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Zero x Kaname yaoi doujinshi (April fools joke, actually. XD But the "cover pic" is real.)


♥ ↓ Zero x Kaname yaoi doujinshi I drew, this way ↓ ♥

Warning, NC17, NSFW!


....this is the cover. ^^/

Or not. XD;;;

Sorry, April Fool's cover. XD;;

(Everybody was doing April Fool's stuff, and I couldn't resist... XD;; )

*dodges rocks* XD;;

But sometime! ^^/ I definitely want to draw a doujinshi on this subject sometime. ^^
It's just a matter of finding time. XD;;
(I used to be way more doujinshi-active in the Saint Seiya fandom, but the VK fandom has few doujinshis and no anthologies, so there's less motivation to draw your own stuff etc., and the lack of time hasn't been helping. ^^;)

Title = "The surrounded/imprisoned pureblood."
(Technically, the term means "enclosed", but the more interesting is the word's second meaning of a person kept as a mistress/kept lover, with the idea of closed doors and such sexy mind images...Kaname is Zero's pet/sexy slave in this. X3 But it's consensual and loving. ;D )

And yes, Zero is pressing his thigh up/having Kaname sit on his lap. 8D~

The supposed cover warning states it's Super-sadistic!Zero x super-masochistic!Kaname. XD
Zero is currently "training" Kaname's nipples... 83 It's important to "exercise" your pureblood pet everyday... *pervy mind images galore* XD *lol*

Note: The idea to make this into an April Fool's doujin cover is just something on the side.
The real purpose of this pic is that I drew it as a gift for the lovely Blackened-Wing. ^^/ ♥♥♥
Happy Birthday~! X3 ♥♥♥

*scurries away back to deadline* XD;

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