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VK 53 in English is here~! :D


Enjoy~!! ♥ :D

It's still today... XD; *lol*
*took a bit longer due to being busy at first,
then due to sleeping a bit and eating etc. :3

And, as a little just in case:
Please don't bash ANY of the characters or pairings. ^^;;;

I have to ask each time because people often forget that bashing is not a nice thing nor welcome. T_T
No one likes to read insults about their favorite character, so please remain polite in your discussion and please kindly respect the feelings of your fellow fans. ^_^/
(Opinions and disliking this or that character are one thing. Expressing it in a way that makes other people uncomfortable isn't a proper way to express one's opinions. ^^/)

It's however okay to say Kaito looks deliciously sick with his sexy immoral sideglances and his dubious idea of ethics. *LOL* XD XD
That's not bashing. XD *lol*

Kaito is a character that was introduced first in one of the VK novels (not the manga), and since the novels haven't been released out of Japan yet so far, I wrote a mini summary of the main points of the story with little Zero and Kaito form the novel 1, so that you get to know a bit what happened and all. ^^/
The manga chapter itself does a great job of introducing him anyway, but that way you'll also have the background story. :D

And without further ado, here's VK 53... :D


Kaito is HOT. *_* But then, Zero & Kaname are more.<3333333
(Zero = mister universe in the category hunters, Kaname = mister universe in the vampire category, hahaha~ XD (At least in my opinion. XD) Kaito can still try for the human category, but he'll probably have a tough match against the chairman and yagari etc.! XD)

Okay, so, I'll be posting the pages first and might add my usual commentary afterwards or as I go posting, I'm not sure yet, but either way:
As usual, if you're interested in my commentary, please make sure to read through the chapter once first, before reading the commentary, because otherwise it really breaks the rhythm AND will spoil you like who since I ramble aimlessly in the commentary and jump back and forth talking about stuff later in the chapter sometimes. XD;

Also, if you dislike yaoi or part-comical/part-pervy jokes and such ramblings I do along the way of the commentary, uhm, you might want to skip the commentary lines where there's all my epic yaoi fangirling etc. XD;;; *lol* It's usually easy to spot. XD XD

Okay, onwards~~~ /*0*/

As I mentioned in my previous post with the little summary, this image is the result of the cosplay contest, which was long awaited. ^^/

To anyone analyzing cover images:
This whole image and the story of the image/what they are in the image was thought up by the contest winner, AND NOT BY HINO-SENSEI.

It's just a cosplay image. Neither of them is going to become this or that from the picture, nor does it implies anything for their relationships since it's not Hino-sensei who imagined it, she just drew the winner's idea.
So keep in mind that this isn't one of the VK covers, it's just a cosplay image of them.

Much as I'd love for it to be Hino-sensei implying that Zero could also fall for Kaname, hohohoho~ XD *lol*

If you remember, there was a contest where people would send in ideas of things they wanted the characters to cosplay as, and the winning idea would be drawn as color pages by Hino-sensei. (Examples given in the contest thingie were doctor, rockstar and so on.)

Well, the cosplay idea that won was "angels and demons", so Hino-sensei drew this two page spread pic with Kaname as a demon with Yuuki and Zero as fallen angels, in accordance to the little plot idea thingie for the image that the winner of the contest wrote. :D

I was kinda disappointed because angels and demons is such a cliche theme that's been done over and over and I find it not as fun as vampire stuff, by far, so... :X There was potential for so many wonderful things with the cosplay thing, I'd hoped it would be more than just that.
(Even if I controlled my pervy fangirl self and didn't send in a paper asking for them to dess in bondage outfits for the cosplay image. 8D; *shot*)

And you already know if you read the summary post, but for the people who haven't yet:

Hino-sensei had mentioned that a lot of people had send papers asking for "a certain male character, crossdressing", and that she was amazed that "so many people wanted to see him dressed that way". XDD
She wouldn't reveal which it was, but the Japanese fandom theorizes that it's Kaname, which makes a lot of sense since we already saw Zero as a girl before (even if it wasn't truly Zero, since "Zeroko" was Ichiru's performance passing himself for a female Zero, but still it was utterly delightful as well as hilarious to see "Zero" that way. XD<333 *was happy for it both for the fun side and even more for the yaoi side* XD XD *lol*)

So yeah, we lost our precious chance to see Kaname in a dress in official artwork. *weeps* XD;;;

There were two pages after the end of the chapter, mentioning some of the other ideas that didn't win the contest, but it was just text pretty much, and a few images we'd already seen before, so I didn't add it to the chapter scanlation.
I might just make a separate post sometime to list the other ideas that got mentioned in LaLa but that didn't win the contest, but I didn't want to have to make you all wait even more by scanlating the lists of contest submissions text bits.

Lily sure is a lucky horse. XD And it's adorable how she's the only one that's not scared of Zero. (The other horses totally freak out, as it's normal for horses smelling a vampire nearby, as mentioned before in the manga...)

Zero + panting = always sexy. 83
(Even if my epic moe is him seme, and the panting tends to seem more uke like, but.... yeah. XD XD Seme can pant too. 8D *lol*)

I'm torn between fangirling him being all hot and angsty, or worrying. D:
Remember chapter 50, and how his need to kill was such that the chairman actually got worried that Zero might break the Association rules to kill random vampires just to fulfill that need? D:
But of course, Zero wasn't doing that, and is still sticking to the execution lists... the problem is, as a result that need isn't being satisfied, and it's making things harder. D:

I worry about what that might make him do, and also have a theory about whether this might be related to the Bloody Rose... Remember how once it became awakened, it was drinking Zero's blood and being all freaky? D: I wonder if it's part of what's causing him to have such a need to kill. D: D:
(I kind of hope it could be just that, because then it would be more simple to solve the problem than if it's something deeper and a problem with himself... D:)

Or it might still be also part of the struggle between human side and vampire nature, since vampires are naturally much more violent creatures but they're born that way, so they learn to deal with it and it's maybe not as big of a problem for them as it is for someone who grew up as a human and thus isn't prepared to dealing with all of that. (Sure, Zero has been a vampire for five years now, but that's nothing like being one from birth, and since he's constantly refusing the vampire nature within him, that also doesn't helps such instincts to become part of him and maybe get more under control.)

In other words, as usual being an ex-human tends to suck for him... D: (Well, now that he's apparently no longer falling to level E [due to Shizuka's blood gotten from Kaname & Ichiru as Zero said in VK50], the problem is maybe more the hunter nature vs. the vampire nature, since accepting vampire instincts must be harder for a hunter than for a human.
Well, more because of the principles and beliefs than because of the nature though, since, in a way, hunters are scarier than normal humans, with the extra strength and all. XD)

*rambles aimlessly* XD

I wonder if he thought the chairman would call Yori also to tell her about the party, and to take her with them... if it's the case, since Yori said that she was just delivering the message, Zero stayed silent about it, perhaps because Yori trying to sneak into the party on her own would be terribly dangerous for her. :X

It's interesting how she's so concerned and so attuned. :D

Without Yuuki around to tell Zero what to do and complain about stuff, Yori seems to have taken over the job. XD XD *lol*

Well, in her profile in the fanbook, when she was asked what was her type, she said it was a mix of Yuuki and Zero, so....!! XD *urge to write Yori x Yuuki fic, though Zero x Yori works too*
(Although in my eyes, Zero belongs in my ultimate OT3, alongside Kaname and Yuuki. XD *lol*
Preferably, on Kaname, while Yuuki tapes them in action or something. *is shot* XD;;;)

Threesome forever. 83<33
*is curious about where they're going with all the Yori & Zero together, but clings until the very end to her hopes for a threesome ending with Zero being with Kaname and Yuuki and all three together and happy* ^^;; (Unlikely as that may be. XD;;)

I know threesome endings are epically hard to get in a shojo manga, but then again, do you know any other shojo that has blood drinking, cannibalism, incest and all that? XD *lol*
So we might always have a chance. ^^; *clings to the hope anyway*

Unrelated to that, but back to this page... you know how the Day Class girls used to be on heat XD around the Night Class?
Well......... it's been a year of them having teenage hormone craze without any Night Class for them to go swoon over. They must be DESPERATE by now. XD XD No wonder they'll happily rush for the new teacher. XD

And since the page makes you wonder a bit, they're not talking about Zero (he's still a student). It's about the new teacher arriving today there. ^^/

Is he flirting with his students on his first day at the new job...?! XD XD
He's got nerve! XD *LOL*

Btw, you know, he looked nice back in the novel, but... it's NOTHING, NOTHING compared to the epic sexiness he's attained now that he's grown up. XD

He's 22 now. :3 (And Zero is 18.)
Hence why Kaito says he's not used to being called "sensei". He's still a teacher aid/teacher in training. Officially, anyway. XD

That's his day job, btw. As for his main career, as a hunter, it's started for a while and he's quite accomplished and good at his job. ^^;

The top right frame needs to be made into an icon that says "surprise buttsecks" or something like that. :D :D *is violently shot* XD XD

I normally fangirl Zero as the super seme. I ADORE him seme on Kaname, it's my ideal combo. XD
Until now, the only one I fangirled Zero uke with easily was Ichiru... however this might change if Kaito continues to act so sexy. XD; *lol*

Still, it doesn't changes my OTP being Zero x Kaname, of course. X33

And onto serious matters, it's scary that Kaito can tell about Zero's urges. O_o I wonder if it's a hunter thing? (Maybe because Zero is a vampire?)

From the way he mentions so many missions that you get bored of them, I guess he's been in A LOT. ^^;;

The notes on the side are a summary of the story with Kaito in the novel. ^^/
It doesn't covers everything, by far, of course (especilly since I ran out of room fast and had to stop rambling XD;;; *lol*), but it gives you some more info about the story, at least a bit. :)

A delicate subject is approached... D: D:

(And I wonder if the whole slowing getting to the issue, while talking instead about Yagari, Kaito and Zero was because the chairman might have been thinking without wanting to really say it that the way those three are is not necessarily good in his eyes... After all, they are definitely more harsh than his own stance... XD;
Poor Cross, it must be so hard to deal with hunters and vampires when your loyalties lie on both sides. :X At least Zero is physically a vampire but he only considers himself a hunter, which might be less of a headache.....aside from the issue with Yuuki.)

Also, baby Ichiru is ADORABLE. XD (So is Zero and his calm look, but Ichiru's bouncy smile is super cute. X3)
The twins were 11 on that pic... but back then, they were TINY, it's so cute. XD Even when the twins were 13, they were still small for the age, since Zero was close to the height of Yuuki, who was 12 and a small girl. Later Zero hit quite the growth spur, since he's currently quite tall. 8DD

Ouch about the choice of subject. D:
But considering the scary promise exchanged between Zero & Yuuki a year ago, it's no wonder that the chairman would want to test the terrain before the party. ^^;

T__T Nooo~~~~! What are you thinking, Zero?!

We'd been hoping we were rid of the angst about that issue after chapter 50, but it seems not. ^^;;;

As I was saying in the summary post, I seriously don't know what Zero is thinking or intends to do, at this point. T_T;;;

It's really worrisome, because he's completely unpredictable/hard to guess. D: D: (Which also makes him hot from my strange fangirl point of view. XD;; *is shot* But it's still worrisome, for the story! :X
Even if it refilled like whoa my energy bar to go write Zero x Kaname rough sex porny fics* 8D *is shot again* XD XD)

In a way, that's part of the role reversal Hino-sensei did with the move into the new arc: Kaname moved to the position of the more visibly vulnerable one, and Zero took over the "hard to read" spot. XD (Both are still the same and as vulnerable as ever deep inside, but it's impressive how it switched so well. It makes it harder for us readers to know what might happen, too. XD; *lol*)

Worse part is, [epic spoiler for later in the chapter, so I hope you're reading this after reading through the chapter first... XD;;], whether Kaito is aware of the details behind it all or just sees Zero's intent to kill and wants to use it, but he decided to provide that "excuse" for Zero to possibly do the killing at the ball! D: D:
(Either killing of the purebloods or of other vampire(s), but in any case, Kaito's intervention is worrisome.)

Ever since Zero first said he'd kill everybody, I've been hoping he's not serious... especially when it comes to killing the Kurans. D: D: But I really don't know what to think, with what he says and does. (And that's exactly what Hino-sensei wants, she's got us on the edge of the seat tearing out our hair at the suspense. XD;; *lol*)

I shall continue to hope so much that he will change his mind and all or something, but I so so so so hope this won't end up in bloodbath in several more volumes. T_T *clings to hope of happy end*

Also, the chairman was/is the legendary hunter, and Zero is currently the strongest of all due to being a hunter + vampire + having drank all that pure vampire blood and all, so........ if those two fight seriously, it will be a horrible mess. T_T *hopes both will be okay*

His first assumption is that she's his girlfriend! XD;;; Darn, Kaito. XD;

Also, much like Chuck Norris, Kaito Takamiya never forgets a girl's name if he heard it once before. *is shot* XD XD *lol*

There's something about his eyes, and the expressions he makes... he looks so... so... depraved, hahahaha~~ XD

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that?? XD XD *lol* It's not just a sexy aura, it's... more scary than that. XD; *lol*
He's got a distinct dangerous vibe about himself.
(Which is both scary and fascinating... especially when combined with his looks and good taste for clothing. X3)


So, you meet some guy which you never saw before today. He's clearly got a creepy vibe about himself, and automatically starts being freaky about your best friend and talking to you about people being torn to pieces... then he offers to stuff you in a suitcase (more on that later in the chapter XD) and "take you away in secret", to some special place.... DDDDDDDDDD:


I'm amazed Yori has lived to this age and hasn't found herself tied up in someone's damp basement yet, with such reactions. XD; Crime rates must be low around Cross Academy. XD XD

Seriously, if Kaito walked anywhere close to physical contact to me and talked about bodies being torn to pieces or me being stuffed in a suitcase, he'd have a first contact encounter with my pepper spray, NOT a chance to pull the suitcase thing. XD;;;
Yori needs to invest in some mace or pepper spray. Or garlic spray for the ball maybe, if such a thing works. XD
[And on that subject, considering how he feels about vampires, I don't think his opinions on the chances of successful friendships between vampires and humans are very objective. XD; Especially when he's saying things that are visibly just to scare someone.]

However, I need to write some Kaito x Yori fanfiction like WHOA. *rotfl*

Actually... if Kaito didn't need vampire bait for the ball, I suspect Yori would be currently in some basement somewhere. *rotfl*
Maybe not in a single piece either. XD;;;

(Just joking of course, I don't think he would do that for real. It's just that with the whole situation and the luggage and all, I can't resist the bad jokes. XD XD *lol*)

Cool bats are cool. *-*
Also, Kaname's foot~~~~~~~ *clings to it* XD

This page must have been created for the sole purpose of controlling the fangirl population rise, by killing many of us from heart attacks at their sexiness. 8DDD

*focuses on drooling & nosebleeding from Kaname's sexy gaze, and from the hotness of the chairman & Yagari* X33

I adore Luca. *is consdering going lesbian for Luca and Yuuki in this chapter* XD

Yuuki's partially dressed and partially undressed state later KILLS ME OF HOTNESS. *0* Especilaly when she's being all shy and blushy.... BLUSHY PUREBLOODS = SO IMMENSELY EPIC. 8D *wished Kaname still blushed the way he did in some of the chapters when he was younger* XD XD<333

Yuuki is so cute, yet that must be rather annoying, especially when you're trying to take care of her and all, like Luca. XD XD
Also, I think the Aidou family maids just lost so much of their image of the purebloods as being on a pedestal and all. With Yuuki pulling moments like those... *lol* XD

Considering how she is, I don't think her sudden fears are of something happening to her in particular, but perhaps of her appearance at the ball causing problems in case Zero decides to keep the promise and it causes a major diplomatic incident. From that point of view, I totally understand her worry, especially if she's concerned that even if he doesn't shoots her, Zero might do something that would end up with a situation between vampires and hunters. (And if Kaname gets all angry if Zero points the gun at Yuuki... you have a recipe for such a mess right there. She separated them and got Kaname to back away easily back in chapter 46, but that's because Kaname obeys her always when it's something important for her. The rest of the vampires at the ball, however, might not take it so well to have hunters threatening purebloods all of a sudden.

It's quite a risky ball. D: Though hopefully nothing will happen if there's no reason for an intervention. (Of course, I doubt things will go so easy. I bet Sara will cause a mess somehow. ^^;;;)


If Kaname ever makes such a shy/embarrassed/blushy face like Yuuki on this page, I will DIE. XD Happily die, from explosive nosebleed. XD XD *lol*

It's cute how he's got little joys in life like that, manicure for Yuuki... XD<3 It's so sweet and moe as well...(And deliciously intimate~! 8D)

That and the teasing "I won't stop" is cute as well, even though he'd naturally stop if she was truly bothered by it and not just all shy and embarrassed. XD

Btw, Yuuki sure trained her slaves harem well... she's got Zero to cook for her and Kaname to do the manicure and such things. XD XD *LOL*

So sweet, but also so intensely moe~~! X3 Kaname, on his knees at her feet... YUM~ 8D
We only need to add Zero behind Kaname, and- *is shot* XD

It's such a delightful scene. X3

And Luca is both adorable and heartwrenching in a way. ;-; *pushes Cain at her softly* XD;

Also, it's hilarious how the two of them are in perfect agreement about how Kaname is so hopeless. *LOL*
Their entourage seems to be perfectly convinced that purebloods are so eccentric that if left to their own devices, they'd waste away or something, and need to be constantly cared for, hahaha~ XD<333 *adores that*
(Hence even the maids undressing Yuuki like in old times, and the whole "I'll do your nails!" and all. XD)

Into more ramblings about the delicious manicure/pedicure scene, the image of Kaname on his knees, holding Yuuki's foot, is something that's SO SEXY. X333

A while ago I had sketched something with him that way too, but it wasn't for manicure/pedicure, he was just about to kiss her foot in an adoring manner... I ended up forgetting to finish that pic, now that I think of it, but with this immensely moe scene in this chapter, the urge to draw it is definitely back. XD XD *lol*

That and also the urge for a ton of delicious fanfiction on the subject. XD<33

In my previous post, where I posted a summary of the chapter, I was asking if anyone would kindly want to write fic on the subject of Yuuki x Kaname with him taking care of her nails and her playing on his delightful masochistic tendencies, or a fic on the subject of Zero x Kaname having a rough quickie between the meeting and the ball... X3

I ended up writing a short thingie vaguely related to the foot theme and will post it on FFnet later, after I'm done tweaking it and all. :D
(Sadly, it turned out not lemony, so it's not the stuff I originally had in mind, but well, it's still a bit kinky. XD *absolutely MUST write an actual lemony one later too, on the intense porny ideas I had as soon as I saw that scene!!* XDD *lol*)

And then, to my complete delight, someone actually wrote precisely THE fic I was hoping for~!!! *0* *explodes into waterfall of nosebleeding delight*
Masochistic Desire, Yuuki x Kaname lemon by Kagamichihime.
(Rated M as it's lemon, so be warned before you click. ;D)

It's SO WONDERFUL~~~! *0*<33333333 *still floating on her happy ocean of moe & of nosebleeding after reading the fic* XD

If you like Kaname's masochistic tendencies, and Yuuki dropping her hesitant sides and taking charge, you'll LOVE the fic. X33333 And the lemon situations in it are deliciously kinky and hot!!<3333 *totally recommends*

You know, I wonder if Luca is a self-appointed-Yuuki-teacher for the sake of Yuuki not massacring the reputation of purebloods in general at the ball (XD), or if Yuuki asked her. Because from the feeling of hos Yuuki was into the exercises Luca gave her, last time, and Kaname himself seemed kind of surprised, it gave me the feeling it started as Yuuki's idea. (She might not have known what she was getting into, hahaha~ XD)

As shown in the fanbook, Kaname couldn't care less, since he finds Yuuki's blunders adorable too, so we know already he's not the one who asked for the 'ladylike' move. XD *lol*

In fact, in the fanbook there's this game thing where you answer questions and depending on your result you get your "pairing" with one of the Night Class guys in the results page: You have to answer all sorts of things, including a few ball & etiquette things etc... Well, it's not so hard to get some of the other guys because you just have to answer right and all, but Kaname is the hardest to get... because you can only get him if you do the things Yuuki would have done... meaning that while you're trying hard to get all the answers right for the others, you get Kaname if you make the faux-pas and blunders Yuuki would have made, hahahaha~ XD

Though perhaps by now she's much more skilled at all that thanks to Luca. XD She sure seems to have developped that impressive pureblood look while being in public. :D (At least, in front of the crowd. She was not so impressive in front of the maids earlier, hahaha~ XD;)

Back to the page, normally Kaname speaks saying "boku" (a way to say "I" in Japanese), but while addressing the hunters at the meeting, since it was all formal and all, he used "watashi" instead, which is more/neutral/business-like/polite.... AND SO MOE.

I'm torn, because I find the "boku" SO IMMENSELY MOE ANYWAY, but it was nice to have some variety. 8DDDDD Ahhh~~ *is a happy fangirl*

He was oh so less deferential later... especially when the ancestor subject was touched, hahahaha~ XD;

Kaname's orchid-shaped little clothing decorations throughout this chapter are lovely and killing me of moe. X3

I wonder how many people know that Cross is a figurehead only. :X Yagari is the true leader, secretly.

And I also wonder if Cross knows about Kaname being the ancestor too... it's quite possible he does, considering how close to the Kuran family he is.

It's so teasing how we have no way yet to know if what the first hunters ate was Kaname's flesh back then or what.... it could also back the theory that Yuuki is reincarnated and the previous one was eaten, but then, I'm not sure there would be any hunters alive after all if they did that and Kaname was alive and all. 8D;;;;;

So perhaps it really was just Kaname's flesh that was eaten.

He is THE founder ancestor after all, so it's only logical...

And with that ironic smile on his face as he voices that accusation, it's unlikely that he's talking about something so painful like losing her. It's more likely it was his own body.

It makes me wonder, whether it happened long before and he just regrew parts, or whether it happened while he was asleep in his coffin. (The first hunters didn't have yet any special strength or faster healing etc. since they gained the power later by eating the pureblood. So when they got their hands on the flesh, they were mere humans... which makes the coffin quite the probable theory, otherwise they would hardly have managed to catch a pureblood and survive. XD;;

There's also the possibility that he gave them his flesh willingly, but while I've always loved that possibility in particular (kinky XD), as of now there's so many possible ideas that we have no way to know for sure what it is. XD Also including the hunter weapons and all, since ever since chapter 46 I've been wondering how they were made and all. XD;

But yeah, if he didn't give his flesh to them willingly, then the coffin is very probable due to him being asleep then. (And it would also explain why Rido couldn't simply rise from the coffin the ancestor in his complete adult body from back then.)

I think my head will inflate with all the tons of different theories and then it will all come pouring out... hopefully already nicely ready in the shape of fanfiction, hahahaha~ 8D XD;;;;

*MOE* *0*
How I wish there had been colossal more amounts of fanservice stuff.... ;-; But at least they looked at each other, and were in the same room and- *mind quickly rushes to pervy mind images and fic ideas*

My OTP in the same room = that long table from the meeting should be put to a good use after they're done discussing stuff. *___* Kaname can lay down on the table and Zero will- *is shot* XD

The previous page had that lovely stare between them, and this page has also some very sexy looks, as well as something fascinating for a fan of the trio as a threesome....

Kaname and Zero's eyes meet, they hold each other's gazes, then Kaname suddenly in the middle of the meeting gives Cross news of Yuuki and all.

Suuure, it might really have been for Cross, but there's enough basis to think it was indirectly for Zero too. Kaname might not be delighted about Zero and vice-versa, but he's important to Yuuki and that's a concept Kaname has always respected. It wouldn't surprise me if Kaname tried to arrange for them to meet, due to Yuuki missing Zero and all. (This being said, I don't think he would unless he's certain it won't involve issues with anyone getting shot. XD;;)

Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but it was very clear that it wasn't accidental that Kaname started giving news of Yuuki all of a sudden in the middle of the meeting just after crossing gazes with Zero. :D (And the chairman and Kaname had already been in contact during that year anyway, so Cross can only have already had news of Yuuki before anyway... :D)

I find it amusing how both the chairman and Kaname are so proper in their roles and all, calling each other by their official titles during the meeting, speaking of all those concepts and all in such a political manner........ looking at that scene, it's hard to imagine the chairman in his kitty apron or teasing a blushy little Kaname with stories of Yuuki getting kidnapped and whatnot so he'd rush there, no? XD;;
Sure, it's been years since then, but they're still the same people. I hope they'll get to spend time together in a more relaxed situation too, not just chairman + Yuuki. ^^;

Oh, Kaname, you could be more reassuring than that about how stable your position as a ruler is. 8D;;;;;;;;;;;;; *lol*

This party will be EPIC. D: And so much could happen. ^^;; *hopes it won't end in catastrophe* ^^;;

Shiki's feet~~! :D

Certainly, I'm not the only one wondering if they're officially a couple now or what...? XD XD *lol*
They seem so married-couple-like. XD XD *lol*

Though there's no doubt they're as threesome-ly over Ichijou as ever. XD (In fact, Rima seems to be more than before. XD;;)

Shiki is also so different from before! He went from being the apathetic teen who didn't seem interested in anything but sleeping and pocky, to being so much more mature, sexy and determined-looking! Some of the 'my-pace' old SHiki things are still there, of course, but the way he insists with Rima and all is so different. She used to be the one dragging him everywhere and bossing him around, now it's totally the opposite. XD XD
I wonder if he's the head of the Shiki clan now, btw. He was supposed to be the heir and take over his grand-uncle's position some day, and since the council is gone... he must at least have inherited the Shiki clan...? Most likely, unless someone else popped out of somewhere to take over. XD; *lol*

I'm REALLY liking this new Shiki. *_* (Although I was surprised by the angry side of Rima we hadn't seen that way before. ^^; *thought she was a calmer person that that* But then again, Shiki was always THE super calm & apathetic one, she was always far more energetic... I guess he just caught up and matured so much more/faster than her, possibly also due to all that happened with Rido and all. :X)

And into another load of moe: Shiki didn't specify who the "two cousins" were, but... it's most likely Kaname and Yuuki. ^^/
Even though society might not consider him properly their cousin since his blood isn't pure, from his point of view that's what they'd be, whether it's official or not.
Shiki seems to be quite the family type despite how many bad experiences with that he's had. (His mom shipping him off to the grand-uncle and to Rido, Rido using him and all...)

Speaking of which, I think Rima's sudden rejection of the Kuran side might be because of what happened with Rido and Shiki, rather than merely because Shiki's family was from the council side... Funny thing is, she's switching out of the side she was on right as he's going the other way and being pro-Kuran, so it complicates things. *lol* XD<3

I think it will work itself out anyway, as her anger is due to Ichijou's unknown whereabouts, and so, once that matter is solved she'll hopefully be more of the sweeter Rima... :)

And now, for quite a surprise on both sides... XD XD


I find it hilarious how they were so worked up about it (well, Rima anyway, Shiki seemed to believe things were fine, since otherwise he'd have been showing some more reaction than that perhaps), and then Ichijou drops by being 100% fine and just carrying a lot of food!! XD *lol*

Btw, if you are wondering why he's carrying it, and where he's going in a hurry...

Remember the vampire ball in volume 6? And how Kaname would seek refuge from the crowd in the special room with Yuuki? And how Sara popped out of a side-room as well?

Or even in this ball now, the fact that Yuuki & co. have a room all to prepare for the ball and all?

Considering how vampires are, I doubt they plan to have purebloods having to stand around all night withstanding the crowd. It seems they have those rooms when there's a ball, where they can have their own little peaceful corner, to go back to when the crowd tires/bores them. XD

My theory is that Takuma is taking that food to Sara's room, hence being in a hurry also.

Of course, he could also be taking poisoned food somewhere under Sara's orders, but err, let's hope it's the former and not the latter? XD;;;;;; *lol*

Kaname took off his trenchcoat~~~ *fangirly happy noises at his pretty outfit* X333

Poor Kana-tan. D: Yuuki's issues with how she calls people sure make a mess. XD;

I can't help having a mind image of how the whole negotiation for this might have gone. XD
Along the lines of:
Kaname: "I'll give you a month's supply of those custard puddings you love if you call me by nothing but my name for one night. ;-;"
Yuuki: "What?! *-* *interested* Hmm, make that two months of pudding, regular manicure services and I'll consider it..."
Kaname: "Deal! T^T *actually looking forward to the manicure*"

I'm worried about how Kaito keeps poking that subject and showing so much interest in Zero's urges to kill and all that. D:

I don't mean to expect the worse from him necessarily (XD *lol*), but after that thing he pulled with Yori, I wouldn't be surprised if he planned to also pull Zero into it and have Yori as bait and Zero as executioner. ^^; And if something went bad, it would be more easy for the association to swipe it under the carper putting the blame on Zero, who is a vampire. Though considering Yagari and Cross are the leaders, this plan can't be official, it could only exist if it's some secret plot from a smaller faction they don't know about, or if it's just a sudden idea Kaito could have pulled out of nowhere. XD;

The probability that Kaito simply is speaking sincerely because he does dislikes them and wants to kill them too, is more likely.
What worries me is that while Zero and him may both share that feeling, Zero would never be doing things such as toss an innocent human girl as bait. So we don't know what Kaito might be capable of, as of now. :X

Suitcase time. XD
And we see quite a bit of Kaito's personality via the little things he says. XD; (Interesting, but quite a difference from a silent type like Zero. :o *prefers Zero, obviously* XD)

You know, it's interesting to see that he favors the same type of uber-large square-ish suitcase as Yagari did as well, in his first visit to Cross Academy.
It might be that hunters generally use those so they can carry certain weapons etc. when travelling, but it also makes me wonder... a person fits in there no problem... so maybe they use that also to carry vampire prisoners?!
(We do know they have vampires that they tame and enslave, or at least they had them under the rule of the previous president.
Cross hated that, so with luck maybe they don't have it anymore... though it's Yagari who makes the actual decisions, so we don't know. :X)

I'm so totally tempted to use that in a fic, the suitcase transport for prisoners. 8D

I laughed out loud for real, when Zero suddenly asked him what Kaito taught, and Kaito answered that.
He already seemed both entertaining and dangerous before, but after this line my liking for him and the potential he brings for fanfics etc SKYROCKETED. XD XD *LOL*

I'm actually not sure how I feel about him as a character (*too busy worrying about the mess he might cause, hahahaha* XD;;), but I definitely adore his scenes and his amusing blatant lack of ethics. XD XD
(At least when it's amusing. I might like it significantly less if he gets poor Yori killed over his attempts to turn Zero's urge to kill into a weapon to make a mess of the party. ^^;;;)

It's seriously amazing how he just meets an innocent human girl, hears about her closeness to a vampire (and he probably already knew who it was!), and then immediatly goes for this plan of stuffing her in a suitcase and tossing her 'to the wolves' as bait to try and get Zero to kill the others or worse. O_o
There's so many disasters asking to happen in such a situation, not to mention how terribly morally dubious that is. *can't exactly picture Yagari doing that sort of thing* Zero certainly NEVER would. :X

Kaito is quite something. D: D: D:
I REALLY REALLY hope nothing tragic will come out of this whole mess. D: D:

Of course, neither Yuuki nor Kaname will attack Yori, but problems could happen with the other vampires. And either way, it's highly worrisome that Kaito would use Yori that way.
He claims he can protect her while she's there, but... he's far from being very reassuring. Especially considering how he arranged all that and is using her as bait while claiming to her that he'll help her 'meet her friend' as Yori had wanted!

Yori might even accidentally run into Sara and then all hell could break lose. ^^;; (Yori would become an ex-human if Sara bites her, and then they have to either get Sara's blood to stabilize her, or she'd fall to level E. D: D:)

At the very least, Yori will probably meet Yuuki's gaze and be all happy/hopeful, then Yuuki will be attempting to be ladylike like Luca was saying, and Yori will think her friend doesn't cares, and they'll both have epic loads of angst. D:

Btw, it really does looks like Kaname just spotted Zero and is pointing him out to Yuuki, when he whispers in her ear, doesn't it? XD<3333333333 *more happy threesome moe* [Sure, maybe it was Yori, but... I don't think so. XD]

It might also have just been an image to illustrate the whole prince & princess feeling, since in such cases, when you have to tell each other something in a crowded ballroom, you either whisper it or everybody else shares what you're saying too. XD; *lol*
I like to think he was pointing out where Zero was~~ XD<3 It's much cooler than imagining he was just telling her "ah, this guy next to the woman over there is the ambassador of [...], remember from the picture chart? the one with [...]" or whatever of the other things people tell each other in such cases. XD

Onto complete crack, maybe what he whispered was... "Yuuki, check out that hottie with the silver hair in the corner over there!!"
*is shot* XD XD *lol*

And the interesting conversation that followed, whispered discreetly in between them saying hi to various political allies and whatnot at the party, perhaps. XD XD

Kaname: "Hey, check out that hottie with the silver hair in the corner over there!!"
Yuuki: "!! Oniis- I mean, 'Kaname'!! That's Zero!"
Kaname: "What?! No way!! Oops. When did he get so hot??"
Yuuki: "He's always grown up in bursts like that... I guess he moved from teenager to adult all of a sudden during the last year? Yummm."
Kaname: "He was totally checking me out a moment ago."
Yuuki: "I saw. I'm jealous." [*Yuuki is unsure which of the two she's jealous of, actually* XD]
*by now both Kurans are totally checking Zero out too*
*Zero looks at them from afar, debating whether he should just shoot them just for making those lustful faces at him, or whether he should maybe wait until after he beds one, the other, or both*
*Zero kicks himself inwardly for that last thought, and goes back to trying to find a proper reason to shoot them, FAST, before they come closer and try hitting on him... however, he's quickly back to looking at them as horny-looking as how they're looking at him, much to his own annoyance*

Yuuki: "Kaname! You're drooling!"
Kaname: "Am not!"
Yuuki: "It's not fair, Luca would have killed me if I'd pulled something like that."
Kaname: "He's totally still staring at us too."
Yuuki: "I knooow... *bites nails* You think he'll shoot us if we make a move at him? *tempted*"
Kaname: "He might. For the sake of your safety I'll go first to test the waters."
Yuuki: "Dream on! I'm new to the parties but not a moron! You two would run off together and leave me here alone to entertain the boring crowd."
Kaname: "Darn. Your pureblood instincts are flawless, my dear."
Yuuki: "We could get Aidou to go ask him if he's interested in a little, huh, a little uhm..."
Kaname: "What are you, in grade school?! We should just try a direct approach. He might not shoot us in front of everybody."
Yuuki: "That's the masochistic side of you speaking, Oniis-, err, Kaname. I'd rather not be shot, thank you. There's a reason why I hid in that basement for a whole year despite his hotness."
Kaname: "Hmm, you think he'll really shoot us just for hitting on him? "
Yuuki: "Wait, wait, wait, who's the pervert standing next to him?"
Kaname: "....That guy totally just winked at us with a mocking look, didn't he?"
Yuuki: "I don't like the way he's standing so close to Zero."
*both Kurans are fuming in annoyance at Kaito*

Yuuki: "I don't like hi- ...Wha-..O...Oniis- Huh, Kaname!! He...he!!"
Kaname: "The...The pervert just flipped us!!"
*both siblings are stuttering in shock*

Yuuki: "How dare he?! And he's totally laughing at us, look..."
Kaname: "Oh, he didn't just dare make a m-"
*speechless, both Kurans stare with horrified looks as they see Kaito grope Zero's butt, and Zero jerk to the side with a look of disgusted surprise on his face*

Kaname: "Yuuki... I know I just ratified this nice treaty and all that stuff with the hunters, but huh... this is a matter that takes precedence over any diplomatical concerns and other minor things like survival of our species and what not..."
Yuuki: "I agree, let's go beat the crap out of that guy NOW."

*Yuuki grabs Kaname's wrist and they both make a beeline through the crowd while Kaito runs out of the ballroom and Zero is still too shocked to say anything*

I just couldn't resist. XD;;; *lol*

The difference between pureblood Yuuki and human Yuuki appearance-wise, is seriously amazing. Hino-sensei is amazing, for managing to convey so much in the drawing, and such a change in a simgle character.
Everything about this Yuuki gives that "pureblood" feel. (Of course, she's also so much better at this now, probably. Especially after Luca's training. XD
She seems to have developped pretty well the face to make when surrounded by other vampires and all... ^^; But it's so weird for Zero and her to be looking at each other with such expressions.)
I wonder if Yuuki's calm demeanor will really last any longer or what, and I'm also quite worried because Zero's gaze [next page] is so... well, so not how it used to be in the past. ^^;;;; And that's inevitably very worrisome.
It's not warm now, it seems almost clinical. And that slight tilt of the head to the side along with that gaze that reveals nothing, it all looks so different..... D:
(*will now proceed to angst about their facial expressions until the next chapter wondering what will happen* XD XD;;;)

Well, aside from that inevitable "OMG, so much could go wrong!!" (and Sara hasn't even come out yet XD; *lol*) about the party and all, the chapter had loads of moe moments and little delightful tidbits for fans of the trio as a threesome, so I shall happily focus on that rather than on the potential for disaster for so many characters in the next chapter. XD *lol*

I'm a bit dead right now but the Muses sure seem to want to fanart so many things, so hopefully, as soon as I'm a bit more rested and all... XD
It's the monthly fangirling energy refill, the VK chapter~! XD *LOL*

Zero's suit has KILLED me from how sexy it is. XD;;; Especially that undone little tie... *drools all over the magazine pages*

You might be seeing it in fanarts very soon. 8DD *urge to fanart it like whoa*

Sara, in the first color pic of her we see. ^^/

I wonder if she'll come to the party wearing that mask?
(Either for some ill purpose (though the mask is rather unnecessary then XD purebloods are easily recognizable by their aura), or.... because she burned her invitation and has to crash the party secretly, hahahaha~ XD)

She's a pureblood though, they'd probably let her in with or without the paper. XD XD

Then again, Yori snuck in in a suitcase.......... Maybe Sara is VERY flexible and compact and snuck in inside the plate thing Takuma was carrying! XDD *ROTFL* XD Err, hopefully not in several pieces, as he was carrying many things... XDDD

I'm just joking, of course. XD XD She is quite probably in a fancy room somewhere waiting impatiently for her food while Takuma & Shima catch up on the lost time. XD XD *lol*

Perhaps. XD *mind is filled with endless plot bunnies coming from the chapter* XD XD

Please don't forget to buy your local official releases of the VK manga and anime! :D
(Watch out for bootlegs, the anime pirated DVDs are made with stolen subs as usuall, are of horrible quality, and are starting to pop up in so many places nowadays, it's horrible. T__T Please make sure to only buy the official DVDs and books, otherwise you're not supporting VK since the money goes to bootleggers instead of to the author etc. ^^;;;

It's important. D: Any series dies without support, and VK may be popular, but it's popular for a shojo manga series, which means not that much compared to big shonen manga blockbusters.

*hopes you enjoyed the chapter* ^__^/<333

Next Lala is September 24th~!<3

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