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VK 56 scanlated is on its way. :D



I've been crazy busy lately so I haven't had much time to post updates on my searching, but as usual I was doing my monthly thing of running all over the place trying to get a shop selling early to get my hands on LaLa before the 24rth..... X3

And, as usual, here I am~! X3 *clings to LaLa magazine and its VK chapter lovingly*

I got LaLa early today but sadly didn't have time to come online until now. ^^;

As soon as I did have a moment though, I ran to scan this pretty pic...:

Preview for the cover of Volume 11:

*drools at Yuuki's dress and at Zero's sexy trenchcoat* *-*

I just SO WISH he wasn't holding a stake right over her heart, urgh... T____T
And the fact Yuuki is laying on a coffin doesn't helps either. ^^;;;
Stake + coffin = so ominous. D:

But still, the pic is gorgeous as always with Hino-sensei's art. *-*
(The text above the pic is the volume blurb about how time passed since the school battle, Zero
has been pursuing his career as a hunter, Yuuki has been at the Kuran manor for a year and all.)

It's not as movemented as some previous chapters but it's still a pretty epic chapter for the first half of it (and oddly makes me ship Takuma x Sara XD; she's EPIC through part of it...evilly epic XD;;), and then the energy of it calms down a bit, but the second part is still lovely with some adorable moments with Aidou & Yuuki and then Kaname & Yuuki.

As a Zero x Kaname fan I squeeed softly at the brief scene of Kaname and Zero investigating the scene. 8D (More exactly, Kaname investigating while Zero stands sexily & watchfully behind him. *fangirl sigh of love for the two* X3)

Stay tuned, I'll be back with a summary/translations of the stuff said in the chapter as soon as I have a moment.

This is also THE LaLa that comes with the LaLa 2010 calendar! *__*/
*will post the VK stuff from the calendar + a bigger version of the volume 11 cover image above, along with the chapter scanlation when it's ready* :D

Edit: Here's the preview so that you can already see the calendar image. X3 *will post the bigger one later with the scanlation*

VK's month in the calendar is October, so it has Halloween themes, with Kaname dressed as a vampire (8D *lol*), Yuuki as a chibi candy fairy of some sort, and Zero as a mummy king. XD (He has a crown and a king's mantle thing over the bandages! 8D) *urge to try to pull the bandages off* X3
We can't see high enough to see if Kaname would also have a crown as king of the vampires or what, but the idea of Zero wearing a crown appeals to me and my endless fic ideas having Kaname and Zero as kings of the vampires and the hunters etc. XD;

Both Kaname in his sexy vampiric clothes and Zero in his bandage-y mummy outfit are irresistible as usual, and Yuuki is so cute! X3

Edit again:  

The summary/translation of main points is here~! :D (It's brief, but it's just quickly for now until I post the scanlation. ^^/)

The chapter's first half is more movemented than the second part, but both are interesting. :D

The first part is epic with Sara and Takuma, and the second part is full of moments that are cute/funny, moe or sad (Shiki etc.) in some points.

It starts with Yuuki and Aidou leaving the party after the mess with the deaths, while Kaname stayed behind to investigate with the hunters.

Sara also left quickly with Takuma, who is asking her if they should be leaving at such a time etc., and he notices her hand is doing weird things to the car window... eventually, it melts! O_o
It turns out Sara was having difficulties due to the amount of power she absorbed and that she isn't yet used to control: Sara killed Ouri, her fiance, and took his power. D:

Takuma is incredibly hot when he looks all worried...

It seemed so obvious that she'd done it, and yet Hino-sensei's constant thing of not actually having anyone say he was dead but just that he'd disappeared etc. had made me wonder if perhaps she was just making it seem like he was dead to have him return later, but apparently nope, he really was dead, and it was just to keep us guessing until she had Sara actually spell it out for Takuma. XD;;

Sara explains that she attacked the young hunter at the party, turned her (it was a her and not a him after all... in the previous chapter we couldn't see that so it seemed that it was a young man XD), and made the girl attack Ouri to remove his ability to regenerate.
Sara then took his life and power, but Ouri, who was nevertheless really powerful and old, didn't fight back, and it seemed he knew of her intentions from the start...

Sara explains that she'd realized Ouri was tired of his long life and wanted to die. She says she will never let herself become like him, or like other people who lost their will to go on living, and wanted to die like Shizuka, Haruka and Juri!

Sara says that purebloods without a strong attachment are a truly sad thing (because they don't have a reason to live anymore and are just waiting hoping someone will kill them or something since they can't die naturally.)

Sara says she'll be different, and that she'll become queen!

She says she's always played the nice good girl in front of the council because she knew they had Rido along with them and that was a danger, but now that that isn't a problem anymore.... D: D: D:

Takuma tells her that Kaname won't let her ambitions come to truth, and Sara says she realizes that, because Kaname is [the closest thing they'd have to XD] the king. She also knows Kaname is the ancestor, possibly because Takuma told her. (She mentions Kaname having confessed this to Takuma.) :X

In other words, Kaname is an obstacle, especially if she no longer has the idea that she might get him. (She'd mentioned in the fanbook that he is her type, and in a talk with Takuma before, that she'd tried to approach Kaname before unsuccessfully. If she no longer has hopes on that subject, then she might want to go against him instead.)

She says that if she was Kaname, she/he would perhaps crush her. (One can wonder if she's also implying she'd crush him if their positions were reversed, or if she's just explaining that she expects Kaname to move against her next.)

Meanwhile, Yuuki and Aidou are talking about the incident at the party, and Yuuki is still wondering if there could be more to it.

The final conclusion the investigation reached (no doubt just officially to avoid more political mess in the already shaky current situation) is that Ouri committed suicide, turning the young hunter girl into a vampire to use her in helping him to die.
(The hunters are enraged with the girl's death, understandably so... and later on in the chapter, Yagari exclaims that the next one who wants to die so bad just has to tell him, and he'll help them at that himself. XD; *lol*
The official conclusion appears to have come from Cross & Kaname, since if Yagari was involved he wouldn't be with the disgruntled bunch shocked at it... one can wonder if Zero participated as well since he was there while Cross and Kaname were investigating, but it doesn't seems much like him to take part in coming up with political cover ups to calm down their respective societies, so he probably just stood nearby as we see in the last page.
One can also wonder if Cross & Kaname have plans for Sara and are just keeping the things looking calm right now so that she won't get defensive yet... XD I doubt they truly believe Ouri committed suicide even though they might have thought he wanted to like Sara said...
Or at least I hope they don't really believe it, since otherwise Sara has mroe of a surprise element against them. ^^;;)

Yuuki is bothered that it's 'so simple', and is thinking back of the face Zero did when he saw the dead hunter.

She is annoyed at her lack of knowledge/ability to understand the intrincacies of vampire society etc. issues, (after Aidou pointed out she shouldn't meddle because she's just a baby when it comes to such things), and asks him to teach her a lot more so that she can grow up fast...

Kaname is still out with the hunters, but... now that the rest of the vampire society knows of Yuuki, they see this as the perfect occasion to try and slither their way close to her while he's away. As such, various vampires are at the door, asking to visit Yuuki, bring her things etc. :X
Kaname probably expected they'd try to do such things (or try worse, considering what we know about the vampire society's true desires when it comes for purebloods, which they view as the ultimate prey...), and so he asked Aidou not to let any of them in while he was out just in case.

But Shiki & Rima appear too, and are complaining when Aidou says he can't make an exception for them (especially in front of the other people who are watching too...)

Yuuki throws the protocol out of the window again by popping up in front of everybody and making the exception by letting Shiki & Rima in. XD

It turns out they came to see her with a message from Ichijou! ♥

He asked them to tell Yuuki, if they see her, to please take good care of Kaname. Ichijou said he was worried for Kaname and her. (Perhaps because he knows whatever Sara plans to do to them... ^^;;)

Yuuki wanted to have them over and make tea for them etc., but Rima complains that the Kuran manor makes her think of Rido who was also a Kuran, and she doesn't wants to stay any longer in it. She wants Shiki and her to leave. ^^;;;
(I was surprised at that. It was a pity, considering that for once Shiki had family he wanted to get close too... ^^;;; I had expected Shiki of all people to be the one who had problems with the Kuran manor due to Rido, and not Rima.)

Shiki tries to explain to Yuuki that it's not because he has something against her that he's leaving so soon, and he calls Yuuki his cousin, for the first time as far as we know. :D

Yuuki was looking so sad after the mention of Rido and the resulting issues with Shiki etc., that Shiki actually asked her to go on looking as carefree etc. as she did when she opened the door to them a moment before.

The next page... Kaname returned from the investigation and is in the mood of doom after finding out they opened the door and took the risk of having Yuuki prancing around in front of the random vampires outside, whose intentions were unknown... XD *LOL*
(The scene isn't 'serious anger' at all, it's totally comical, with Kaname having the dark aura of doom and Yuuki & Aidou being terribly apologetic. XD)

Kaname compares them to the little pig and the little goat from the fairytales, who open the doors to wolves and get eaten. XD XD

Aidou is horrified when Yuuki talks back to Kaname, but this being Yuuki, of course nothing happens... (well, yes and no. Aidou gets punished, but not Yuuki, hahaha~ XD
Aidou's punishment is to count the exact total number of beans they have in their pantry, one by one. 8D Kaname is getting creative with those punishments... *lol*)

Seiren drags Aidou off to his punishment, while Yuuki and Kaname remain and talk of various things. (Kaname was saying that since Yuuki wanted to learn so much, then he would be teaching her... XD XD *lol* She looked comically horrified at the prospect, while Seiren dragged Aidou out and Aidou's father promised Kaname he'd make sure Aidou got to his punishment. XD)

Kaname was worried for Yuuki, but he says he knows that from now on she'll be going out/doing more and more stuff out there in the world, and it's not like he'd try to prevent that or anything, since "you wouldn't be yourself if you lived your life in a glass case", he tells her.

She wants to know more about the vampire society and the purebloods, and so they have a conversation about that. ^^/

He is partially hinting about being the ancestor, but Yuuki doesn't gets it yet. XD

The chapter ends with the hunters talking of the incident and Cross saying that it shouldn't happen again, but Zero disagrees. He thinks it's only the start... ^^;
(If you remember, Zero smelled the fresh blood on Sara at the party... He might be onto whatever Sara might be doing, but I so hope that looking into that won't endanger him. ^^;; (Well, if someone can beat her it would be the combination of Zero and Kaname, I hope. XD<33 *SO WANTS to see the two working together* X3♥♥♥))

In the last page the scene goes back to Yuuki and Kaname at the manor, Kaname laying down with his head on Yuuki's lap and his eyes closed as she pets his head.
Yuuki is thinking of the incident and that she may not understand yet so many things about the vampire society, but she did grasp that there was something behind Ouri's death, and she's not willing to let anymore people become sacrifices. She wants to learn more and more to understand all that stuff and to prevent that from happening. ^^/

Let's hope this means Yuuki will get stronger too, and not that she'll get into situations likely to get Sara to kill her, because that would be the one and only sure way to destroy both Kaname and Zero. DDDDDDDDDDDDD:
(Well, I know Zero hasn't been really professing his deep care for Yuuki lately, but I think that regardless of what he says or what he wants to believe he feels about purebloods, he actually still loves her. So if Sara were to kill Yuuki, that wouldn't destroy only Kaname, but Zero as well... not to mention series rarely ever go on without the main character/heroine, so unless it ends in total tragedy, Yuuki shouldn't die.... *clings and crosses fingers*)

Though maybe if Yuuki moves against Sara and gets in danger, it could be for the best... if that gets Zero & Kaname to join forces as a result. XD;; *lol*
*just hopes Yuuki (and much less either of the two guys) won't die in the process* XD;;;

That's it for now, probably. I'll be back once I'm done scanning/cleaning/scanlating etc. :D
So stay tuned~! X3♥ ♥ ♥

Edit (yet again XD), for a little update: Still currently scanlating, and if all goes well (as in, if I don't have to rush out or work on something last minute or anything like that getting in the way of scanlation time XD;;), it should be ready still today hopefully. :DD

And meanwhile, I leave you with the Shiki & Rima illustration Hino-sensei did for the New Years cards people can win in a contest. :D

Shiki is getting hotter and hotter with each chapter. X333

The "happy New Year" I added, the original had a little blurb with
Hino-sensei's new year's resolution about losing weight etc. 8D *lol*

Edit some more: It's ready now! :D

This way to reading it ^^/

Enjoy~! ♥ :D

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