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Vampire Knight chapter 58 summary & translations of main points.

As you might know from previous posts, LaLa magazine gets shipped early, and is put for sale on the official date, the 24th in most locations. But in some places, like China, the fans are lucky since the shops put the magazine for sale as soon as they get it, and not in the official date, so it's out early. ^^/

In other words, I just read chapter 58, and rushed here to pass on what happens and is said in it etc. X3

You can find and read the raw chapter in Japanese here.

I wrote a mini-summary as I usually do, so that you can know the more important things happening and being said in the chapter. ^^/

↓ Lovely official art mini-surprise ↓

Unrelated sketch Hino-sensei did and posted, of Kaname, Kaito and Zero. X3
Just here as eye-candy while we wait for the chapter. XD *lol*


As it's often the case when previews or a chapter gets posted somewhere, people started babelfish translating stuff from Chinese forums were people were speculating about what might be being said in the raws, and as you can imagine, that immediatly gives birth to gibberish and rumors since there's fans (who partially speak or not Japanese) trying to translate bits from the raws in Japanese, and then other fans from the rest of the world babelfish-translating those posts into English, which produces epic results of random words strung together in a barely understandable and mostly meaningless manner, so it brings more confusion than it clears things. ^^;;

So here's what is actually being said and happening in the chapter:

It starts where the previous chapter dropped, Yuuki talking to Isaya (a pureblood) about offering her services as executor. He tells her that this choice she's made will be misunderstood by many people. Yuuki realizes she is quite probably making the wrong choice, and says so.
She even feels it's a bit hypocrit of her to be taking this path of killing people, when she's the one who told Zero to go on living, and who intended to prevent Kaname from having to kill again.
But she can't stand not doing anything, (which is what Isaya sort of suggested, asking her why she doesn't simply let whatever happens happen).
She feels she HAS to do something, to try and help people even a tiny bit, so that she can at least prevent a death.

Isaya questions whether Yuuki would be actually able to kill someone or not, but she said she's already killed. "I killed my uncle. A hunter and I did it."

And then she leaves to go to the next pureblood family.

As she leaves, we find out Kaien watched the whole scene in secret, and that Isaya and him are friends. Isaya also knows about Kaien's feelings for Juri, and Kaien assures him he doesn't views Yuuki romantically (they talked about Yuuki's similarity to Juri) at all, she's just his baby. (There's much Kaien gushing over his baby girl being so adorable. XD)

Isaya speaks of the sadness of someone being lost between two worlds unable to fit either among humans or vampires, and of other things which I'll save for the chapter. X3
(Aawesome as Juri might also have been, one can think of she did to Yuuki so that she would 'experience human life' as a curse also, since it left her unprepared on both sides. ^^;)
With the talk Kaien and him are having and the fact they are old friends, one can wonder exactly what secrets hide in Kaien's past, since he's obviously older than we could have expected. (I love how the fanbook kept his age secret to not give this away. XD We could not have known this was a clue back then, but looking back now, it's interesting.)

Kaien realizes and apparently accepts that sooner or later Yuuki will get badly hurt. (Isaya had mentioned of beheading her, and Aidou was quite worried for a moment... Kaien talks about such a thing like one would talk about his child getting a papercut. 8D;; Well, not quite a papercut but almost. He says that even if she doesn't dies from it because she's a pureblood, "it would hurt the first time someone does it to her! ;-;"... but it doesn't seems that dramatic to either of them. XD;; (Because as long as it's not done with an anti-vampire weapon, she won't die.))

Isaya has just reawakened from his sleep and hasn't drunk any blood in 50 years, btw. Kaien leaves the place saying he won't delay his long awaited meal anymore, and leaves him with his vampire maid, to feed.

Elsewhere, at a human all girls' school, Shiki & Rima are having a photoshoot, when they see Zero passing by with Kaito.

Sara is going around under the name Sara Ichijou!! (Takuma and her are passing for siblings while she visits the human school.)
Ichijou isn't certain as to what are Sara's intentions. She claims she just wanted to "experience going to school too" (Takuma doesn't believes her though), and she threatens him in more or less funny and more or less creepy ways whenever he's close to blowing her cover or other things.

(The moment when Sara stomped on Takuma's foot, it's because he was hinting at her having lied about her age to get into that school -- indeed, Sara is older than Kaname, so unlike Kaname she couldn't be in a highschool normally. ;D
The age difference is noticeable, but because she's a pureblood it's not so bad as if she was a human, and so she's claiming she's just 18 (Kaname's age), when actually she's older.

Although either way it's dubious she would intend to actually enroll, she probably just came to toy with the girls. It's not Cross Academy, btw. Zero and Kaito are just there because they were on her track, and Shiki & Rima were there just for a model photoshoot.))

Sara sees some delicious looking young girls in the corridor and feigns that she is feeling ill, so that the lady having them visit will go away and continue the visit with Takuma. She then follows the girls, seduces them and gets some fresh blood from the cutest one...(Sara and the girl hold each other in a passionate embrace and all the girls later are all flushed looking at Sara and carry her stuff etc... it's like a female version of Rido's 'orgy-like moments' in the anime, but with more blush and lesbian innuendo. XD *adored the scenes so much*)

Zero had come precisely to avoid that, but it's too late and Sara mocks him because she drank the girls' blood without breaking the association rules, and so Zero can't do anything against her no matter how much he wants to kill her! D:

She claims the Kurans gave so much blood to him and then abandonned him, but that she would be willing to pick him up [she speaks of it like Zero is a dog that was thrown away] if he wants... She is mocking him all along and calling him a "dog" from the association etc. ^^;;

The scene changes back to the Kuran manor, where Kaname is alone since Yuuki and Aidou left on the trip where she's offering to be executor to the others etc.

Rido, who's still alive (I knew it~! *dances* X3), flies in as bats and reforms from his blood!!
(Kaname mentions in this chapter that Rido can't truly die, as a side effect for having enslaved him [Kaname] by awakening him --perhaps Rido will only truly die if Kaname dies, although we don't know about that as of now, nor do we know if Rido can do much currently or not. Let's hope there's another way for them to kill him. ^^;;;)

Rido laughs at Kaname, saying he is a pitiful sight, all miserably lost and empty again (he didn't specify if the 'again' referred to when Kaname felt miserable without Yuuki for 10 years, or if it refers to back when he was the ancestor and went into the coffin because there was nothing for him in the world), then begins to mock and torment Kaname because Kaname chose to remain the 'good brother' to Yuuki. Rido mocks Kaname for having given Yuuki freedom instead of keeping her locked away as he could have.

Kaname says Rido should have let him (Kaname) remain in the coffin instead of forcing him back to life back then.
We also learn that the baby Juri and Haruka had before Yuuki was also named Kaname, as he was given the same name as the ancestor (something people have wondered for a while now).

And more importantly, we finally learn that Rido did indeed kill the baby as sacrifice to manage to forcefully awaken the ancestor from his coffin those 18 years ago!
(We see Rido with the baby in a flashback, in the last page.)

This is one of the things we've long wondered about, and that had never been actually mentioned in full in canon. (Until now, it was only fan speculation.)
It's very interesting to see that it was indeed what happened, even though there's still a lot left to discover, in particular how Rido made ancestor!Kaname a baby again, and many more details, such as how Rido managed to bind the ancestor's will so he couldn't strike a decisive blow against him and all.

My Rido x Kaname fangirling is so extreme right now that I forget to fangirl the angsty & creepy Sara x Takuma too. XD;;

Seriously, Rido touches Kaname A LOT during the part where he's tormenting and mocking him at the manor... Kaname tries to push him aside at one point, but the gesture is weak and seems really irresolute, like he knows there's nothing he can do to truly stop Rido... O__O


I weep at my current chronic lack of time that prevents me from wildly writing Rido x Kaname fanfiction. *-*

I'll scan and scanlate the chapter as soon as possible as usual, though I'm currently terribly busy with RL (and totally shouldn't be here writing a summary, but I just HAD to XD;;), so it won't be as fast as usual, sorry.
Please don't flame me if it's not out super fast as usual... (Flaming for such ridiculous reasons has happened before, and it seriously kills someone's motivation to get things out fast... ^^;)

If you want to motivate me more by providing moe, errr, you can always write Rido x Kaname fanfiction? *LOL* 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDD<333 *shameless*
*dodges rocks* XD XD *lol*

A (Hurt/Comfort or just plain PWP XD) yaoi fic about the terrible (terribly erotic XD XD) things Rido does to poor Kaname before Yuuki finally gets home (bringing Zero along and they rescue Kaname), for example, would be DELIGHTFUL~ *-*///
If anyone (one or more than one person XD<3) feels like writing it, it would ROCK~!! X3<333

Or any other Rido x Kaname fic~! X3 *SO SO SO HOPES that chapter will inspire TONS of fics, is so eager to read some* X33

See, I've loved Rido x Kaname all along (although my true VK favorite pairing is of course Zero x Kaname all the way ♥♥♥), but almost NO ONE writes or draws for it, and so I've long despaired of anything with them. XD;;
My beloved OTP of Zero (seme) x Kaname (uke) is already SUPER RARE sadly (;-;), so I didn't have much hopes for Rido x Kaname... but with this chapter, I hope more people will see the immense potential for hot & angsty fics with this pairing. 8D

And if there's some Zero x Kaname comfort scenes after the Rido x Kaname angsty scenes, EVEN BETTER~! 8D<333

*so delighted and fangirly at this chapter* X3

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