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Vampire Knight chapter 59 in English is here~!! ^^//


Vampire Knight chapter 59 in English is (finally! XD;) here~! ❤❤❤

Twincesty preview pic? XD *dodges rocks*

GAAAH!! This month was hellish. T____T No place nearby had LaLa for sale earlier than the actual release date (which was two days ago), I ran all over the place until I finally found it, and then died of juggling RL deadlines with finding time to scan etc. *is dying of tiredness* ^^;;

I could mention more of the epic incidents on the way to it, but I'd prefer for now to go to sleep for a bit instead, since I've been up for quite a long while. XD;;; *lol*

In any case, it's here~! X3 Enjoy~! ♥

VK 59 this way! :DCollapse )

Please, don't forget to buy your local official releases of the VK manga and anime! :D
(Don't fall for the bootlegs, the anime pirated DVDs are so often made with stolen subs AND are generally of horrible quality. Please make sure to only buy the official DVDs and books, otherwise you're not supporting VK since the money goes to bootleggers instead of to the author etc. ^^;;;)

It's important. D: Any series dies without support, and VK may be popular, but it's popular for a shojo manga series, which means not that much compared to big shonen manga blockbusters. We have to support the series we love, as all series die without support. ^^;/

And that's it for this month~~! :D *hopes you enjoyed the chapter* ♥

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March 27 2010, 21:07:02 UTC 10 years ago

Thank you very much for this ♥ (i need to catch up on VK T_T )
Thank you so much for translating! I love this chapter!Err... Ok, I always LOVE the new VK chapter. But I loved seing so much sexy Zero. It's been rare ;).

So yeah, thanks for the hard work.

Subtle things like Ichiru's name being written in hiragana instead of kanji never makes it through translation T_T. It's such a pity! It's a detail, but an important detail all the same. It makes me mad just thinking about all the slight but crucial differences in meaning that we miss in commercially sold manga just because translators or editors don't make the effort of fitting side notes to a text or a picture when it's so easy to do and so useful to the reader. It just makes you want to learn the language so you don't have to bother with the translation anymore XD
Do you realize what this means?!?!?!??!?!
*roughly wipes tears away from scene with ichiru and zero*
not only is Zero meeting again with Yuuki, but he will soon meet with Kaname too!
I mean, Kaname is not just gonna say "Hey my wolf form was killed" and not do anything about it xDD
He surely is already in his way there...
I cant wait for the next chap aahhhhhhh
Zero meets yuuki and kanamee again XDDDDD


March 28 2010, 03:14:32 UTC 10 years ago

Ok thank u so for ur scanlating!!!!! omg i hate this cliffhangers lol it was just getting good. i never really cared for zero im totally KxY but after this chapter ive developed some feelings for him lol... ugh now we hav to wait till next month to know wat happens :(....


March 28 2010, 03:26:04 UTC 10 years ago

Thank You, Sagakure!!

As always, I'm blown away by the beauty and flow of the storyboarding. I'm really excited for the next chapter - even though I primarily ship KanamexYuuki, I really look forward to all the ZeroxYuuki reunited moments.

Thanks again for spoiling us so much!!!!
This chapter was awesome. Thank you once again for posting it up. /bow I'm still waiting on my copy of lala. ^_^
The Zero and Ichiru scenes were sexy. /kya~
and the cliffhanger is totally killing me right now. Will he help her? Will he get a bloodlust from the smell of her blood? If so, will she let him drink? or will he walk away? They haven't talked to each other in a while so the next chapter will be interesting for sure. ^_^
I can't wait. >.



March 28 2010, 18:37:09 UTC 10 years ago

thank you soooooooooooooooo much Sakura you are the best so kind-hearted person

this chapter is awesome , lovely and emotional those scenes with Zero and ichiru are so touching and made us cry how zero are all alone ,, confused and depressed .. atleast since the new arc he showed us some of his emotion and conflicts .. besides showing how he missed ichiru who was the closest person to him after Yuki ..

wonderful relationship between these two brother ...

I loved the encouter again between Yuuki and Zero and did you notice how her heart goes BUMP THUMP just by sensing and seeing Zero >> her attachment or her lust for blood either ways but the fact both of them feeling miserable at that time is so exciting

Hi :)


March 28 2010, 20:44:43 UTC 10 years ago

Thank you sooooooo much!!!!! Im still fangirling from the idea of Yuuki putting a collar on Kaname <333
I would also like to throw in that I live in America and I have only rarely heard of family tombs, actually the whole idea of that seems a little weird to me... Normally here in the west most families just buy a plot of land for their family and then all members buried separately within the alloted area.
On a different note, I have to wonder how old Touma is. I mean from what we see in the chapter he refers to Kaname as a little kid, but Toumas appearance himself is that of a little kid. I also have to wonder if he was a resurrected ancestor like Kaname, and maybe he was born before ancestor Kaname...
Thanks again!! :)
Thank you very much SAgakure-san for sharing this emotional chapter
i Loves the kiss zero and Ichiru!! look so great ahh
Arigatou Gozaimazu!!You are the best scanlation and traduction with
adorable and funnies comments.
Oh my God! :D A whole chapter dedicated to Zero and Yuuki! xD
Zero looks so hot at the beginning! I hope Zero and Yuuki get together in the end though. I ♥ Zeki! :3


March 29 2010, 07:05:15 UTC 10 years ago

zero gettin hunger surges
yuuki wounded (plus not being satisfied)....

zeki forev...ty skg <3
Thanks so much for all your hard work!!
I've just got back from Japan and managed to pick myself up a copy of Lala (it was really hard to find!!) so it's nice to now know what happened in the chapter!
Thanks again!~^^
Thanks a lot, Sagakure-san! ♥♥

Oh my, what a chapter!
I decided that it would be better if I read with the black background so I went on onemanga..then, as I was reading I uhm... cried (can't help it, Zero is one of my fave characters ever) and then I came back to your blog because I knew that your funny and pervy comments would immediately bring a smile on my face and.. I was right of course! I actually couldn't stop laughing ^^
Now my mind feels very well in the gutter with Zero and Kaname heh. But you do not have to feel guilty, it's not like you brought yaoi - perviness inside an innocent's thoughts ^^; I think it's my destiny to like BL and I knew that ever since I had fangirlied LXLight from Death Note even before I knew that there was the huge DN yaoi-fanbase so yeah... ^^;;

I particularly love Yuuki in these recent chapters. She shows so much concern for those around her, being brave and stuff. I now truly believe she will become the strongest character in VK.
I wish all the three main characters could find their identity, because with every chapter, I feel that Yuuki, Zero but also Kaname kind of lost their identity in one way or another.
OMG this chapter its killing me!!!! why it had to end just there???? I want to see the rest and wait until April 24 its a torture but its better than not having it!!!!! thx for the scanlations U TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!
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