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Moe'ing VK 59 (Partial summary of the chapter and main things said/done.) ^^/

I don't have my LaLa magazine in hands yet, I've been buried under deadlines for a while [and still am XD;; ], although am at the present moment taking a break, and at this precise point, am somewhat drunk for unrelated reasons, sorry, but attempting to type straight. XD;;; *is shot*
[Please don't follow the bad example if you're underage. If, like me, you're old and decrepit, a cocktail or two won't hurt you much by then. XD;;]

I just had to make a quick little post moe'ing the little sneak peeks of chapter 59 we've seen so far. X333 (And couldn't wait XD;; *lol*)
As usual, China has the magazine out a little early (SO LUCKY *__* *wishes she had it too*), and 狗狗的鏡花水月 from Baidu has very kindly posted a few photos of some of the pages of the chapter. This was early today or so, and since then, she has also very kindly added a few more, so you can see a little sneak peek of some pages of the chapter. :D
Thanks also to Isilen for posting 狗狗的鏡花水月's link in the VK LJ comm. ^^/

I just had to laugh at one detail that is both utterly epic and yet so... XD Have you ever heard of the traditional TV trope that has that a villain making his entry, where he/she must have some sort of thing to identify him/her as a villain, and one of the tropes is the dog one? XD
It's an old cliche in movies, where the bad guy makes his entrance and then beats or kills a dog, to indicate that he's seriously 'evil', more so than if he had just beaten or killed some random background character, since it seems so much worse for the viewers if it's some poor dog? ^^;;;; XD;;;

Well, Hino-sensei made that even more awesome/epic of a trope. XD;;; *rotfl*

EDIT: Added more info, as well as a Ichiru x Zero fanart. ^^/ (The chapter compelled me to draw it. 8D)

We don't have the whole chapter yet since it's just a sneak peek, but from what we can see, Yuuki is still on her trip to offer her executor services to the pureblood clans. She is on her way to the Touma clan's house, when she decides to make a stop at a place on the way there [somewhere somewhat not thaaat far from Cross Academy, presumably, from the looks of it all: I doubt that both Ichiru and Yuuki's former baby-sitter would be buried in the same graveyard if it was in a completely random location very far away from the academy. XD;]
While she's going there, Yuuki notices that the part of Kaname that he turned into a wolf to protect the Kuran manor, has been following her around. She calls him to her, and starts cuddling and gushing on about how adorable his wolf form is and how she will buy him a collar (!!!!!!!!!! *NOSEBLEEDS FOREVER AND EVER*) XDDD
Aidou is shocked at Yuuki's mentions of putting a collar on Kaname, since well, the wolf protective thingie is a part of his body and power and all. XD *rotlf* (Kaname's wolf form, however, looks absolutely delighted!! XD *rotfl* Masochistic Kaname FTW SO MUCH!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *rotfl*)

Their cuddly and funny moment is interrupted when they feel a danger coming. Kaname's wolf form stands protectively in front of Yuuki, growling at the source of the danger, and the head of the Touma clan, (a pureblood vampire who either is or at least looks like a young boy but is scary/creepy and powerful), appears before them.
Touma says he was looking forward to the fact that things are now moving towards violence/blood-shed, something he loves, and he is displeased that Yuuki is being bothersome and running around doing what she's doing, despite being "just a powerless brat" as he says.

To show he means business, Touma crushes Kaname's alter-wolf form, making it explode into a mass of Kaname!blood, while Yuuki stares in shock whispering "Onii... sama...?" at the sight of Kanamne's blood spilled on the ground at her feet. (I wonder if Kaname feels the pain or not directly. Something tells me yes, since I recall the council elder who caught his bat once squeezing it sadistically in her hand before giving it back to him...)

Touma then attacks and wounds Yuuki, before Aidou can even do anything. (Not that he can do anything against a pureblood like Touma, other than getting himself killed. ^^;;;)

Yuuki sprays blood and falls to the ground, leaning against the wall, but right at that moment, Zero appears, as they're right by the gates, (he probably noticed her presence or smelled her blood or something.)


And then the chapter ends.


*can't wait for April already* XD *lol*

Before Touma's attack, you could also see in the sneak peek pages, Zero angsting about his nature, and wondering if there's still anything human within him. Particularly because he's dwelling on his feelings when he met Sara. According to his angsting now, his immediate reaction to her was the delight of finding a pureblooded prey, and it was so deeply vampiric and shocking to him that he is inevitably shocked about how much he changed from when he was human and all. ^^;

I can't wait to have my LaLa too/to see the entire chapter. *__* *WANTS*

Semi-unrelated, I want to do a VK fan game [visual novel], but lack the time horribly. 8D *pondering whether it would be feasible in ridiculously tiny moments squeezed here and there, then eyes all the half-done projects waiting to be finished. ^^;; *rots in guilt at Zero PC mascot and other thingies waiting to be finished* ^^;;; *must finish them first*

EDIT: Here's a lot more info and ramblings etc.:

ICHIRU I LOVE YOU. ;__________________________________________________;

If you've been following my posts for a while, you know I adore Ichiru (even though he sometimes ends up a villain in my fics, but that's just because it's convenient. XD;; I absolutely LOVE him.<333)

And Ichiru is one of the utterly rare cases that makes exception to my obsession with Zero being seme. XD
ICHIRU IS SEME ALL THE WAY. *___* *gushes in fangirling at the pairing*

The chapter compelled me to draw a pic of the twins cuddling, but my soul is irreparably rotten XD my hand slipped and it became yaoi. XDDD *LOL*

Please ignore the rushed pic/lack of anatomy/wtf is wrong with Zero's shirt. XD;

The scene at the grave in chapter 59 is so sad. ;-; But on same time, SO BEAUTIFUL. *-*
The beauty is such that it transcends even the sadness.

I start to think Ichiru might be the key for Zero to FINALLY accept himself one day, and hopefully break out of the terribly anti-vampire/anti-pureblood racial segregation issue that the death of his parents and his forced turning etc. caused. *__*

In the beginning of the chapter, Kaito is telling Zero (immediatly after the issue with Sara), to go and rest a bit etc., to try and remember/focus better on what's still human within himself. Kaito is in the belief that it's bad for Zero to be a vampire, and that Zero has to deny that and try to cling to whatever is still human. (he ordered Zero to rest etc. when he saw the look on Zero's face after the incident with Sara, and recognized it as the look a vampire has when the prey has escaped them).
While understandable since Kaito is a hunter and one who hates vampires, this view of things is very bad of course. Kaito isn't Zero and has no way to know how Zero feels being a vampire. And Zero has been denying his vampire self for so long... continuing to view it as a negative thing on and on would only fuel the hatred and make him not accept himself or the race he is now part of, for better or for worse. ^^;;;

Ichiru, on the other hand, was always vampire and pureblood friendly. He doesn't wants Zero to deny his nature or force himself to kill a part of himself to try and cling to something he no longer is. Instead, he points out to Zero that humans too are evil, humans too desire the blood of purebloods etc. What is the huge difference there then? Is the world that Zero sees, with the innocent and sweet humans and the entirely evil and horrible purebloods something that actually exists anywhere in reality? ...Or is it some image in his mind, that doesn't truly exists no matter how much so many of the hunters might like to imagine humans as all pure and kind and vampires as all bad.
I'm paraphrasing like whoa since I'm rambling on about what he said which was more succint, but this was the feeling of it and Ichiru had some excellent points. I bounced with delight when he talked to Zero. *___*

I think Ichiru really is the key for possible future hopes for Zero. X3 ♥♥♥♥♥

(And I was initially worried about the meeting with Yuuki because of how things had gone badly at the party when Kaname tried to arrange for Zero and Yuuki to meet, but with the meeting being immediatly after Ichiru's words, I think the chances of Zero seeing that Touma is an example of a potentially 'bad' pureblood and Yuuki a 'good' one could work better. *-*/

I figured Zero would most likely help her anyway, but things could go in many ways, not all good. It being just after this moment, I think it has chances of going much better. :D)

And onto future worries now, Touma claims to be older/stronger than Kaname. DDD:
And gives proof of it too. ^^;;;; (He easily trashed Kaname's alter form wolf, and can use his bats to fight quite effectively.)

When Yuuki and Aidou saw Touma's bats arriving, Aidou thought they were normal bats, but Yuuki sort of realized they were part of a pureblood. She said they felt like the types of bats Kaname makes from his body rather than like normal bats, but that there was something different with those... (evil vibes? XD Or just being older/meaner? XD;;) At which point, Touma got angry and expressed feeling insulted to be compared to someone "as young [and impliedly as weak, as a result]" as Kaname!! O_O

Actually, it seems he was just observing Yuuki, but smiled evilly and decided to attack after the 'offense' of being compared to Kaname's level of power. ^^;

In other words, either Touma has an ego of epic proportions, or he's indeed older and more powerful than Kaname. ^^; (Well, he probably doesn't knows of the age Kaname would have been as the ancestor, but in this new life he's just 18, and possibly not much more powerful than others, so... D: D: D:)
The fact that Touma downed Kaname's wolf so easily seems to confirm his claims of being stronger. ^^;

Which would be a negative thing for Kaname & co. technically, but I can't help running around in circles in absolute delight, because amusing as Sara is and crazy as Rido is, we were in definite need of more villains. XD;

Touma fits the villain mold wonderfully from the look of things, and he also expresses delight at the idea of bloody violence, is full of himself and if things keep going the way they seem to be going appears to be also terribly powerful. *-*

*can't help but be glad to see a blood-thirsty enemy who's stronger, since this heightens the chances of Zero & Kaname having to team up to protect Yuuki* X3 *hopes for the best for all of them/no one dying* ^^;;;

Hino-sensei really knows what plot devices to use to up the odds against our favorites. XD;

And good thing Touma pierced through Yuuki and not Aidou. She'll survive no matter what since it's not an anti-vampire weapon. Aidou would have died if the blow hit the wrong spot. ^^;;;

And into additional musings, I wonder who's the (apparently little, but then Touma also looks young and isn't) girl standing by Touma's chair in their place, looking at him as he commands his bats from afar.
(Touma is not really there with Yuuki and Aidou, he just sent his creatures from himself.)

Is she his sister, or some other family member? Or is she a maid or other aristocrat vampire like the girl serving Isaya? (The maid option is extremely unlikely since she shares significant physical features with him, seems to be of a similar age as his and is wearing fancy clothing also.)
And if she is a sister or other family member, is she as old as he is...? Is she as scary/sadistic as him? XD;;

She seems very cute, maybe even more so than him... Both are absolutely lovely, well, in appearances at least. XD; He seems to be like a flower that's very pretty, but when you approach, you get poison ivy or something. XD *lol* At least from the look of things.

Then again, her position behind the chair, fingers gripping the back of it... is she looking at him with admiration, or apprehension? Is she a loving sister willing to help him in the worst deeds, or does she disagrees with his methods and purposes and might stand against him and provide help to our beloved characters when push comes to shove? *wonders* X3

There's no enough data yet to deduct much about who she is or what she might come to be for the story in the future, but I shall glue onto the issue and ponder away with each new little image we can get. XD

*goes back to poking all nearby shops to find out if any of them has LaLa delivered early, and tweaks her fics while she waits* XD;;

I should have the chapter scanlated sometime this week. ^^/ ♥ I'm still hunting for my magazine, it seems no one around is selling it early just yet. ;-; *keeps hope for tomorrow or another day*

Then it's a matter of juggling RL/deadlines and the time to scan etc. ^^;

But I'll have it for you to read as soon as I possibly can, so don't worry~!
X3 ♥♥♥

*still gushing in absolutely delight & love at the Zero & Ichiru scene and at Yuuki's mentions of putting a collar on Kaname, and how happy his wolf form seemed as she said it* XD<333
*clings to the chapter, torn between wildly moe'ing it and/or weeping at the angst in it* ;-; (Angst, perfect for masochistic manga fans...? XD; *fangirls angsty stories so much*)
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