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Vampire Knight Artbook: Zero x Yuuki x Kaname poster. :D❤


As I promised the other day, I scanned the poster image from the VK artbook, which also happens to be the cover image. :D

The cover is a foldout that spans the entire lenght of the book from front to back. As a result, if you only look at one side of it, you only see Zero and Yuuki on one side and Kaname and Yuuki on the other side.
Because of this, at first when the front cover thumbnails had been released prior to the book being out, we all wondered if the cover would be one pairing, but then Hino-sensei quickly went public to say that nope, the whole trio is on the cover once you see it unfolded. (Well, you probably already know all of this if you've been following my previous posts since I've been really eagerly waiting for the artbook and posting any news of it right away since a while ago. :D)

I've already shown you the full cover also in past posts, but now that I have the book and a moment to scan some stuff, here's the actual full poster image~! :D<3


❤ Yuuki & her sexy male harem. 8D~ ❤


Click to see the full-size pic in a muuuuch larger size. :D

A close up:

And its wallpapers:

Normal-screen size || Wide-screen size
 1280 x 1024 || 1440 x 900


I love how both Zero and Kaname seem so possessively clingy and lost in their instincts in this pic (the look in their eyes could make a volcano melt from the hotness 8D), while Yuuki seems to be the only one looking at the "camera" with a more rational and calm gaze, as if she was the center of it all keeping both of them sane/okay and grounded on reality. X3

Yuuki-seme ftw~! 8D<333 And she's actually caressing them both~! X333 *loves the image so much*

Warning: pervy rambling ahead, skip until the "---" if you hate anything pervy or partially-yaoi or mentioning the main trio in bed. XD

I tend to ship Zero-seme over everyone due to my permanent obsession with ❤ Zero x Kaname yaoi ❤ (XD), so my usual arrangement for the trio is for Zero and Yuuki to be somewhat seme since Kaname is uke to them both (in my depraved mind that is XD *wants yaoi in VK so much*), and so I view Zero also as seme for Yuuki who is seme for Kaname and well, they can take turns or something... XD; Like Yuuki with a camera while there's hot Zero x Kaname going on. XD *is shot*

But when I see pics like this, I get the urge for Yuuki totally topping them both. XD *lol*

(All this keeping in mind that while technically seme/uke are about who tops and who bottoms physically, it's also so much more than that and tends to be a lot about who is in charge/"on top" mentally too, and not necessarily only about tab A goes into slot B. XD *lol* (Although I also really like to imagine the possibilities of Yuuki erm... growing certain additional appendages to be more directly seme on Kaname while Zero tops either of them...XD XD *lol*))

There's SO MUCH fanfiction that needs to be written for this fandom, and sadly so little time in each day. XD XD; *lol*

Erm, btw, considering that VK is an older-teens & up title, I trust that I'm not scarring any innocent souls by talking of such things... XD; (Since if you're here reading about VK, you're supposed to be at least of the age the rating asks for or older anyway.)


Okay, back from the sudden rambling about pervy lovely VK threesome possibilities... 8D~

As promised also, I'll bring you more artbook pics later, of the inside of the book etc. as previews etc. for all the lovely people interested in buying the book and supporting the series. :D❤

But right now I'm running around doing various RL things I didn't have time to do during the days where I was buried under deadlines lately, and so I didn't get the time to do this today yet.

I did however get a moment to scan the bonuses for volume 12 earlier, and as soon as I have time to scanlate the ones with text I'll post them too. :D

Zero fans will be particularly happy to see the bonuses because, probably to compensate a bit for the lack of Zero in the story itself (due to the current arc being more centered on Kaname), Hino-sensei did lovely bonus thingies of him for the volume~!<3
Including a delicious page of Zero looking all sexy, and a two pages bonus with Zero & Bloody Rose.<3 (Being annoyed by the chairman. XD *lol*)

There's also the lovely bonus I mentioned from the preview in the chapter last month, with Aidou counting the chickpeas, and which has a droolworthy moment for fans of Aidou x Kaname. 8D~~~~~~~~~ *yaoi fangirl is so happy and somehow has mind images of Aidou and Kaname tumbling down together among the bags of chickpeas in the pantry* XD; *lol*

I'll be back with more (the artbook previews and the bonuses from vol.12) sometime later, though probably not tomorrow. Not sure yet. *running all over the place*

So just stay tuned for the rest, and see you later~! ^-^/♥

And if you haven't seen it before, my previous post has various links through which you can order the artbook, as well as through which you can order the fanbook in English and VK novel 01 in English. ^^/♥

So if you haven't ordered your artbook or other before, you might want to drop by that post~! :D

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