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Vampire Knight chapter 59 in English is here~!! ^^//


Vampire Knight chapter 59 in English is (finally! XD;) here~! ❤❤❤

Twincesty preview pic? XD *dodges rocks*

GAAAH!! This month was hellish. T____T No place nearby had LaLa for sale earlier than the actual release date (which was two days ago), I ran all over the place until I finally found it, and then died of juggling RL deadlines with finding time to scan etc. *is dying of tiredness* ^^;;

I could mention more of the epic incidents on the way to it, but I'd prefer for now to go to sleep for a bit instead, since I've been up for quite a long while. XD;;; *lol*

In any case, it's here~! X3 Enjoy~! ♥


AS USUAL, the commentary written in my post is shock-full of spoilers.
So please only read the commentary once you've read the chapter, in case I am randomly talking about later pages. ^^;;

And warning: the ramblings/commentary is sometimes full of crazy fangirling. ^^/ XD And full of random mentions of mind images of Zero doing one or the other of the Kurans XD (or both XD), so uhm, anyone underage or disliking yaoi/pervy fangirling etc., please look away during those lines so as to avoid having any innocent eyes catch on fire? XD;;; *lol*

Now with 50% more pervy Ichiru innuendo. *is shot* XD *lol*

This chapter didn't have a huge lot of stuff happening, but it was still epic, and the moment with Ichiru and Zero was SO WONDERFUL. *___________________*

The mention of Yuuki wanting to get a collar for Kaname to wear, and Kaname's happy reaction, rock so much too, but on a whole different and less innocent level, hahaha~ XD;; (Sure, it was wolf!Kaname, but you knooooow he wants the collar. XD *LOL*)

Although, after the preview pic, I'm not so sure Ichiru is 100% innocent when his lips are so close to Zero's. XD *drools*

The chapter has tidbits that link back to various previous chapters, so there should be plenty of notes with reminders of the previous chapters and little explanations etc. ^^/
If you hate notes, please ignore them. I've been told many times that they come in handy since the monthly rhythm of the series makes it tricky for everybody to remember what happened a while ago, especially with a series so full of little details that come back later. ^^/

And just in case: PLEASE, NO BASHING of any character/pairing/fellow fan/anything or anyone. ;0;
This isn't the place for it (ideally, fandom is never the place for bashing). ^^;
Fandom is for enjoyment and fun. :D Something relaxing we do on our free time, to enjoy fangirlable stuff with the series we like. ^-^/
There's no place for bashing/flaming/hatred/attacks in that sort of thing, otherwise there's no enjoyment for anyone. ^^;;;

So please, enjoy fandom peacefully. X3❤❤❤

More views of the wonderfully Zero x Kaname & Kaname x Zero mugs. XD<3

And onwards to the chapter itself:

*dehydrates from drooling SO MUCH at Zero in that page. 8DDD
And you can notice he's got two bouquets, one for Ichiru, and the other for the other tomb, which is presumably his parents.

Kaito is extremely hot in this chapter. *-* I'm torn between fangirling him for the presumably good intentions he definitely has (and the hotness is a nice bonus too XD), and being "DD:" at some of the things he tends to say of vampires. But then again, it must certainly be hard for him to be around Zero as a vampire, considering his past (brother who became a vampire and all), so perhaps it's no wonder some of that anger would show in some of his reactions. It would be extra difficult for someone like him to accept vampires. ^^;

^^;; Uhm, right in a single frame Kaito not only echoes the age-old "they're different from us" thing that people sadly so often toss at ones of another race than theirs, and he also somewhat subtly implies that vampires might not be quite "people" and that they may or may not have feelings, in the way he worded his "even if". XD;

While it's a sad way of seeing things for the racial coexistence in the series, the angst-loving fanfic-lover here is utterly delighted by the angst potential of hunters mindset vs. vampires in possible VK fanfiction. XD;
(As a whole because it creates this reminder of obstacles and things for the characters to overcome, which is generally needed for stories, and more directly also because seeing Kaito say this is extra interesting in my eyes because it confirms what I expected he might feel and is the type of thing he is supposed to say in a later chapter of my fic CoB. XD;;; *lol* (Kaito was scheduled to be in that fic since I read the novel, and him popping up in the manga was just a pleasant surprise that fuels so many more ideas. XD))

Although, as for my fangirling of the angst for fics coming from the hunter vs. vampires mindset, that's of course as long as said mindset sticks with random other hunters and not with Zero on the long run. ^^;; *really wants him to get over the racial hatred and accept himself so that he can get in bed with the Kurans 8D *is shot* accept himself and be happy. X3♥

Angst in stories is good, but happy ends afterwards are better, so I really really hope Zero will find his way and get out of the hatred. T_T *clings to the manga and hopes the end isn't tragic*

Incidentally, the whole "you haven't been there since forever, have you?" thing is uhm... ^^; Hopefully he meant it as in, 'within the past year'?
Because I sort of expected Zero to go "No, I just buried my brother there only a year ago, you **#@*." ^^;;; (Well, except of course considering how Zero is he might not say insults to semi-family-like/sort-of-senpai figures... XD;)

I don't know, maybe it's just because of the huge Ichiru fan in me that I went "O__O OMG, you didn't just say that??!" when I saw Kaito poke at the subject of visiting graves. XD;

Incidentally, Kaito already didn't like Ichiru originally, so after the betrayal of the Kiryuu family and Ichiru running off in love with a pureblood, precisely the race and rank Kaito hates above all, I wonder with what eyes Kaito viewed Ichiru. *likes pondering about characters relationships and how they might evolve as the story goes*

^^;; There's quite a chance that he loathed him. ^^;
So perhaps, the reason why he said "you haven't been there since forever" is because he's thinking of the tombs of Zero's parents, and choosing not to focus on that of Ichiru...? It's just a theory, of course.
The relationship between Ichiru and Kaito, or at least what little of such a thing there was between them in the novel, was so strained that the first time I read the book I sort of expected Ichiru to attempt to murder Kaito in his sleep during the stay or something. XD;;; *lol*

Back to the things about visiting the graves, I think Kaito has good intentions, btw. I'm not saying he's trying to hurt Zero out of being mean or anything. It's just that his beliefs about vampires, and what he views as right or good... are not right for Zero. ^^;; Kaito is thinking Zero can cling to playing human forever and that it won't make him too vampire-like. It shocks Kaito to see Zero being vampire-like, as we see in the first page. It's what made him send him away for a few days, telling him to reconnect with the human side "so that he won't be making a vampire's face like that again"... like this is possible. ^^;;

But Kaito isn't a vampire, so he might not fully realize that Zero can't simply close his eyes and pretend nothing is happening. Zero spent 4 years suffering faking that he was still human, and the denial route obviously doesn't works.

What Zero needs is acceptance, from himself and others. Not trying to cling to anymore denial. D: He needs to get over the hatred, and denying the vampire race as a whole and himself as well is the last thing that would help. ^^;;

Sadly, because of their hunter background and beliefs, Yagari and especially Kaito can't really help much with that stuff, well-intentioned as they may be. ^^;
Kaien would technically have a much better chance to talk to Zero about the vampire race not being a bad thing, but, weeell, we know that Zero doesn't likes much hearing his lessons, especially on that subject, and considering how the chairman goes at it, it's understandable. XD;; The man is adorable but has the tact of a drunk elephant inside a porcelain museum. XD

Yuuki, Aidou stares at you and finds your random subjects of conversation weird. XD *lol*

Unrelatedly, I've gotten into watching Durarara lately and now I see Yuuki mention "Isaya" to Aidou and I imagine a sexy pureblood stomping on a cell-phone while looking all composed and pureblood-y... XD;;; *lol* *clash of fandoms* XD
Their names are different, but similar enough for me to have taken forever to type "Izaya" instead of "Isaya" when talking about the Durarara one. XD *lol*

About the graves: Normally in Japan people's remains are put in the family tomb, so either the cemetery in this chapter is indeed more western, or... Ichiru got kicked off the family tomb (by the association, maybe, if they had anything to do with the funeral? Especially if it's a hunter cemetery or something...) for the issue with Shizuka. ^^;
(Or maybe just because maybe Zero felt Ichiru wouldn't feel right in there with the parents and wanted to give him his own tomb.)

You can see that Zero's parents probably share a tomb together, since there's two headstones on a same tomb, and Zero put flowers there too. It's probably them, though there's no names. (I doubt it was Shizuka and her lover of course, since a) vampires don't bury, apparently, and b) Zero might perhaps prefer to chop off his hand than take flowers to Shizuka. XD;; *lol*
It's more likely that it's the parents rather than some random unrelated couple.)

Of course, maybe Ichiru didn't get kicked out at all, and it's just that this cemetery doesn't do the family-tombs thing. Western ones don't always do, I think?

It can be pretty complicated, because VK is not passed in a particular country nowadays, but in the distant future and without it being specified whether it's even the same world and whether the same countries and boundaries etc. apply.

(Although it would logically be influenced by Japanese views, up to a certain point, since the author is Japanese.)
Things might be different, just how they have "St Xocolatl Day" instead of "Valentines Day", they might have other customs.

In the old times, it was customary in Japan to have two tombs, one where you bury the body, and another, a pretty one, that the family would go to for special visits etc. (It may seem very odd for people not used to this custom. XD)
Nowadays, people are mostly cremated. Especially since there's not much terrain and tombs are crazy expensive. ^^; (Even the ones where you just put the deceased's ashes.)

But because VK is not in this world, and we don't know what customs Hino-sensei might have found cooler to use in the story, there's no way to know if Yuuki aspires to actually be buried somewhere one day, even if it's just ashes, or if what she wants is the feeling of having somehting grounding you to this world and your family, in the presence of a family tomb you can visit. (I guess the ancestral chamber doesn't counts since it's too creepy XD it's not what it's used for anyway. XD; *lol*)

In the bottom of the page, FLUFFY WOLFIE EARS. XD<3333

If she hugged and petted Kaname in his normal form even just a fraction as much as she does to his wolf form, he would probably be looking constantly as happy & gleeful as the wolf does in the frame where Yuuki is hugging him!! XD<333

I've often wondered if perhaps the way she is around Kaname is because she still has so much residual shyness and all from so many years of not daring to approach him. She gets so cuddly when it's the wolf form, which is perhaps less intimidating to her than the normal form. XD<3

Hence her still blushing each time after a whole year of them kissing etc., and being still so shy etc., which she isn't when it's the wolf form of him.
(Even though she had confirmed to Aidou before that she knows it's also Kaname, and she has called him Kaname later in this chapter, so it's not like she doesn't knows or anything. XD)

O_O So... is he implying there's really nothing left buried inside Ichiru's grave?
Or is he thinking of Zero's parents, in case Shizuka completely destroyed the bodies...?

Because really, that comment about the even when there's nothing buried inside the grave is such fuel to make us wonder about Ichiru.
Back in chapter 47 we saw Zero carrying Ichiru's body, but... maybe the whole, uhm, eating part was more to share the presence of Ichiru and didn't need Zero to consume that much of it, or maybe it could be done after the fighting??
I'd assumed that if he had eaten flesh as it implied then it was like when Ichiru ate Shizuka's flesh, where he ate some but not a lot was needed and someone looking at the body from afar wouldn't notice much amiss maybe...

This series is full of mysterious things and possibilities. XD But I love that it's so not like your average shojo in any way. It makes it so much more free to all possibilities. *hopes it won't be tragic though* ^^;

With this new hint of empty graves, I wonder if maybe Hino-sensei simply showed Ichiru's body back then to avoid outrage, since cannibalism is a heavy subject. Or maybe she just forgot about the hints of eating etc. some chapters before and drew him in 47 in Zero's arms, then it was too late to remove that without it looking weird. XD;; *LOL* (Unlikely, I know. XD *lol*)

Unless maybe consuming the blood and flesh of Shizuka made that Ichiru's body decayed different from that of a normal human and so perhaps he exceptionally became ashes and didn't get a normal burial, hence the grave being empty...? *now going onto very disturbing realm of theories*
*tries to steer away from highly creepy ramblings* ^^;;

Although of course, there's also the possibility that maybe Kaito was just speaking in general and not necessarily hinting at any of the Kiryuu graves in particular. XD (But that seems rather unlikely since it would make no sense to bring up the idea of an empty grave in that situation, otherwise... especially considering the focus on Ichiru in this chapter...
I really think the most likely theory is that we only got to see Ichiru's body for the sake of appeasing people grossed out by the idea of the eating, and for the sake of Ichiru's fans having some closure, but he really is within Zero, and there's no body in the grave maybe. Hence Ichiru's words later.)

Kaito has an obsession. XD

But it's nice that he didn't flat out say "our customs ARE BETTER, and that's it", he left it in the open as a point that didn't matter since he views both races as being different.
Though I wish he'd drop the idea that they (despite Zero not being human anymore) MUST absolutely be different from the vampires and that being a vampire is 'bad'. ^^;;

Zero kissing Ichiru's grave... ;___________; So beautiful and so sad!

Admire that magical jacket that flips to the side in a totally unnatural manner for the sole sake of us being able to stare at Zero's butt. XD *is shot*

SERIOUSLY. Why else would Hino-sensei have made the jacket fall in such a manner? XD *applauds the jacket* XDDD *lol*

And yet, she covered it with text two pages later, just to tease us. ;-; Oh the sadism. XD;

Incidentally, in the original Hino-sensei had the spelling of "Ichiru" be in hiragana instead of kanji, to emphasize the emotion in Zero's voice as he speaks the name. It's lovely the amount of things you can do with such subtle things in Japanese. ^^/
Since English doesn't has ways to convey that sort of thing via the spelling of a name, I used a different font and the italics to portray that same feeling of his voice being off and so more intimate. ^^/

I KNEW that there was something so scary with that smile of his in the previous chapter. No wonder he's so shaken thinking about it, considering what he was feeling to make him have that smile. D:

We already knew (from what Aidou had said early in the series) that being bitten by a pureblood vampire (or maybe by any vampire, but he was talking about Kaname, so it's certain at least for purebloods) was intensely pleasurable, and we'd seen that confirmed by the orgasmic expressions and little sounds Kaname makes when Yuuki bites him. *violent nosebleed explosion* 8D

Now, we hear that perhaps it also feels good to drink from a pureblood...!! 8D (It would make sense. And it would also explain why they need so much to drink from their loved one in particular, since it's such a joining/is an experience so close to something else more, err, directly physically joining. XD The whole penetration with the fangs and all, is rather similar in a way, hence why vampire stuff is usually so sexy.)

Okay, maybe Zero meant the pleasure of taking down a pureblooded prey, and not anything pervy. XD Maybe it's all innocent, But, well... who can stop the pervy mind images?? XD *lol* Especially when the series gives us such delicious subtext...? XD Excuse me while I want to go write 500 pages of porny fanfiction fueled by the extreme sexual tension on this page. 8D *rotfl*

It doesn't matters that it's Sara, because we all know she was just some convenient representative of her race there, and that in trust it's for Yuuki the Kurans that Zero lusts. 8D *lives in happy yaoi-land, is imagining it all either threesomey or outright Zero x Kaname forgetting about Yuuki for the time being* XD *lol*

(Well, he could really crave Kaname's blood too, regardless of yaoi, so... XD *fangirls away wildly*)

Technically, my yaoi mind image isn't far from the truth, because despite his violent feelings for the purebloods as a whole, I'd imagine Zero's intentions for Yuuki would be gentler (I hope, in any case XD;) than the deliciously HOT and overwhelmingly raw brutality that this page seems to indicate... In other words, Yuuki gets the less scary side of Zero perhaps and the hardcore rough sex is being saved for Kaname...? *is shot by all the non-yaoi fans* XD

Seriously though, this page is just SO HOT. XD *tries to focus on the fact he's discussing a serious subject that he views as terrible, but can't pull her mind out of the gutter*

*wants Zero to be gentle to Kaname too, but is totally fine if they have rough sex first* 8D *is shot some more*

O_____O ♥

Ichiru further fuels my theory I mentioned earlier, with his mentions of not being inside the grave. XD (Though he could mean it in spirit, not being there because he is with Zero. But the constant mentions of empty graves and "I'm not there" makes me think it's no coincidence or mere matter of speech. XD)

Amazing, the speed with which my mind rushed back to the gutter with Ichiru's "I'm inside you, Zero". XD;; *dodges rocks*

On a more serious level, is this whole scene with Ichiru and Zero talking, all a beautiful metaphor, or is it for real?? O_O

Because... did Ichiru have Shizuka speaking in his mind all the time after he ate her flesh? O_o
Also, if it's not a metaphor and there's no way to switch the other person off, uhm, Ichiru gets to watch whenever Zero has se- *is shot* XD;;;; Or in the shower, or- *is shot more*

I love Ichiru, but I prefer if it's a more spiritual feeling. Otherwise, it's too full of strange mind images, like Ichiru commenting while Zero is in bed with someone. "Dude, no, you totally got the wrong hole there"/"Psssh, you're such a prude, Shizuka-sama and I used to do waaay kinkier things"/"WHAT, you mean you're actually doing both of the Kuran siblings??! Never mind what I said about the prudeness, bro" and so on. XDDD *dodges rocks* XD XD;;;

;-; ♥♥♥

I'm SURE I'm not the only one who thought "KISS NOW. *_____*" when Ichiru's lips got so close to Zero's... XD XD *lol*
Hence the preview pic with the added blush. XD *lol*

And more seriously, with this chapter I started to think Ichiru might be the key for Zero to FINALLY accept himself one day, and hopefully break out of the terribly anti-vampire/anti-pureblood racial segregation issue that the death of his parents and his forced turning etc. caused. *__*

Kaito, and perhaps other hunters as well, is in the belief that it's bad for Zero to be a vampire, and that Zero has to deny that and try to cling to whatever is still human. But Ichiru, on the other hand, was always vampire and pureblood friendly.

Ichiru doesn't wants Zero to deny his nature or force himself to kill a part of himself to try and cling to something he no longer is.
Instead, he points out to Zero that humans too are evil, humans too desire the blood of purebloods etc.
So what is the huge difference there then? Is the world that Zero sees, with the innocent and sweet humans and the entirely 'evil and horrible' purebloods something that actually exists anywhere in reality? ...Or is it some image in his mind, that doesn't truly exists no matter how much so many of the hunters might like to imagine humans as all pure and kind and vampires as all bad. Ichiru asking Zero to think more on this all is a huge step forward, or at least, I strongly hope it will be the little seed planted to start the possibility of Zero accepting vampires and himself, one day!! *__*

Of course, if he does manages to ever change such a deeply ingrained belief, it will NOT be easy or fast at all, and it will be most likely a mess for a while, but I really hope Zero can one day accept himself and others. ♥

I think it's life itself, and reaching happiness at some point, the goal. X3

Because after all that Ichiru said and how much he cares, I really don't believe it could be something materialistic or belligerent like "go take revenge on an entire race" or anything like that that would completely go against Ichiru's beliefs. XD;


He looks cute even when half-wolf/half-bats while reforming himself. XD

Incidentally, late indeed. The clock on the building indicates it's 23:00 already. D:
Luckily, Momoyama-san is indeed unlikely to mind the late hour...

Incidentally also, this implies that Zero either adapted to doing stuff by night rather than mostly by day, or he spent the day at the cemetery with Ichiru and thinking etc., because he was still there by the time of the fight.

And I wonder if Momoyama-san is a retired hunter (in which case, making her the babysitter of a little pureblood princess disguised under a seal as a human is immensely ironic) or if she always worked with the same stuff she did at the chairman's (we saw her take care of stuff in the kitchen and babysit Yuuki, in the bonus chapter in volume 8), since after all the association too needs people to take care of the buildings and help with stuff and all.
In which case, does she knows about vampires...? This is quite interesting and full of possibilities. XD

*urge to write fluffy fanfiction about little Yuuki and teenage Zero back during the beginning when he got the tattoo etc.*
He was 13 by the time he arrived at Cross' place but hadn't gotten his growth spur yet so people often remember him as if he was younger. X3

Momoyama-san hadn't left a huge impression with me initially, but after this chapter I went to re-read the bonus chapter and noticed that she did indeed look really really old back then already. I wonder how much longer she lived. She was a lively and gentle old lady. ;-; *clings to totally fictional character with barely two appearances in the series* XD;;;

It's hilarious how Aidou is so often scowling at all the things Yuuki does that he finds weird, and yet he's always so gentle and trying to help, protect her, etc.
Aidou really is the ideal friend, although I terribly fear for him in this trip. ^^; They go against dangers that are moderate for Yuuki since she is a pureblood and since there's no doubt Kaname (and hopefully Zero too) would run to her defense, but one blow wrong and Aidou wouldn't survive, not in a fight between Yuuki and another pureblood. D:
He was already immensely lucky to have survived becoming a snack for Rido. *crosses fingers and hopes he will survive Yuuki's adventures* D:

And onto the things said on this page, sometimes I get the feeling the conversations in VK are getting more and more strange lately. XD;;; I'm not sure what was the point of the last part of their talk, other than get us to know that they're just randomly talking about stuff when Kaname notices the enemy bats approaching.

I can't help but wonder if Yuuki had intended to go in, but sensed Zero inside and that's why she didn't go in. (Either to not disturb/irritate him, especially when he's visiting tombs, or because of their promise from when they parted, since meeting in the cemetery would be different from meeting at the diplomatically heavy moment at the party with the peace treaty being arranged and all.)
If it is because she sensed Zero, then perhaps the reason why she wanted Touma to stop attacking her there and for them to move elsewhere, was also to not pull Zero into it.

If Yuuki was Kaname, this would most likely have been the reason behind the actions of not going in and all, but considering Yuuki is not usually so great at the planning aspect, and she seemed to still look surprised when Zero popped up at the end of the chapter, I don't know if she actually did notice that he was inside there from the start or not at all. XD;;;

It will have to be a subject for fanfiction wanderings. XD *lol*

I find it really nice how Aidou's face expresses it so well. ^^;; The moment Yuuki says it, he realizes it means those are bats from another pureblood, and that they're more or less surrounded, if it's an enemy. ^^;

At least Yuuki can tell what is a real bat and what is one created from the body of another pureblood. :D
And she could also tell that Kaname had noticed the potential enemy presence. (Err, either that or she just saw some bats and shot him a glance to make sure they were not stray ones coming out of him? *LOL* XD It sounds like a funny and cute possibility, but I'd like to think it was that she really noticed and can recognize. XD *lol*)

I wonder how far away he is. He seems to be getting the info by reabsorbing his bats, though we don't know whether that's needed for all of them or if he just prefers it this way. Maybe it depends on where and how their power is being used.


From past chapters, we saw that the time Yuuki hit Kaname’s creatures to show that she was serious about going on her trip, from the way she acted and apologized seemed to imply Kaname feels the pain through the creatures he generates from his body, which wouldn’t be surprising since they are after all made from him and return to his body eventually.
So we can only hope it doesn't causes wounds done to the creatures to pass on as well, considering how throughly Touma seems to have crushed the wolf!Kaname. DDDDDDDD:

Yes, and when I see people like you, I understand why they were hiding her, and why Kaname was so utterly paranoid about her going out. D:

The way Touma worded his questions when he asked Yuuki who she was, was impressively rude. XD;; He managed to even mention the Kuran family in a derogatory-sounding manner, which sadly doesn't conveys as well to English, but in any case, it's an impolite way of saying things that you don't really expect someone from a proper pureblood family to be using when talking about another pureblood family, especially since they're all usually so polite.

I've always wondered if other purebloods ressented the Kurans for the central role they've played in history, and how much... Perhaps we might find out about that in future volumes. ^^

That kid gives such huge psycho vibes. XD;
I wonder if the kid appearance is just for fun too. His calling Kaname a mere boy implies he is at the very least way older than the 19 years old Kaname currently is...

Maybe Touma is thousands and thousands of years old, bored and without a very developed sense of good and wrong. ^^; *fanfiction plot bunnies bounce around wildly* XD

If the boyish looks are fake, I wonder what his true form would look like, or if he simply chose not to age past that look. After all, purebloods incarnate perfect beauty and look young forever, so it would make sense that if one of them liked more to look younger than the usual norm, they might be able to make their own bodies comply to the looks they want to display, especially if they're so old and powerful. Sounds so full of creepiness potential if it's indeed that. XD;

We may not know much about Touma yet, but from what he said on this page we can at least make some deductions as to his motivations: His displeasure apparently aimed at Yuuki’s intervention with the others appears to imply that he doesn't likes the idea that other purebloods might get to have an easier way out of the eternal boredom that sometimes pushes them to try and get out of it through some violent incident, like Ouri’s death had more or less been. It would work with Touma's mention of being amused by the show of gore etc.
His mention of the change in the stage indicates he’s already aware of what Sara is doing, and we can presume he either approves or is at least amused by it for the time being.
Unless, of course, it’s not Sara he’s hinting at, but some other danger brewing in the horizon, of which we might not have heard of yet.

In any case, with all those different forces in motion towards potentially violent direction, Kaname’s faction and the chairman will probably have trouble keeping things peaceful and coexistence prone, depending on what happens. ^^;;

On the good side, however, it might also provide Zero with enemies he can fight without having to worry about doing something wrong, since Touma and Sara’s intentions don’t seem very peaceful!! :D So he might get to fight 'bad' purebloods, and hopefully better see the difference between the good ones and them, which in turn might help him accept the good ones. :D

Incidentally, the word Touma used for "sheltered" is a Japanese expression that means "brought up inside a box" (as in, protected from everything, so it can also have a certain implication of her being spoiled in a way because they protected her too much.)

Considering how it sucks to grow up as a pureblood with the whole issues with vampire society desiring them so creepily and wanting to hurt them and see them in pain and all, like we saw back in the ball chapters, it's in a way understandable that Touma, like Shizuka before, seem irritated by the idea that Yuuki got to escape the suffering they had to endure. Although of course I hope nothing bad will come out of this for Yuuki. D: Touma might only have been giving her a brutal warning this time, or he might be more serious, we don't know yet.

Oww!! DX (The shock in Aidou's face is really nice. It looks like it all happened so fast he didn't even have the time to move, and the horror suddenly shows in his eyes.)

X_x That sure looks painful!! ^^;;;; Even though Yuuki is a pureblood and as such she is of course in no danger of life whatsoever from such a wound.
(Even the chairman himself had expected something much worse than that to happen to her, perhaps at some point of her visits... ^^;)


WHY does the chapter has to end right there? T_T *awaits the next one eagerly*

The page behind this one was much darker and frustratingly insisted on being semi-see-through. ^^; Problems that happen sometimes with magazines, but you won't have it when you buy the book version. :D ♥

The bonus chapter will of course also be scanlated & posted, as always. ^^/ *is eagerly looking forward to the magazine coming out* *-*

It comes later than the normaly monthly LaLa, which comes on March 24th, while unlike the the LaLa DX with the bonus comes out in April.

Teaser image/next month's little blurb:

Yuuki in a suit…

Please, don't forget to buy your local official releases of the VK manga and anime! :D
(Don't fall for the bootlegs, the anime pirated DVDs are so often made with stolen subs AND are generally of horrible quality. Please make sure to only buy the official DVDs and books, otherwise you're not supporting VK since the money goes to bootleggers instead of to the author etc. ^^;;;)

It's important. D: Any series dies without support, and VK may be popular, but it's popular for a shojo manga series, which means not that much compared to big shonen manga blockbusters. We have to support the series we love, as all series die without support. ^^;/

And that's it for this month~~! :D *hopes you enjoyed the chapter* ♥

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