing or character, and fandom will be a much more enjoyable place for us all. :D ❤❤❤

After all, fandom is about fun and enjoyment and sharing. Not about bickering and flaming or hating on things other people enjoy. :D
So by definition, pairing-wars and character bashing are the very opposite of the whole point of fandom. ^^;

It's much better to just enjoy what you love and not attack what you dislike, so that you also don't ruin your own fun and the fun of others by instigating or attacking. ^^/

I'll be back with the chapter as usual, when I have a moment to scan etc., so stay tuned~! :D ♥

Edit to add: I got my LaLa~! *∇* ❤❤❤

And here's a lovely preview image I scanned from the teaser pic... is Zero dressing up or undressing, what do you think? XD *self-combusts from the hotness* XD XD

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