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Vampire Knight fanart: Zero x Kaname quick kiss.

Since my previous post had a fanart of somewhat mature content, and I know that people tend to hang out here more around this time of the month due to the upcoming chapter, I thought I'd make a new post so that anyone young or not wanting to see partial nudity won't have their eyes catching on fire due to the previous post's content. XD;

I probably should have gone and drawn something with Yuuki in it or something, but my fan spirit is 99% of the time focused on Zero x Kaname yaoi... 8D;;;
And so it ended up backfiring and being another pic like this instead. XD;
But at least, it's not pervy like the previous fanart, so people can drop by this post without being horrified by the yaoi or anything, hopefully. XD; Since it's just a kiss. ♥

I drew it during a break between things I was working on, and had to finish the piccie extremely fast, so please ignore the messiness and the fact it's somewhat meh. ^^;
Also, Kaname is supposed to be 3cm (about one inch) taller than Zero, but somehow in the pic it switched around. 8D; Maybe they're sitting or something. XD

Hopefully people passing by and who like Kaname and Zero together can still enjoy the pic despite it being rushed. :D

♥♥♥ *so hoping there migth be any interaction or anything between those two in this month's chapter* X3 (*never loses hope even after months of fannish starvation for them to at least be in the same room or speak to each other or something* XD;;;;)

Yaoi in the actual manga may be impossible, but there's alwas fan-service and lovely interactions anyway. X3 *desperate ZxK fan will take anything she can get* XD XD
Plus there's always the wonderful world of fanfics etc. 8D ♥♥♥

(Speaking of which, hopefully I'll get to update CoB this month! ♥)

EDIT to add: I just phoned some of the shops nearby here and (IF this doesn't fall through ^^;), apparently, I should be able to go buy my LaLa in less than 24 hours!! *___*

Keeping in mind though, that this is before the official release date, and I've had cases in the past where shops said they'd have it for sale at this or that date and then it fell through. So it could always fail and be later, but if we are in luck then it might be out and for sale tomorrow!! *_________* ♥♥♥

*eagerly bounces around and looks forward* X3 ♥♥♥
*immediately goes back to mind images of Zero & Kaname yaoi and hoping that there might be at least some interaction between them in the chapter* 8D<333

EDIT to add (02):
As I was fearing it might happen, the supposed early LaLa sale today at a nearby shop fell through. ;_;
They tell me they might be able to sell it early tomorrow after all, but we're not sure yet. Hopefully it will be the case~! :D
(Since it fell through today, I take with a grain of salt that it might be out tomorrow... but hopefully it will!! :D♥ And it would still be before the official release date of the 24th, if it goes well.)

(Well, after getting the magazine, I'll still have to juggle with my work deadlines to find some time to scan etc,. but hopefully I'll find time quickly and it might be out sometime soon~! :D)

*crosses fingers and hopes to have it soon* :D

Until then, we can always pass the time waiting in a fun way, by putting our fan spirit into fics and fanarts etc. ♥ (be it reading or creating them), and hopefully most people might steer clear of the nastier stuff that tends to happen around release times. ^^;;; (Such as people's tempers getting heated while they wait for the magazine to be out and pairing wars or flaming happening. ^^;
It's far more enjoyable for the fandom to focus on creating and having fun etc., rather than anyone trying to crush others because they don't like the same pairing or don't want to accept that some of us like several pairings and so on. ^^;)

*hopes for a pleasant and peaceful fandom experience, and is always dismayed by how violent the fandom sometimes gets around the time of each new chapter coming out, due to how some of the very extreme fans of each pairing react to the chapter or to other fans and attack each other. ^^;
(This happens more and more and with fans of the different pairings btw, so please don't flame me assuming I mean anyone or any side in particular. It's a widespread problem.)
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