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Vampire Knight volume 12 bonuses. :D ❤ (In English.)


If you've been following my VK news posts etc., you already saw the gorgeous Wonderland bonus Hino-sensei drew for volume 12, with Kaname as the Queen of Hearts, Zero as Alice, and Yuuki as the rabbit. X3 ❤

Well, as promised, here's the rest of the bonuses~!
I scanned and translated etc. them as usual. :D ❤


Click if you want a big version of the trio image.

Btw, you can of course make icons/wallpapers/etc. with the art, since it's official art and just scanned.
But please, don't post on DeviantArt as if it was your own art. ^^; So many people do that, and it's just wrong on so many levels. ^^;;;
Coloring images for fun is fine, but that's something to be posted in blogs etc.
Reposting scans in art galleries, especially without changing anything, is not right, because it's the same as passing Hino-sensei's art as your own. ^^;

So please don't forget that, draw fanart as much as you'd like, but don't pass other people's art for your own creation, please! ^^/)

Warning: Ignore the bits with pervy yaoi etc. ramblings if you are an innocent soul or hate yaoi. XD *lol*


You might remember this pic, it was one of the teaser images from the period when Yuuki was first introduced to the vampire society at the party, and everybody was "OMG, brand new pureblood ONNOMNOM WANT" at her. *lol* XD
Hence Kaname panicking about anything related to them even opening to the door with people outside. XD; *lol*

That teaser pic was reused as opening page for volume 12. :D

I didn't have time yet to re-read in detail the volume, but as far as I could see going through it there were no extra pages added in any of the chapters for this one.
(Hino-sensei sometimes adds extra pages, though usually it just happens sometimes when there's kiss scenes for either pairing (not always though), or when there's a scene she didn't get to explore well in the magazine version due to lack of time or other.)

However, as usual there's all the changes Hino-sensei does of improving the hair inking and screen-toning etc., and which make the book releases such a treasure for us fans. :D<3

So please, always make sure you buy the books, otherwise you're NOT getting the full VK experience, since the magazine version is always missing all those gorgeous changes Hino-sensei does. ^^//
(It's not each page, but it's often enough, especially when she's finishing the magazine chapters on a deadline and ends up not being able to make things as detailed as she wanted. Some volumes have more additions/changes than others of course, but overall the books really have a colossal amount of extra details that you're missing if you just read the scans from the magazine.)

This volume is, as you know if you've been following the manga, mostly focused on Kaname and Yuuki, due to it being the second arc. (The first arc was centered on Zero, and the second arc on Kaname, and of course, Yuuki being the heroine she's very present in both arcs, otherwise it would be an odd shojo manga. XD *lol*)

However, it also has the angsty meeting between Zero and Yuuki at the ball, and perhaps to make up for Zero fans for lack of much Zero in most of the current chapters, Hino-sensei did some lovely bonuses with him for this volume, as I mentioned in my other post~! :D<3

The first one is this gorgeous full page image, placed during the chapters showing the party hosted after the treaty between hunters and vampires was signed.


I had a partial fangirling meltdown over the sight of the undone shirt, until I sadly noticed the other side of his shirt collar, indicating that it's not drawn but the shirt is probably still closed. ;-; *had though he was standing with his shirt open teasing us* XD XD

It's still extremely hot though, regardless of the collar. 8D *drools*

Plus the image was immediately after the chapter with the whole thing about Yuuki touching his arm there when there was the thing with Sara and Yori, so there's much ZxY fangirling to be had from that extra image looking so sexily angsty just after that! X3 ❤

And in my little yaoi happyland, I can't help but imagine it also with him being all sexy like this while looking at Kaname too, and not just at Yuuki. 8DDDDDDD~ *Zero x Kaname ftw*

(As you already know if you've been around here for a bit, I love Yuuki with both of the guys but Zero x Kaname yaoi is the soul of my VK love. XD❤❤❤❤❤
No matter how much I may fangirl the trio as athreesome or Yuuki with either of them, the love for ZxK is ultimate and always makes me have mind images of them together, for any scene that portrays either of them with Yuuki. XD;;; *lol* XD; *is shot by the het fans fangirling the scenes for their het pairings* XD;;

Looking at it under a positive light though, even if you don't like yaoi and have to ignore my constant squeeing over the ZxK possibilities of every single KxY and ZxY scene too, you can always tell yourself that if it wasn't for Zero x Kaname yaoi, I probably wouldn't care too much for VK, so... XD;;; *lol*
You indirectly have the ZxK love as the reason for me caring for VK so much and doing so much stuff like scanning and sharing all this with the fandom etc. XD *lol* So in a way, yaoi can have positive sides for fans of het pairings too. XD *lol*

Onto another lovely yaoi possibility (which I ship too, although FAR behind after my love for Zero x Kaname XD), there was an adorable bonus with Kaname and Aidou! X3

In which Kaname looks so much like Haruka (well, he's his adoptive dad, but still his dad XD), and in which his accidentally bumping onto the bags and looking all apologetic to Aidou are ADORABLE! XD<3333333

I could melt forever staring at that bonus, although the melting-innocently gets quickly interrupted by a non-innocent flurry of mind images of Aidou and Kaname tumbling down onto the soft bags of peas, and all sorts of XXX rated stuff happening. XD ❤❤❤ *lol*

Incidentally, the Kurans must REALLY REALLY love chickpeas, to have such crazy amounts of them in their pantry. 8D *wants chickpea salad now*
(With them cooked and cooled + chopped onions, some chopped greens, a light vinaigrette salad sauce or something... yum... 8D *is starting to get hungry* XD;; *lol*)

Unless the peas are just kept there as a means to punish Aidou in a funny way and they don't really eat them? XD *LOL*

If you remember, Aidou had to count the chickpeas because Yuuki and him had opened the door with all the vampires outside, and let Shiki & Rima in. Kaname was out, and they weren't supposed to do it while he was away, in case anyone tried to attack Yuuki.
Luckily, the vampires outside turned out to be just trying to flatter Yuuki to get close to the newly introduced pureblood, but it could have ended tragically. ^^;

As usual though, no matter what they do, Yuuki always gets away with everything. XD *lol* So Aidou was the only one who was punished had to count the peas. XD

I'd always found that scene funny, so I was delighted by the bonus showing that scene with him and the peas, and especially, Kaname being all cute checking on him while he counted! XD<3

I'm apparently one of the few people who ships Aidou seme on Kaname uke. XD;; *lol* (They were perfect for it since their first meeting!! XD Kaname was so uncertain and eager to get Aidou to be friends with him... 8D If only they'd grown up with that relationship! XD<3)

But well, whether you prefer it with one or the other topping, the scene is just as cute! XD<3

You already saw this gorgeous pic in color various times in my previous posts, so you might not care for the B&W version in the book, but it had lovely Zero & Kaname playing chess and looking all sexy together, so.... 8D *had to scan it too* X3 ♥

Besides, it's the famous "secret playroom" (that was written on the LaLa image originally XD)....So how could I possibly not be filled with lovely yaoi mind images of them using the table for something other than chess? XD *is shot, leaves it at that before going into pervy ramblings* XD XD

This volume covers the ball after the treaty, as well as the stuff when Sara goes to that one school where she seduced the girl(s). :D

As expected then, there's a bonus image of her looking all dangerous and sexy and contrasting Kaname's lonely and gentler look (which seems somewhat vulnerable in this pic, but it might be the Kaname-uke yaoi fans in me speaking. 8D)

Yuuki in-between there is a lovely image of the fact that even though she's still nowhere at that level yet, when it comes to using her powers etc., she would definitely want to protect Kaname when Sara tries to come for a potential throne. X3

And the mind image of them having a threesome is interesting too. *is shot* XD;

If you remember from the manga, currently there's not a monarchy or a new council as far as we know, but Kaname is a representative of his race in signing the treaty, and meets with other members of the vampire nobility for various political things (the treaty, the other meeting we've seen him in, he always has people around and do stuff in groups etc). So perhaps they might create another council or something, we don't know yet.

In any case, Sara has told Takuma that she intends to become Queen, and with a term that primarily means an actual ruling Queen and not just "a female married to the King"... and from the feel of what she was saying she's in it for the throne rather than merely wanting to compete with Yuuki or anything like that.

So we can wonder if she still has any interest in Kaname (she seemed to have a crush on him before, she even listed him when asked what her type of man was, in the fanbook) or if she simply accepted that he can't be hers and decided he's an obstacle to be removed... ^^;

(I'd happily read fics in which she wants to lock him away in a dungeon and molest him after taking over the world though. XD XD As long as it has a happy end with Zero (and possibly Yuuki too) kicking Sara's butt and rescuing Kaname. XD;;; *cough*any excuse is good for Zero x Kaname yaoi fanfiction and rescue situations*cough* 8DDD ❤ *LOL*)

Only time (and more VK volumes XD) will tell what exactly Sara might do, but in any case, she's a far more careful adversary than Rido. She's pointed out herself that Rido was more into recklessly taking on challenges for fun, while she wants to be careful etc.

Takuma is still with her and seems to see some good in her, so hopefully he might be right about that. ^^; Hopefully she might stop going on that path one day, but... if she doesn't she might be a dangerous adversary, especially since she consummed Ouri's power (and he was very ancient and powerful), and since she's good at strategy and even at doing outrageous things in a way that the Hunter Association laws can't get her.
(If you recall, Zero went to kill her, but couldn't because she followed the Hunter laws so that he couldn't do anything against her legally. ^^;; She's good at planning her moves...)

Onto a less ominous thing........ XD There were super sexy bonus images from past teaser pics, and which show the VK trio in interesting clothing. X3♥

A suit is not unexpected for Kaname, but for Yuuki it's such a different look, and Zero went instead for a less classic/more trendy-fashion look. :D

Together, which I did by combining the three:

And the individual images (they were all on different pages between chapters):


Back when that image came out in the magazine, there was no way to know if it was Zero or Ichiru other than by guessing, especially in such different clothing and with the head turned to the side so we couldn't see the tattoo... but now that we see it in a nicer quality printing in the book, we can see the earring. And with the fact that there were three pics, this one + Kaname and Yuuki, makes that it's VERY improbable it would be Ichiru and not Zero. It's most definitely Zero, I feel. X3

It was a gorgeous pic before regardless of being Z or I, and it's definitely even more hot as Zero. 8D~~~~~~~~~ *drools*

Kaname is also definitely to die for in his suit!! 8D And inevitably, my first thought was not that he might be about to finish dressing/put on the jacket, but that he must be undressing, of course. 8D *LOL*

If only all three where in the same room, it would be utterly perfect with the potential undressing and all!! XD<33333333

And Yuuki can get to watch the guys doing a strip-tease XD, err, the guys in bed XD, I mean, uhm, interacting innocently. XD XD *LOL*
*mind doesn't needs to go to the gutter, mind already lives there, on a happy Zero x Kaname yaoi + threesome cloud* XD *lol* ❤❤❤

And speaking of lovely couples (not yaoi or threesome this time XD), Shiki x Rima fans will probably love this bonus image:

Sure, the person in jeans on the left isn't drawn/shown, but it's most likely Shiki... well, probably. :D

In any case, regardless that we can't see, it's still a lovely image~! X3 And the little top Rima is wearing looks so much like underwear that it totally spices up the pic a bit more. 8D *lol*

Everybody is getting super sexy manicure scenes. First Kaname and Yuuki and now (presumably Shiki) x Rima... XD
Now I demand a scene in which Zero paints Kaname's nails 8D the main trio manicures each other. XD
(I was going to say Zero paiting Yuuki's nails too to go along with the KxY manicure, but the mind image that came was of nail polish getting everywhere and Yuuki complaining that Zero is bad at it and Zero complaining that Yuuki made him do it and "stop moving you idiot, I'm putting polish everywhere again!!" and so on in the usual spirit of how they were at the school. XD

It would certainly be hilarious manicure, in any case. XD XD

Zero is great at cooking but I really can't view him doing things like nail polish well. XD I think he'd fail epically, but in a hilarious manner. XD (It's not meant as something bad about him. It's just funny, like how Kaname can't cook... they complete each other to fulfill Yuuki's needs, hahaha~! XD<3)
Maybe it's because I view Zero as seme in yaoi. X3 But if Kaname could learn to do it so well, then Zero would probably manage too, if anything to avoid being outdone by Kaname. XD XD *lol*

So they could have a nail polish compatition, in which each of them does one of Yuuki's feet or hands, and they both fight throughout the whole thing while getting distrated and putting the wrong color or putting nail polish everywhere, much to Yuuki's dismay. XD *rotfl*

Either that or, even better, Yuuki goes with Luca & Rima for a girls only day at some nails etc. spa or whatever while Kaname and Zero stay home and do each other's nails. XD *is shot*

With manly sexy manicure, not with colorful nail polish, I mean. 8D<333
(Somehow I can't picture Zero with very manicured hands though. XD Kaname yes, and looking gorgeous with it even if it was a colored nail polish, but it kinda clashes with Zero's image.... maybe because Zero is more muscular and it clashes with the more slender and gender-ambiguous pureblood idea that seems to fit manicure more... and perhaps because I'd imagine Kaname's hands as being more manicure-fitting and Zero's hands as having calluses from training etc. rather than a more manicure-friendly look... But then again...*wants yaoi with them instead of manicures anyway* XD XD *lol*)

Yeah, in conclusion, it's much better if they just have hardcore yaoi while Yuuki is out, instead of any manicure at all. XD *is shot*

It appears that no matter what I start talking about in my VK posts, it always ends up being about Zero x Kaname yaoi, at some point or another. 8DDDDDD;;;;;;;;;;; *total obsession with those two* ❤❤❤

And as I'd mentioned before, here's the rest of the bonuses on Zero for this volume~! :D ❤
A two pages comical thingie with him and Bloody Rose "fighting".......or are they really? XD *lol*

...chairman Cross must have a death wish or something, to have spent so many years playing pranks on people like Kaname and Zero. XD XD *ROTFL*

And I love the mystery of the remaining papers, with the stuff the chairman didn't get to pull out yet and thus that we hadn't seen "Zero" or "Bloody Rose" supposedly say. Inevitably, that must get us all wondering what it was that they were going to say next in the chairman's scenario. XD *LOL*
(No one knows but Hino-sensei... she's the one who scribbled over the word. XD *lol*
Whatever it was that Zero was going to call Bloody Rose in the chairman's idea, we'll never know, since there are many words that start with the same thing and are censoring-worthy. XD This might also be what got Zero angry. *lol*)

And btw, it's another example of Hino-sensei's humor about punishments and her way of inserting kinky things into the series without upping the rating. XD *lol* It seems to be really a theme she likes a lot for the manga. XD XD
(People are still sending her letters asking about the "sadistic or masochistic?!" pages in the fanbook, according to the freetalks... XD *rotfl* Because of how it seemed so... perverted and all. XD; *lol*)

And speaking of the free-talks!! Hino-sensei revealed in the ones in this volume two very interesting things~! :D

1) Kaito's hair-color, finally! *____________* Now we can do accurate fanarts. XD
*had been dying to know the color*

Hino-sensei said she imagines his hair color being a type of "ash-brown"... :D

Edit to add more info on the hair color: I'm not always super familiar with trendy hair-color names, so I went looking around for what hair-coloring products and wigs etc. are considered the proper 'ash-brown' color, and it turns out that "ash-brown" is defined as a light brown missing the reddish hue that brown hair tends to have. As a result, depending on the lighting it's supposed to have a somewhat green-ish hue to it.

I don't know if in the West there's a different hair-color also named like that or what, but in any case in Japan the term "ash-brown" is a hair color that can range from very light honey-brown all the way to a darker brown, but not being as dark as the actual dark brown hair. (So it's still lighter than natural Japanese hair or even the Kurans hair.)

Here are some examples of wigs sold in Japan and listed as being "ash-brown", so that you can see some cases of how light the color can be: Example 01. Example 02. Example 03.
So in some cases the color is a honey-brown pulling towards somewhat lighter, (although the wig on the Y!J auction was a bit more blondish than some others, even if it is still listed as ash-brown), and in others it can be a bit darker.

There aren't any color pics of Kaito yet so we don't know yet how exactly is Hino-sensei's image of ash-brown and whether it pulls more towards blondish-honey or towards brown, but we can at least color fanarts etc. more accurately now that Hino-sensei said the color. XD

It's nice that Hino-sensei went for a light brown like that actually, because that was a color that wasn't really present in VK. There's dark haired people like all the Kurans, some blondes and varieties or reddish hair, and a very different hair-color like Zero's, but there wasn't really light-brown haired people. ^^

2) Maybe less interesting than Kaito's hair color, but still fun and so I thought I'd mention it, Hino-sensei brought back in the previous volume the vampire guy from volume 5 (chapter 24), who had attacked a Day Class girl, and whom we'd all wondered for a while whatever happened with him since then.
It turns out that Hino-sensei had showed him among the group with Kaname at the treaty, by the end of volume 11 (chapter 53)! :D
She mentioned it in the free talk in volume 12, confirming it was him, and that she's drawn him with lots of care in hopes people would recognize him. :D (...I was busy staring at Kaname and Zero etc. in that chapter, and didn't realize it was that guy in the background. XD; *dies a bit* Also beccause sometimes the background vampires have similar looks. XD)

If you remember, we saw in volume 5 that the guy had a fixation for a Day Class girl (we don't know if it was love or not, but he wasn't holding back on taking her blood apparently ^^;), and Kaname did something so that the guy wouldn't continue targeting her (it was said she would die if the guy kept drinking her blood so much).

From time to time people have claimed Kaname must have killed the guy, although it was clear that it couldn't be the case, not just from what the way their conversation went but also considering they were at risk of scandal for the school even just for the guy drinking the girl's blood, so the scandal of an Academy student dying would be much worse.
Now we have proof that the guy was not killed, and wasn't even shunned by his peers or sent away or anything, since he seems to still have a good political position now also. :D

Edit to add: And I realized just now that while anyone having volume 11 can see the guy mentioned in the free talk of 12, anyone looking at the scans won't see him, because he wasn't fully drawn in yet in the magazine version. ^^; Hino-sensei added him for the book version.

So I took a photo of the page: This way if you want to see the image the guy appears in.
(Please ignore the horrible lighting. ^^;)

And, lastly, the next volume preview:

It's just images you've already seen in the manga, but the way it was arranged was so beautiful that I had to scan it anyway. X3♥

Edit to add: I'd originally not scanned the cover and the flap since they're images you can also find in the artbook that came out on same time, but since they're also from volume 12, here they are scanned too:

Front cover, Kaname x Yuuki:

The full image finally~! ♥ (It was hard to see in the preview version, and the actual book cover version was nice but the artbook version was the one that had the entire image for this one. :D)

Cover flap, Zero x Yuuki:

Cover flap images are normally tiny btw, but I blow them bigger by scanning at higher dpi so you can see it all well in the scan. ^^

It's lovely to finally see this image clean! ♥ It was so full of text in the version that had been used as a LaLa cover a while ago.

*is now dying to see the Zero & Kaname cover from this summer in its full glory* X3 ♥

Feel free to use the images for your icon/avatars/profile stuff etc.... Like I said, it's official art, but please, don't go around reposting it in online art sites in your gallery as if you had drawn it yourself. ^^; That's not cool for Hino-sensei or even yourself... ^^;

And that's it for now~! :D *hopes you've enjoyed the bonuses~! ❤❤❤

And please, don't forget to buy your local official releases of the VK manga and anime! :D
(Don't fall for the bootlegs, the anime pirated DVDs are so often made with stolen subs AND are generally of horrible quality. Please make sure to only buy the official DVDs and books, otherwise you're not supporting VK since the money goes to bootleggers instead of to the author etc. ^^;;;)

It's important. D: Any series dies without support, and VK may be popular, but it's popular for a shojo manga series, which means not that much compared to big shonen manga blockbusters. We have to support the series we love, as all series die without support. ^^;/

And, uhm, if anyone feels like writing ANY yaoi fanfiction of Zero x Kaname at the ball or Aidou x Kaname with the chickpeas in the pantry, I'd be utterly delighted to read your fic!! 8D❤❤❤

(And/or the main trio together, and so many other lovely possibilities. X3 ❤)
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