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Vampire Knight chapter 51 in English. :D


Enjoy~!! ♥ :D

Epic chapter is epic. :D

Click to read the chapter. :D :DCollapse )

Please don't forget~! ^^/ Buy the official release books etc., support the series you love~!

I know it costs money, but the books themselves and depending on where you live for shipping as well, but it's not much. D: Look at the price of a mere shirt in any shop, or of a sandwich etc, and you've quickly covered the price of a book.

And if you live in a place where it's a lot more expensive to import, there might be an official local release cheaper than importing, or maybe you can wait a bit and buy the books slower. :X

Also, please don't scan doujinshi, ;-; Every time someone steals a fanart or scan a doujin, a level E kills a kitten.
XD;; *lol* Not quite, but it hurts the fanartists feelings pretty badly, and sometimes it kills smaller doujin circles by making them leave the fandom etc. because they can't sell their stuff and feel robbed by people redistributing their stuff that way. :X

Doujinshi is not like manga, which is a true commercial product making lots of money etc.
Doujinshi is like fanart, and when the artist can pay for the printing costs, he/she's lucky. :X Especially in a fandom like VK with few doujinshi. :X

Already, with manga, which is a commercial product and all, you're not supposed to just read scans, you need to also buy the books to support the series, or it isn't right. ^^;;// (The scans I provide are merely a replacement for the magazine so that people in other countries can read the chapter while they wait for the books to be out.)

VK doujinshi is terribly rare as it is because so few people make it, so please don't sink the ship by scanning what little exists. ^^;;
Hunt for the doujinshis themselves on auctions and shops etc, and purchase them for your own for your collection (when you find them sold by decent people who don't charge obscene prices...), but please don't hurt the fanartists and the fandom by scanning doujinshi or downloading and distributing doujin scans. ^^//

VK is a lovely fandom, so I have the strong hope that by getting people to know about the issue, they'll understand and respect it. :D ♥ ♥ ♥

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