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Vampire Knight Chapter 51 summary.


I was trying to see if I could get LaLa insanely early this month (yesterday...), but sadly it was not possible after all. :X
So I'll have it next week as normal. ^^/

Please just have a tiny bit more patience and you'll have VK chapter 51 in English and all as always. :DDDDDDD

In China it came out today (it ships a bit earlier from Japan and then shops there put it for sale when it arrives instead of on the official release date, which causes it to be out there a bit earlier than in Japan etc. often), they already have LaLa, so I got to read the chapter in a Chinese forum.

Due to how often people stole from this site and other sites before, I must remind, PLEASE DON'T STEAL THEIR SCANS. D: D: Seriously. -__-;;

If you are a member there and can log in, do see the scans there if you feel like, or otherwise, please simply wait a little bit longer until I can get my LaLa and scan it for you to read. ^^//
Taking their scans and reuploading on your own is not right. People have stolen from various forums so often that now there's GIANT watermarks etc. because people want to avoid the scan theft, and as a result, it's hard to read.
The person who scanned it paid for her LaLa and put in the effort to scan. Stealing her stuff would be disrespectful and ungrateful. So please don't. :X

As for us:

I'll probably have LaLa tuesday or wednesday at most. (Release date is officially the 24th, but I might be able to get it on the 23rd.)

So it's almost here for you to read as well. ;)

Until then, here's a summary/partial translation of the events of chapter 51. :D

It goes under this link to not spoil people passing by. :D Click if you want to read.Collapse )

As I mentioned, you'll have the scanlation as soon as I get my hands on my LaLa, which will be soon enough. :D So just wait a little longer, and until then, well, I hope you enjoy this summary. :D

Sorry for the constant threesome fangirling throughout the summary, and the occasional Zero x Kaname mention. 8D; It's inevitable, as the trio is my OT3, and Zero x Kaname my OTP. X3 *fangirls endlessly*

I'm glad I updated CoB (my fic series) the other day, because I'm so filled with urges to write little one-shots based on this chapter... 8DDDD *lol*

What sucks is, I'll be busy all week-end, so I'm not sure if there will be any ficcage. ;-;
But I draw WAAAY faster than I write, so there will be pics at some point. X33333

Edit: Scanlation posted. :D

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