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VK54 scanlated in English is here.


Enjoy~!! ♥

And, as a little just in case as usual:
Please don't bash ANY of the characters or pairings. ^^;;;

I have to ask each time because people often forget that bashing is not a nice thing nor welcome. T_T
No one likes to read insults about their favorite character, so please remain polite in your discussion and please kindly respect the feelings of your fellow fans. ^_^/
(Opinions and disliking this or that character are one thing. Expressing it in a way that makes other people uncomfortable isn't a proper way to express one's opinions. ^^/)

This is a chapter FULL of political stuff with the whole things about how the vampire society society functions and so many vampires popping up saying one thing and meaning another, but there are also delightful scenes with some of our favorite characters as well as angsty scenes with others of our favorite characters... (and as usual, both Zero and Kaname are strikingly gorgeous, but then, that's hardly something new, right...? XD XD *lol*)

It's inevitable that different people support different pairings, even more passionately since it's a story with a love triangle, but it's no reason to bash one or the other. ^^;;/

Some events of this chapter might make people blow a fuse at Zero or even at Yuuki for the way a certain scene happened, and there's always people expecting the worse from Kaname no matter what happens, so inevitably, I fear people will bash one, two or even all three of them. ^^;;;

PLEASE don't ruin other fans' enjoyment of the chapter and of the fandom experience. ^^;
Please don't bash in any comments here, although of course, not bashing anywhere at all would make the fandom the happiest. ♥


I'm so dead tired right now and currently stressed about unrelated non-fandom stuff... So I can't guarantee a very long or coherent commentary. ^^;
(That and I already wrote so much about this chapter. XD;)

.......or it might still be a long commentary but infested with random ramblings and epically incoherent. XD;;;
Butsince the commentary is mostly for fun and for exploring random possibilities anyway, and since I finished the chapter a while ago, then went over the cleaning, checking and everything, and by now several hours later I'm dead... I'm sure no one will mind if the commentary is messy. XD;;

Especially since it should still be okay because I also put a lot of the little "this will make more sense if you remember this other thing from this other chapter" type of info etc. tidbits in the little reminders/notes/explanatory thingies that occasionally pop up on the side of the pages anyway, so... the more important-ish stuff is generally there anyway. ^^;

The usual warning applies: You might want to read through the chapter itself first, then read it again with my commentary, if you don't want to be horrifically spoiled before reaching the pages I might be talking about.

This chapter has SO MUCH INFO. And so many possibilities that make icy thingies run up your spine about what might happen to our beloved characters in future chapters. XD;;;

Particularly because on top of this chapter already creating so many worrisome situations etc., the teaser at the end of it mentions something terrible/gruesome will happen in the next chapter. O_o (Maybe a battle with Sara? ^^;;;;; Or with someone else...??)

Of course, keep in mind that the teaser at the end of the chapter is a total advertisement thingie and that it has time and time again in the past listed things sounding terrible to keep us on the edge of the seat (the best example of such things, so far was when the teaser lines listed Zero and Kaname supposedly "fighting to the death" at Cross Academy after Rido's death, but the fight ended up with Kaname just losing a hand, luckily XD;;;;), and so maybe the supposed 'gruesome event' won't be as terrible as it sounds or might not even happen in the next chapter but in another one. XD

BUT, with all the build up of tension throughout this chapter, and all the mysterious talk of people bleeding and/or drinking from others throughout this chapter (mysterious blood smells XD), I fear that the little teaser line at the end of the chapter could be true for once. ^^;;

But then again, that's precisely what the teaser thingie wants to make us think, so...... XD;;; The only way to know is to wait next month and then read the chapter when it's out for good and you know it's not just people speculating, since for now we can only make guesses.

Okay, so, onwards to the chapter. ^^

Bath set with the cosplay image Hino-sensei drew of the idea that the winner of the contest had. :)
It comes with rose, lavender, citrus and wood bath essences.

(And since it has the same pic, again, keep in mind that this pic was not in any way Hino-sensei's idea, it was merely drawn for a contest with the characters 'cosplaying', and it as drawn to fit all the specifications asked for by the winner, and not anything imagined by Hino-sensei. ^^/
I've seen different people building intrincate theories with complete belief that the way this or that character are positioned in color pics or how this or that symbol or whatever in the pics is secretly telling them the end of the story and whatnot.... well, this pic doesn't counts for such analysis to begin with. ^^;;;

If anything, you'd be seeing the end the fan who won the contest would have imagined, and not whatever Hino-sensei has in mind. XD *lol*

(Aside from the fact that Hino-sensei has already mentioned that she adds various things in her color pics for the heck of it and without having planned a meaning for all of them anyway, so trying to guess the end of the series based on that is so very not going to work anyway. ^^;;
Even if the pics are certainly gorgeous and full of interesting elements. It's just that there's no way to know which are supposed to truly mean something and which she adds for fum. XD;; *lol*)

Notice their clothes. :DD If you compare with the manicure/pedicure scene in the previous chapter, and the scene with Luca helping Yuuki get ready etc. also in 53, while Yuuki was still wearing her underwear dress thingie....... those are all different days/ or at least different scenes in any case. XD

So it explains why by this manicure/pedicure Yuuki was already used to the idea of Kaname giving her nail care etc. XD

In 53, the flashback we see is probably of their first manicure & pedicure session while she was still shy about it, while the one in this chapter is considerably more relaxed between them and quite possibly passed later.... even if Kaname is as submissive to Yuuki and ever, and seems to spend so much of his time at her feet on his knees. XD XD (Hey, I sure am not complaining. XD XD *fan of Kaname as a uke more than as a seme* XD XD *lol*)

In other words, Luca's attempt to teach Yuuki how to do her own nails is doomed for good. XD *LOL*
But it's okay, Yuuki sucked at it and apparently Kaname is a genius at it anyway. XD XD<333 *lol*

That comment is more cute than angsty. XDD Yuuki praised Zero's dutifulness and dedication to his work, and Kaname had a chibi pang of jealousy. XD XD *lol*

It's actually endearing for fans of either of the characters and pairings(fans of Zero since she praised him, fans of Kaname since his chibi jealousy at that innocent praise is funny and even cute. XDD
And the whole scene is even more amusing and cute for fans shipping the three all together. XD)

Incidentally.... Yuuki says she knows this because she knows Zero well which is normal and expected for us readers... but then Kaname replies by thinking the same... As in, it implies he also knows Zero so well too. XD<3 *lol* *has a bout of Zero x Kaname fangirling* (Threesome fangirling too since the two seem to be talking about Zero comfortably despite that mentioned mini-pang of jealousy. XD)

Sure, one could say that the reason Kaname understands Zero as well is because Yuuki probably tells him stuff, or at least because he's watched Zero for a long time at the school too... but as a yaoi fan, I would like to imagine it's because they share some deep understanding of each other, foes or not. XD (Eh, fangirling aside they really do understand each other, in a way, though canonically it doesn't involves yaoi activities, of course. XD XD *lol* )

And, Zero!head on the side of that page~! X33<333

Both him and Kaname are absolutely edibly gorgeous, in this chapter. X333

Zero definitely grew taller! *immense cheering, so hopes we'll end up with Kaname being shorther than him, for the ideal seme x uke yaoi height distribution. XD XD *lol* (Since I like it most when it's Zero seme and Kaname uke. XD)

Artistically speaking, it's a beautiful scene, but it's also so sad. And I keep wondering, what would have happened if she'd waved at him or something...? (Not that she could safely be too open about stuff with the whole vampire society practically drooling all over Kaname and her just waiting for the tiniest show of emotion of any weakness they could exploit to jump them, but yeah. ^^;

Purely hypothetically, if it wasn't in front of the whole vampire crowd, I wonder what would have happened if Yuuki had waved/smiled/called out/something.
I don't really imagine Zero waving back as that doesn't seems to be his style, but I'd fannishly like to believe that maybe he'd have acknowledged her, if there wasn't all the public to see...
His gaze might have softened, or perhaps he'd have tried to tsundere-ishly glare even harder but a vague blush would have appeared or something.... XD
And it's a fangirly viewpoint perhaps, but it would have been so cute to see Zero glaring daggers with a cute blush on his cheeks. XD)

Kaname and her are so gorgeous side by side in this chapter, they are truly stunning.<333333 *drools at Kaname's hair and eyes SO MUCH throughout the chapter* X3

The peducure scenes especially kill me. *drools & nosebleed* X3

And the hunters look sexy as usual too. XD (Zero is like a category apart all by himself, but I mean Yagari and Kaito are being hot too. XD)

And now... we start to see the vampire society perhaps "closer" than we've truly ever seen until now. ^^;;

Well, we've seen a lot of stuff, but this chapter goes SO MUCH farther in detail about just how much the rest of the vampire society covets the purebloods, and how frightening it can be.
Anyone who's ever wondered just why purebloods are so guarded and end up being so worried about being always in contorl of themselves, will be able to get an idea of why it is so vital for their survivsl to be permanently almost obsessively on their guards... ^^;

We knew the council was terribly creepy about such things... (I'm sure you remember the flashback in chapter 48, with a child Kaname freshly orphaned and the council-members rejoicing with complete delight over having him in their hands, thinking they'd be able to mold him and make him into their puppet and use him etc.... Luca even had commented that they were laughing and licking their lips as they talked about his pain over the loss of his family and all. ^^; )

But in this chapter, we see it's far from having been just a thing of the council alone, and that maybe the reason why there's so few purebloods left nowadays is more scary than we might have imagined. ^^;; You get the feeling a lot might have ended up prey.

(Well, in chapter 45 we'd also seen there's even people who pay in the underground markets for people to capture purebloods etc., but now we know how constantly the other vampires are also always practically on them like vultures circling a dying animal, waiting for a chance to strike. ^^;;;)

The title of this chapter is so perfect for it, and could cover so many people. The vampire society at large as enemies of the purebloods in general, or so much more detailed depending on from which angle you approach the question. (Other purebloods could be counted as enemies too if you're looking at the enemies of the two Kurans in particular.)

In the original, the title they used to address her before knowing Yuuki's name is a respectful way of saying "younger sister" when talking about someone of very high rank (such as a princess rank etc.)
There's no exact English equivalent that exists, but it would be something like saying "oh, lordly/princely little sister~!" each time they talk to Yuuki. XD I'm sure you agree it would have sounded rather odd, which is why I picked the much more English-friendly "your highness", which conveys the same layer of respect than the way the Japanese term was worded, but without the really weird feel to it. XD

They quickly switched to "Yuuki-sama" as soon as they found out her name anyway. XD

I'm using the creepy font to go with the fact that the bubbles Hino-sensei gave to the vampire society when they're being creepy were ones with the dark background and everything, and that way you can also more easily tell apart what is the vampires at the ball talking to Yuuki in the present time, and what is the flashbacks of Kaname explaining to her how the society works, during their manicure & pedicure moments. X3 (It should be prettyy clear anyway, but with the font it will hopefully be even more. :))

It's sweet how he is so caring of her and so disgusted by the way the society is, that he didn't want to give those vultures even as little as her name, and he left that choice to her, so that if she didn't feel like having them know even that much, they wouldn't. X3

It's also so sweet how he's trying to warn her of everything so that she won't fall prey to the games the society would inevitably play by striking at her heart with their talking about painful subjects etc., but it also makes you think.... Kaname himself was orphaned at a pretty young age, even if he did look kind of teen-ish already. (See flashbacks in volume 6 and more recently). He spent all those years not only having to learn all he needed to know to survive in that society on his own, but without anyone to guide him, AND under the council's 'care'/control, not even having Yuuki to comfort him in such moments or after them. ^^;; (No doub that his visits to her were most certainly a solace and a delight to him as much as to her.<333)

Childhood sure must have been a never ending nightmare for him. T_T

In that, Yuuki obviously has it so much better since the whole cocoon of happiness and safety she was put in ensured she never really had to live through any comparable horror during her childhood, but even Zero luckily had it less bad in childhood, since he still had a loving family life up until he was 13, and since, even after he lost everything, he had at least Yuuki to comfort him in the worst moments, even if that couldn't alleviate the issue of turning etc. But still, it is definitely less bad than having to grow up stuck in that nest of vipers of the council.
I don't think the others would have survived. Yuuki would have turned out a different person if she survived, and Zero might have gone berserk and tried to kill the council and die in the process or something, maybe. ^^; Especially considering how suicidal he was back then.
I don't view Zero being the type to go and be willing to put up with the council's etc. stuff on such a long run without going after them even if it's to die in the process.
And either way, it would have been such even higher levels of suffering, to be growing constantly having those vultures on your back, as opposed to growing up at Cross Academy.

It's kind of amazing Kaname reached adult age and was okay, when you think of all that he must have gone through... though he perhaps wouldn't have managed to make it if not for the drive that living for Yuuki was for him. Especially knowing he had to stay alive in case he ever had to be the last barrier between her and either the council or whoever else, as it indeed ended up being the case when the council sent Rido to exterminate her and all of Cross Academy and he had to go after the council finally. ^^;

We've seen him wipe her tears so often, I SO hope that before the series ends, we'll someday see her wipe his tears for a change. X3<3333333
It would be lovely, and she's the only person in the world who could. X3

Notice the gall of those vampires, and the way they speak of the matter. O_o Yuuki being such a 'wonderful thing/treasure' spoken of as if she fell from the sky straight on their lap for them to devour or something. And the blatant disrespect to Juri and Haruka too, speaking of it all like their death is almost a blessing since it leaves potential prey behind for those sharks... ^^;;
If she needed an example of what Kaname meant when he warned her that the others would be intentionally cruel etc., this is a nice one.

And they're like this a year after the death of the council, and as there's peace negotiations going etc! Imagine how even worse they must have been like while the council was in full power and all.
Or even shortly afterwards when all tempers must have been flaring.
No wonder that for a while Kaname and Yuuki had to hide just in case before any negotiations could even start. ^^; Going out then would have been pure folly, especially for Yuuki.

This page and the intense mix of covetous-urge-to-take-what-they-want with completely hypocritical lies about loyalty and protection etc. SO TOTALLY made me think of scenes with Gollum in Lord of the Rings!! XD;;;
Wanting the one ring SO MUCH and being all creepy etc. XD

Or when he's totally swearing loyalty to Frodo, just for a bit until he can find a rock or something. XD;; *lol* (And even Gollum was sincere at one point, which I'm not sure can be said of the majority of the vampire society, from the sound of things. ^^;)

It's truly a blessing that Kaname and Yuuki have people like Aidou and the rest of the Night Class, that can be truly trusted and are not like such a large part of the rest. ^^;;;
Although considering how the large majority of the vampire society is, is it any surprise that Kaname had so much trouble trusting even them for the longest time...? ^^;;; It's no wonder.

And... on the subject of allies and VERY worrisome possibilities... When Kaname mentions that Yuuki must have already noticed that about other vampires before............ these words are spoken in the flashback, so before the ball, and before her meeting the vampire society here.
So unless they met other smaller groups, which is unlikely since people hadn't even seen her yet and all, the only other vampires she might have met could be just the allies of the Kurans, potentially even people like Lord Aidou, Aidou's father who always had a little creepy vibe and a certain interest to make use of Kaname, to the point that when they'd go on vacation, Aidou would go and have the butler lie to his dad about him taking Kaname and the others to their country house, so that the father wouldn't suddenly pop up and pester Kaname. :X

Of course, it could be that Kaname was just saying that in general maybe even because of other such cases like the vampire that attacked Yuuki when she was small or something, but considering that they were talking about the vampire society etc., I can't help but uneasily wonder if maybe some of their allies (not the Night Class of course, but random family members, maybe older and less idealistic ones etc., or even other allies we might not know of and that are not Night-Class-related) might not be quite as trustworthy. :X

VK is so full of little clues like that and they usually project such an ominous feeling about just how dangerous the whole world around them is. XD;;; *lol*

Instead of wiping his hand, he is licking the tear he wiped from her face. I just about DIED OF NOSEBLEEDING.

Innocent people, look away from the pervy next line~~~~ XD XD

Pervy people, are you thinking the same thing I'm thinking right now about how we're totally going to ignore it's a tear from Yuuki, and instead we'll imagine it's a different type of liquid coming from Zero's body?? XDDDDDD *LOL* *is shot violently* XD XD

I was dead tired, but this mind image can ressurect me like a phoenix from its fire. *____*

I doubt anything asked by the vampires at that ball is just "some random innocent question". Not when it's aimed at a pureblood, especially... that guy was testing if Yuuki knew what was going on at the ball or if she was childish and mostly decorative next to Kaname.

By appearing in control, showing herself knowledgeable, talking about Kaname like an equal and all, Yuuki projected the image of a pureblood in control of themselves, and thus appeared less of a potential vulnerable prey in the eyes of the vampires testing the waters to see whether she was likely to be prey more easily or not.

Back in 53, I really wondered what was up with him asking her to call him by his name alone that night in particular, when we know it's such a powerful need for him at all times and not one night in particular... I'd assumed that it was maybe due to insecurity etc., but now that we see them interacting with the vampire society, it makes total sense. By calling him without marks of extra respect, she gives the others the impression that she is on a level of equality with Kaname, and as such, that she is far more dangerous than they might have assumed if they'd seen her as a more childish pureblood putting him on a higher pedestal and being weaker etc.

I kind of wish we'd had seen Kaname looking all happy hearing her call his name. XD *lol*
But well, they couldn't display emotions openly in front of such sharks without it being potentially dangerous, so... maybe if we're lucky it might be in an omake when the book comes out. XD *crosses fingers and hopes Hino-sensei will do something on it like the hilarious omake in volume 8*

In any case, considering that the whole part with her mentioning Kaname's name is just in talks with those other vampires and so completely far away, it was of course not 'to hurt Zero' like a few of the fans had imagined when the name question was mentioned in 53. (For it to be hurtful was obviously an impossible reason anyway, as Yuuki would never have accepted to cooperate with something for such a purpose, and Kaname would never have pushed on her something that he knew would make her feel hurt about. ^^; But, well, you know how people sometimes assume stuff. ^^;)

Yuuki can has date rape drugs nao? XD;;;;; *LOL*

If Kaname was offering a cup, it would be safe and free of mysterious stuff in it, but considering it's some random unknown vampire, erm, no thanks. XD

Although I'm sure that if she'd actually said yes, the vampire wouldn't even have had the time to move to go get anything, and Kaname would have already rushed off to go fetch her one that was safe. XD;;

When they say "without any problems", I can't help but wonder, does he means that it's blood from people without STDs? XD XD *LOL* if it's blood purchased or donated or something, and how exactly. It's interesting, in any case.
We've seen before that the council used to organize stuff with humans who wanted to be turned into vampires and were willing volunteers to be bitten by purebloods, so I wonder if there's people who give their blood out to be sold to vampires, to make such drinks, or if it's more like they purchase it from a blood bank and the people the blood actually came from don't know...?

Also, the expressions "water of life" is definitely new, it was never mentioned before in the series, and I don't think it would apply to just ANY blood, since he specifically mentioned that it's the really good one etc. (Low cholesterol etc. maybe? XD XD *lol*)

We need an additional fanbook. XD There's more and more fascinating little details.

The future is of course in the tablets, but since for now the taste etc is nowhere near, it's no wonder that in some occasions they'd have recourse to other stuff.

In any case, as I mentioned in the note in case people forgot since it was so many volumes ago, regardless of the method you use to get human blood, it would a taboo either way... Unless it doesn't counts if the person isn't being bitten to get the blood out, but if it was that simple it wouldn't be such a big deal, people would just bleed into cups. XD *lol*

I wonder if they simply like it mixed with wine, or if it's done to better conceal that it's actually human blood (and thus something you bring in discreetly), to avoid trouble. Because inevitably, it would alter things like the smell etc. also, and wouldn't be at all the same as the "so and so smells like fresh blood!!" issue later in the chapter. They definitely woudln't be smelling that way from drinking the cocktail, otherwise the whole party would be smelling like that. XD XD *lol*

Well, in any case, considering how everybody is unanimous about tablets tasting really bad, it's not really a wonder that in parties with a political importance like that, they'd want cocktails with something else. XD;;;
Especially since when you need people to side with you etc., giving the guests a drink that tastes horrible never puts them in a very sweet mood. XD XD
(I wonder if perhaps the hunters know about the cocktails anyway but close their eyes over the taboo aspect since it's in everybody's best interest that the party goes pleasantly well and people adhere to the pro-peace side. XD;; *lol*

Not that the drinks will make a big difference, but it's always nicer if you don't antagonize your potential sort-of-treaty-allies too much right at the first party you throw with them, and I'd think that if the hunters were trying to poke their nose into it, noticing what's in the cocktails wouldn't be so hard. (But then again, what hunter would want to try a vampire drink, with wine or without... XD;;; *lol*))

I'm rambling more and more, but all the background details in VK are always interesting. ^^

And yeah, Yuuki's pureblood senses work well. :3

I wonder if any of the hunters knew about Kaito's plan or if only him and Zero. I don't see Yagari knowing it in advance and ever letting it happen, and Zero would also have tried something to stop it before perhaps if Kaito hadn't presented him with the already done deed once Yori was there at the ball already.

The vampires certainly have no way to know she snuck in, so it's not surprising that they'd automatically assume that if she's there, she must have been invited. (I wonder what they do to party crashers. XD XD Probably become part of the canapes and other munchies, hahaha~)

It's not reassuring for the peace and coexistence, the things the rest of the vampire society automatically assume. The peaceful side of a lot of them seems to be mostly for show as long as the hunters are looking, and even then it's pushing it if the girl gets too close. ^^;;

The mention that it was a bad idea to do so "in an official party" and "with hunters watching" makes it very clear that if this was a private occasion at someone's manor etc... most likely they wouldn't have such qualms. (As it was, important party or not, they seemed quite ready to run off with Yori to some dark corner. XD;;;)

But then again, remember 53, not everybody there is necessarily on Kaname's side, and they certainly don't all care for the ideals of peace and coexistence the Kurans defend. So in the eyes of a number of them, perhaps they don't care if something bad happens and it screws up Kaname's attempts to make the agreement between hunters and vampires work etc. ^^;;

Especially considering how so much of the vampire society views the purebloods like something they have trouble not latching for to try and drain them asap, if not for the danger... it's hard to imagine those people having true respect for the Kurans' ideals etc. ^^;
They'll be all obedient as log as they're looking, but as soon as they turn their back for a second... :X

And we have to keep in mind that we don't know how far the purebloods power of mind control works either, but it's certainly not as "total control/seals/etc" as people generally have in fanfiction. ^^; You apparently can't do it from afar, and there are limitations we can already see, based on clues we have from previous chapters. ^^; But there's still so much we don't know yet. (Again, a second fanbook would rock. XD)

I wonder if it will be possible to really manage to make such a change to that society one day, so that true coexistence will be really possible. ^^;
No wonder Kaname was mentioning in 53 that the issue with vampire nature etc. made the true coexistence something so difficult. With the crowd in 54, we see even better than before exactly what he meant. ^^;;

Zero glanced back at Kaito, most likely because he is already burning to intervene and really worried about Yori, but Kaito is just waiting and waiting. ^^;;;

And Yori seems to be still as oddly clueless about how dangerous it all really is... ^^;;

I am starting to wonder more and more if Sara has some bi tendencies, or... XD XD *lol*

Oh~~! If it ever turned out all purebloods are bi (it wouldn't surprise me, with vampires and all XD), I would nosebleed until the end of times, then swim in a sea of Zero x Kaname mind images. 8DDDDD

Sure, Sara is charismatic and all, but it's worrisome how no danger flags AT ALL seem to pop up in Yori's mind.
No, Yori, the man in the van doesn't really has any candy in it. XDD *lol* And stop climbing into suitcases of men you just met moments earlier too. XD

It's funny, because originally, she was THE ONE (one and only pretty much, at least among the females XD) in the day class who thought the night class looked different and dangerous, and who even had a beef with Kaname because he was one of them and as such she didn't like him near her best friend.
Then, once it turned out that her own best friend was one of them too, she completely turned aorund 180 degrees, and now she throws herself into the wolves' lair without even feeling the slightest hint of danger. ^^;;;

Well, we did see that she'd changed her opinion of the night class before, so we can at least expect that she doesn't minds Kaname anymore now that the only reason she disapproved of him for is gone. XD

Although from a yuri fan viewpoint, we can wonder of maybe the beef she had with Kaname was more because she wanted Yuuki for herself and viewed him as a rival. *LOL* XD (I have been meaning to write a fic on that for a LONG time, but always run out of time. XD

Kaito is an agent of chaos, just calmly watching from afar to see if his mess explodes or what. XD;; *lol*

After this outburst, there will be no hiding that you care about Yori's safety, Yuuki. ^^;

And Yori goes on insisting on Sara's innocent intentions. 8D Poor Zero, he must be about to blow a fuse.

This was the one page where I had to stop three times to look at it better, because the first time I was too busy nosebleeding wildly at how zexy Zero looks even just standing (tall & so sexy in those clothes 8D), the second time I was under the "OMG EPIC MOMENT NOW O_O", and the third time I noticed Sara's super sexy look................. seemingly directed at Yuuki's butt. Just joking. XD XD *is shot*

I think she's oogling the sexy & silky Kuran hair. Maybe she's always wanted to touch Kaname's but couldn't, and so.... it's a similar substitute. 8D;; *lol*

Yuuki too used to play with Kanam'es hair when they were tiny... Really, are all purebloods naturally hair fetishists, or is it only because Hino-sensei admitted she was one herself, and perhaps decided to make them like her...?? XD XD *LOL*


Nooooo!! Why, Zero, why... DDD:

Although maybe it was also even harsher as a reaction also to her speaking to him so different from the way she used to speak to him back in the past? ^^;; (More cold, more formal... but with all the sharks around, it's not like she could safely go mushy either. ^^;;; )

But still, I'd been hoping it was going to be such an epic moment and some sort of closer type of reunion, but uhm. D: Well, it's epic in angst, but it's such a sad moment. ^^;;;

And the thing is, saying that "don't touch me" hurts not only her but him too. I don't think he can possibly feel okay inside saying it to her even if she's not human Yuuki, and for her, the pain of hearing him say that is written all over her face like a slap, but she still managed to not let the others see it, which is quite admirable. And, like I was saying in my other post, it's also probably really good for all three that she stayed guarded and all calm, since it kind of protects them. If Sara and other people had seen how important Zero is to Yuuki, he'd become such a huge target to strike at the Kurans. ^^;;

And while he's strong enough to defend himself, he has far enough problems as it is and needs peace to accept himself, certainly not crazy vampires coming after him because they feels he's someone's weakness. (One may hope they'd grow smarter and leave him alone once they get a taste of his current level of power though. XD;;; *lol*)

So it's good that she remained so well composed and didn't accidentally make him a target of their enemies, but it sucks that their first meeting after a year went to tragically wrong, especially when it could have been so much more peaceful. ^^;;;;

It also sucks for Yori. ^^;;; But one thing we can see, if there were any doubts about whether Sara's intentions look innocent or not, uhm... XD XD *lol*

And yet, he looks INCREDIBLY HOT as he walks away.... *________________________*
Come to us, partially open shirt revealing skin~~~ *drools*

Powerful Yuuki telling Sara off = awesome. Even though I really don't get the impression Sara was very intimidated at all, and her playing with Yuuki's hair now is totally making me start to fangirl them together. XD;;; *can't help it, finds them both too hot to not fangirl* XD;;;

Must... fanfic later... XD;;; *lol*

Sara's hair seemed so fluffy, and the way Yuuki looked as she left... *gushes nosebleed* XD;;;

Eh, we must focus on the fanservicey things like that to counterbalance the gloom of the angsty scenes, I guess...? ^^;

It's such an interesting mirror with the scene in chapter 6, when she felt so terribly excluded and miserable because she felt Kaname and Sara were the same species etc and she was the oucast... now she looks at Sara and is comfortable about what she is and being an equal to her and all, which is truly adorable. *likes the powerful & secure Yuuki*

It would just be wonderful if it didn't come with such epic sadness as a result though. ;__; But for this all, in any case, the ball is in Zero's court, since he's the only one who can change that situation. ^^;;
I repeat myself since I've already rambled about this and my hopes for Zero accepting himself and them etc. so many times before, but even though he has reasons to hate some purebloods, the ones who screwed up his past like Shizuka or Rido (who incidentally, caused the death of both the Kiryuu parents by having the association kill Shizuka's fiancee, and also destroyed the Kuran family, so all three are orphaned by the same man), but I certainly hope Zero will be able to one day work around the issue and accept that not all vampires or all purebloods are bad.

Not only because then he could accept Yuuki and put an end to all this sadness caused by hatred of the race she turned out to be, but also because if he doesn't accepts vampires can be good too, he'll never cease to hate himself for what he is, and there's no one who can live in peace and ever be happy if they hate themselves or their own race. ^^;;

And, uhm, from a yaoi point of view, if he stops hating them so much then the Zero x Kaname potential goes way highe- *is shot* XD XD *lol*

It's adorable how as soon as he saw the stuff that was going on, rather than being jealous or even trying to interfere like so many people assumed he would if Yuuki talked to Zero, Kaname simply immediatly decided to arrange things for Yuuki to be able to see Yori and all properly. X333 That was adorable!!

And the super cute look of happiness Yuuki had on the last frame of the previous page was irresistibly melt-worthy. XD *melts so much*

It would be nicer if they could spend even more time, but with the whole party and everything, that's probably why it's not possible that night. But now that they're no longer hiding underground or anything, and that the agreement with the hunters was done and Yuuki was introduced to society and all, they'll probably be able to meet elsewhere at other times too. :3
It's still dangerous seeing how the vampires at the ball are, clearly, but it's less dangerous than before, inevitably. ^^;

As for the idea to protect someone by making sure all the potential attackers know well that you are dangerously serious about protecting that person at any cost, I see how it would work, especially in a society where all depends so much on showing yourself in full possession of your powers and with no opening in your 'armor'.
If it was about protecting any random person, I'd think hiding them far would be more effective than letting everyone know who they are, but in the case of purebloods, since there's no real way they can truly hide or disappear (their parents tried that for Yuuki, and it didn't work so well ^^;), you don't really have a choice.

Because since you can't hide the person anyway, it's best to make it very clear that this person is someone you seriously intend to protect, and how far you might go againt whoever tries to harm that person. ^^;
Hence Kaname having Yuuki next to him at the party, so that the others will know her and know better than mess with her. (If they do mess with her, uhm, the crowd better remember what happened to the council when it tried to have her and the Night Class murdered by Rido. XD;; *lol*)

It is also probably for a large part because the tactic of not letting people know who matters for you to keep them safe, only works if you're not protecting them directly or if you are sort of looking from afar.
If you have any intent to remain close to them there's no way the others won't notice who it is. So you might as well make is clear who it is that you care most for, but also how fiercely you plan to protect them.

After so many years suffering alone without being able to truly stand by Yuuki, there's no way Kaname would be able to try and not let people know she's the one in his heart. That only worked when she was human, and even then it was obvious enough to everybody closer nearby. XD

Now that they're finally together, having it clear that he'll protect her is better, since others would hesitate to strike knowing how serious he'd be when he catches them. :)

The danger is that she could easily be his weak point, but then, I'm sure he plans to protect more than well enough so that this won't happen.

This has got to be one of the most puzzling pages of the chapter. I can't help but wonder if it is because he doesn't wants to risk causing the same discomfort to Yuuki than in volume 6 (and we know he had noticed her turmoil, back in volume 6. He'd instantly ditched Sara to rush after Yuuki after all. (He arrived at the room just after Yuuki, so there's NO WAY it was not that he'd gone after her. XD;)), or if he didn't want Yuuki nearby because of the much more dangerous possibility that a fight might erupt, in which case it's best if Yuuki isn't there indeed.

Or maybe he's afraid Sara will jump him and he'll have to fight for to keep his virtue intact and it would be embarassing to have Yuuki watch. XD *lol* *is shot*

There's so many questions too, because... whatever happened to Ouri? ^^;;; Is Sara mixed with it, or did Ouri just leave...? ^^;;; And whose blood is it too...? ^^;;

Hopefully, it won't end up in bloody messy fight between the two and Kaname or anything. D: (You just know he'd try to tackle them alone rather than ever risk Yuuki by calling her to help him. ^^;;;)

Although the hunters would perhaps intervene. Maybe. We don't know if they're supposed to at all in a fight between vampires. :X
Apparently not, from previous events in the series, so... (Though I still bet Zero would intervene. X333)

It's also so curious how when he heard that Ouri had disappeared, he smiles softly... I wonder what it means, though it doesn't seems like a face someone make when receiving news that someone died, so perhaps we can rule out a theory of Ouri being dead before we meet them. XD *lol* (It would also seem odd to mention a pureblood and kill them off without even showing us. XD *lol* So it's unlikely Sara killed Ouri or something.)

Could maybe be Ouri's blood, perhaps...? ^^;;;;;;;
Or even worse...? ^^;;; *clings to Takuma & co. worriedly*

*wants chapter 55 now* ^^;;

And more angst/sad moments. ^^;;

I have mixed feelings about the fact there's a whole page about how she should have gone to see Yori and nothing about going to see Zero: on one hand, it's weird in a way, one would have expected the text to be at least in part on Zero and not all about Yori, but on another way... I think maybe it was more powerful that way, since I think it was done precisely to point out how it's such different levels of angst, the sadness about Yori being the beloved friend that Yuuki feels bad for having let go into danger, yes, but it's not the same; the sadness about Zero is more visceral and not possible to put into such simple words of 'I should have paid a visit'... And considering the promise they've made, it's not like they could really have visited without even more problems maybe, at least until Zero cools off from his current mood. ^^;

The fact she said nothing of missing Zero and just held the hand that had touched him, however, might fuel yet more pointless debates and ship wars between people saying "Omg, see, now we know she really doesn't cares for Zero" vs. ones saying "No way, her touching her hand absolutely means she's somehow deciding to ditch Kaname in silence or something" and whatnot arguments with no basis whatsoever, and ... well, considering that the manga has already established she loves both Kaname but also Zero, theres no way she'd suddenly go OOC and stop loving either side! XD;

So often people ship-warring end up using completely circumstancial arguments to ignore the much more important points we've already seen, such as all of chapter 51. ^^;
After a chapter like that one, it's almost unbelievable that there would be people saying she doesn't has feelings for them both... already when it's denying Zero it makes no sense since it's pretty clear how important he is for her, but there's people who even deny her having feelings for Kaname, despite how that was made extremely obvious and passionate in chapter 51 and others, so... it's weird, people on either side/either pairing don't always remember things shown in the manga. ^^;

Or they do remember it, but it's... I don't know, people try to find weird reasons anywhere to deny the pairing they dislike. ^^;;;

Like for example, before we'd seen the whole raw, there were a few people claiming that there was some page in this chapter with Yuuki talking about choices she took and regretted etc. (and inevitably, people were saying that such a thing must be the sign that she "changed her mind about her love for Kaname" all of a sudden for no reason, and that she must be about to run off with Zero or something, in a way that would have been so OOC and would have made no sense with the rest of the manga, not to mention Zero really doesn't looks like he's in a mood for eloping and skipping across flower fields at the moment either, far from that... ^^;;;)

The supposed page with the supposed 'regretted choices' line never even existed! XD;; *lol*
Or perhaps people simply saw the page with Yuuki saying she should have gone to see Yori instead of letting her take such risks at the party, and they mistook it or somehow assumed that "I should have visited Yori" holds some secret meaning of "how about dumping Kaname this week?" or anything of the such. XD;;

Which is just as intensely nonsensical and light-years away from canon as the people claiming she has no feelings for Zero because of this or that, even though she clearly does loves both.

Well, people will often come up with the oddest things to deny the pairing they dislike, especially in the middle of ship wars. ^^;
So, often arguments are born in strange manners. This appears to be true of fandoms with love triangles all around, not only VK, and of course, it's never a good thing. ^^;

Maybe it's easier for me to say since I ship the trio in a threesome together and so I can view such things without the whole pairing-oriented in-fighting distorting things, but it is indeniably a pity how much time and energy the fandom puts into ship-warring when that time could be spent in a far more pleasant manner by enjoying the series and whichever of the pairings it is that you love. (Or, even better, enjoying them all if you love many. XD<3)

And of course I'm not saying she loves both just because I ship them as a threesome. XD;; I'm saying that because it's in the manga that she has feelings for both anyway.

I know well that the likelihood of it really ending in a threesome is pretty low (general bloodbath ending seems more likely ^^;;), but it's not inexistent until it's over... XD
After all, this manga has so many things NO other shojo manga has, much less at once, (blood-drinking, cannibalism, incest all accepted even among the main character's parents, and so on. XD *lol*)

So, well, I ended up rambling, but in any case, all pairings are lovely, and fandom is more fun enjoying whichever pairing you like without trying to trash the other fans' favorite pairing. :)

It is a really beautiful pose, sad as it also is. :X

That's the teaser and the line I mentioned.

I think the swords are just for the prettiness of it, but in any case, you can see none of them is stabbing into Yuuki or hurting her in any way. ^^/
And since it's mentioned that she'll be having her meeting with Yori as Kaname arranged (I'm surprised the hunters were okay to let a human wander off to the vampire rooms XD;;), I'm thinking that the gruesome event is with other characters, maybe.

Things (possibilities of gruesome events and just random theories) that COULD happen (keep in mind that THOSE ARE THEORY, PLEASE DON'T SPREAD THEM AS RUMORS anywhere ^^;;) based on what we saw in this chapter:

1) Sara & Kaname could get into a major fight and one of them badly wounds or worse the other. DDDDDD: (Err, it seriously better not be Kaname, but I'm not thinking it's likely anyway that either would die at this point, even if I do worry he might get hurt. ^^;;;)
Unlikely there would be a major fight now though, so soon into the second arc. XD;;

2) Sara might have killed Ouri to gain more power. (She smells of freshly spilled blood, and Ouri disappeared, leaving only a whiff of blood smell.)
Unlikely though, as killing a pureblood is a lot messier than just that, and also not so easy to do and then pop back into the party. XD

3) A horribly possibility, which I HOPE will never turn out true: Either Sara or Ouri might have eaten or badly hurt either Takuma, Shiki or Rima, who were seen together in chapter 53 and then haven't been seen again, when presumably Takuma was going to see someone taking food, possibly Sara.
PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD RUMORS of anyone's death since it's only possibilities and conjectures. There's nothing saying they would have died, it's just possibilities. (For all we know, they could just as well be catching up with the lost time somewhere, and eating pocky all three together. XD)
The whole scent of blood etc. is worrisome, but it could just mean that both Sara and Ouri fed recently, on undisclosed people.
It doesn't means anyone died.

4) Another possibility is that either Sara or Ouri might have fed on humans that were in the building for whatever okay reason, and not expecting to become prey. This would potentially cause issues with the hunters.

5) Sara and Ouri might team up to attack Kaname and Yuuki. Two against two would be dangerous already (though with Yuuki in the mix I sure hope Zero would intervene and tilt the balance towards the Kurans, since his power is so high too.)

We don't know a thing about Ouri yet though. XD So it's really random theories.

The thing is, the teaser mentioned Yuuki being with Yori...... so if Sara and Ouri do ever team up, they'll take on Kaname alone. (And we know it's not like he'd call Yuuki to come put herself in danger to help him... if anything, it's the opposite, he'd try to make her NOT know he's in danger, so that she'll stay safely away.

This could also be why he arranged for her to meet with Yori right as he would meet Sara... If he is expecting a fight and danger, it would make sense that he wouldn't want Yuuki seeing it and getting mixed in the danger trying to protect him.
But then, he talked of the end of the party and of her returning by then, so I don't really think there will be any major fighting, since then that would definitely be disrupted. ^^;
And besides, it's a ball to celebrate and seal peace. It's unlikely he'd allow a fight. (The other two might disagree though. XD;;)

Of course, if Kaname does gets in danger, Zero might stand by his side and help him, (which would make me fangirly until the end of times. XD) Zero would probably officially claim he's only doing it for the sake of peace and all since Kaname is the one cooperating more with the association and alll.... but whatever are the reasons, if Kaname is cornered by enemy purebloods and Zero saves him, I WILL FANGIRL EPICALLY. *ahem* XD

6) An option I kept wondering about... maybe Sara is creepy and all but not the true villain. Maybe she's even secretly an ally, and that would explain why Takuma looked so fine in her company.
If that's the case, the talk she'll have with kaname might involve whoever would be the real villain. (Ouri maybe...??)
It could be a private talk due to the need to pass info that's the product of spying etc., hence not something you want to involve a lot of people, especially not people you don't want mixing with problems and dangerous stuff etc..

Hino-sensei has made Sara such an obvious potential villain, but it was mostly based on character traits such as her obsessive interest in Kaname, and yet, she didn't seem to be like a terrible type like Rido or even someone with a more concrete philosophy like Ichiou. If she is really a villain and does have a plan, then cool, but as of now we know nothing of it. ^^;

So it's not impossible that Hino-sensei has been giving us all those villain flags about her just to put us on the direction and then surprise us with her turning out not being the villain after all. (Just into torture occasionally. XD;;;;)

In 53, we saw that Kaname informed Shiki and Rima that Takuma was in good health, but wouldn't tell them where to find him. We'd presumed it was simply because if they had gone after him, Sara would have three hostages instead of one, or we'd have two very dead pocky loving models. ^^;
However, if it turns out that Sara is secretly just a kind-of-scary ally rather than a true villain, it could have been to avoid them going ad fighting someone who isn't the enemy. (This being said, she might have tortured them like she tortured Takuma, if they'd gone, enemy or not. XD;)

Of course, again, This is only a theory.

And, into more potential gruesome event theories, it could just be that Kaito pulls a different plan to try and cause some problem at the ball, but this one ends up badly. ^^;

Or it could be that Zero happens upon Ouri or whoever else biting a human or anything, and shoots them, ensuing in diplomatic issues for both Zero and the peace negotiations etc if the crowd stands on the side of whoever got shot and strikes aginst the hunters. (Because as it is, it could have turned pretty badly when he grabbed Sara. Luckily the crowd didn't jump him. He could take down a LOT of them, but even he must have some manner of limits, and with Sara and potentially another pureblood in the mix if Ouri is on her side and not Kaname's, who knows. ^^;;;; So it was great that Yuuki defused the mess. ^^;;;

We all have theories, but no one will have anything even close to the truth until we have in hands the next chapter all ready to read anyway, so please don't repost any conjectures as if they were facts.
^^;; They're just theories and brain wanderings.</b>
So, don't make assumptions or spread info before we know for sure it's more than mere fan theory. ^^;

Aaaand I ended up writing SO MUCH MORE commentary than I'd thought I would, and it took forever. O_o *totally dead tired*

Please don't be annoyed in any way about the mention of how it's sad when people attack either pairing with random arguments. Fandoms with love triangles often have difficulties with ship wars and it's a pity for either side, so... let's just focus on enjoying the series and the characters and/or pairings we love, without wasting time with hatred instead~ ^^//♥♥♥

Please don't forget to buy your local official releases of the VK manga and anime! :D
(Watch out for bootlegs, the anime pirated DVDs are made with stolen subs as usuall, are of horrible quality, and are popping up in so many places nowadays, it's horrible. T__T Please make sure to only buy the official DVDs and books, otherwise you're not supporting VK since the money goes to bootleggers instead of to the author etc. ^^;;;

It's important. D: Any series dies without support, and VK may be popular, but it's popular for a shojo manga series, which means not that much compared to big shonen manga blockbusters.)

*hopes you enjoyed the chapter* ^__^/<333

Next Lala is October 24th~!<3

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