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Vampire Knight news: Artbook + volume 12 are SO MUCH LOVE. 8D❤❤❤



W00T~ Finally, freedom from that work deadline! XD *finished it and rushed to the shop to pick up the artbook etc. FINALLY*

Yep, my poor books have been sitting there all lonely waiting for me to pick them up this whole week. ^^;; *was crushed under a pile of work and didn't get to leave the desk for days*

But today, I finally got to rush there and pick up the books!! *______________*

I have to go breathe a bit XD make food and do some RL stuff but once I have time I'll be scanning some of the more interesting things, including the spectacular huge poster that also happens to be the cover image with the main trio~! :D<33
(And also the thumbnail gallery so that you can know the exact contents of the entire book. X3 *hopes it will get people interested and buying the book/supporting the series*)

Aside from the wonderful artbook, Volume 12 is packed full of awesome bonuses!!! *_______* ❤❤❤

I'll scan those too later sometime, but I just HAD TO rush here to make this post so that you could see asap the wonderful awesomeness of this pic!! XD XD

It's the end-of-book bonus for volume 12 of the VK manga. :D

You probably remember that, a while ago, there was a contest on LaLa, in which VK fans could send in their ideas for what they'd like to see the VK characters cosplaying as.
The fan who won the contest had asked for an angels & demons themed illustration, which Hino-sensei drew for them and you've all seen several times since then, since it was on LaLa as a chapter cover and so on. :D

However, there were many other cosplay ideas from the contest, that didn't get used, including people who wanted to see Kaname cross-dressing. XD XD (We've seen "Zeroko" when Ichiru cross-dressed to annoy Zero in another bonus, and people have long been very curious to see Kaname in such a way too. XD *lol*)

Well, Hino-sensei made the day of all of us fans who like that sort of thing (and/or yaoi etc. XD), by giving us not only one of them but BOTH KANAME AND ZERO CROSS-DRESSING. 8DDDDDD

Queen Kaname is deadly sexy, but Alice Zero is complete awesomeness too!! XD<333

Click if you want to see a bigger version of the pic.

Kaname as the Queen-of-hearts with a dress, long painted nails, and gorgeous jewelry etc., Zero as Alice (he seems so, erm, delighted to be in that outfit XD;;; *rotfl* *is choking on laughter at his expression*), and Yuuki munching on a cupcake and being all cute as the rabbit, while the queen pets her head. 8DDDDD

(Hino-sensei is the one who put the text saying queen or witch, probably because there's some people who use that term too for the Queen in Alice in Wonderland. The batwing shapes of the dress details sure add to the impressiveness and to that sort of look. 8D *stares at Kaname's flat XD XD non-cleaving cleavage well, chest* XD XD *rotfl*)

The wonderfulness of that pic is such that there's not enough words to describe it, hahahaha~~~ XD *is torn between being so amused by seeing them in dresses, or simply nosebleeding so much at the hotness potential of it* 8DDDDDD

*wants to draw SO MUCH yaoi fanart of Alice!Zero x Queen!Kaname* 8D~

*laughing but also nosebleeding so much at the pic, has a moronic grin on her face* XDDDDDDDDDDD❤❤❤

I'll be back with the artbook pics and VK 12 bonuses etc. sometime when I can, so stay tuned for more lovely VK fangirlable stuff later~! X3

(It might be tomorrow rather than today depending on RL stuff and being busy or not.)

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