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VK 52 in English is here~!


Enjoy~!! ♥ :D

Finally here. :D

It took longer than usual, sorry. ^^; *still getting used to the new scanner and had to tweak stuff a lot, plus ended up also being pretty busy with other stuff and had chaos timing all together, so it took forever* ^^;

Please don't bash ANY of the characters or pairings. ^^;;;

In a moment of anger against characters you don't like much, you may even think the hatred and bile are justified, but they are NOT ;-;, so please remain respectful of the feelings of your fellow fans, and express your opinions in a courteous and polite manner. (And obviously, no obscenities or name calling, against characters or fellow fans or anything. D: It's just so unpleasant to see!)

There was some character bashing in the other entry with the summary and it saddens me. T_T The mild stuff I left, but the obscenities etc. had to go, of course.

Guys, love whatever character and whatever pairing you like, but DO NOT bash the other characters or pairings please. ^^;;;/
Have respect for the other fans who like them, and for yourself too, because if you love a certain pairing, you should have some faith in it instead of feeling like you need to flame the "enemy" pairing to feel better. D:
That's NOT how it's supposed to work. Fandom is to be enjoyed, love the series, love the characters you prefer, don't bring hatred into it. If you dislike a character that much, maybe you should just ignore it, or put down the book until you cool down. D:

Even if you're furious about your favorite pairing not being proeminent in a chapter, it still doesn't justifies any bashing behavior.
The constructive and adult way to react is to either enjoy whatever fandom activity with your favorite characters in a happy manner (fanfic etc for example) while waiting for the ones you like to be in the spotlight another time (believe me, my favorite OTP being Zero x Kaname, I have to constantly do that to enjoy them as a couple, since hoping for those two to end up together in the series is rather impossible, hahaha XD; So much of the fun has to be via fanfics etc.).
Or simply stay away for a bit until you cool down can express your opinions without bashing or flaming, please. D:

Whatever you do, don't attack fellow fans and don't bash. ^^/ Bashing isn't tolerated here, as it hurts feelings and lessens the enjoyment of the fandom. ^^;;
(I know that when I'm all bouncy/happy and full of moe, there's nothing like seeing character bashing to kill my mood right away and make me gloomy and uncreative instead. D: *has then to go recharge the moe before being able to draw etc.*)

Enjoy the chapter, don't bring hatred into it. ^^/


Okay, I just had to explain that stuff first because I was surprised by the sudden wave of bashing recently, so I had to warn first to avoid seeing such saddening things popping up. D:

I'm so dead tired, so I'll probably add some sort of partial commentary, and then come back later to add more of it when I'm re-hydrated and more alive again some time. XD;;; ended up writing a longer one anyway. ^^;; *hopes it's not too much of a mess* XD;

It's 100% random, written while so tired, and possibly full of typos, sorry!! D: But the chapter itself was done long ago when my brain was still alive and functional. XD; *lol*

As usual, it's best if you read through the chapter first before reading my commentary. Otherwise, it breaks the flow, and otherwise you could also get spoiled for various little things... The commemtary is best to just read when you're read the chapter the second time around or somehting. ^^/

Adorable cuties. X3

In a way, Zero almost looks like he's becoming Kaname, in some of the recent artwork. XD XD; *lol* Now it's even the same poses. XD *surprised but amused*

Either way, however he's drawn he's so sexy. XD<3 I like how Zero's looking more seme lately (well, the past 10+ chapters XD ever since he gained more powers) too, which is so sexy. X3<33333

I favor Zero seme on Kaname uke (I'm a yaoi fan, as you most likely already know if you've been following my LJ for a bit XD), so any pics with Zero looking more powerful and Kaname looking more vulnerable get me climbing up the walls in delight. XD *lol*

So you can guess that the recent chapters make me happy on that aspect, since Zero is so much more powerful and stable now, and Kaname is opening up finally and showing his vulnerable sides more and more. It's a situation ripe with so many fic possibilities. 83
Unfortunately, there's no manga interaction between Zero & Kaname currently due to, well, obviously geography among other things (XD; *lol*), but I'm so hoping this will be solved by the upcoming meeting between vampires and hunters. X333

In the back, you see Seiren and Kaname being mysterious visiting a cemetery *lol* (while Cain & Luca guard the entry? X3)
Seiren has a lovely outfit! :D

Btw: If you read my commentaries with the chapters before, you know already that I ramble tons in the posts, about all the characters, and fangirl them wildly left and right, ESPECIALLY Kaname and Zero. (I love the others too, but those two are by far my favorites.)

Well, there's a lot of Kaname in this chapter, and it's a really important chapter for him, so don't be surprised that I'll be rambling a lot about him.

If it was a chapter focused on Zero, I'd be happily rambling & fangirling about him just as much, so.... if you like both you will maybe have fun with the same things I did, but if you're a Kaname hater, you might be grossed out by the chapter or something, because of the Kaname content of it.
(Uhm, if you are a hater, of any character, please don't bash here. Actually, please don't bash period, bashing just makes other fans sad. T_T;)

If you simply don't know Kaname well or something though, you definitely might want to look deeper into it. I assure you, both Zero AND Kaname are wonderful characters, and they both adore Yuuki with all their hearts. It's the one thing in which they are so very similar regardless of how different they are in other things. :)

Zero tends to speak up more in some ways (well, compared to Kaname at least, and also because Zero's glares and anger etc are very revealing, almost like an explanation, sometimes XD) and so it's easier to know what he's thinking (also because a lot of Zero's pain in the series happened in recent years and so we saw it up closer during the first arc), but Kaname is a lot more silent, and tends to bottle up stuff inside more. That along with his insecurities about possibly losing Yuuki and all, make him hard to guess.

So, people reading the series fast or not going very in-depth into it seem to often miss a lot about the characters, especially ones that are a little harder to understand, such as Kaname.

And the fact that people practically lynch him in so many Western forums and sites (he's way more popular in Asia usually) really doesn't helps, because it slanders the character and tarnishes the image of him that younger fans still discovering the series might have, before they even get the chance to find out more. :X (SO MANY times, I see people saying they hate him and giving reasons for it that make no sense and never even happened in the series. D:)

It's a vicious circle. That's why it's much better to base your opinion on your own findings by reading the manga. ^^/

If you do take a closer look at the characters, you'll probably come to enjoy VK even more than before. :D :D It's a series that's totally worth to read and re-read to catch all the little things you might have missed the first time around. :)

And do please please buy the official books and support the series.<3 You'll have a FAR better experience, won't be missing out on bonuses and redrawn pages and scenes done for books only, and you'll enjoy it far more. :D<3)

This is a recap page.

It's all stuff you all already know if you've read the manga, although I'm kind of tempted to scanlate it too because it's lovely to have it all in such a nicely organized page with the events from recent chapters and all, but.... scanlating the recap page it was going to involve lots of image cleaning in color, so many time-consuming font changes throughout it etc, and I'm sure you don't want to wait a few more hours for this, do you? D:
Maybe sometime, but right now, here's the chapter. XD;;
If you stick to the manga chapters, plus in some cases the commentary and my recap notes in each chapter, you should be up-to-date with things that happened in recent chapters anyway. XD; *lol*

It's all stuff we already saw in the manga, kind of worded like a teaser, since the end of it is up to date with 51 but not yet bringing up events of 52 fully.
It mentions that Yuuki was torn between her vampire instincts and the ones she got from growing up as a human, and that as a result, Kaname ended up on the receiving end of her problems with her contraditory instincts (the whole thing of Yuuki being afraid to use her fangs, all the awkwardness and etc. from the past 1 and a half or 2 chapters, that's been making him visibly suffer too).
It ends with "and Kaname's answer to her is...?", and well, we already saw it at the end of 51, his answer was that he accepted her regardless of any problems, even despite the fact that she finally confessed that she also has feelings for Zero too, and not only for Kaname alone. X3 *OT3, cheers for the trio* XD

So, she loves them both, but Kaname is okay with it, because he accepts her in any way she is, even if there's more than one person in her heart... :D<3

....and we'll see more of that in detail in this chapter, in fact. X3

...As I was saying, here we are. :D It picks up right where 51 left us.

This page and the next are so cute for how much he accepts her unconditionally.<333

But in a way, that complete love and devotion making him accept even what Yuuki assumed a man would find unacceptable (the fact that she loves them both) makes her feel guiltier maybe, because she's already feeling undeserving of him due to not having exclusive feelings for only him, and when she sees he's willing to forgive even that, she feels guiltier. :X

Hence her reaction of feeling so unworthy that she can't accept his kiss.

If you remember chapter 49, it's very similar to the way Kaname himself thinks (he was saying then that he is too tainted to even touch her with his hands...<3), the two have a lot in common on that. XD (With Zero too, all three of them have epic self esteem issues, stemming from different reasons. D:)

In her urge to punish herself by denying herself the kindness he's showing, Yuuki pulls away, but Kaname won't let her do that to herself. ^^/ (And, well, to him too, as she seems to somehow manage to not notice the effect her pulling away must have on him, considering how worried he already normally is. D:)

He's got a point. XD *lol*

And maybe also because he's felt similar things (about being unworthy of her, tainted etc. like he was saying in 49), he might be understanding more easily where she's coming from, and not really need to dig very far to know what's going through her mind. :)
Hence why he knew to go after her right away and not let her pull that self-loathing thing and all. ^^/

This is the page I mentioned in the summary as being dramatic and yet a slight bit funny, because Yuuki is so hellbent on her idea of punishing herself, and insisting in her belief that she's so terrible etc., that for a moment Kaname gives in, maybe to try and snap her out of it by saying what she wants to hear, but... we all know that regardless or how cruel or unfair (by accident) she may be to him, he'll always remain glued to her XD *lol* next to her.<3

This page will probably get quite a few "WHUT?!" from people, but keep in mind, they're vampires. Not humans.
And while he did say he'd prefer death over losing her and all that, he only briefly mentioned the possibility of her death, so fast, and then went into extensive detail over his obviously favored option, him dying by her hand if she no longer needs him. (Life without her is impossible for him.)

So DO please keep in mind, he's not seriously saying he could kill her (knowing how he is, not even able to refuse her anything and all, he would be unable to do it), he's just talking about death and other dramatic things, possibly in hopes to snap her out of her self-punishing urge, with the shock.
Although, he is probably serious about wanting to die by her hand if she no longer wants him. Because for him, THAT would be worse than death. D: And it's so tragic.

This is a wonderful fandom, with amazing, awesome people in it. So this type of explanation isn't so much needed for the people who look at the series with love and actually read the story, understand the characters and all instead of twisting it to fit bashing and flaming, but I felt it was better to mention just in case, for the people who might otherwise hear a twisted version or twist it in bashing:

PLEASE remember that people say screwed up things when they're nervous, and that Kaname is far from being in a very stable position there. (As you see a bit later...)
Even Zero himself swore he'd kill Yuuki if he ever so much as saw her in front of him agan, and made things pretty clear on that subject. And yet, I do believe Zero isn't saying the truth, and that he couldn't possibly truly try to kill Yuuki, of all people.
Seriously, with how much he loves her, there's no way, or at least, I strongly hope there's no way. D:

Well, it's the same for Kaname. Zero and him are VERY similar, when it comees to Yuuki.
(They have the same feelings for her, of pure, completely devoted love, even though they are very different one from the other.)

You can't possibly throw a rock at Kaname for mentioning the death thing, if you're not throwing that same rock at Zero. (Please don't throw at either. ^^;)
Zero is lovely, but he was so much more clear when he talked about killing and all. And yet, I'm sure neither of the two would ever be able to harm a hair on Yuuki's head, they just love her too much. It's just words, spoken in a difficult moment, but neither Zero nor Kaname would ever harm Yuuki.

So please don't bash Kaname for something you're not bashing Zero for, and vice-versa. ^^/
It would be hypocrisy otherwise, having double standards because you like one or the other. D:

Please don't bash either character. ^^/

Both are madly in love for Yuuki, and as a result, both can say some pretty screwed up things, either in a moment of too much emotion or to try to push her away in Zero's case (he can't accept her as a vampire as he can't accept himself as one either, so he must push her away since he's still closing up on himself) or in a moment of too much fear to lose her, in Kaname's case (we all saw already so often in the manga the visible proofs -chapter 49 and so many before- of how insecure he is about his worth and chances of having her, leading him to be really afraid of the potential loss).

Even if you're not a fan of Kaname, you gotta admit he is gorgeous in his complete abandon and devotion to her. XD In how he gives himself to her so completely that it's body and soul.

It's really well demonstrated in this image, him with his eyes closed, putting her hand over his heart, leaving himself wide open for whatever she's willing to give him, be it love, pain, death, anything. :X

Another kiss. :D<3

And even in such a moment, Yuuki managed to completely miss the fact he was serious about prefering her to kill him if she didn't want him anymore. ;-; (Something that is VERY similar to what Zero too had said before. Yet another thing in which they're the same.
Even when Zero was claiming he'd kill her now, he was hoping she'd actually kill him instead, just like Kaname as he talks about those possibilities here, prefering death over life without her.)

On that subject, btw, I already saw people going around posting untrue stuff about how Kaname "supposedly threatened to kill himself if Yuuki didn't stay with him." That's completely untrue, and it never happened in the manga. D:

He's not threatening to do anything. He's simply telling her in a way that she's everything for him, and that if he has to lose her, then he'd prefer if she killed him instead of leaving him to the agony of not having her.
Sure, it's not the easiest thing for someone to hear, much less from the man they love (though hopefully it helped shake some sense into Yuuki, as she was acting far too blind, in part due to how much he spoils her too :X), but it was never a threat.
It's a confession bor of despair, if anything.

Btw, he's not telling her that she can't love Zero either. (so many men would be disgusted and angry at the idea of the woman they love loving some other guy too, and even throw a hissy fit etc. But Kaname didn't, and is willing to take anything Yuuki may want to give him, so he's fine with it even if he doesn't has the exclusivity of her heart. It HAS to hurt, but as usual he puts her feelings before his own.)

With how accepting he's being, and with her finally being more open and all, there's so much hope for us fans of the trio as a threesome, ever since chapter 51. X33 *lol*

This confession of his is really powerful. ;-; I think it's one of the most touching moments since the chapter where he'd admitted that he was so terribly scared of losing her and that she's the only one who gives him warmth.

And it's a dramatic and touching moment, but I can't stop getting all hyper over the extreme masochistic element here. 8D
(Remember, I favor Kaname uke... XD;;; *lol* And if there's one sure thing, it's that he's 100% uke to Yuuki, hahaha~ XD)
Now we just need to throw Zero in the mix, for perfect results. XD<3 *lol*

Unrelatedly to the epic levels of moe and his beautiful confession, it's kind of funny, kind of cute and kind of terrible that in such a powerful moment, she manages to get distracted by his heartbeat because of the blood flow. 8D;;;;;;

Well, she WAS very hungry, if you remember 51. XD; *lol* So perhaps it's no wonder, considering how much she's been dnying herself lately too. ^^;

Super masochistic moment that tops even his confession in the fanbook. XD XD *LOL*

I just COULDN'T believe it, when I read what he said. XDDD *lol*

And in a way, it's both terribly sad but also terribly beautiful. (Vampires are after all creatures that need to pierce each other's necks to survive, and that receive a lot of pleasure from the bite of their loved one, as Aidou mentioned in one of the early volumes... so it's no wonder that masochistic and sadistic streaks would be more present in them than in humans, if anything so that the whole blood drinking process is somewhat pleasant and not a "OWWW, time to get bitten YET AGAIN T_T" type of painful/unpleasant moment, hahaha! XD;; *lol*

As for the punishment thing, she was hell-bent on harshly punishing herself to drown away that guilt and feeling of unworthiness she was full of. In her freaking out, she was so focused on that that she was ready to make them both miserable to punish herself, not thinking of how much Kaname would suffer as well from her pulling away. (Yuuki can be pretty blind indeed. :X)
Compared to that, his punishment option is nowhere as bad, especially since we don't know yet if he means that this punishment is just for now or for longer, but if you saw in the past, he has no authority with her anyway, so I wouldn't worry much if I were you. XD (As in, if she ever feels like drinking from Zero, Kaname may sulk but will end up accepting as usual, the poor thing. XD;)

Remember when he was so focused on how important it was for her to drink using her fangs to develop properly and all? XD Well, all it took was her for to ask for one moment, and he gave in right away. XD XD *lol* (Their future children will be terribly spoiled/walk all over him, if he has as little authority as a father as he has with Yuuki. XD *LOL*)

I really like that sudden look on her face. I think it was a big turning point, when she finally realized how she was behaving, and how she was making him feel with all of it.
(The refusing her instincts, the resulting awkwardness, her current attempts to pull away to punish herself without seeing how much that would hurt him too, and all.)

She has a sudden gravity in her gaze, and she seems to really snap out of the so much more childish moment she was having just before in pulling away and all instead of facing stuff.

She seems to maybe finally understand that it’s not just all about her guilt or her wanting this or that, and might have understood just how much Kaname himself needs to feel her bite/her love too…
(Let’s hope it’s indeed for good now, because seriously, Yuuki, you need to quit making them both suffer. :X)

Kaname on his knees is always one of the most delightful sights. 8D *sadistic fangirl* XD XD; *lol*

The look on his face is just SO BEAUTIFUL. ;-; Sad, needy, starved for affection... he seems to melt into her touch when she licks his throat. X3

*torn between urges for fluffy comfort fics and for sexy angsty fics* 8D;;

*volcanic nosebleed explosion* 83

HIS FACE when she bites~~ *dies*

And notice those two little lines by his nose, indicating that when she pierced him, he had a shudder or was trembling or something... *endless nosebleed to the max* XD And that delightful little sound of pain and/or of SO MUCH MORE, which he made when her fangs went in~~<3333333333333333333


It's not the same as Zero drinking from Kaname (*is shot by the non-yaoi fans* XD;) perhaps, but in a different way, it's as good because while Zero x Kaname has immense sexiness, the sad thing is that they hold back (well, canonically, they dislike each other, so whatever may happen in the happy yaoiland of fanfics & fanarts in my mind, in the manga they're not going to fall into each other's arms very easily, you get it. XD; *LOL*).

While with Yuuki, Kaname doesn't holds back at all in showing us his gorgeous face with little beads of perspiration and mini-whimper-gasps and other lip partings as she bites him... he surrenders completely, not bothering to even keep his usual facade of control... *starts nosebleeding again, pervy mind images* XD XD

in other words, Kaname is at his absolute most beautiful moments when he's surrendering himself into her bite. XD

I must resist the urge to ramble about way pornier things now. 8D; *lol*

And some interesting discoveries for us readers.


Btw, this vampire girl is probably the new character that Hino-sensei mentioned in an interview a while ago. ^^/ (If she is indeed a vampire and all, of course, but it does seems that way...)

Unless it turns out the new character will be one of the new purebloods. XD; After all, they never said whether it was going to be a very quick background character thing or a recurrent character.

Hino-sensei has had the plot for the series planned from the beginning, so what the readers came up with for the one character contest would be probably just the girl's appearance, not whatever she is in the story anyway. ^^/ (Unless said character is a really irrelevant background one, perhaps. XD)

All in all, this character seems interesting. :D And she's pretty. :D

I just hope she's not supposed to be in any way a love interest for Zero. ^^;; *ships the threesome all the way, doesn't wants some random new character poking their nose into it. XD;;

If it was Maria, at least she had her thing for Ichiru (though I'd prefer she doesn't breaks the trio either of course, if they have a chance to be together all three somehow), but some random new character, huh, no please. D: Zero belongs to Kaname XD Yuuki.

Threesome ending seems impossible for shojo, but then, do you know many shojo mangas about incest, cannibalism, blood drinking etc too? XD *LOL*
Threesome would be mild compared to it all, VK is normally full of taboo themes anyway. XD XD *lol*

The key is if Zero and Kaname could live under the same roof without killing each other. XD;;; *lol*
It might make for incredibly kinky sex, actually. 8D; *shot*

Slice first, ask later. XD

Edit, for a quick note:
If you are re-reading and get the odd feeling that something changed, it did. XD
One of the lines the new character is saying could have two different meanings, and at first I had settled for one, but then I re-read again and realized something there was figurative, and so I edited the post to have a more exact up-to-date version. ^^/

Basically, in a part of the girl's center-left bubble, in the original in Japanese it says that the "Hanadagi family 'protects/maintains' the pure blood [and has no interest in the quarrels etc.]", so this is how I had gone with it.
However, upon thinking of it more, it hit me that she worded it in a way that was more figurative than direct, and that it wasn't about protecting the sleeping pureblood family directly (physically), but protecting their blood, maintaining it pure. (Japanese is a language without gender or plural in words unless you specifically want to show it, so such things as "pure blood/purebloods" are more subtle unless the original text wants to make them more obvious.)

Meaning that Hanadagi is the name of the pureblood family, and that they're intent on protecting the purity of their blood. (As of now, we don't know the name of the girl protecting them, nor about the rest of her own family. ^^/)

So I came up with a better English equivalent for what she was saying and edited it. ^^/

And back to the normal commentary:

We did find out some fascinating info from the tidbits in their conversation. ^^//
:D New stuff we now know:

There's a creepy hidden castle full of sleeping purebloods. D: Uh-oh.

And they're ones who don't want to be awaken for a while and who, inevitably will be pulled out of their slumber, of course. (Why would it be mentioned now, otherwise? XD)
They won't be in a nice mood, I bet. :X

They have axe/scythe/? wielding guardians who strike first and ask questions later. XD; *lol*

People have tried before to come and disturb their sleep.
It's probably not Rido because if it was Rido, that axe-girl wouldn't be alive by now, vampire guardian or not. (She's not THAT strong that she would have survived Rido, otherwise Cain & Luca couldn't have dodged so easily despite her having thought they were vermin there as enemies.) XD

Most likely, it was the council, who were secretly intent on making use of the purebloods and setting them against each other in hopes of getting them to wipe each other out, as Ichiou revealed to Takuma. They must have tried sending people there before, while Kaname was a child and couldn't do anything against it, hence the girl's assumption it must be more of those people.

I wonder if those people are ancestors of some other family or merely random purebloods. (Random purebloods is dangerous enough as it is. XD;)

They were awake a hundred years ago, so they must have known Haruka & Juri most likely, in any case...
I wonder also how many they are. :X

Also, I suspect that girl and/or her family if she has one might be that clan's equivalent of what Seiren is to Kaname. (Maybe even Seiren is in some way related to her... though considering how physically different the two are, it's not as probable. (Family members in VK have always shown an air of family/look-alike-ness, and those two are very different. XD))
Perhaps the guardians for purebloods work a little like a ninja clan, where special bodyguards are trained for it... it sure would fit Seiren's kunoichi-like habit of popping out of nowhere and hanging out in trees, hahaha~! XD (Err, wild theories now. XD)

Hanadagi is the pureblood family, so we don't know the name of the girl's family yet, but she might end up being as mysterious as Seiren, whose family name we still don't know. XD;

I also wonder, when she stopped and repeated "the head of the Kuran clan..." was she perhaps thinking Haruka, Haruka's father, the ancestor, someone else...? XD XD XD We don't know exactly when the ancestor went to sleep, so we only have theories.

We don't know enough to make a sure guess on which of the Kurans she might have known, though I'd think it's doubtful she knows Kaname directly. (Especially since he's really young, and was under the power of the council as a child, while this girl was guarding the castle, who's been asleep for already 100 years. She could have been there all along and be way older than Kaname and the Night Class, regardless of looking young due to being a vampire. ^^/ Unless of course if she's just the successor of whatever older vampire who retired before... she might be the same age as the Night Class. XD; *lol* We have no way to know for sure yet.)

The last Kuran king was Kaname's grandfather, the father of Haruka and Juri, so perhaps that's who the girl was thinking of when she spoke. ^^/ She did say "former King", so I don't think she was thinking of Haruka, who never got to reign.
Maybe that means that a hundred years ago, Haruka & co. were already the new generation but still around the old generation and the former King alive and all. :)

She does seems to know there were issues with the council and its corruption and search for power more recently, since she a) probably witnessed it up close in the form of random jerks coming to disturb her lords, and b) she mentioned her family has no interest in such quarrels for power, which is most likely a way to say "we didn't deal with them when they came to bug us"... Probably dispatched them as ashes. XD XD

Basically, the reason why Luca & Cain went there and all, is because Kaname was concerned that perhaps the council had succeeded in either awakening those purebloods, or in corrupting the guardian/bodyguard family, and so he sent Luca & Cain to take a look and see if things were calm still.
After all, Kaname needed to know before any in-depth negotiations with the hunters, if a bunch of purebloods might come out of nowhere and cause a mess or not. ^^; Hence making sure if all was well.

In the girl's reply message, she leaves it clear that they had no interest in the quarrels between council and whatever, and just want their peace.

Something tells me either Sara or someone might not make things so easy though. :X

And now, one of the most awaited moments ever so far, for VK. XD

A flashback of the Kuran ancestor, even if it was quick...

I does seems like shards of someone dead, in his hand, doesn't it? ^^/ If it's the case, it's a pureblood, as the lower ranks dissolve into ashes rather than such crystal shards.
(Of course it could be just chunks of broken mirror, but that seems way too easy. XD XD *lol*)

I already speculated a lot on the subject on the other post, and while we do see better in this page, we still only have this short flashback, so it's hard to know exactly what the ancestor is despairing about, if he's mourning someone or what. The words are so powerful though, it goes straight to your heart. ;-;
I think it's pretty clear that when he went to his extra long slumber, it was for far more tragic reasons than the mere "we're tired from the journey, time to nap." (Though we don't know if it's simple for the ones sleeping in that castle or what either.)

Btw, I know, it's such a pervy thing to say in such a powerful and sad moment, but..... THE first image we ever see of the ancestor in the manga, and he's on his hands and knees, completely desperate.... Can you tell how angsty the upcoming fanfiction is already promising to be?? 8DDDDDD *LOL*
*plot bunnies are already breeding at high speed in her mind* XD XD

This flashback is such a delightful thing for the fans, not only because we've waited so long to finally see the ancestor (I SO totally need to fanart him in his sexy white coat X3333) but also because his complete and utter despair in there confirms what Kaname had already said in a previous chapter, that the ancestor was sinking in a pit of complete despair before he went into his slumber... ;-; ...and so:

And so it fuels things not only for the fans rooting for the theory that maybe Yuuki is the reincarnation of someone who was with him before and died (meaning he'd have either gone into slumber because he couldn't bear not seeing her again, or maybe gone into it in hopes that she might reincarnate, and then waited so long to see her again. :O Then, he was awakened and ended up finally being with her and falling in love with her all over again, as they both have the same souls but new bodies sort of, especially her. X3).......and it fuels also the fans rooting for theories of Yuuki not having anything to do with the past, because it's also lovely to think she is the one and only that could finally rescue him from the utter despair he was in for so long, and finally give him some warmth and a reason to live, to ensure she would always be safe.<333 (Well, that last part works for either theories, whether she is the reincarnation or just brand new. XD *lol*)

For now, we only have a short flashback, so it's utterly lovely for us fans but it's not yet enough for us to guess anything in a more sure way, so we can't know yet for sure, anyway. XD *lol*

(I root for one or the other theory depending on my mood of the moment. XD *lol* I don't think he had someone he loved until Yuuki though.
I have fanfic ideas about the way he created the ancestors of the other clans and all (he can't have been reproducing with someone else since he was THE first and there was no one else to reproduce with anyway, so it must have been some other way XD XD), and so yeah... in my fic idea he ends up 'creating' her that way, they fall in love for each other, have the first Kurans, and then later she ends up dying (maybe something with the first hunters ^^/) and he feels so miserable that he goes to sleep waiting in hopes she'll reincarnate or perhaps because he can't kill himself or something. Rido forcefully awakens him, but Yuuki reincarnates too, so things are okay. :D
But this is just my fic idea. XD *lol* It would be splendid if it turns out real in the manga though, I'd laugh so much if it happens. XD *has had so many other things she guessed or imagined and that turned canon too* XD XD)

And back to the chapter!! XD *was wandering off into so many random ramblings* XD XD

Considering how desperate he was when he went into slumber, he must have been horrified when Rido forcefully pulled him out of it and enslaved his will. D: D: (But luckily, there was Yuuki later~! X3)

Btw, behind him, check out the wall or doors... the crest is there, so that must also have been in the Kuran manor, or the version of it back then... the flashback is possibly even in THE room behind the doors in the corridor where Kaname and Yuuki are now! :D

I started wondering if maybe it was the ancestor's throne room or something in the past, and the rest of the mansion was maybe repaired or rebuild over while keeping that area underground. :) (Since in the flashback, it was in ruins, but nowadays it's some underground deep area that Yuuki accessed after wandering off down those stairs etc. XD)

And I totally think it's probably the coffin with the body of the ancestor that's inside that room. X3

And if you thought it was already intense epic hotness now... wait until the moments afterwards, when the flashback fades away... XD;;;; *lol*

First off, Yuuki felt the pain and sadness from that memory, SO powerfully via Kaname's blood while she was drinking, that she got tears in her eyes without even knowing why.

And then the inevitable question, and the super moe reaction... XD;

It might really be THE dreadful question for him, because he might fear Yuuki will reject him.
I wonder what exactly IS behind that door. The memories from another time, the last remains of the ancestor in the coffin or what...?

Whatever it is, it's visibly painful for Kaname. Aside from the fact that the memory causing tears (albeit we only saw them in Yuuki's eyes, it's still due to Kaname's feelings through the blood, so those tears are born of Kaname's pain), when Yuuki asked what was there, all Kaname could do is cling to her and hug her while burying his face on her chest as if he wanted to disappear into her... *inevitably wonders if he was crying, and couldn't pull his face away because it was too hard to show Yuuki the tears* :X
He's used to always having to be strong and all for her always, (Or at least, he sure seems to think so, from the look of things often...XD;)
So... it might be hard to deal with it all for him. :X

It's really sweet that Yuuki did realize how shaken he was, and instead of pushing the question right now, she chose instead to comfort him.<333

I drew a fanart of this months ago, btw. 8D *LOL* Except they were younger in the pic.
Some people said it was a scene impossible to ever happen, "ha! Kaname on his knees?! Burying his face on her?! Never could that happen".....XD
XD *adores when such things become canon, is so amused*

With that pic, it was particularly fun because I'd drawn the fanart before the anime scene with Kaname on his knees happened. So after being drawn, the pic was subsequently made canon-possible already twice in the anime, and once in the manga now. XD XD *lol*

I must poke my Muses more, maybe they'll suggest other situations that might turn out true in the manga later. XD; *lol*
(Ah, IF ONLY, with all the Zero x Kaname yaoi I draw constantly...XD XD *LOL*)

ZERO~! *clings to The Trenchcoat so much, and is dragged along in the ground as he walks. XD XD *lol*

I swear, he's one of the characters who's MOST perfected the art to kill us with his sexiness just from walking, for example. XD Or like in the previous chapter, where I was dying of incoherent fangirling fits just because he leaned on a wall and looked killer sexy, hahaha~ XD

And he's also so adorably cute striding decidedly into the hunter association. XD<3

So many fanfic plot bunnies were born for angsty fics about him fitting in and the hunters issues about accepting him despite him being a vampire and all. (If days had 48h and we could write everything... D: D: *might not have time, has many fic ideas to write* XD;;)

I already fangirled a lot the mention of taming etc. from this page, back in the summary post, but let me say again, WAAH~~ XD<333333333333333333

Tamed Zero = such a sexy mind image, even if of course, I MUCH prefer seme Zero being all in control and taming Kaname instead~~ *dies from violent nosebleed at wonderful porny mind images including leather collar with a leash in Zero's hand and all sorts of things* 8D<3

And the whole thing about Zero having "belonged" to a pureblood... *inevitable mind images of Kaname even though she knows it's Yuuki the guy is talking about* XD;

Either way, yaoi or het it's SOOOO porny-mind-images-inducing~ XD<333
Yuuki and her harem~! XD<33

Like I was saying in the summary post, it’s funny how I’ve always seen SO MUCH apparent kink and sexy undertones in VK, and always said Yuuki was THE seme for Kaname & Zero as ukes…………… And now, canon proves true the dreams of all of us pervy fans. XD *lol*

*rejoices intensely, basks in the awesome mind images of the threesome* XD XD

Urelatedly, Yagari's been more and more hilarious and strangely cute, lately. XD XD *LOL*

If you don't remember him, this other hunter is the guy who picked on Zero/annoyed him for being a vampire, in volume 6... he was also tagging along when the hunters attacked the school, and arrested chairman Cross, momentarily. ^^/

He seems to have some less bad sides though, or Yagari wouldn't let him around so close. XD;

He has no name yet, hahaha! In the recap, he was listed as "hunter". XD XD

Unrelatedly, he also appears in one of my fics, or so I envisioned it, but I didn't go in detail on him really. 8D;

It's SO a Zero thing to agree with the guy on such things... XD;;; *lol*

...but luckily there's Yagari to kick them back into leaving those matters alone. *is sure Zero will be a wonderful president*

Although the things we find out about the hunter association are quite epic... They really need someone good like Zero, Kaien, Yagari, because with the way the things work, the HA is such a danger in the hands of someone corrupt like the previous president. :X
(A subject I like to poke at in my fics. XD;)

Somehow, I feel the peace will NOT be as easy at all. :X I just hope that if there's a war, it will be bad guys vs. good guys, and not a tragically torn mess with good and bad guys on both sides. (Yeah, right, dream on. XD:;;; The latter is so much more likely, of course. XD;;)

If someone awakens the sleeping purebloods, if they have bad intentions, or if Sara starts something... if the hunters go to war against the vampires, the world will be torn. D: (Though I think Zero might pull the HA back to the right path and decide to side with the Kurans against the bad people, if anything to protect Yuuki, and because he's seriously concerned about the lives of innocent people who would get pulled into it if it all becomes a great bloody civil war. ^^/
(If you remember the chapter where he saved that little girl, you know that for Zero, it's not just about killing vampires. Sure, that's definitely a big deal from what he was saying, but he really truly does cares.<33333)

Much as he'd probably dislike that us fans know that he's so much softer in his heart than he lets show. XD XD *LOL*

Kaname too, they're both funny like that. XD

*sudden random mind images of fluffy happy fic with them both sitting on soft cushions happily playing with kittens* XD<333

Uhm, I SERIOUSLY need to sleep. 8D;;;;;;;;;;; *lol* *mind going more and more random*

Until next month, I'll try a lot of stuff to get used to the new scanner.
It's really good, but... it's an over-achiever? XD; *lol* It scans THROUGH the pages. ^^; (They're kind of thin.)

So I spent a while trying to make that less visible. :X (The stuff on the other side shows through in some pages. I managed to fix it for most though, sort of. :X)

Please ignore it. XD;;;;;;;; *will figure out how to solve the problem*

The ball is being held as a joint thing by the Hunter Association and the vampires, and since Kaname is the representative for the vampires, that's probably why he addressed the invitations to the important vampires. Not inviting Sara would be dangerous considering it would be taking a stance against her officially, and things are always tricky with purebloods and pride and all, especially one as volatile as Sara. :X

This is SO VERY puzzling.

Not that Kaname managed to find Takuma, but that Takuma and Sara are seeming so calm around each other. He was still listed as kidnapped by her, but the recap info is as of the last time we'd seen them, so it might not show any, uhm, updates in their relationship yet. :X (Similarly, Shiki and Rima were listed as searching for him, which was their position one year ago... we don't know what's up with them as of now.)

They sure seem unexpectedly intimate, what with what they're wearing and her laying down, him sitting on the thing where she is and all! D: That sure doesn't looks like tormentor Sara & prisoner Takuma situation.

I'm torn between wondering if she somehow brainwashed him, or what, and maybe there's a reason why he can't be rescued by force since otherwise she might be able to do something to him? D:

I don't think he'd betray Kaname willingly and side with Sara, but there's the distinct possibility he's playing along with her because he can't easily escape her safely yet and decided to try and spy on her instead, maybe even to try and help Kaname or the coexistence or something. D: (I could totally see Takuma having that idea to try and make up for the issue with being forced to side with Rido before. D:)

Maybe Takuma even knew that Kaname found out he was there, and both had been exchanging info in secret without Sara knowing. (If there's someone who can pull such stunt in a duo with Kaname, it's Takuma...)

Another possibility, is that the intimacy isn't faked or brainwashed, and... simply EPIC levels of Stockholm syndrom?! *lol* XD XD;;; *shot* that maybe, just maybe, Sara is not quite as bad as she seems. We know she seems dangerous and displays some of the scary possibilities that come with having the amount of power that purebloods have (she's spoiled like whoa too), but... we don't know 100% sure if she intends to go on a mudering rampage or anything.
We do know she has a sick obsession for Kaname, but we might end up having the surprise to find out that if the other purebloods awake for whatever reason and go after Kaname, Sara might maybe step in to fight too? (If anything, from a viewpoint of "if he's not going to be mine, then none of you will touch him either!!" type of thing. XD; *lol*)

Of course, as of now she still seems really dangerous, and all leads us to expect that she'll create a big problem at the meeting or the party. D: Possibly by awakening the other purebloods against their will and crashing it all. ^^;;

The way both Takuma and Sara smiled with that vaguely wistful look on their face, as they both thought of Kaname, made me ship PWP of them both x Kaname like whoa, all of a sudden. 8D;;; *must finish Takuma x Kaname yaoi pic sometime* XD;; *lol*

She was most likely implying that she wonders who, of Kaname or her, has the most dangerous ideas (since to her, Kaname's ideas of coexisting with the hunters and humans are foolish, as she'd already seemed to imply back in volume 6), but it would be interesting if she wasn't talking only about Kaname, but who of the three of them...
Because if Takuma is indeed playing double agent and being with Sara just to keep an eye on her (as he was trying to do with Rido, if you recall, though it was out of lack of choice since Rido had possessed Shiki), then he is indeed most definitely playing with fire, so much more than she is by burning papers while having such long hair and long dress and pretty couch that looks very flammable. *LOL* XD:;;

*suddenly has a strange mental image of the invitation-or-enveloppe-burning gone very wrong, ending with Sara running around in circles on fire, screaming, while Takuma runs to get the fire extinguisher* XD XD

Yuuki is adorable once more. XD XD *LOL*
And it was so unbearably cute how she was all proud of her achievement at landing and all, until she realized Kaname had been there and saw the embarrassing thing. XD XD *LOL*
(He was probably coming to rescue her, but she landed fine so he could only offer a hand. XD *lol*)

I wonder if Luca is a patient teacher, or if she's scary the way I'm sure Aidou must be with sciences. XD XD *LOL*

And it's so cute how Yuuki cares to try and be elegant for the party and all. XD<3

In the fanbook, Kaname made it very clear that he adores the way Yuuki does everything, regardless of whether or not it matches the 'ways of proper society' or anything, and even if she were to do social faux-pas after social faux-pas, clearly he couldn't care less what the other vampires think. XD XD *lol* (In fact, he might more be the type to also do stuff wrong too on purpose to match Yuuki if he sees people are staring at her doing anything wrong... that way, no one will dare to say anything of her. XD XD *lol*)

So it must really be either Yuuki's idea, or....Luca herself might have found unbearable to have Yuuki go to the party like some wild thing they just pulled from who knows where. XD XD *lol* Hence the lessons in posture, walking with high heels and all that. (Not going so well, hahaha~ XD)

*has cute mind images of Kaname looking all blissful while Yuuki and him dance and she steps on his feet constantly throughout the dance, but he doesn't minds* XD XD *lol* (Well, technically she already knows how to dance, but there's all the other things. XD<3)

Zero learning to dance would be so adorable too, even more so because it's totally not his thing. XD XD *lol*
He might step on Kaname's feet on purpose though. XD XD *lol*

This page is really powerful and adorable. Just look at their faces~~ :D
The extenuating angst and bitter uncertainty of the recent two chapters while Yuuki struggled with her vampire instincts then with guilt etc, tormenting Kaname as well as a side-effect, is GONE. They smile is looking so peaceful~!<3333
Let's hope it's for real. X3<333 If yes, it seems their talk + confessions to each other about feelings and all + Yuuki accepting her instincts etc did them SO MUCH good. :D<3

More than just that, the way Yuuki is smiling, is a way like she hasn't smiled in TONS of chapters. And it's just how Juri's smiles were when she'd smile at Haruka too! :D That is truly lovely. Hence the thing about the path to walk on etc. too, most likely.<3

Of course, it's not going to be so easy to walk in a perfectly straight path, especially since something might quite possibly happen at the party, whether with enemies or not, so her resolve with probably be tested, not because she isn't sure of her love (by now, no one can deny the love between Kaname and her), but because she loves both of them and will inevitably be tempted to help Zero too if anything happens. Which of course she should do, but it might also complicate things.

(AAHHH, WHY OH WHY won't the three elope already and make things easier for us all?! XD XD<33 *wishes them happy threesomey moments galore* XD<3)

:D Please buy the books~!<3

Teaser piccie for the next chapter, possibly Zero & Kaname at the meeting, or maybe at the party. :D :D

As a Kaname & Zero fan, I'm inevitably utterly fascinated by that image. XD<333

I love Yuuki and all, she's utterly adorable when she's not being blind to everything around her, but....... inevitably it's on the two guys that I focus SO MUCH. XD<333 *lol*

So it's of course on potential fanservice or at least fangirlable moments between them that I'm counting on/hoping for with the meeting and the party. X3 *can't wait for her beloved characters to be once more under the same roof* X33

Actually, this is something funny I noticed over the months: I ship all three of them together, but I prefer if Kaname is uke (bottom), and Zero seme (topping), so... when I draw them together, be it in an innocent pic or not, it works just fine if I'm drawing a Zero x Kaname scene because then it's the perfect combination for top & bottom, it can work sort of okay for Kaname x Yuuki if he's bottom especially (*finds it more and more difficult to draw it with her as 100% bottom, due to how they are in canon with Kaname so uke to Yuuki, hahaha* XD;;; *every pic she tried to draw of Kaname x Yuuki lately, ended up as some sort of near-yaoi sketch with Yuuki as seme and with, err, extra appendages. 8D *will ink sometime*)... XD;; *lol*
But it's more difficult for drawing Zero x Yuuki because Zero would be the seme of the pair but without Kaname as his uke. XD; *ZxK obsession* XD;

And usually I start by drawing Zero (I like him better even if Yuuki is lovely XD), and by the time I've drawn him being all sexy and seme... well, you understand that the urge to draw Kaname in his arms and being all uke to him is irresistible, no?? XD XD;;; *LOL*

So poor Yuuki ends up not seeing much action in my fanarts, and I end up drawing her rather rarely. XD;; *lol* (She'd probably see more action if I shipped her seme on Zero too, but I tend to view Zero as the super seme of the trio physically, and Yuuki as the super seme of them morally... which ends with them both topping Kaname in my mind, and me just happily drawing Zero x Kaname while Yuuki sulks alone in a corner...? 8D;;; *lol* *strange results* 8D;; *lol*

Unless of course I'm drawing a pic with all three of them on the same pic. XD (But then coloring is slower and all, so usually I draw more often fanarts with one or two characters in it, as it goes faster. XD; *lol*)

This messy rambling on the drawings etc. probably made NO SENSE whatsoever to normal people who haven't had their minds infected by the yaoi virus. XD XD But to the ones among you who do, it might have been a similar thought, maybe. (Or so lame/sad from how pervy it is, hahahaha. XD; *lol* )

Right now I'm terribly dead to the world, so sorry if the commentary was more fangirly than funny this time, or if there were typos that would make your eyes liquefy. D: (Hence the importance to read the chapter first, so that you still have eyes to bask in Hino-sensei's beautiful art. XD XD *lol*)

*will take a look again later to try and fic it maybe if it's too mssy* XD;;; *needs sleep now*

Also, sorry to the people whose comments/PMs/mails/etc. I haven't replied to yet. ^^/ The order in which I reply to comments can sometimes be REALLY VERY random. XD;;; It depends on when I have a moment/am taking a break or something, and see something in my inbox. I might randomly reply out of order, but that doesn't means I'm ignoring you, just... that I'm horribly random. XD;;;;
Someomes I do forget something though, but uhm, I try to catch up to comments. XD;;

Same for PMs etc., though sometimes it takes a while because there's so many too. :X Sorry~!

:D *hopes you enjoyed the chapter*<333

Next Lala is August 24th~!<3

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