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VK57 mini-translation-summary + Zero x Yuuki fanart + ramblings & update stuff.


I was slightly dead to the world since the last post due to lack of time, but I'm still alive. XD *lol*

The lack of time is also why my fic series ("Cradle of Blood", Zero x Kaname AU romance + Hurt/comfort) is still not updated, so sorry for the people interested in it. ^^;;;
*has most of the upcoming chapter done but has been lacking time for two weeks trying to finish it* orz

Even this post, I finished the fanart and came to post it, then started typing this post a while ago, but then I had to stop and come back and so on for a while until time flew by and only today did I find time to finish it. (New VK chapters can make you find time in the middle of ANYTHING. XD;;)
So yeah, VK57 caused me to crawl out of a hole in the ground and suddenly spring for the keyboard to finish this and write a little summary. 8D;;

So here's the fanarts and post I had written before, and then the chunk of a summary thingie etc. :D

Lately it seems I only post when there's a new VK chapter or interesting VK news such as book bonus scans etc., since those are more priorities due to my urge to rush to share VK info etc. with everybody to fangirl each of the new thingies (fangirling with everybody is much more enjoyable than just fangirling on my own in front of the book XD;), but I've been drawing fanarts too~! X3
It's just that lack of time makes that they go slowly. ^^;; *pencils in a moment of free time, then has to wait a while before inking, then another while to have enough time for coloring etc.*

As a result, it is tempting to screen-tone instead of coloring due to the lack of time. 8D;

♥ ♥ ♥

I know he wouldn't pull out the gun if they're at school and all, but Zero with the
Bloody Rose is too cool and tempting to draw. 8D *had to make him hold it*
Sorry that it's not in color or very elaborate. ^^; *could only finish this one pic ever since last month*

I started drawing this picture because I was fangirling Zero and Yuuki and felt like drawing something with them both looking badass & cool or something, and then thought of them protecting the school as guardians. :D (Or at least fending off the hordes trying to grope the Night Class, hahaha~ XD).
And then it occured to me that them looking like they're fighting together to protect something was also a pic that conveys in a way a message that it dear to me, the one of "please don't bash any of the characters/pairings" (so that all fans can enjoy fandom instead of feeling down because of the bashing). ^^/

So have also the "Zero & Yuuki fight against bashing" version of the image. X3

(In which they are all living in a threesome, and instead of being just the school guardians, Zero & Yuuki are also 'guarding' Kaname, whether it's from the Day Class groping him or the bashers trashing him. XD;;; *lol*
(If you dislike the idea of them in a threesome, then please ignore the little text pointing at them from above in the image, and simply view it as Zero x Yuuki against bashing but without implying that they're with Kaname too. The original pic I drew before I had the idea to add all this text was just Zero x Yuuki looking protective as school guardians anyway, so the threesome implication in this pic is totally optional. XD;))

The pic is against all bashing in general, so Zero-bashing as well as Kaname-bashing, and against the bashing of ZxK, ZxY, KxY, all pairings. ^^/

Please keep in mind that I'm talking about REAL bashing.
Not about when people are just joking while being fair to all the characters or when people are discussing theories but without making it about vilifying one of the characters or presenting things in a biased manner because they hate the character or a pairing.
(So please don't think I'm saying that trying to repress anything. The bashing that's painful for fandoms is the true bashing, due to people making things be 'about' hatred instead of about enjoying the series and what they like of it. ^^/)
Discussing theories etc. is fine, but when people hate a character to the point of bashing, out of actual hatred, it's not pleasant for the other fans. ^^;
I feel that fandom is so much more fun when there's no hatred or people fighting etc. :D

Ironically, I occasionally end up being bashed for that opinion instead, and for liking yaoi and other occasional weird little things like that... ^^;
From time to time anon commenters or even people through mail or PM will lash out against me for my position when I ask to please not bash here and all. O_o

But well, I don't see how talking about it can irritate people so much unless they want to bash something themselves, or if it's for some other reason (after all, I have been flamed for all sorts of strange things, including "you use fonts too big (in your personal journal!)", and "you sound too happy and it's irritating, stop sounding so happy".... XD;; So I guess sometimes people just really flame for no reason. XD;)
I'm also regularly flamed for liking yaoi, but then, that seems to be a sad thing that happens in various fandoms and isn't VK only. :-/
Sometimes, it's even people who actually hate homosexuality as a whole, but even when it's just people who find disgusting the idea of others enjoying yaoi, it's just so weird and unpleasant to receive flames for that. ^^; *gets that from time to time, anon or not*

So, while I'm making a post, I'd like to remind people that please remember that I'm another fan just like you all. I'm not some wall of steel that it's okay to throw pointy objects at because you happen to dislike yaoi or anything else I like. ^^;;; It's, well, not pleasant to be on the receiving end. ^^;;
And there's nothing different between you all and me, we're all fans and this is the personal journal/LJ of a fan, and it's not some public park or a hospital-like place where you have to be silent and I can't use a large font if I'm feeling fangirly. ^^;; It's my own journal. ^^;
No one goes to your journals to complain about the size of font you use in your personal page, and so it should the same for me. When I'm posting on another site or on a public place, I am never as loud and fangirly as here, of course.

But here, it's my own little personal page, and while I completely and totally welcome everybody who wants to fangirl VK here too, please, don't flame me if you disagree with me liking yaoi or liking to be loud and happy when there's something that makes me bouncy in VK like that adorable pic of Zero & little Kaname in volume 11. XD ^^;;

And while I'm explaining those things, let me touch another subject that also surprised me:
There's no difference making me a different 'special fan' or whatever similar thing just because I post scans. I just happen to do all that scanlating and scanning etc. that I usually do just because I like to be able to fangirl those things together with the fandom on same time (even if my lack of time makes me super late in replying to comments, but it delights me to read other people also happy at the same VK things and I like to share ideas with them whenever I have time to talk too).
I never advertise my page and I never profit in any way from it or any of the time or effort I put into it, so please also refrain from attacking me to tell me that you dislike that I 'get attention that you wish was yours'. What attention?? O_o I never viewed things in such a way and I never cared for that. And I certainly don't intend to change anything just because many people come here, sorry if that annoys you but it's not my choice or my fault where people go or don't go. ^^;;
(Someone flamed me because they claimed people should "give more hits and attention" to their community instead of going to my page when it's not a forum... It was anon so I don't know what forum theirs is, but it was rather...odd. ^^; But then, anon attacks tend to be strange. ^^;)

In any case, back to the topic... please don't get angry if you see me being fangirly in my entries. It's my prerogative, this is after all my personal journal... ^^;; I don't go to anyone's page or community to be loud like I am in some of the fangirly entries here. XD;;

Similarly, if you bash characters, pairings or other fans (especially if you do so using insults), it won't be viewed as a happy comment. ^^;;
Don't be surprised if I screen your comment if it has threats of violence towards fans or open bashing or something. It might also get you a provisory-ban you if you got overboard. ^^; It's only normal, all sites in the world ban people who do such things, I'm already extremely lenient, it's surprising people would even bother coming back to flame when such a thing happens. ^^;; (In forums they wouldn't even be able to come back after being banned I think, so it's not like things are worse here, it's the opposite even.)
An LJ ban doesn't stops anyone from enjoying the scans if they want to read them, it just prevents people from posting comments while logged in.
(Sometime ago, someone had left bashing comments using rather vulgar sexual insults towards Yuuki and fans of one of the pairings, and I banned the person... so then, they e-mailed me a flame all angry and saying that I was "preventing them from enjoying VK". I fail to see how still being able to read the entry but just being unable to leave logged-in insulting comments would prevent them from enjoying VK. It's not like it's stopping anyone from reading the posts or anything. ^^;
I can only hope that the more extreme cases are situations where someone says odd things when angry, but then they realize later that it made no sense. ^^;

This being said, when someone does say something harsh but regrets their words later or something, I remove the ban if there was ever a ban. ^^/ (And I rarely ban anyway...)
Keep in mind, it's never personal, so if you accidentally went overboard and then regretted it, don't worry, just let me know. This happened some time ago, someone had left a comment against yaoi that made it sound like the person was maybe against homosexuality as a whole and not just ZxK even, and I was tired and cranky and banned them because of that + the anti-yaoi thing, but afterwards they explained they had been having a bad day then and regretted their words later/aren't actually homophobic, and so we ended up both apologizing to each other and I unbanned them. XD;
So it's not like I'll chew anyone or anything (XD; *lol*), believe me, if you accidentally were harsher than you meant in a comment but then felt bad, it's fine to say so. ^^/ *is not the type to get dislikes or keep people banned if they're not trolls anyway*)

And anyway like I was saying I almost never ban, unless it's really something like trolling or vulgarity or something like apparent homophobia etc.

So please don't be uhm, scared or anything. XD; I don't bite. (Well, in a vampire way maaaaybe, but huh, not in a scary way. *LOL* 8D)

So, to summarize this long rambling:
1) Please don't bash here (ideally, not putting the focus on actual hatred, here or anywhere, would make the fandom happier ^^;) and please don't flame me because you feel that I fangirl "too much" in my own personal journal or if you hate yaoi or anything like that...
2) But please don't worry or think I'll bite you or anything, even if you do go overboard by accident, by now you should know that I'm anything but someone who cares for grudges or such things. ^^/

In fact, most of the time the lack of free time to spend in fandom combined with the fact I naturally focus on the happy things rather than the bad ones (*hopesless optimist* XD;) makes that I don't even remember who flamed me anyway, even when it's not an anon comment. 8D;;;;;; *epic memory fail*
(This might not be a good thing, actually. *LOL* But it's probably better than harboring grudges or wasting time being angry instead of spending the time of fandom in an enjoyable manner. XD *much prefers to enjoy pleasant stuff in whatever free time there is*)

I think a lot of the ways I view fandom (wanting to spend a fun time, not liking seeing the fighting & bashing etc.) comes from the lack of time, and this might be why seeing bashing shocks me more than it would bug someone with hours and hours of free time to wander through fandom. If you're in high-school or college and have vacations and breaks and tons of free time, that sort of thing might not annoy you since you have enough time that some is always left anyway. But if you have less fandom-dedicated time, then you want as much as possible of that time to be spent pleasantly and not by stumbling on geysers of hatred and bashing anywhere you look. ^^;

I'm not usually fangirly or bouncy in real life, but the free time I have for fandom is something where I want to relax and enjoy that time to its maximum before it's spent and I have to rush off again. XD; So, I focus on the happy things, and bounce around them happily, make fangirly comments in my posts, etc. etc. X3
And this is why I can get VERY hyper over little things in the manga, like the cuteness of a bonus image (like the kindergarten one in volume 11), or how happy fanfiction and fanart makes me. :D (Those things are often more cheerful than the manga itself, so they're particularly needed throughout darker chapters. XD; *lol*)

Often, the canon story is serious too, but the fanfiction and fanarts make me happy and so I focus on the love for the characters rather than letting the present seriousness of the story make it less enjoyable/less loveable. I feel that discussing serious possibilities about the series is interesting of course, but only if it's truly for that sake and not with a backing of people disliking a character and wanting to prove them this or that. Ultimately I feel that the fights about this or that detail supposedly implying this or that thing for this or that pairing are a waste of time. ^^; A theory is a theory, it's not something that's actually in the manga and it's not something you have to shove down someone's throat. ^^;;
Besides I doubt anyone has a pleasant time while fighting, and for the ones of us who see everybody else fighting over which pairing is "better"... well, there's no enjoyment to be had there either. XD;;

The pairing someone likes best is always going to appear to be the "best" pairing in that person's heart, but that doesn't means we can't all respect the other fans' feelings. It's better to agree to disagree over which pairing you feel should be the one in the end, rather than waste the time you could be spending in an enjoyable manner, or ruin the enjoyment of others. ^^/

My view of this and liking for the more peaceful stuff might also be influenced by the fact I'm often used to the Asian fandoms, and those tend to be very peaceful.
In them, (well, at least in the Japanese fandom which is the one I know best), it's mostly about providing content to share the love for the characters, so people draw a lot when they have time, make mini-games, make various things so that everybody has fun sharing the love they have for the characters or the series. So conflicts or focus on dislike of a character or a pairing are avoided as much as possible and viewed as not-pleasant things. As a result, it creates a pretty peaceful atmosphere in most sites of the fandom. ^^
Please though, don't mistake what I'm trying to say, I'm in no way saying that a fandom in one area of the world is 'better' than another. Never. ^^;; They're all different and I love the fandoms all over, which is why I put so much of the time I can get into it. :D
It's not that one geographic area of fandom is 'better', I just feel that they all have their best sides, and that maybe one can learn from the best sides of other areas of the fandom. :D (For example, I wish the Japanese fandom had longer fanfiction like in some of the the Western fics, and that the Western fandom was more peaceful like the asian fandoms. XD;)

I'm first and foremost an yaoi fan, so my VK-fandom-heart beats for Zero x Kaname (with Zero as the sexy and protective seme and Kaname as the tempting and compelling uke X3 *drools* I love them both and don't view the seme/uke thing as being in any way degrading or anything), but I also love Yuuki and love the two boys together with her. :D

And it's particularly because I love all three of them and enjoy so much when things are peaceful etc., that seeing how so many people now bash etc. is so bothersome. Fans of one character only at least would not be as bothered by seeing another character being bashed, but if you like both sides you are kind of stuck between the rock and the hard place, so to speak. XD;;
Especially when people get annoyed that I'm shipping Zero & Kaname together more than with Yuuki. XD;; Sorry, I can't help liking yaoi, it's just how it is. XD;; It shouldn't be a problem. ^^;; (In that however, the Western fandom tends to be often more accepting of the idea of yaoi than some areas of the Asian fandoms, but that's another can of worms unrelated to VK.)

And I'm not quite sure how I ended up rambling for so long, sorry. ^^; I guess it's just that over the past year or so, more and more people have been coming to this page, and while I do love being part of it all and sharing the feeling and the fangirling with everybody, it hurts a bit when I see strange things such as people flaming me because they think this page should just be some official thing where I can't use larger fonts sometimes or can't speak in a fannish manner when I'm happy, forgetting that it's first my personal journal, on top of being a VK ressource place. ^^; That sort of thing is a weight added on top of the already shaky situation of seeing so much bashing etc., so sometimes it makes fandom less fun... ^^;;

That and it's even worse when there's people who think fandom is about getting attention, and who try to use it for such a thing or feel angry when the attention is not on them. That is not what fandom is for.
(Luckily that is rare but from time to time there's something like that. ^^;;)
Seriously, I don't choose who goes or doesn't go to sites, and I certainly am not to blame for the pagehits or whatever on your forum or any site, especially since I don't even advertise this page or anything. ^^; Flaming me for such a thing makes no sense at all.
Fandom could never and should never be about such things, it's about enjoyment, sharing, loving the series together, fangirling together, creating art/fics/etc., talking about the series we like while keeping the talk peaceful and enjoyable for all and all. ^^/

Or at least, it's what I hope fandom is: enjoyment and a pleasant activities together. :D

Aaaaand sorry if I'm boring you to tears with this long rambling. XD;;;;; It's just that the different anon (and not-anon also, but more often it's anon) occasional flames over the course of the past year made that I felt maybe I should explain how I view such things. ^^;

I guess it's a bit of a end-of-the-year recapitulative thing, hopefully next year will be more peaceful and happy in fandom. XD;

Now, onto things you'll all find far more interesting. XD *lol*

The current limited edition VK goods preview images. ^^/
VK Kuran family drama CD & Schedule/agenda book

Those are from the official magazine website.
I was told by people who messaged wanting to know if it was true or not, that some places were passing on rumor-info saying that those goods come with the magazine or were free subscriber bonuses or something like that coming with the magazine. None of that is true as it doesn't comes 'with' the magazine, (unfortunately, as that would make it way easier to get them! XD;)
If you take a look at the part I explained about the goods in my post last month with VK56, you'll see that I had explained then already that they are actually mail-order only limited goods for sale in Japan. ^^/ *tends to usually mention in the entries when interesting goodies pop up*

What comes in the magazine is the order sheet for the goods, not the actual CD or the schedule book. ^^;
But don't lose hope, since sooner or later such things always hit Ebay and other auction places. ;D So it's totally possible to get one then, or to order one beforehand if you go through a deputy shopper. ^^/

And, finally, I wrote a summary of the chapter with translations of important lines etc. as I tend to do. ^^/
Although... D: Sorry, I thought the depressing part of the post was over, but uhm... XD;;;
I hesitated on whether I should post a summary or not because I was told by more than one person that there's people who have been stealing translations and stuff like that... ^^;;; I don't want to go searching or look into that much (it's depressing and unfortunately I lack the time to try and find out who did it or not and how/what/when/etc. and what to do in such a case anyway ^^;;), but I wouldn't want to help people who steal anything, and so posting a summary before scanlating may not be the best thing if there's people around stealing the text etc... ^^;;;
But then, I'm not about to deprive fellow VK fans of reading the summary and translations of the stuff in the chapter just because I'm afraid of the likelihood of someone stealing it, since that would suck. ^^;; So I'll just hope for the best and trust in the fandom decency. ^^;;
It's not the first time that such things have happened, and when it did happen the people stealing translations were found out without me even having to try and check their pages or anything, so if anyone doing it is reading this...please don't do such things, regardless of what language you want to translate into. If you want to translate anything then please do it by your own effort, and not by taking it from other people's stuff without credit.
It's really easy to credit, and not only does it costs you nothing to credit, but it's also so much better if you do it properly and can feel proud of it, than if you steal.
It's like drawing, stolen art is worthless since you haven't really done it so there's no effort or merit. ^^;

Hopefully, if anyone did have the intention to steal anything, he or she will hesitate now... (But then again, my art still keeps getting stolen and ends up popping up in a variety of random places too, orz -_-;;)

Well, in any case, here's the summary. ^^;;

You can see preview images of the pages here if you'd like to while you wait for the scanlation. :D
PLEASE don't steal anyone's images, ask people and respect other's feelings. ^^/
Thanks to nildiam who found the thread on the board. ^^/
(You might want to look around as not everything is in the first page the link goes too, there's more later.)


This chapter is mostly calm, but it has some epic moments. Some lighthearted stuff that we'd missed for a while, and some seriously sexy Zero moments (8D *drools*), as well as a Kaname moment smiling/laughing softly that's adorable. *melts* X3 (That and the super hot cover with them both. X3)

By the end, Yuuki takes a decision about the other purebloods etc. that seriously speeds things up in a way that there's no way yet to know whether it will create a mess or not with the vampire society and Sara. ^^;
Kaname is letting Yuuki go for the things she wants and all (he did say before already that she'd be going outside, although maybe he had hoped that it would be when she's better prepared to face the vampire society ^^;), and she's taking her decisions and acting on her own (while pulling Aidou along on her trip XD;)... we can only hope it will be for the best and she will be okay. ^^;

The chapter also has an interesting point in that it touches on a subject that is so often used by people who hate Kaname: It's not that Kaname doesn't let Yuuki go out or do things etc.
Far from that. It's just that he can't help but worry even when he's trying to do everything so that she will be able to act as she pleases, and yet, even though he is overprotective he is still a pushover when it comes to her. XD This chapter makes it even more clear. :)

I liked that in this chapter Aidou and Yuuki actually address some of those issues, in particular mentioning the fact that they (Aidou and Yuuki) are aware that Kaname is not actually holding Yuuki back since in the chapter it's mentioned that if Kaname had wanted to, he could easily use his power to force her to stay home, and yet, he's the one choosing to let her do as she pleases and go on her trip and all.
He does things like asking her not to go out for her safety, but if she still really wants to go anyway then she can just go and he doesn't stops her, even though he would have been able to. (He even smiled and chuckled at her antics when she went on her outing in this chapter.)

In fact, Kaname put the Artemis in her care so that if she did want to go out or do something, she'd have it and all. Aidou and Yuuki have a talk about this, and how this is Kaname's indirect way of letting Yuuki do as she pleases and have freedom while still being safer since she has the weapon and all in case she decides to go out like she did. :)

Incidentally, I'm hoping we might be finding out more about hunter weapons and how 'alive' they are or how they work sometime. Because the chapter title is "the two weapons", this chapter has Yuuki using the Artemis and, (more moe-related 8D) Kaito confronting Zero about hunter-weapon-related things! ♥
(Well... I was expecting him to be confronting him over the potential danger of the Bloody Rose for Zero himself, but it turns out he confronts him instead about the small revolver Zero had given Yuuki a long time ago to use to kill him, and which Zero kept...

There's a fascinating mirror effect in this chapter, between Zero having kept the weapon he expected Yuuki to kill him with, and that he'd expressly asked her to kill him with in the first arc, and on the other side of the 'mirror', Kaname giving Yuuki the Artemis for the purpose of her killing him if she ever feels like it... Zero and Kaname may have very different personalities, but they have a HUGE lot in common and so much more similarities than it may seem. XD
Maybe precisely because so much of their lives revolves around Yuuki, so it shapes how they react to so much. XD)

The Association is keeping an eye on whatever is going on with the purebloods, and Kaito will be working with Zero from now on. ^^/ (That could become a new headache for Zero, depending on Kaito's idea of how to go at things. ^^;)

Err, well, that's a quick run over the main events, but to be more detailed, here we go from the start. XD

The chapter opens with a color image that will have Zero and Kaname fans happy. X3 They're playing chess together looking all peaceful. X3
Zero is using Shizuka's colors, while Kaname has the black pieces as usual. :D (For some reason, Zero in Shizuka's colors makes the Ichiru fan I am happy. XD;; *likes to think Zero might have forgiven them one day, at least in part, and accept their situation/the Ichiru x Shizuka stuff and all*)
In truth, it's probably so much more simple than it being Shizuka's colors: in chess, it's customary to give the white pieces to the less experienced of the two players, because he will then have the advantage of the first attack (white always moves first). Since Kaname is often seen playing chess, chances are he's played it more often than Zero, and so it's normal for Zero to have the white pieces so it's more fair.

Somehow, this simple thing is making me all fangirly. 8D *must draw them playing chess, and has the huge urge to go back to writing her fanfic, in which they often play together* 8D;;

The chapter starts with Kaname leaving the manor to go to some political meeting stuff with the vampire society, and saying bye to Yuuki with a kiss before going. She blushes and he finds it cute that she still does so even after so many kisses.

He tells her that he's left something for her on her desk, and that "it's the proof that he was serious, back that day".
When Yuuki opens the box, she realizes it's Artemis, which Kaname brought back for her after meeting the hunters like he'd said. (Apparently she left it at the school when they had left together initially, since they didn't have it at the manor.)

If you remember, some time ago, after Yuuki revealed that she had feelings for the both of them (Kaname and Zero), she felt incredibly guilty about that and was really harsh on herself, claiming she didn't even deserve Kaname's kisses since she couldn't give him the entirety of her heart, due to having the both of them in her heart.
The talk had ended up going into Kaname explaining that he can't live without her, and eventually asking her that if she ever decided to leave him then to please kill him with her own hands.

Yuuki was mostly unfazed back then, because she --being Yuuki XD-- automatically assumed he was joking. XD
Even after he'd said that they could get Artemis back for her so that she could kill him with it. XD;;

As there's many people who hate Kaname in the Western fandoms (it's strange, because while there is huge amounts of people who love Kaname in the Asian fandoms, there's no particular hatred of Zero, so the imbalance is unexpected ^^;), people hating him sometimes used that part of the story to claim that he was "blackmailing her", which is yet a way of seeing things that doesn't takes into account the dramatic view this story has of such things: It's not blackmail, just like Zero was never 'blackmailing Yuuki for attention' back when he wanted to die much earlier in the story.
It just happens that they're both terribly dramatic characters, and had some pretty crappy lives too. ^^;
Not to mention neither of the two has the most easy personality ever. XD;

So when Kaname says that if Yuuki doesn't wants him anymore, to please kill him, it's serious, as in, he would much rather die than be left alive without her again, it's not a bluff or some wordplay to get her to stay out of guilt. (She didn't even believe him then anyway, and if she believed now it didn't stop her from going on the trip anyway... Kaname isn't guilting Yuuki, he just seriously doesn't wants to live without her.
And while that might be far from 'healthy' if it was your boyfriend telling you that in real life, they're vampires in a fictional story, so normal BF/GF stuff, well... XD It couldn't matter less. XD
Neither Kaname or Zero are very normal, but it doesn't matters considering what fascinating characters they are in a vampire story.<33

It's not any farther from previous demonstrations of love in the story, like Shizuka who offered her very flesh to be eaten raw by Ichiru to show that she actually cared and to remain with him, saying it was "a very vampiric way of loving". And he accepted even though he was human! ^^/ *ships them like whoa* 8D;;

Vampire love is full of odd things, and we can wonder which parts of those only happen when the characters really find themselves cornered and with no other options, and which happen naturally in their culture... The way they each deal with such things in a series where some are that way from birth, some turned later, some went back and forth, is very interesting, because it's like a whole culture that we're seeing from the eyes of different people.)

Yuuki has odd type of luck in a way... XDD; Because on one hand she has amazingly hot guys around her, on the other hand they're both prone to saying epic wtf stuff, like the next time I see you, I'll kill you and if you don't want me anymore, then please kill me instead and such things. XD;; *lol*
The good side of it is that we very much get the feeling they're both just being desperate and saying extreme things due to all their fears and to how uncertain the whole situation can be when you're worrying about such things, but there's no way in hell that either Kaname or Zero would ever harm Yuuki. X3 (At least, I don't think there's a chance they would. ^^;
In fact, the total lack of danger is something that kind of deflated a bubble, because after chapter 46 the Japanese fandom was pretty hyped up for the 'epic confrontation' and 'amazing fighting' that was resumably 'bound' to happen next time Yuuki and Zero found themselves face to face, but then they just meet at the party and nothing serious happenned, so there were so many fans pretty shocked and feeling like the bubble of "it's going to be epic and so dramatic/tragic/amazing" had burst and emptied anti-climatically in one moment. XD;

Personally, since I really hope that the three could survive the series and maybe even end up somehow happy, I don't mind that bubble of potential tragedy looking like it deflated. XD;
I hope it did deflate, as I'd much rather they don't have any tragic fighting of the such. XD;; At least not among the main trio. (Unless it is fangirlable and doesn't ends in death or similar issues for any of them. XD;)

And I rambled off randomly again. XD;;;
*tends to do that when talking about her beloved trio* (Ichiru fangirling is also at fault in it. 8D *couldn't help when she started thinking of him* XD;;)

Back to the page, Kaname told Yuuki that it was her choice how to use Artemis or not. (In other words, he is entrusting her with the weapon to kill him if she ever so wishes. D:)
Yuuki closes the box brutally, shocked by the possibility, and then is thinking about the fact that it was her that had pushed him to ask her to kill him back then.

Maybe this is Yuuki's way to escape that worry, because if she just "pushed" him to say it, then she can continue telling herself that he didn't say it naturally, and as such he's not in danger...? (After all, we saw how puzzled and shocked she was by the Ouri & purebloods thing of getting to a point you feel so miserable you just want to die. ^^;)

In any case, her determination to protect her loved ones as well as potential innocent people who might get pulled into vampire society issues, (which we saw her talking about in previous chapters at the ball and then when she decided to learn more etc. so that she could prevent things like the Ouri issue happening again) is still at work:

She grabs her stuff and tells Aidou that she's going out (she says it in this totally casual and matter-of-factly 'going out for a walk with artemis brb' type of look on her face XD XD *LOL*)
Aidou is having his usual fits over it and as Yuuki opens the door, they see a wolf outside.

Yuuki however, stares at it and immediatly goes "DOGGY~!<3" and throws herself at the wolf in a squishy hug while Aidou has more fits. 8DDD

It turns out the wolf is a part of Kaname's body/energy/powers (it was guarding the door of the manor because Kaname left it there... or maybe because he was worried that the stuff from the previous chapter might happen again, perhaps with vampires with bad intentions this time instead of Shiki & Rima XD), much like those messenger bats he's used before to keep an eye on the Rido fight or call the council etc. ^^/

Aidou is explaining that, expecting Yuuki to not realize, but she actually knew. The energy/power/whatever wolf turns into bats, and tries to get Yuuki to not go. There's a hilarious page where, after looking cool and jumping around among the bats, saying that he should have just kept it in the shape of the doggie, Yuuki gets suddenly comically wrapped in a giant bat wing (the mini-bats all grouped into a bigger one and wrap around her XD), while Aidou cheers for Kaname, even though it's just the transformed animal things Kaname left behind. *LOL* XD

Yuuki then yells "Sorry oniisama!!... PUNCH~!" and dispells the energy bat off her, then dashes off while the bats, all small again, let her and just watch, before Aidou can try to stop her. XD
The scene changes to Kaname at whatever meeting he was attending, laughing softly at her cuteness/punch thing. XD XD (Ever the masochist? *lol* XD)
The vampires surrounding him look surprised by his happy look and the laughing, and ask what's going on, but he just tells them that it's nothing. XD

*nosebleeds at how adorable he looks in those pages* XD XD~~

Meanwhile, Yuuki got to the city and Aidou caught up with her... Surprisingly, Yuuki is a bit afraid of humans, a left over effect of how she used to be scared whenever she went outside alone in the city, if you remember from when she was human. ^^;
(Not to mention that every time she got alone she was attacked, back then. XD;; Let's hope this is no longer the case. XD;)

Aidou ends up going with her since he can't convince her to not go wandering. Yuuki complains that Aidou followed her even though she'd expressly told him that she'd return later.
He's complaining that Kaname will be worried, and Yuuki says that in that case i would be his fault if he worries since he should just trust that she will return anyway, but Aidou replies that it's not about that that Kaname worries, it's about Yuuki getting hurt. Yuuki however says purebloods don't die, at least not easily, so... she apparently doesn't cares if she gets hurt. ^^; (Aidou and Kaname clearly care. XD;;)

For a moment there she was looking all mature and cool and pureblood-ish, but we later find out that she went for it on the spur of the moment without having any idea of how to buy the tickets she needed, and... wanted snacks but had forgotten her wallet etc. at home anyway. 8D;;; Luckily, Aidou had brought it for her when he chased after her. XD
Yuuki, your ability to go out by yourself is not so reassuring. *LOL* XD

Prepare for the Zero moe now, as the scene then moves to Zero hunting some evil vampire, and being, as usual hot like whoa, but not only that, and that's the even more moe part, HE DEFENDS YUUKI. \*___*/ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Well, not physically/in person at the moment, but considering how he'd been talking about her for the past year, I was delighted at the surprise of him speaking in her favor.

Kaito was saying he doesn't rules out that any of the purebloods at the party could have committed the Ouri & hunter-girl murder, and Zero says Yuuki couldn't have done such a thing.

Unfortunately, he then glares suddenly and adds "she couldn't, YET." T_T... sounding like he expects she will be like the other purebloods eventually.

But still, he did initially defend her, even though he seemed so adamant against her before the ball. I tend to think this might be because he'd been expecting her to show up and look like any other pureblood woman, and when she showed up and looked so very much... "Yuuki" and that's it, Zero might have gotten a bit shaken or shocked. X3
Which is great, him realizing that pureblood Yuuki and human Yuuki are the same would be a necessary step on the path to accept her, and even himself/vampires in general. ^^;

It could also be that the chairman annoys Zero (XD *lol*) and so for Zero to say shocking things to him such as "I'll kill her" is a way to get back at him unconsciously (it seems like a human thing, he must feel some sort of anger over the fact the chairman hid Yuuki's true nature from him for so long, put him next to her and all... ^^;), and also a way to vent out those feelings in a mostly harmless manner, since it's unlikely the chairman will explode suddenly or something, and he is the closest thing to family that Zero has that is also close to Yuuki. Maybe it can has a therapeutic aspect on the side of just being a way to express anger. ^^;
While Kaito, on the other hand, is not as close, and certainly not close to Yuuki, so when Zero talks to the chairman it's more easy for him to say such things maybe, while in a talk with Kaito, he'll feel more protective of Yuuki... maybe --sorry for the rambling, this is 100% theory only, btw. ^^;; Zero's lines tend to be pretty concise and while we can theorize etc., no one but Matsuri Hino really knows what he's thinking when he says that to Kaito... but we can hope for the best and that Zero defending Yuuki then is not accidental or anything. X3 ♥

Kaito reveals that he's been watching Zero for a while no, not in the shower unfortunately 8D *is shot*, and that he knows quite a bit about vampires. He goes as far as grabbing him by the coat and slamming Zero against the door while demanding explanations about Zero having kept the little gun and about Zero's high consumption of blood tablets etc.

It turns out that on the surface, Zero is the perfect hunter, and that not a single thing in his behavior etc. shows the slightest indication that he would be anything but perfect for the upcoming position of association president and all (probably why Kaito was sent to watch him in the first place)... but Kaito believes that underneath that facade, Zero is a mess. (Yet another mirror effect, since for the past ten years --and even now-- Kaname was the one who was supposed to be perfect on the outside but crumbling on the inside, while Zero was more visibly agitated on the surface too, while now he's presenting a perfectly frozen exterior as well... yet another thing in which they both are alike, and in this case, it's likely to be something that only Yuuki can fix more surely, for either of them. ^^;)

Zero claims that he doesn't feels any of what Kaito is saying about him, and calmly explains why he has the gun.

I'm torn between my (serious for the sake of the series and potential happy ends XD;) wish that it was different and my (fangirly at the angst potential for fanfiction XD;) interest in Zero's explanation and in the presence of that gun in his room. XD;;;
Zero claims that the reason why he keeps the gun under his pillow is because having it there helps him in the nights where he's having trouble resisting the huge urge to go kill vampires --to which Kaito immediatly asks if it includes killing Yuuki. *pokes Kaito* XD;;; *lol*

I'm just torn because that's epic for fanfic urges (angsty fics about guns beneath pillows etc... XD;;).... but seriously Hino-sensei please cool down with the whole 'Zero urges to kill Yuuki' thing, because it's like almost every time he shows up we are reminded of that, so that we (the fans) can't relax for a bit about the potential tragedies. ^^;;;
*still doesn't believes he would do it, and hopes Hino-sensei isn't planning anything horrible like that* ^^;

Zero thinks of Yuuki's sad look when he told her not to touch him at the party (*fangirls*), and then evades Kaito's question by saying that all purebloods are evil etc., but not directly continuing to talk about Yuuki. *automatically clings to happy ending hopes due to that* 8D;;; *optimistic to the very end* XD;

I can't help but inevitably nosebleed at the next scene, because... Kaito says he'll be working with Zero, but the word he used is the one Zero was using when he was talking about the position Yuuki occupied for him. In other words, in a way, Kaito is saying he'll replace Yuuki for Zero. *rotfl* XD *is shot by serious Kaito fans*

Okay, being clear, it of course never implied any yaoi at all, it's just the position she held by being near him and having the gun to shoot him in case things went bad, but still, I couldn't help but laugh when Kaito said it. XD;;; (Trust yaoi fans to find the pervy mind image in the most innocent line. XD XD)

The thing is, from the way Zero explained things so utterly casually, there's a chance that Kaito didn't quite realize it was human Yuuki he was talking about before when explaining about the gun. XD; (Well, he knows the whole story, so maybe he did realize, but in any case, there was no yaoi implied. It was just funny considering the explanation about Yuuki and Kaito's sudden thing of being the new one. XD)

Err, I hope he's not planning to shoot Zero or anything, with that gun or another, whether Zero ends up stepping out of the association rules or not. ^^;;;
(Though power-wise, Kaito probably stands no chance against Zero, considering Zero's personality chances are he wouldn't strike against a fellow hunter who's a childhood friend of sorts, so a fight between those two would be a dangerous thing unless Zero uses his vines to disable Kaito fast. ^^; (That would probably be the outcome, seeing how Zero did that to Kaname pretty fast in the past, and he's a pureblood!))
He's been using the vines in hunting. *-*/ *moe*

Kaito says they'll be working together to see what the purebloods are doing. (The association might have given the official story of the suicide, but of course Cross who had investigated with Kaname must know also about Sara murdering Ouri, and perhaps so do the more trustworthy members of the association, hence this of keeping an eye on whatever might happen. ^^/)

The scene moves back to Yuuki and Aidou. She's choosing snack thingies, while Aidou is having hilariously epic angst about how he should go about tricking her into getting back to the manor etc., before something happens. XD *lol* (Vampires have lovely mentality on such things, hahaha~ XD)
He reaches the point of such annoyance that --shock XD XD *lol*-- he actually for a moment blames Kaname for not setting up better stuff than the wolf etc., so that it would actually have had a chance to stop Yuuki from leaving and he (Aidou) wouldn't have to be dealing with it. *LOL* (Of course, seeing how Kaname set it that way precisely so that Yuuki could get out if she really wanted to... it defeats Aidou's hopes. XD XD *lol*
I bet the wolf etc. might have been enough to get rid of anyone trying to go there to harm them though. X3)

Btw, Aidou x Yuuki fans, rejoice. XD This series could turn into a love rectangle instead of love triangle if this keeps going, hahaha~ XD Because shortly afterwards, Aidou is lost in thought and suddenly reaches the realization (well, it's something day class boys used to say, but he stares in realization too XD) that Yuuki is surprisingly cute. 8D Epic moment. XDD

As an Aidou x Kaname fan, I like to think he's reached that conclusion because she looks awfully like Kaname, hahaha~ XD (He did say it's because she's Kaname's sister! *nosebleed of delight* 8D)

Aidou and Yuuki then talk about the fact that anyway, if Kaname had actually ever intended to stop Yuuki from leaving the house, he could have easily done so. So the fact that she is outside is clear proof that it's him who is directly letting her to do as she pleases. ^^/

This has always been obvious in the manga, as anyone reading it can see that Yuuki pretty much walks all over him, and even when he's trying to impose a little thing, it's not an actual imposition but him asking her if he can do this or that. (Like the hair and shoes thing, he asked her to let him continue to impose such little things... in other words, she could have just said "NO." XD)
Even the things that bug her, like not letting people into the house when she and Aidou are alone in there etc. or not going running around outside alone etc., regardless of whatever Kaname asks for, if Yuuki doesn't wants to follow it nothing happens, he never enforces any rules or really stops her. XD *lol*
(Just how the time he said it was important that she learn to use her fangs etc. and tried to make her use it but the moment she insisted to have it her way, he immediatly gave in. XD It's cute how he can be so compelling and powerful etc. with others and yet has no authority whatsoever with Yuuki. XD<3) She really can do as she pleases, if she truly wants something he just lets her go for it. :)
On top of it having been clear all along, in this chapter it's actually spoken painly, instead of just being shown, since Aidou and Yuuki actually talk about it. XD

And just like many chapters ago, when Yuuki had kissed Kaname and told him to go do the 'thing that only you can do', before sending him off to kill the council (I always wondered if she just pureblood!sensed vaguely that there was something he HAD to do so that the Night Class wouldn't be executed for standing against Rido and the council and so that a new assassination attempt wouldn't come for them, or if Yuuki truly knew exactly what exactly she was sending Kaname to that day... after all, she seemed completely un-surprised later when he confessed that he'd killed them, to the point that he commented on that ^^;)... Yuuki is now in chapter 57 going somewhere far, thinking of something 'only she can do'... O_o *wondered if she was going to kill someone when she said that similar line* XD;;
(She also has shown a lot more knowledge in pureblood stuff over this chapter, surprising Aidou a bit.

I hope she's not going to do anything that might leave her with scars, mentally/in her heart. ^^; She could be assuming that since Kaname tainted his hands to protect her so much, it's her turn to do the same, but she might be unprepared for such things. After all Kaname had the weight of all those years of suffering on his shoulders, and was willing to taint himself however he may need to if it protected her (although it must have hurt him too, otherwise he wouldn't have been feeling all that guilt we saw in vk49), but while I don't doubt Yuuki's determination, she was very sheltered and protected and might bite more than she can chew. ^^; It would be so tragic if so many sacrifices were put into protecting her from everything, and when she finally decides to step into the world and take her decisions, she ends up getting into something horrible before they can rush to her rescue. ^^;
(In any case, we know they would rush to her rescue. XD Kaname, Zero however much he would claim he is going there for something else, the chairman, everybody XD)

It turns out that the distant place they went to (they took the highspeed train that goes to other countries etc. so very fast) is the mansion of one of the other pureblood families...

The pureblood at the place and Yuuki make small talk for a bit until he asks her exactly what she's carrying in her bag, and she cheerfully pulls out Artemis... XD;; And whips it into scythe form and asks the guy if he's ever wanted to die. O_O
(Diplomatic Yuuki is diplomatic. XD But badass. XD XD)

The man is Isaya Shoutou, an older pureblood. ^^/ (He's 2000 years old, and Yuuki is both cute and funny in how she automatically points out she's just 17 after he says his age. XD)

It turns out that it's not just any vampire that can wield those weapons. Apparently, some people among the Kuran clan are born with that ability. Isaya says it is what gave the extra something to be able to unify the rest of the race, so it would imply that Kaname can do this, and clearly Yuuki can too since she uses Artemis.

Epically, Yuuki says she intends to be the executioner of purebloods wanting to die, so that situations like that of Ouri won't happen again, and others won't drag innocent victims in the process with complicated suicides anymore.

(It's... so dangerous yet an admirable urge to help but, well... it wasn't a suicide, but it's true that if Ouri had had another way to die, Sara wouldn't have been able to prey on him and use the life of the hunter girl to do so...
However, let's hope Sara won't come up to Yuuki claiming she wants to die just to approach her and kill her or anything. ^^; That or so many other ways this could end badly.)

Luckily, she goes more diplomatic and doesn't looks like she's going to attack the guy, but she does stick to her idea that she will be providing this service of sending off to their death the ones wishing to die, and asks the guy to please remember her when the moment comes. ^^;;

There's so many ways this could go badly, and yet YUUKI LOOKS SO COOL there. 8D And so cute!!
This whole sequence is made of intense WTF at first, but then the awesomeness makes that you can't really start cracking jokes as you read, you just stare and find Yuuki adorable. XD;; (Well, at least it's how I reacted. XD)

This was a surprising turn of events, but I just hope it won't lead to danger for Yuuki. ^^;
She... might be planning to go from door to door to announce that to each of the pureblood families. XD; (Maybe Aidou can sing Christmas carols as they go to make it less heavy as she pulls out the weapon and explains why she's there. XD;; *lol* *is shot* XD;; *couldn't help but suggest that due to the proximity of Christmas* XD;; *lol*)

Also, she just pretty much blew all chances of keeping an element of surprise in them not knowing about her wielding Artemis etc., but well, Yuuki is more the type to do it all open. XD
(Let's just hope this won't cause her doom nor the doom of any of her close people. ^^;;

I SO WISH they had shown more of the epic face Aidou must have been making throughout this whole exchange between Yuuki and the other pureblood. XD XD He stayed serious and even shocked, but while the 'camera' was on the two and we couldn't see him, he must have been making his hilarious shock faces, from the epic wtf level of the stuff that was going on. XD XD)

Yuuki's plans quite possibly might go against Sara's intentions if Sara's planning to consume more people for power, and considering the mentality of the vampire society, they'll most likely all assume that Yuuki is in it to take the power of the dying purebloods for herself...(as all the people prone to assume that would have been wanting to be doing themselves, from what we saw of vampire society. ^^;)
There's no way those people who desire them so much would assume it's for an innocent intent and with no benefit for Yuuki herself. ^^;
Not to mention that if she does carry through with that and kills someone, the vampire society might go after her for the "murder" of another pureblood. D: D: D:

Let's hope that Yuuki's intentions, however pure they are, won't bring trouble for her or anyone. ^^;;

(Zero and Kaito will blow a fuse when they hear of this new mess. XD XD *lol*)

Onto far less serious and yet TOTALLY relevant to my fangirly moments.............People buying the limited edition CD will be getting as a bonus thingie a mini earphones-holder thingie of Kaname. In chibi format. In a lovely cute pose. (Chibi-format but Academy age Kaname, in uniform, not kid!Kaname)
They seriously played on the fanservice kinkyness due to his masochism. XDDD *dies*

Supposedly, the mini earphones-holder Kaname is to be used by 'wrapping your earphones cord around his body until he's all tied up in a humiliated pose', and various other things...


AND, in the color image, they added a bubble with him laughing in a flirty manner and asking to be tied more, with a heart mark in his bubble as he spoke and all. *DIES FROM VIOLENT NOSEBLEED ALL OVER AGAIN*

LIFE IS GOOD. XDD (Death from bloodloss too I guess, err... at least when it's for such a reason. XD;; *rotfl*)

The seriousness of the manga lately and the lack of time allied with the fact I barely even wander through fandom much anymore because of the bashing everywhere made that I was losing more and more the moe I feel in VK, canonically...... THIS ONE ADVERT ALONE, REPLENISHED IT ALL. *rotfl* XD;;; I CAN NOW DIE HAPPY. 8D *VOLCANO-LIKE NOSEBLEED ERUPTION*

No, volcano is nothing. XD XD This is like the Niagara falls, only larger. 8DD *floods half the hemisphere in nosebleeding before passing out* 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *lol*

MUST BUY SEVERAL! 8DDDDDDDDDD *intense looking forward, hopes the CD and its little Kaname thingie gets out soon* 8DDDDDDD

I can't think of something VK I've looked forward to THAT much in quite a while. 8D;;
(Sure, it's a little earphone-holding thingie and all, but... but... BUT SO KINKY AND SEXY. 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDD *is shot*
None of the anime merchandise ever had such delightfully kinky advertising. 8D LALA MAGAZINE, I LOVE YOU FOREVER~~~<333)

Now we so need a Zero one too. ♥___♥
But then, Zero had a headstart already, because there was a while ago an awesome cellphone-screen-cleaner that was limited too, and that had Zero and Yuuki on it, during the first arc.
So it's fair that now there's something like that with Kaname too~ *wants a earphone holder of Zero AND a cellphone cleaner or Kaname actually, you can never have too much of those two* 8DDD

My cellphone, btw, probably weights twice its normal weight just from all the VK merchandise hanging from it. 8D;;;;;;;;;;;;
It has all the official anime cell-phone-related stuff and some thingies that you can attack that way. *loves the ziper thingies* XD;; (Well, to be exact, I only put the ziper thingie of Yuuki there, Zero & Kaname are safely in a drawer because I was afraid of them getting scratching. XD XD;; Yuuki is more resistant...? XD;;; *lol*)

The page advertising volume 11 also made use of the Kaname moe heights, not only by having the image of the earphone thingie there too, but by giving a sneak peek or part of the image of little Kaname dressed in the little lion outfit (sitting on Zero's lap, which you can see in one of my recent posts as I scanned it from the book), and openly and officially saying "chibi-Kaname", a word you normally see... in our fangirling bouncy fandom moments and not in the manga. XDD *lol* XD (They even put the term into quote marks to indicate how special it is, haha~<3 *SO HOPES THE MAGAZINE STUFF KEEPS GOING THIS WONDERFUL WAY* 8DD <-- and, uhm, hopefully it can also get some of that adorable lightheartedness into the manga itself as well, since it has been rather dark for a while. ^^;)

On the subject of the CD, it has some epic tracks from what the advertising says. One is a supposed serious-fight between Zero & Kaname with Yuuki as the referee. XD;; (The image used in the thumbnail is of their serious fight in chapter 46, but it might have been just a placeholder thing... *wonders whether it will actually just be a reenactment of the fight from the manga, or if not then how crack-like the actual track might be* XD XD;;)

The CD title is "Pureblood CD-pack" and it has 5 tracks, with a large cast from the anime, covering the main trio, the Night Class, plus Haruka, Juri and Yagari.
And it turns out Rima's voice actress will also be playing the voice of Kaname as a other words, Kaname as a child... in the CD. Aw~! *foresees epic cuteness ahead and looks forward to it* X3

I hope there will be the others small too (well, mostly I wish there was the combo Kaname & Zero...XD though from the tracklist it seems Zero is adult all along in the CD so it's unlikely T-T), maybe voiced by their usual voice actors since there's no others listed...
(In the anime, Zero as a child was voiced by the same person as he was when adult, but I think it was the same for Kaname... unless they're having him voiced by someone else in the drama because it's Kaname so much younger, and thus with a different voice...<3)

*DIES ALREADY, from the potential cuteness* XD XD

There's one track with tiny Yuuki & Kaname + the parents, which promises to be utterly adorable.

From the little track-list-blurb, there's a track with Yagari teaching class to the vampires and them throwing the knife, except that it has added stuff, so it's possibly going to be different from the manga thingie with the knife etc., it might be like a separated story or just changed a bit, and Yuuki & Zero will be there too as school guardians presumably.

There's that, the Kuran family story, the fight track, and a vampire-boys-talk with the male characters + a vampire-girls-talk with the female characters

The CD will only be out in a while though, because the deadline to send in the order forms for the mail-order is March 10th, so the goodies themselves will only be shipped to the buyers a while after that. T-T THE WAIT WILL BE AN AGONY. *wants it now* ;^;

Onto the subject of err, waiting, and of the scanlation itself, I will naturally be doing it as always, although things are currently crazy busy here and I'm not quite sure when it will be out yet, sorry.</b> ^^;/
Presumably, sometime this week or the next, sorry for this time. ^^;

And I think that's it for now. :D I'll post stuff as soon as I can and also if I manage to find time to finish some thingies I wanted to have done for Christmas. X3

Edit: I forgot to say, but there's no VK next month. It comes back on February 24th.

Please respect other's feelings and don't bash any people or characters/pairings here and please keep in mind that if you hate one of the (many XD) characters or pairings I like, it's not a good reason to flame me for it, me liking yaoi isn't one either, nor any other such thing like 'stop fangirling stuff in your journal' or whatever. ^^;;; *is increasingly like a cat that got thrown hot water at* XD;

Please lets enjoy the series peacefully... ^^; Otherwise it's so discouraging. ^^;;

And also there's so much lovely moe in the series~! X3 It's so much more fun to enjoy it~!
*is all bouncy happy looking forward to the upcoming goodies* X3

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