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Vampire Knight chapter 59 in English is here~!! ^^//


Vampire Knight chapter 59 in English is (finally! XD;) here~! ❤❤❤

Twincesty preview pic? XD *dodges rocks*

GAAAH!! This month was hellish. T____T No place nearby had LaLa for sale earlier than the actual release date (which was two days ago), I ran all over the place until I finally found it, and then died of juggling RL deadlines with finding time to scan etc. *is dying of tiredness* ^^;;

I could mention more of the epic incidents on the way to it, but I'd prefer for now to go to sleep for a bit instead, since I've been up for quite a long while. XD;;; *lol*

In any case, it's here~! X3 Enjoy~! ♥

VK 59 this way! :DCollapse )

Please, don't forget to buy your local official releases of the VK manga and anime! :D
(Don't fall for the bootlegs, the anime pirated DVDs are so often made with stolen subs AND are generally of horrible quality. Please make sure to only buy the official DVDs and books, otherwise you're not supporting VK since the money goes to bootleggers instead of to the author etc. ^^;;;)

It's important. D: Any series dies without support, and VK may be popular, but it's popular for a shojo manga series, which means not that much compared to big shonen manga blockbusters. We have to support the series we love, as all series die without support. ^^;/

And that's it for this month~~! :D *hopes you enjoyed the chapter* ♥

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Thank you *__*


March 26 2010, 22:35:14 UTC 10 years ago

omfg that was amazing, but seriously zero, how did you get those jeans on? skinny jeans while kissing a grave... thats not at all emo. loved the chapter thankyou for supplying me with my monthly dose which comes with a rather large helping of unhealthy obsession ^.^



March 26 2010, 22:39:06 UTC 10 years ago

No,no,no,no...I'll die,I know XDXD I just can't wait 'till next month!!I can't!XDXD
ZeroxIchiru moment was sooooooooo sad...I almost cried T^T Well,like I said before that Touma boy is just creepy;he seems to be oldere than Kaname and even more powerful...I have a bad feeling about it,thought.
What about the Ancestor??Why we didn't see anything alse about Kaname past??I'm curious...No,no,no...Hino's an evil woman!!XDXDXD
I love VK,really,but lately everything is goin on so slowly...I hope for some developements or something soon^^
Thanks,Sagakure!You're my hero!! ;)
Ps:Pervy things?Do you believe you imagine too many pervy things??Well,may it's better if I do not talk about MY pervy images about all the HOOOOOOT VK's boys XD
NO lets talk about those pervy things with the Hooootttt VK boys. LMAO. I can't get enough of Sagakure's pervy imaginings. XD
thanks sagakure for the translation ah zeroxichiru loves there sceen .

i so love yuuki in this chapter so strong words love her

so momo san died i loved her character and my god a special about kaien i can't wait to see it and know about kaien and what connection he had with the kiryuu ^_^
i can't wait to see it and know about kaien and what connection he had with the kiryuu ^_^
i second that!;))

Thank you very much sagakure!^_^



10 years ago



March 26 2010, 22:43:22 UTC 10 years ago

Thank you so much for this chapter, it was great!
new chapter, new chapter, new chapter, new chapter, yay~~~
Thank you so much!

cliff hanger, cliff hanger, cliff hanger ;-;
*panics and runs around in circles*


March 26 2010, 22:45:19 UTC 10 years ago

Thank you soooo much~
Zero is actually sexy in the last page :b

Can't wait *-*
Um..."actually" ? Zero is always sexxy!! lol. ~_^

Deleted comment

I keep waiting for someone as badass as Seiren to show up in this series

THIS! and we don't even see seiren that often which really sucks donkey balls =/


10 years ago

LOVE THIS SOOOO MUCH! ;_____________; <3

I can't stand how much I fell in love with Ichiru and even more with Zero in this...I started to cry when i heard Zero say such sad things about himself i couldn't help it T.T I feel so happy that he had met with Ichiru, but I can't help but feel so badly for Zero...that face he made was a vampire's a desperate one...;_____; GOD YUUKI ZERO MEET UP? I probably will pay for this but I hope Zero can atleast get a few things off his chest when he talks to Yuuki :D

I can't wait for the April LALA it'll be explosive with the Chairman and the Kiruu's...Is in only me but I simply LOVE Yuuki in a suit...I'd put it on me if I could XD;;
You know, I'm a Zero fan 4ever and all around, and just when I think how hot he is and how much I love him Hino-sensei makes him EVEN HOTTER and makes me love him MORE!!! <33 I love how he's dressed in this chapter and this whole chapter had him. <333 I just know I am gonna die next chapter of happiness! Or epically cry.



10 years ago

cliffhanger...I can't waint till next month...
I have always supporterd yukixkaname...but now, with zero showing up again...i don't know T.T

Deleted comment

You're welcome~! :D ♥ *is always happy to be of help for the fandom* X3
I find the banter between the twins adorable too. XD<3 Well, it's Ichiru talking rather than banter from one to the other and back, but it's wonderful anyway. XD<3 *hopes for more scenes*

As for the scans, sure~! :D<3
I'm against people taking the whole chapter just to fill up websites without any effort on their part, especially when they do it without crediting the people who put effort into it, but if fans taking pages to color or make icons with them I'm always okay with it and happy to see the results. :D The rules page at the end of the scanlation states it's okay. :D ♥

*looks forward to seeing the colorings etc.* X3
wow. kaname come and kick that snooty purebloods butt!!!



March 26 2010, 23:33:32 UTC 10 years ago

i cant wait till next chapter!!!! kaname will probally come and yukki and zero will be like why are you here and kaname will kick that pureblood to the next tomorrow!!! <3 kaname as a dog:D ~thegirlkanameknowshewant:D
Awwwwww Thank you so much for the scalations!! You made my day!!!
I really happy. Your comments mostly of time make me laugh and think about posibilities too.

Have a nice day (night) and thank you again.
As always, thank you so much for scanlating (and adding in your own hilarious / thoughtful commentary through the pages)!! :D

I'm hoping for some protective!Zero in the next chapter, but I'll be just as happy to see some dorky!cockblocker!Aidou at the same time. XD (*imagines Aidou stepping in between Zero & Yuuki, to bravely defend Kaname's interests!* XD)

Good luck with all your deadlines, remember to take a break for yourself, too, ok!!! :D

Take care, and thank you again! *^_^*
I can't really see Aido being a cockblock *SHOT* JK! I know what you mean, he'd totally keep Zero away from Kaname's woman...unless he thinks he can have Kaname for himself. *Shot*
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