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Vampire Knight yaoi fanart - Zero x Kaname "Bloodlust". :D


Sorry I'm late to reply to comments/PMs/mails as usual. ^^; *tries to catch up with replies but sometimes fails especially when work gets busy again*

I'm trying to get some fanstuff done as soon as I can before I get buried under work deadlines again. XD;

I might not have time to finish the fangame (the one I mentioned in previous posts, about undressing Zero & Kaname 8D) this month after all, not sure yet, since things are getting busy again about now. D:

But at least, I got to finish this Zero x Kaname yaoi pic I'd drawn and been wanting to finish for a really long time! :D ♥

Preview chunk of the pic:

WARNING: DO NOT view the pics if you hate yaoi (or if you are under 13), or if are a basher or are one of those people who are in fandom just to hate and flame characters or, worse, people.

The pic has kinky implications but nothing is visible other than a nipple, so I guess it's PG13. Still, don't follow into the post to view it if you're sensitive to such themes or something.
There's nudity, blood and kinky S&M themes. You've been warned. ^^;

And a general warning non-related to the age rating only:
If you're just online to bash or flame or whatever because you hate yaoi or either of the characters, or because you like to attack people just to seem cooler than them or whatever, please pass your way. ^^;
I'm in fandom to have fun with the series I love, share it with other people who love it too, and enjoy it all together in this sharing and togetherness community spirit of fandom.
I DON'T care about any of the "my favorite character/my favorite pairing/my site is cooler than yours neneer neneer" childish attitude that some have and in which everything is about rivalry and trying to crush whoever they view as the 'enemy', and that is often focused on cyber-bullying and other insufferable behaviors.

So please, don't waste your time or that of others. Enjoy fandom in a positive way, don't go around bashing characters or pairings, and much less real people.
Think before you attack anyone or what they like and/or make it all into some big war and paranoia etc. ^^; Believe me, the world is much more simple and happier than you make it by creating pointless paranoia and fandom warring.
(And PLEASE, don't flame me thinking I'm attacking any of you by asking people not to bash and flame etc.!!
I'm talking about the problem in general and the fact so many people do it, I'm NOT targetting anyone, on any sides of the fandom/communities/sites/forums/whatever.)

This fandom used to be more peaceful a long while ago, but the more it grows and the more there's very young fans in it, it seems the more it becomes bitter and violent. ^^; And that's really not something I enjoy being forced to dodge through the time I get to relax and enjoy fan activities, so if you're into fandom to make it all war-like etc for everybody... please don't. ^^; It's a waste of time for us all.

It's far better to just enjoy fandom and create fanworks etc. for fun and to share with fellow fans, rather than ruin everybody's fun with rivalry spirit against other people and/or character etc. bashing. ^^;

With this out of the way, here's the Zero x Kaname pic with its variations and wallpapers. :D


First, the pic and the different variations of it (Zero's eye color changes, and there's more or less blood on Kaname). :D

Sorry if I almost only draw Zero x Kaname, with rare forays into the guys with Yuuki and few other pairings. XD;;
I'd like to give more variety for the fans, but... yaoi if my fandom passion and Zero x Kaname is my OTP and what makes me most interested in VK. *constantly obsessed by those two* ♥

I've also made wallpapers of it, in case anyone is interested~! :D

Normal screen. || Wide screen.

The idea behind this pic is that they're in a loving and consensual... sadomasochist relationship. XD; *lol*

Their secret meetings late at night started as something grudgingly accepted and officially done only "for Yuuki's sake", or so they claimed, but by now, Kaname lets Zero drink from him whenever he wants, and if the bloodlust causes Zero to make a mess of him in the process... Kaname doesn't mind. X3♥

And both of them secretly enjoy the time spent together, more and more... (Kinky and/or sadistic bloodlust moments can get sated ideally with a lover who happens to be a masochist, after all! So it's perfect for them both since Zero doesn't needs to hold back on his bloodlust and more vampiric needs around Kaname, and Kaname can take it and enjoy it also... so they find themselves surprised by how well they match on that. X3♥♥♥ )

Of course, more than just blood drinking happens during those secret meetings... but then it would get too long and would need a fanfic rather than just one image. 8D
*has far too many fic urges for Zero x Kaname, and not enough time in the world to write them all* XD *lol*

This little background story for it is passed while they were still back at the Academy, as you could see from the clothes.

This pic was born mostly due to my urge to draw them in such a hot situation, the urge to draw Zero's butt and Kaname's nipple, and such little details. XD XD *lol*

*hopes you might enjoy the pic if you like yaoi and that pairing* :D ♥

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