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Vampire Knight chapter 51 in English. :D


Enjoy~!! ♥ :D

Epic chapter is epic. :D


It's even ore interesting than we'd thought, because the summary I wrote the other day was based on seeing the small scans from a Chinese forum while waiting until I could go out buy my LaLa... and they had a large watermark covering a big part of the center of the pages (understandable, seeing how many disrespectful people steal their scans to use without even asking), so there was a whole chunk of text I couldn't see beneath the mark in each page. XD

Once I had my LaLa and could read that text, oh, wow, so many more revelations. *__* (The full-size also helps a lot, since the scans I mentioned were small and blurry while reading on LaLa is pure delight.<3

The more interesting revelations concern the Hunters and the Kuran manor, possibly related to the ancestor stuff... :3
As well as HUGE discoveries concerning what Yuuki's instincts wanted, and the possible true reason why she was afraid of using her fangs. (Not just because she was clinging to her human side, but she seems to be doing exactly that for a large part for a reason we hadn't foreseen before. XD *lol*)

And which I won't mention yet because it would spoil, so read on. 83

Shockingly, there were no cover image thingies this time, but then, it's not surprising, as the advertisement for the last DVD release was last month already. :X

Still, please do continue supporting the series and buying its books & merchandise, you don't need the ads to remember it's there. XD; *lol*

I'll be posting the pages first then adding my commentary so you can start reading while you wait. :D
Edit: Commentary added. :D<3

Whether you come before my edit with the commentary or not, as always I recommend reading the chapter itself through once first, before you re-read it with my post's commentary.
Otherwise, you run the risk to lose the pace and get the important scenes screwed up by the more comical ramblings or my fits of sudden Zero x Kaname fangirling and stuff. XD;; *lol*

I already fangirled the threesome (Zero x Kaname x Yuuki = my OT3 8D♥) a LOT in my post with the summary for 51 the other day, so hopefully this commentary will be more calm. (Hahahaha, yeah right. XD;; *lol*)
Edit: Erm, this commentary too ended up incoherent and filled with threesome & yaoi fangirling. 8D; *lol*

Also, sorry in advance if the commentary has typos and all. ^^;;;
(My 'undying' attention goes to the chapter itself.... and then, promptly dies off once what matters is done. 8D; *lol*)

Unrelatedly, YAGARI IS SO HOT. X333333333 So much it must be painful to look at him. I'd feel bad for Cross if I wasn't so busy drooling at him as well. 8D;

/random XD;;
*will go to sleep after writing commentary. (In other words, prepare for potentially incoherent commentary. XD XD *lol*)

Onwards~! :D<3

Unrelated to the more speculative & funny etc. commentary in this post, the notes in the chapter are actually stuff mentioning things in the previous chapters etc, as a memory refresher for anyone not having re-read the series recently, or not having it all in mind at the time. ^^/
Hopefully it will provide additional info and help enjoy the chapter more. :D

Yes, it's a metaphor. ;)
I saw some people wondering if Yuuki had magically popped up in the street for no reason, but since we all know she's still hiding at the manor until things are safe, and this cover page is about the time passing and all, this is clearly just to show that, either Zero looking because he sees a random girl that makes him think of Yuuki, or simply is a cover showing Yuuki's hair just for the sake of showing the distance etc, the "still thinking of you but you're far away/can't touch/etc." angsty dynamic there. ^^/

The narration is by Yagari. ^^/
I put the font in italics so it would be more obvious over this page and the other that it's someone else speaking and not the students shown in the page, though it was probably obvious anyway. :)

Unrelatedly, we knew already that Cross Academy had a primary classes thingie (separated from the campus that was shared by Day & Night classes), but it's interesting to know more about the way the school works, and that it even has a university section and all. :O

Also, the board of directors... That's something they'd never mentioned before, and it gives me plot bunnies already. XD;; See in the following pages. X33

Interesting to know exactly what happened at the school after the whole mess. ^^/

Although inevitably, I wonder who exactly took all those decisions. Did Yagari himself interview all those peoples? Did the other hunters get to decide who shouldn't and who might be able to keep their memories? Did anyone get poked in the eye with that super-pointy-looking hunter device in the guy's hand?? XD XD

Also, Yori needs no talking. She points at the door and people obey and get up, apparently. 8D;;;;
(Okay, maybe she was asking him nicely and we just don't have the "sound" of their side as we're supposed to be hearing Yagari's narration. XD *lol*
(VK often works like a movie, the way things flow like that, as well as who's narrating when etc. X3))

Chairman Yagari~~~~~~♥♥♥

The man is hot in his cowboy outfit, but darn, he's EVEN MORE hot in a suit. X333

And seems to greatly dislike paperwork. 8D;;

Because Yagari is so gruff and has that "shove-you-around" personality, people sometimes assume he's not as cultured, or that he has trouble relating with others and getting connections or anything, but it's not so.
He has a teacher license himself, gotten when he was younger, on the side of his activities as a hunter, and he is great at people skills, having quite the network of people he knows etc, according to one of the VK novels.

That has got to come in handy in his current position.... (And I don't mean ex-chairman, I mean the secret head of the Hunter Association. XD;;)
You didn't just get spoiled if you've waited to read the commentary after reading the chapter once first. :X
*is shot* XD; *lol*

Also, the board of directors... *bouncy & fangirly at the mention* 8D;;;;;;
See next page to know why the depraved fangirl here is all happy. 8D;;;;;;;

The useful stuff I had to say about Ichijou etc. is in the side-page notes (strategically stuffed in the empty spot left by a removed LaLa ad XD;), so I shall only sit here and happily drool at how beautiful Yagari is, while also worrying about what he's saying. D:

You know, the HA position towards Kaname is ambiguous. Much like the vampire council, their interests were never very pure, aside from Cross'.

If you remember, already in volume 6, when Yuuki went with Zero to the HA headquarters to try and find out stuff about her past, the HA president then had spoken of Kaname in a strange manner, and had advised Zero to try and get his blood to push back the growing likelihood of insanity soon. Back then, that advice was nowhere meant as a kind-hearted free info thingie, but in hopes of creating a conflict likely to eliminate one of the two, who were potential dangers for their plans. In the anime, it was made more blatant, (the anime often changed little things to remove subtlety and make ambiguous points of the manga plain obvious) as in the anime, the HA president actually flat out told Zero that if Kaname did not willingly give him his blood, then maybe Zero should take him by force.

I must now interrupt this serious thingie to say: "I LOVE YOU, HA PRESIDENT~ XD You maybe have been a sick degenerate who drinks blood in secret, but aaahhh~ You actually openly implied Zero x Kaname...." (Okay, blood drinking, but still, the yaoi fan here was DELIGHTED at that episode so much. XD;;; Zero x Kaname is my favorite pairing. 8D;;; *lol*)

We know that that guy was in cahoots with the vampire council and was throughly corrupt, but one could wonder what's the position of the rest of the association on all that. Especially now, insisting to keep friendly with the Ichijous and Aidous (the two most powerful clans of the vampire aristocracy), but not being very clear about Kaname....

It could be that the powers behind the HA share Ichiou's view of things and his intentions of wiping out the purebloods to remove that element of such huge power difference there.

More on the next page...

The reversal of situation with the council and the hunter association over each half of the series is fascinating.
Throughout the first main arc, we pictured the vampire council as being the old, scary, powerful and dangerous organization with corrupt people and so many promises of trouble and danger...... now it sort of is the Hunter Association that fits that role. XD;;

It's not that the only reversal. In the first main arc, Zero and Yuuki lived together, and Kaname was somewhat farther away. Kaname was the one Yuuki longed for but couldn't reach (that she thought XD), and Zero was the one close to her, while being in a dangerous position both physically and with the society etc.

Now, Kaname and Yuuki are together, we see that Kaname is nowhere the far-away-being he may have seemed, and Zero is the one who seems unreachable, in part because of the whole hunters issue potentially, and in part because of his not accepting Yuuki as a vampire (as well as himself and all. :X)

And Kaname's position seems less and less solid.

I wonder who is giving the hunters info, just how much power those influent rich guys wanting to exploit the vampires have over the Hunand ter Association. Also, who else is pulling the strings behind them all, because Yagari may have said he's in charge and Cross is a figurehead, but there's SO MUCH more than that. It's almost as if they have to step in eggs being careful of those influential guys he mentioned.

After 50, I'd felt tempted to assume Kaname had a hand in Cross' idea to make Zero the new president, but with 51, I don't think so.... And I wonder if the other vampire clans might make a move against Kaname as well. :X

"Don't cut connections with the Ichijous" implies there's a reason to feel like cutting it, either in the groups/clan's actions or in its new leader, perhaps... Also, I wonder what will come out of all this and if they could rescue Takuma from Sara or not. D:

And, like I was saying in the previous page, there's the issue of what do they intend to do of the purebloods...

From the point of view of the influent people Yagari mentioned, it would make sense to capture and use them, for their blood at least. Or possibly to simply eliminate them if they can't be controlled, so that subsequently, the HA or whoever might take advantage of the rest of the vampires without having to worry about the potential dangers purebloods represent.

With the knowledge that there's people out there willing to capture and sell even a pureblood vampire in the black market, it's no wonder they're so wary of everything, so closed up, and so protective of their children. So much more easy to snatch, and still filled with blood that has so many powers...

I love how no matter how dark and terrible my fanfic ideas may be, the actual VK canon always manages to come around and provide me with an even worse perspective of things. 8D;;;

Let's just hope it won't go for the worst, and that they'll be able to overcome whatever cloud of troublesome issues is bound to go towards them. (Cross' words about what lies ahead being worse were not so reassuring. :X)

Actually, on a positive note, crazy and scary as she may seem, Sara might come in handy if corrupt humans decide to go for a pureblood wipe out. >XD *hopes she gets them first*

And with luck also, seeing how cruel and greedy/self-centered those people are might get Zero to sympathize with the vampire side finally, and to realize it's not all black and white between vampires and humans, and that the shades of grey run deep on both sides. :) I think him noticing how cruel and evil humans can be too is a great step in him accepting that vampires are not evil incarnate, and are merely a different race that deserves to live as much as the humans.

I swear, it's sounding more and more like something that could happen in one of my depressing and angst-infested XD fics. 8D;;; In fact, the part about Zero understanding that vampires are not so bad via seeing how bad humans and hunters can be, is straight from my fic Cradle of Blood........ 8D;;;

The political aspects and implications of this chapter have give me SO MUCH fuel for a ton more plot bunnies, it's amazing. XD;;; *lol*

It sucks to be Cross, poor thing. :X (It sucks to be so many people, in VK. XD;; So many of them have screwed up lives, especially Kaname & Zero.)

He's stuck between a rock and a hard place, being the figurehead of that organization (possibly to lure the vampire population into trust & calm because he's the president), while wondering wtf will come out of all this and what will happen for his children. (His children = the Kurans + Zero. XD)

Maybe that's also why they're telling him with whom to keep connections etc. in the vampire world. The Association is clearly intending to use Cross as a pawn, either to approach the vampires or at least to communicate with them via someone they'll trust/to have that lure there as the official president. :X

I wonder what's up with Yagari. I really don't think he could possibly be corrupt, so I'm hoping he's just playing along with whatever cards he can until he can figure out a way to unravel this whole mess. (He did also seem very annoyed by the full-of-themselves board of directors. XD XD)

I hope it's just that. :X
The other option is.... him possibly believing in the HA's intentions being good and him being a bit TOO over-zealous as a hunter.
But I'd like to believe from his interaction with the Night Class that he's not the type to want to wipe out everybody, he seems more calm and collected than that. (Plus, he's not Zero. Zero is young and has a mountain of reasons to make the mistakes he is currently making in his decisions (ie. shove Yuuki away, want to kill the vampires and all), while Yagari is much older and experienced, and while we don't know his past or what traumas it may contain, he always seemed to have a certain pity and good-nature about him, even towards vampires, deep inside, which clashes with the idea of someone wanting to wipe them out like that.

Zero himself, I'm sure will abandon his genocidal ideas as he grows older and matures more. No peace can come out of a massacre, and if he were to ever become someone like that, he'd lose himself. D: So we can only hope he'll find a way out before he does things he'll regret later. D: (The way Cross tortures himself mentally too, for the countless lives he took when he was a young hunter... They are very similar, but hopefully Zero can still get out of that vicious cycle before losing too many any pieces of himself. ;__; *remembers how desperate Cross seemed in the flashback in chapter 45*)

I'm rambling more and more. 8D;;;

I hope the Association doesn't plans to try and drag Cross back into the bloody hell he crawled out of with Juri's help, btw. His days of killing and being mixed with killings are over, he doesn't needs this mess in his life now. :X

Theeeeere, a billion new plot bunnies for fanfics. 8D;;; *lol*

I was going to say something possibly serious and interesting about their discussion, but my mind is focused on the violent nosebleed I get from how HOT Zero looks leaning against the wall. *is shot* 8D;

It doesn't helps that I'm more suceptible to mindless fangirling when I'm tired, because really... *gurgles in the nosebleeding, adores the curve of his shoulder etc* 8D;;;;;
*will fanart later* 8D;;;;

Uhm, more seriously, I'm rather worried about this whole "yay Hunter Association" thing. D:
Well, no, he seems anything but happy, so it's nowhere reeaaally "yay HA" but... While it is definitely a good thing that he's fitting in and not breaking the rules and killing random vampires and all, it worries me how he's refusing to judge for himself and seems to simply lean on the HA for any decisions etc. It could be very dangerous.

If they'd ordered him to kill Yuuki, I don't think he could, but if the HA decided to use him as a weapon against just any random other vampire(s), he might not stop and wonder whether the orders are right or not. D: (In fact, even in 50 he was all saying that he NEEDED more kills to calm the urges, so... D: D:)

Well, right now he's still years away from being the president, and can't really decide anything like he mentioned, but yeah. I'm hoping he's just acting that way because he's annoyed at the others insisting asking him for a whole year, and that in truth he keeps a more critical eye over the HA decisions. :X
Especially since we know how deeply entranched in Cross academy they are, and how those creepy people Yagari mentioned, who would happily take advantage of the vampires, are so important for the school and potentially for the HA. :X

It's like the vampire council all over again. ^^;; (Perhaps it will be Zero's turn to clean up the rotten apples one day, like Kaname did to the council. XD;)

Eeeeeeerr... D: D: Zero, there are more reassuring faces you can make, you know. ^^;;;;

I was really hoping he would have more of a sad look than an angry look, because that would give me more hopes for the threesome XD that he might not be still thinking of genocide, but the look he had there wasn't exactly a very reassuring one. D:

Let's hope it's really just because Yori and the others are prying in matters that are far too delicate for him still, and not because he really intends to do anything. D: D:

On the other hand, if the HA had a fit of crazy and ordered a massive pureblood massacre... then sent Zero after Kaname & Yuuki... the confrontation might be what's needed for them all to somehow end up together. ("No, I can't kill you after all! I love you, Yuuki!! I couldn't possibly kill you!! ....and Kaname has a really nice ass, too. Wait, what did I just say?!" *Zero throws gun away after all and gropes both purebloods* <-- 8DDD *is shot by non-yaoi liking Zero fans* XD;;; *lol*)

Sorry, when I'm tired I oscillate wildly between serious talk and flat-out crack comical plot bunnies. 8D;;; It's like it flies super fast from an extreme of angsty idea to another of bizarre parody. XD;; *lol*

*is distracted five seconds by the super dramatic wind moment as Yori waits for the answer that never comes, and Zero just turns around and walks away in silence....*

*forgets the dramatic moment altogether and explodes at the beautiful look he makes in the rest of the page* 8D;;

It's still a worrisome expression, as it seems oddly resigned and calm, while I'd have hoped for something more like sadness, which would be showing more visibly that he's struggling against the idea of killing them and all.. (I think he is, or at least I hope he is, but his current apparent resignation/calm acceptation of the idea of killing worries me more than if he was in a mad rage, which might be a "on the spot" thing that changes later. D:)

Still, he's so hot, especially in the lower image with his eyes closed. 8D~~ *fanarting urges*

I seem to lose neurones fast when Zero or Kaname pop up in a page. *-*
It's like I instantly go from "blah blah blah *insight & ramblings*" to instant fangirly puddle of drool. 8D;;;

It's not my fault Zero is scorching hot even when he's just leaning his shoulders against a wall or closing his eyes as he walks. XD;;;

Same for Kaname, he just has to stand and it's like the walls are melting from his hotness. XD XD

When Kaname and Zero are in the same room, the hotness is such that it could consume the sun. 8D;;; <-- *dangerously close to the edge of mindless fangirling*


The Hunter Association may be full of corrupt people, the vampire side may be full of backstabbers claiming they want Kaname as their representative but ready to strike him if he ever turns his back to them, but...... BOY OH BOY, I LOOK FORWARD TO THE MEETING. 8DDD;;;

Yes, also because for the plot of course, because it will be an important moment when both sides meet and discuss their options for coexistence (which are looking more and more bleak by the minute as we hear that stuff from Yagari and the humans' real intentions for the vampire race 8D;)........but of course, as a Zero x Kaname fan, I look also immensely forward to that hotness of a thousand suns when the two will be once again in the same room. XD XD

I hope there will be fanservice. *-*
(I don't think there would be blood drinking between them, at least/especially not at the meeting (chapter 30 RULES FOREVER), but oh~~, if they could have some sort of fanservice. 8D; It would fuel my fanfic/fanart/doujin Muses for ages. XD;)

I have already started writing fanfiction for that meeting that hasn't even happened yet. X3333 *lol*

In the fanfic there's blood drinking and fanservice, of course. 8D *lol*

Skip, from the academy all the way to the Kuran manor. (In case it wasn't obvious. XD; *lol*)

Yuuki, taking her studies as seriously as ever. XD;;

The question at the end is part of the flashback she's remembering of herself little, at the chairman's house with Kaname. :)


They're both so painfully adorable there! XD XD Kaname trying to read his book laying down on the couch (we can see that already as a child he liked laying down to read like he does now XD<3), and little Yuuki being so utterly cat-like and cutely climbing all over him to get him to pay attention to her instead of the the book. XD XD (It's like like when you're typing and kitty climbs on the desk to lay on your keyboard and interrupt you... XD XD *LOL* Or lays on your book etc, like Yuuki is doing to Kaname!! XD XD *lol*)

This is human Yuuki, btw. It's at the chairman's place.

She only called him "Kaname-sama" during the years when she was human and small, between her rescue and the school starting the Night Class, time when the Luca blood incident happened and Yuuki switched to saying "Kaname-senpai" instead.

When she was a vampire child, she only ever called him "Kaname-oniisama", never "Kaname-sama". ("Kaname-sama" is way more formal, as his sister she wouldn't say it. "Oniisama" is not the same because it works differently than when attaching "sama" to a name. "Kaname-sama" is way more formal, hence why Kaname looked so dismayed the first time he heard her call him that when she was little and the chairman taught her to speak with honorifics.)

So yeah, she's human in that memory.

And his eyes widening in surprise at how SPOT ON she is about his feelings was ADORABLE. X3
Only Yuuki (at any age) can atch Kaname so unguarded and go straight to his heart like that. XD XD<3
(...Prompting his confession in the next page, where he pets her head and admits his loneliness, even though she might not have truly understood what loneliness he was talking about, back then, since she didn't know it was precisely her that he was missing and all. XD;)

And now, one of the most epic elements of this chapter. X3

Yuuki vs. Yuuki. 8D;

It might be just because it's a part of herself that she's crushing, but it's still scary to see Yuuki doing such a thing, especially with such an impassible expression while the little girl is getting wrapped in that horrible gross stuff. D: D:

It is Yuuki's mind doing the crushing, after all. In response to her will and all...

I'd like to imagine that if it were a real child and not a part of herself, she would be unable to act that way, but it's still an unexpected and puzzling sight of Yuuki.

One of THE epic pages in this chapter for Kaname & Yuuki fans, since it's Yuuki's insticts, Yuuki's deep thoughts, that she is baring to us.
After all, the apparent little vampire girl is nothing but Yuuki's instincts and needs. And of course there's nothing wrong for her, a vampire, to feel the need for the blood of the person who makes her feel safe and not lonely, it's just Yuuki's fear and her human habits that make it all seem so shocking to her, the idea of wanting THAT blood so much and all...

...until she starts thinking of Kaname's neck. 8D 8D *LOL*

Pretty powerfully symbolic that she tried to grab the little girl's hand to rescue her and instead, it's the rose in resin that ended up in her hand.

And before anyone complains about Kaname x Yuuki in this chapter, I must remind you all I ship them as a threesome, and love all three of them.
PLEASE NO BASHING ANY OF THEM, as an individual character, as pairings or as a theesome.

I'm actually glad Kaname wasn't in the manor when this whole thing happened, or bashers might have somehow tried to put the fault on him like for so many other things. D:
(There is of course Zero bashing as well, but Kaname bashing happens so much more often, perhaps because Yuuki and him left together, and there's far more people that support the other pairing in the western fandom, and who subsequently are angry at the current situation. - Again, not saying anything about Zeki fans in general, just about people who do bashing. Bashing sucks regardless of who's bashing what or who.

It's best to enjoy all pairings and the story without bashing, it's much more enjoyable. ^^;
Or at least, enjoy the pairing(s) you like, without attacking the ones other people like. :D :D

Annnd, back to the commentary. XD;

Note that she said SHE gets lonely too. Until now, we've often encountered the theme of Kaname's loneliness (10 years watching from afar does sucks), but this time, it's actually Yuuki confessing she feels that too.

It seems lonliness is a big deal for purebloods, and something they worry a lot about due to how long they'll live. Spending eternity along must drive one mad. D: No wonder they're so attached to their chosen mate, and so clingy. They're so desperately afraid of losing them and being alone forever.

*almost runs off to write Zero x Kaname fic with lvely Zero-seme on super-clingy-Kaname-uke, then stops self and forces self to finish typing commentary* 8D;;;;;

I LOVE Yuuki with them, I really do, but my Muses get TRULY hyper when it's the slightest mental image of Zero x Kaname. 8D;;
So the idea of purebloods being really clingy with their mates etc, immediatly awakens my urges for Kaname-uke. XD; *yaoi delight*

(This being said, we all know he's totally uke to Yuuki too, hahaha. XD; She could walk all over him and he'd be fine with it. XD<333

Zero is uber tsundere, so he's put up a facade and fake that he's totally against it, but in the end, he'd also let Yuuki do whatever she pleases. XD;

They're both uke to her, Yuuki is the uber seme. 8D;; *lol* Still Kaname is MORE uke. *wants the other two topping him* XD;;; *is shot*)

Err, are your eyes burning in disgust yet? XD;; *inevitable pervy yaoi fan*


That page is SO HOT (especially what Yuuki is saying 8D) that for a second there I forgot about yaoi. XD;;;;;;;;; (Shooooort second. XD Well, them in a threesome involves yaoi and non-yaoi, it works. XD XD *lol*)

And the intensity of her desire is stunning and most unexpected.<3

For all this time, we'd completely expected that Yuuki's reason for being afraid to use her fangs was just because she was clinging to her human nature.
While I'm sure she was also doing so because of the fear of Zero disliking her more if she was completely vampire in all meanings due to giving in to her instincts... While I'm sure there's some of that too, definitely, (especially with the whole bracelet showing in the last chapter), it's truly unexpected and amazing to actually find out that apparently, she was so terribly afraid that if she gave in to her instincts, she would badly hurt Kaname.

(Already she'd hesitated the first time she did drink from him, in chapter 36, but back then she was too starved, so she drank... then, she saw herself as a beast as she did, and it freaked her out. Maybe that fear of her own violent, deeply vampiric side, was a big part of what was keeping her from biting him all this time.
If she felt his flesh giving way under her fangs, she might be unable to control herself or something... both are Kurans, they're bound to be control freaks somewhat, hahaha. XD;;)

It's almost sad/funny, because it's pretty unlikely she'll actually hurt him. (Unless she's way stronger than we expect. 8D; *lol*)
In fact, seeing how the first time she bit him, he confessed he'd yearned for the moment she'd do that for years, I'm pretty sure he'd be delighted to receive her bite regardless of how passionate and violent her vampire instincts might make it be. XD

We just need to get Yuuki to loosen up more, stop being torn between her needs and instincts and all, then get Kaname & Zero to relax a little and drag them both into the threesome. 8D *has a one track mind* XD;

I insist, it would be great, everybody would have a happy end if they all ended up together. X3

Err, I do enjoy the het pairings too, of course, though I have to confess a good 75% of my love for the threesome if born of the potential for accidental or not XD XD yaoi between Zero and Kaname if the three are in such a relationship. XD XD *LOL*

This is one of the pages that had me all hyper as a fan of them as a threesome. XD<3333

Because Yuuki was having an EPIC fit of horny 8D; thirst for Kaname SO MUCH after she imagined his neck and all that..... and then, all of a sudden, she started thinking also of Zero, and, we can assume, also thirsting for him. 83 (Well okay, it's not so clear whether she is or not at that moment, but on light of her explanation a few pages later, I do think she was thirsting for him too, at least in part, or while she thought of him, even if in the next page she went right back to thirsting after Kaname loudly again.)

Yuuki, I don't think you'll get any studying done in that state. XD;; *lol*

I love the angst, but I wish she'd grab both boys, drag them to the manor and establish her happy harem already. 8D;;

Not that I want the series to end any time soon, far from that, but the angst, poor things. XD;;; *loves angsty stories, but feels so bad for poor Zero & Kaname*

If only we could have something like sexy bonus chapters with AU adventures of Yuuki's harem. 8D;; *lol*

The adventures would happen exclusively in bed, preferably between Zero x Kaname, possibly as Yuuki watched nearby or- *is shot violently, all inevitably returns to yaoi in her swamp-mind* XD;;;; *lol*

Two really important points in that page: 1) When she's loudly thirsting for Kaname in her mind....... she calls out his name as nothing more than just "Kaname", without honorifics or anything. Right the way he dreams she'd call him.

WOMAN, DO IT ALREADY!! D: D: I don't think she has a clue of how important this is for him. He REALLY puts a huge importance in how she calls him. ^^; (Probably because he's so terribly insecure about her love, otherwise he wouldn't worry so much about a simple word... He's so powerful and perfect at the other people's eyes, always seeming in control and all, but deep inside he's deadly afraid. His biggest fear is losing her. ;-; Poor Kaname.)

That's... actually awfully uke<3 cute of him, in a way too. XD; *lol*
In that he doesn't feels entitled, nor does he assumes she'd automatically love him or anything. XD<3 He tries to appear all calm and cool to protect her and all, but deep inside he's super insecure. XD Poor thingie.

Okay, I lost track of the second point for a second. 8D; *returns from rambling*

2) She's in the deep assumption that her taking his blood as she pleases = her being spoiled... XD;;;;;;;
Oh Yuuki, if only you knew just HOW MUCH he wants you to do exactly that. XD; *lol*

Actually, yeah, if she were to freely do as she pleases to his body *__* *sudden porny mind images* XD, he'd probably feel a bit more secure, if anything in the idea that she wants/desires him.
Maybe he feels rejected by her not using the fangs, btw. :X Probably would...

*super pervy grin on face, as she pictured Zero & Kaname side by side in bed, wearing nothing but ribbons on their slightly blushy skin, as they wait for Yuuki to come into the room* 8DDDDD

Or collars. X333

My mind never goes to the gutter, It's always lived there and never left. ^__^;; *LOL*

Yuuki wanders off. :D

THE DOORS~! \\\*__*//
Mark my words, there IS something behind. 8D<3

I knew it from the very moment we saw the bookshelves path and the huge Kuran crest symbol on the doors... Even before I had LaLa and could read the amazing thing Yuuki says in the next page. XD<3


I bet SO MUCH that the ancestor's remains or something are behind that door. 8D;;
Or something like that. XD

In any case, it SURE isn't smelling of Kaname by accident. 8D

Maybe it's his secret Zero room, where he keeps his stash of yaoi and secret tapes of Zero. XDD *is violently shot*

Btw, am I the only one who fangirls endlessly Yuuki's sense of smell? XD Seriously, how many people have been through that house and didn't smell that, we can guess? XD XD

Even Aidou, with his utter love/devotion to Kaname, didn't have Yuuki's powerful scent-spotting powers. XD<333

Everything is strangely perverted in my depraved brain. 8D I'm also too tired and too braindead right now to explain exactly why I find it so funny/cute/sexy/kinky that Yuuki can spot a faint scent of Kaname walls and walls away, but I'm sure fellow pervy fans will get the general feeling of it. 8D; *lol*

I wonder if that area was a great secret thing in the Kuran manor passed from generation to generation or something, until Rido caused the whole mess? I mean, they had to store the ancestor's coffin somewhere... And what better place than at home? (How old is this house?? Or did they move with all the stuff each time? Or maybe they do renewal each few centuries? XD; *lol*)

It's not like that pathway if being kept secret/hidden/locked away from the world right now in any case, as Yuuki easily opened the thing in the bookshleves by accident and both her and Aidou wandered there without troubles. (It could also be because it's only secret to prying non-Kuran eyes, and since she's a Kuran the thing recognized her and opened without problems...)

Kaname also didn't show any surprise or any "Omg, how did you guys find the secret entry?!" XD
In fact he didn't seem to mind at all that they were there. :3
So perhaps he'll just explain to her simply what's there and all..... or maybe he's embarrassed about the whole thing and would prefer not mentioning it, but either way, it's not really a big deal if not one is being harmed by it or anything, so... :X At least Rido is dead and cna't use any of that against them anymore. (Err, let's hope at least? XD;;; *lol*)

I'm strongly hoping that we'll find out more about the door in the next chapter. X3

Maybe Yuuki will bite Kaname there in front of the door, and then later ask him about it or something... as that would be a more peaceful way of finding out than the option of her finally letting go of her repressed instincts to the point that something epic happens right there by accident due to Kaname's blood loss/splatters/etc. and the proximity of the door or something. 8D; *lol*

"I just went and 'CHOMP'!" XD<333333 *ROTFL*

Those two are SO CUTE. XD And their interactions are always so hilarious. XD<333

's true the way she drinks is rather spoiled, because her refusal to use the fangs makes Kaname cut himself each time, but... XD; Still, I think he welcomes it anyway. XD
Also, hopefully if she uses the fangs she'll come to realize he welcomes her bite and that it's not being spoiled to bite him... XD

As for Aidou, he might have started to guess the problem... (He'll have a fit if -or better saying, when- he realizes that Yuuki is only partially satisfied from Kaname's blood because she needs blood from them both... XD XD;;; Aidou was never too Zero friendly. But then, if Kaname & Yuuki want, he'll accept anyway. XD;)

Also random possible reasons for not giving Aidou's tablets to Yuuki. XD *lol*

a) Purebloods don't normally drink the same tablets as the aristocrats anyway. (The fanbook explains that Kaname has different ones from the rest of the Night-Class)... so maybe the aristocrat issued model lacks nutritional stuff purebloods need?
(Unless it's a taste preference, but I doubt it, tablets are pretty much a nutritional supplement/replacement thingie, and they taste like crap either way. 8D; *lol*)

b) Maybe it would be bad for Yuuki's development if she starts relying on tablets right when she's already struggling with the fangs and all that -and we know, tablets will never feed you the way blood does. See chapter 48. XD

c) Kaname's probable true answer/reason: "Noooo!! Take my blood! Take my blood, not those stupid tablets!! ;__;"

XD ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ *lol*

*clings* XD<3

I know it's Yuuki telling Kaname "welcome home", but the Aidou x Kaname yaoi fan in me likes to think it could be Aidou as well. XD<3333
Speech-wise though, it really was Yuuki. XD *lol*

As an Aidou x Kaname fan, the angst of this scene is also epic. 8D
Because if Aidou's feelings for Kaname were more than worshipful devotion and going into romantical love, this is such a painful scene. Kaname comes home, to the one he loves, and eases his tired body into the arms of the only one capable of giving him that solace... completely clueless to the fact that a few steps from there, Aidou's heart is hurting from knowing he can't hold Kaname in his arms, nor give him the type of comfort and love Yuuki can... but because Aidou is so loving and pure-hearted, he walks away, hiding his pain, leaving Kaname with the one who can make him happy...

People not into yaoi must be puking by now. 8D;;

Sorry, I ramble on such subjects on the assumption that if it grosses you out, you'll skip a few lines. 8D;; (I'm careful to refrain from saying anything too too porny in the body of the post though, so your eyes won't suddenly self-combust. 8D;;; *lol*

Btw, yeah, Aidou is a perfect uke, and yet I love picturing him as seme for Kaname in so many fic ideas. 8D;
I wasn't quite convinced until that one drama CD where Aidou actually went and imagined Kaname "wearing an apron and whipping cream cutely". Seriously, I couldn't believe it at first. XD XD *lol*
That's SUCH a Aidou seme/Kaname uke implication right there... 8D (Not to mention that in the manga too, Aidou's often had such tendencies... remember he wanted to become strong to protect Kaname? Not to stand by him or anything, but to actually be able to PROTECT Kaname? 8D~ *drools in delight*)

After all that, Aidou seme x Kaname mai waifu uke skyrocketed in my depraved mind. 8D;;

Kaname: "But at any rate, it seems you have remembered how to use your fangs...?"
Yuuki: "I did..."

Kaname: *immediatly makes EXTREME "OMG, YUUKI, BITE ME, BITE ME, BITE ME NOW" face* Oops. *tries to disguise the obviousness of it by kissing her hand romantically, yet it's still written all over his face*

XD;;; *lol*

It is, isn't it?? XD XD *LOL* It's written all over his face. *LOL*

And with the whole thing about her being afraid of her instincts and her vampiric desire to tear into his neck with her fangs and bask in the sweet crimson liquid etc............ Maybe the next episode will have an epic incident after she lets go of the repressed instincts, goes for it all the way and claims him a little too roughly,with blood splatters on the door/oozing beneath the door into the ancestral chamber or whatever is behind them. 8D; *lol*

How to accidentally awaken the ancestor's remains fully while having rough sex against the door. 8D;;

Another EPIC moment for fans of the main trio as a threesome. :3
And even for fans of them as pairings, because Yuuki's confession that a chunk of her also needs Zero is lovely for the Zero x Yuuki fans, while her still being with Kaname and him accepting her no matter hos things are is lovel for the Kaname x Yuuki fans too. :DD

See, at different points in the series, there's lovely fangirlable moments for all the pairings, there's no need to fight or ship war. :D
(Especially if you ship the threesome, then it's so much more easy to be potentially happy, at least now. XD; *hopes the end of the series won't be tragic* ;-;)

The one thing that's worrisome for the Zero side for now is how Yuuki keeps saying just "one chunk" of her heart and all that... seems like so much less compared to the desire she's clearly shown about Kaname, both as herself and in the "inner-self/instincts" form, but then again, I don't think this means she doesn't cares for Zero or anything like that. I think it's merely a plot device, because if Yuuki just popped up and said "I love you both so much, let's go fetch Zero and be happy together all three of us!", then there would be no angst and things would be WAY easier for them (err, aside from getting Zero to tag along without shooting them 8D *LOL*), thus voiding the need for another ten manga volumes of struggling and angsting among the triangle. XD;;;
So anyway, we're probably bound for a rough route for both pairings anyway, VK is a love story, and while there's also everybody else and the political issues etc., ultimately the triangle is the center of the story and what most of the important stuff will be centered on all along.

So both pairings still are bound to have quite a share of fangirlable scenes as well as angsty and tear-your-hair-out-in-"Noooo!!"-moments ahead as well. XD; *lol*

I just hope all three will end up happy, and ideally together. D: *will be sad if there's a tragedy and/or a blood bath instead*
(Though of course, I trust in Hino-sensei's storyteller abilities, and if it's a tragedy it will be one of epic angst and heart wrenching pain, but huh........ I'd MUCH prefer a happy loving end for the three together instead. D: D: )

Also, if there's a TON of Zero x Kaname fanservice ahead as well, I'll be a VERY happy fan. XD;;; *lol*

Kaname's acceptance of her there is so lovely.<333

So many men would have a fit over finding out the girl they love also has feelings for another guy. Even more if they went through a lot of hardships for her.

But Kaname loves her so completely that he's willing to accept her however she is. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This is something that gets me jumping with delight, not only because he's adorable with all that, but also because this is such a HUGE open door to Zero x Kaname yaoi of course 8D<33333 the three as a threesome.

After all, if he's willing to accept all that for her, then there are </i>other things</i> he might accept as well...... *-* *runs off with urges to write a fic where Zero & Kaname are trying to 'accept' each other for Yuuki... in bed* 8D;;; *lol*

Sorry, my mind rolled down the slippery slop again. 8D

But yeah, his utter acceptance of her is absolutely adorable. XD<33

Now we just have to get Zero to accept them both as well~! X3 ♥

And Yuuki is also SO CUTE! XD

What worries me is that she might be trying to bury her feelings for Zero in her chest, for the sake of her love for Kaname (she clearly feels guilty for harboring dual feelings, or she wouldn't be apologetically asking if she can be by his side despite that), but then again, she is young, and she doesn't has experience with those things yet. The love she has for them is not one so easily hidden, I think. *threesome fangirl clings to the hope that it will live on and flourish and make all three of them happy, instead of any problems* XD;; *lol*

In any case, her holding Kaname and asking to be with him forever is utterly adorable. XD<333

*pictures Zero asking the same to Yuuki* XD<3

*inevitably mind images stray towards yaoi and Kaname in Zero's arms* 8DDD``


...Yuuki is inevitably the voyeur in all those mind images. XD;;; (More exactly, the one commenading them from a nearby couch or bed, hahaha. XD;;; *shuts up now before she further soils the innocent beauty of that page*

So sorry so many of my ramblings get like that when I'm tired/sleepy. XD;;;

Brb, am busy dying of nosebleed and going to heaven once again in fangirly delight, over that thing Aidou said in that little bubble there, about Kaname subjecting himself to anything and still keeping a smile on his face because it's Yuuki's dominatrix command wish. 8D


It's a contest going on in Japan, where people write to suggest cosplay ideas for the characters. The winning one, Hino-sensei will draw a pic of it for the magazine. X3 (People just write saying what types of costumes they'd like to see VK characters wearing etc. :D)

...until the contest ends and we see the real pic Hino-sensei will draw, the moe from this contest will get us all dreaming of porny things that would never make it into the winning illustration she'll draw. 8D; *lol*
(Like bondage gear. 8D;;)

Please support the series~!! \\^^//<333

CRYPTIC PREVIEW IS CRYPTIC. Right when it gets to the "omg, omg, yes??" part, it suddely breaks off. XD XD
"They" who, I wonder. D:
Sara & co.? Bad vampires? Ex-council allies?
Or the evil influent humans who wanted to take the vampires strengths etc. for their own use?

And they "go and" WHAT?! >XD;; *lol*

XD; *lol*

:D *hopes you enjoyed the chapter* Next Lala is July 24th~!<3

Please don't bash any of the characters or pairings, btw. ^^;;;

Please don't forget~! ^^/ Buy the official release books etc., support the series you love~!

I know it costs money, but the books themselves and depending on where you live for shipping as well, but it's not much. D: Look at the price of a mere shirt in any shop, or of a sandwich etc, and you've quickly covered the price of a book.

And if you live in a place where it's a lot more expensive to import, there might be an official local release cheaper than importing, or maybe you can wait a bit and buy the books slower. :X

Also, please don't scan doujinshi, ;-; Every time someone steals a fanart or scan a doujin, a level E kills a kitten.
XD;; *lol* Not quite, but it hurts the fanartists feelings pretty badly, and sometimes it kills smaller doujin circles by making them leave the fandom etc. because they can't sell their stuff and feel robbed by people redistributing their stuff that way. :X

Doujinshi is not like manga, which is a true commercial product making lots of money etc.
Doujinshi is like fanart, and when the artist can pay for the printing costs, he/she's lucky. :X Especially in a fandom like VK with few doujinshi. :X

Already, with manga, which is a commercial product and all, you're not supposed to just read scans, you need to also buy the books to support the series, or it isn't right. ^^;;// (The scans I provide are merely a replacement for the magazine so that people in other countries can read the chapter while they wait for the books to be out.)

VK doujinshi is terribly rare as it is because so few people make it, so please don't sink the ship by scanning what little exists. ^^;;
Hunt for the doujinshis themselves on auctions and shops etc, and purchase them for your own for your collection (when you find them sold by decent people who don't charge obscene prices...), but please don't hurt the fanartists and the fandom by scanning doujinshi or downloading and distributing doujin scans. ^^//

VK is a lovely fandom, so I have the strong hope that by getting people to know about the issue, they'll understand and respect it. :D ♥ ♥ ♥

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