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Vampire Knight Chapter 51 summary.


I was trying to see if I could get LaLa insanely early this month (yesterday...), but sadly it was not possible after all. :X
So I'll have it next week as normal. ^^/

Please just have a tiny bit more patience and you'll have VK chapter 51 in English and all as always. :DDDDDDD

In China it came out today (it ships a bit earlier from Japan and then shops there put it for sale when it arrives instead of on the official release date, which causes it to be out there a bit earlier than in Japan etc. often), they already have LaLa, so I got to read the chapter in a Chinese forum.

Due to how often people stole from this site and other sites before, I must remind, PLEASE DON'T STEAL THEIR SCANS. D: D: Seriously. -__-;;

If you are a member there and can log in, do see the scans there if you feel like, or otherwise, please simply wait a little bit longer until I can get my LaLa and scan it for you to read. ^^//
Taking their scans and reuploading on your own is not right. People have stolen from various forums so often that now there's GIANT watermarks etc. because people want to avoid the scan theft, and as a result, it's hard to read.
The person who scanned it paid for her LaLa and put in the effort to scan. Stealing her stuff would be disrespectful and ungrateful. So please don't. :X

As for us:

I'll probably have LaLa tuesday or wednesday at most. (Release date is officially the 24th, but I might be able to get it on the 23rd.)

So it's almost here for you to read as well. ;)

Until then, here's a summary/partial translation of the events of chapter 51. :D


This is only partial because I don't have my LaLa yet. ^^/ Some parts of the things said summary (the most fangirlable ones luckily XD;) are for a great part complete, but a few things said are missing.
It's because you can't see everything on the Chinese forum scans. There's a huge part covered by the giant box + watermark they had to put in the center of the pages. (In past months so many disrespectful people stole the scans, back when people had smaller watermarks... I can totally understand the urge to put giant watermark as a result. ^^;)

Once I have my LaLa in hands to scan, you'll have the chapter in English quickly afterwards as usual. :D

For now, here are the main events and things said:

The chapter starts showing Zero and the academy. We see him walking, him at the school, Yori and the Sun Dorm president coming and staring at him significantly until he gets up and follows them, etc.
The narration goes on, and we find out it's Yagari who's talking, to Cross. He's been taking care of the school during that year while Cross was away. He passes onto Cross various information about how things are going at the school etc. ^^/

The "camera" goes back to Zero & co., and by now we know (from Yagari's narration) that some of the students refused with all they had to have their memories wiped out by the hunter spells.

Yori and the others are them. They're talking to Zero, wanting to know more, and ... defending the vampires, apparently. (The watermark covers a lot of the text, so I don't know all that's being said, but they know Zero is a hunter. *hard to see with the blur + the parts covered* ^^; *can't wait to have her own LaLa in hands and see it full-size*)

He insists he has nothing other to say, and that they shouldn't hold onto such illusions. That there are vampires who aren't the enemy, but that there are also ones who are, and when the Association declares those are to be eliminated, he'll do it and that's it. He also tells them to stop pestering about that if they don't want to have their memories erased for sure. :X (Vampire nobles and higher can erase memories naturally, while hunters can also do it, but they have to do so using certain spells/charms. ^^/)

As he's leaving, Yori calls out for him, stopping him. She tells him "Yuuki... she never did anything bad. You wouldn't go and hunt/kill her, would you?"

Zero glares at her (it's hard to see in the small scan, but it looks like a glare, a dark expression in any case), and turns and leaves without replying.

[I don't think he would do it for real, regardless of what he swore to her etc., but the face he made was scary. ^^; *hopes it's just because the scan was blurry, and that it might not be as bad in the actual pic full size*
I'm also hoping he only glared because they were poking at a delicate subject... and not because he's still thinking of going for his pureblood genocide idea. ^^; Chapter 50 had given me so much hope over him feeling better by now, and maybe having reconsidered and all... I really hope he's not still as stuck in the hatred. T___T It's not good for him to live that way, no one can find peace that way and it hurts my hopes of threesome ending if he's wanting to kill the other two. ^^;;; *is shot* XD;;;]

As Zero walked away from the group (Yori + girl who was the Sun Dorm president + boy who was the Sun Dorm president (girl dorm & male dorm are separate)), he switched completely from the weird dark expression to a different one, much softer. (Much hotter too. XD *is shot, can't help but notice the hotness each time*)
Sadly, the small scans are a bit blurry and I can't see if he's looking sad or smiling. D: D: We could speculate on his feelings and intentions a lot more depending on which it is (a harder expression, or a soft smile, or a resigned sad smile, etc etc?), so I look forward to seeing it better on LaLa when I have the magazine. X3

The scene then moves to the Kuran manor. Yuuki was apparently supposed to be studying preparing for "class" (Aidou is her teacher XD), but instead she was laying on her back on the ground among piles of books taking her studies as seriously as usual 8D;, thinking of the fact that she has to run away from Zero until her death... "until one of us becomes ashes" (because of her promise of giving him a reason to live by being an enemy running away from him always so he'd continue going on to kill her :X)...... but "purebloods live forever", so that promise forces her to run away forever and ever so that he'll be okay/have a reason to live.

[This might be why Hino-sensei had him making that face earlier. So we readers continue angsting. XD;; Because if he still wants to kill them, then the promise holds and they're all stuck in epic angst due to having to run from him, him being stuck with hatred etc etc. ... While of course, if he could just knock on her door and go "uh, I changed my mind actually. We can just have peace and all", then it would be waaay easier and we could skip to threesome happy end XD ten volumes of angst right away....... XD XD *LOL*

It better be threesome happy end. D: D: *delusional, clings to her impossible hopes, hopes they're not that impossible after all* XD;;;] Okay, back to the chapter:

Yuuki is thinking of it all and of running away forever etc., and then, she remembers when she was little (not vampire, little but already human, after her mother sealed her memories and Kaname took her to the chairman), and she was cutely snuggled up to Kaname at the chairman's place during one of his visits, thinking of philosophical things. Well, as philosophical as little kids get. XD
She asked him "Kaname-sama, what does 'forever' means?" and he explains that forever is, well, "forever", like "as long/far as the end of the world/the farthest point in the sky" etc etc.

The scene is super cute, he's resting on his back on cushions on the couch, and she's sitting on him all cutely. XD XD It's adorably innocent and snuggly.

He had a book that he might have been reading before, except that chibi-Yuuki is like a cat... you know, when you're trying to read and they climb all over you and lay down on your book so you have to pay attention to them instead?? XD XD She's actually straddling him, laying down on his book and hands. XD XD *LOL*
It's epically cute, as little Yuuki tends to be. X33

It's fascinating how perceptive Yuuki was as a child, perhaps even after turning human, btw.
Whether because it came naturally, or because of the way his eyes must have looked as he explained the concept of "forever", she suddenly said "but then, forever... must feel really lonely, no?"

And Kaname's eyes widen in surprise, because she's spot on about how he feels. He pets her hair, and confesses that yes, he did "feel very lonely..."

♥ XD It was so adorably cute! (Despite the sudden spike of angst. XD;)

Back to the present and its load of angst, Yuuki is thinking of the fact she will virtually never die, since she's a pureblood, and her human view of things finds that whole thing scary.

She's been trying to crush down her vampire side to keep her human side alive, but it's clashing completely because she IS a vampire. She lived 10 years as a human, but ultimately, she's always been a vampire, and there are some incompatible aspects. Afraid of losing her human-ness, she's been trying to keep that alive at the cost of her vampire side, but she's also angsting because she's feeling bad for Kaname too...

She was thinking of the fact she'd live forever and all, when she starts seeing (it's the embodiment of her mind/instincts/needs/etc.) her purely vampire self, talking to her. (Purely vampire, as opposed to her current self who is vampire but wants to keep living as if she was a human ignoring her natural needs and instincts etc. ^^;)

The vampire self is ADORABLE. XD Because the way it's portrayed/looks like is tiny little Yuuki from before her memories were sealed. XD<33333

And which sadly sounds more mature and balanced in her logic than the torn-by-the-whole-ten-years-as-a-human-mess & subsequent-indecision-of-how-to-be-and-act current Yuuki. ^^;;;;
(Juri sure messed up her kids. XD;; With the best of intentions, but I think maybe Yuuki would have been better/more balanced if it had been possible to hide her as a pureblood, instead of making her so confused about how she even should be, repressing even needs as natural as hunger etc. .........YUUKI HAS AN EATING DISORDER! XD *is shot* It's true!!! The refusal to bite and the holding back hunger and all... *is shot more* XD XD)

The tiny chibi Yuuki, who adorably calls her "older" self "oneechama" (that's a word used in Japanese not only for an actual sister, but also usedfor a girl older than you, when you're a kid), tells her that yes, she will live forever, because she's "the same as Kaname-oniisama."

Cue my hilarity at the fact chibi Yuuki can pronounce it right when talking about Kaname, but uses chibi-kid speak when talking about her own 'older'(older looking only) self. XD<3 *melts some more at the chibi-Yuuki*

The scary part is, Yuuki is laying on the ground talking to her chibi-vampire-side as if nothing was amiss (she might be dreaming, simply)... but the little Yuuki, the vampire version, is looking all miserable, and holding onto a torn up book (most likely the one we see Kaname having in the anime/VK Guilty, as the plot details came from Hino-sensei) tight in her little arms.

And she's in the middle of this creepy gross stuff. :X (Gross like that monster thing Haruka made of one of Rido's minions during their fight in volume 8. Or gross like the bubbling ewwy mess Rido looked like when he was regenerating. So, very gross. ^^;)

The gross stuff is made by Yuuki's mind. Who's been trying to crush/silence her poor little self with it. D: D: D:

Normal!Yuuki replies to her saying "Yes, I know." [that she's a vampire like Kaname/will live forever/etc. stuff they were talking about], but the little Yuuki says "No, you don't understand. If you did understand, why are you still now trying to crush me completely??"

And the gross stuff around chibi Yuuki swells up like whoa, and attempts to devour/swallow her!! O_O While normal Yuuki just watches impassible. ^^; (She's the one doing it. ^^;;;)

Little Yuuki tells her that she's so cruel for doing that even though she had gone and awakened her. (As in the current Yuuki woke her up, and then is trying to crush her --I'd like to believe, unconsciously. ^^;)
She's right about the waking up... Juri's spell had originally messed up because Yuuki herself wanted to wake up/remember etc. :O Aside from Rido attacking etc.
The intent to remember was hers, so in a way, little Yuuki is right in saying it's the older Yuuki who woke her up.)

The monster thing in Yuuki's mind is completely swallowing/crushing the little girl Yuuki, who's desperately trying to reach out and escape it, crying and asking in a chibi-kid way but also so very mature, why is she doing this, and whether it's really such a horrible thing at her eyes that she has her natural vampire instincts and all that? She says she just wanted to snuggle closer because eternity is so scary and lonely just alone in her corner, and various other heartbreakingly sad and cute things that the scan was too blurry and covered up to read. 8D; (Sadly, a lot of what she says in that page is covered up, but it looks like little Yuuki is more or less explaining that the blood drinking is not something weird and wrong, but her way to be close to Kaname and share feelings etc to not be always alone etc., and that thus, there's no need to be afraid/refuse the fangs etc. -- we'll know for sure when I have LaLa and can actually read the whole thing that's covered in those scans. XD; *lol*)

(That imaginary little Yuuki is the embodiment of all that's purely vampire in Yuuki, hence her instincts, her need for using fangs/taking blood and all, but the current Yuuki is trying to repress her instincts so that she won't lose her humanity, she thinks. Hence trying to silence and crush the little girl. D:)

I have to say, crying tiny Yuuki being crushed by the monster, with her little hand reaching out and her little teary eyes is heartbreaking. ;___; (Expect oodles of fanart when I finally have time. 8D;;; *fluffy Muses wanting to console poor chibi Yuuki with fluff and cute stuff are going wild*)

During the whole time the little girl is crying and trying to reach out of the monster/gross thing swallowing her, Yuuki is just unmoving, watching totally impassible. D: D:

Until the little girl is saying that all her vampire instincts and needs ARE her (Yuuki, the current one), anyway, so why is it so bad...? Then, at the last instant, when the little girl is finally swept under/almost disappears in, Yuuki lunges forward and grabs onto her hand that was sticking out, to not let her be swallowed.

And whether because it was all a dream, or merely because there's no more appropriate metaphor, in her hand that she grabbed onto little Yuuki with, it's actually the rose in resin Kaname gave her. (Which was sitting on a pile of books next to Yuuki. So she basically luncged forward and grabbed it, while dropping the books.)

She holds onto it dearly, and is repeating the things that her vampire self was saying, about wanting to snuggle up closer to not be alone all eternity (implied it's to Kaname, the snuggling XD *lol* Not to her little self), and that he [Kaname] has spent so long alone and suffered so long already...

The next page is still dramatic, but almost funny, because there's a sudden change in the overall topic. 8D; It's still angsty, it's still about Yuuki accepting or not quite accepting fully herself and her needs, but as Yuuki is thinking of Kaname, and accepting her vampire instincts more...... she's talking to herself saying that when she sees "Kaname's beautiful, pale neck, she wants to pierce into it hard with her fangs and drink his blood" etc etc...... (*nosebleeds violently as reading* 8D;), then suddenly, simply thinking about his neck etc gets her super thirsty! XD XD It's like a fit of horny. XD *is shot*

Yeah, I know, it's still angsty, but the sudden move from super dramatic to "Omg-neck-hotness-is-irresistible-MUSTHAVEITNOW" was... kind of funny. XD;;; *lol*

Problem is, Kaname is not home, and now Yuuki is back laying on the ground among the piles of books trying to control her thist. XD;;

As she's doing it, she realizes that "as Kaname said, there's is a part of me that..." (See chapter 49... XD)

And now she starts thirsting for Zero too! 8D;;;; (GET A THREESOME ALREADY, YOU THREE!! XD)

Poor Yuuki, the total lack of her harem in nearby proximity makes that she ends up biting her own hand in an epic fail attempt to distract herself from hungering for them. 8D;;

Back to the seriousness though, she was trying to concentrate on something to bring the thirst under control, and she's torn between the voice of her needs, calling out loudly for Kaname (no kidding, and the most amazing part is......... she calls him "Kaname!!" without any honorifics, when she's thinking of him!! Right the exact way he dreams of being called by her. O_O)
But then, as she tries to control her thirst, she's thinking she "shouldn't be so spoiled" and just immediatly jump for his blood/take it for granted.

...!! Yuuki...... you must be blind to not notice HOW MUCH he yearns for you to do just that. 8D;;
She seems to think it's bad because she's a spoiled brat if she gives in to her hunger. D: D: EATING DISORDER. XD;;; I'm telling you... *dodges tomatoes*

Elsewhere in the mansion, Aidou was reading when he smells her blood. (From the hand bite. XD;)
He runs after her and finds her wandering aimlessly around the house in her hunger fit. XD;;

At first, he thought she'd hurt herself and was randomly wandering around hurt, and he was all "Who do you think Kaname-sama will be angry at for this??!" (Aidou, Yuuki's official babysitter XD XD *LOL*), and then, when he sees her face, he notices the smudge of blood by her lips/chin, and is all "You bit yourself?? What, are you a moron??" XD;;;;;;; (Because, well, it's pointless, you can't take nourishment from yourself, so there's no point, as Yuuki says she realizes it, but had just done it on the spur of the moment "sudden CHOMP", and found out it hurts like whoa. XD;;; *lol*)

Aidou is surprised that she was hungry despite having access to Kaname's blood as she pleases. (He might not know about her refusal to use her fangs etc. If she's still like she was 6 months after they moved, in chapter 50, then she might also be waiting until the very last minute she can hold the hunger for, since she's denying her instincts... As you can guess from how hungry she was in the flashback in 50. :X)

Btw, they're in a strange deep underground corridor with the big Kuran crest on some huge doors at the end of it, and Aidou suddenly asked "Uh, what's this place? I didn't know a place like this even existed here?" and Yuuki herself is all surprised and says she doesn't knows, and was just wandering and then found her way there by accident. (The house must be HUUUGE for such a thng to happen that way. 8D)

I bet good money her instincts just took her to TEH PLACE or something, where Rido did the mess with the ancestor, or something big like that. XD
There's no way there was all that "what's this place??" and the big doors and all for no reason. I'm sure something epic is behind those doors. XD Maybe not the stuff with Rido having happened there, but something epic must be there. Ancestor remains maybe? :X

So, they both leave the door alone, distracted by the talk of Yuuki biting her own hand, and Aidou offers Yuuki his blood tablets for now, but right then, Kaname comes back home and says there's no need.
Aidou leaves, and Yuuki is welcoming Kaname home.

He's a bit surprised she bit herself. XD XD But he's also quick to see that it means she has finally learned to use her fangs. Congratulations. You has leveled up, Yuuki lv1 --> lv2. XD<3 *shot*

The very moment he says that sooo, she learned to use her fangs.........THE LOOK ON HIS FACE. XD XD
I do not think it's possible to have "Omg, bite me, bite me, bite me!!" written on one's face more clearly than he did then. XD XD *lol*

He kisses her hand (the one that she bit XD XD Well, she bit farther down XD), and asks if she remembers when he explained that a vampire's thirst can only be quenched by the blood of their loved one... She says she does, and then... EPIC MOMENT.
*threesome fan runs all over the place with confetti* 8D;;

Yuuki tells Kaname "Yes... which means that my hunger will never be completely, 100% sated... Because even now, there's one chunk of my heart that remains attached to a link I can't cut. Attached to Zero."

In other words, she's saying she loves them both. (Although the mention of the link that can't be cut makes me wonder if she tried to cut off poor Zero. D: That might be why before she told him she only hungered for Kaname's blood alone, while now she confesses that part of her hungers also for Zero's.)

Since she let on more than once that her thirst could be satisfied by Kaname's blood (thus meaning she does loves him for real and completely --people who deny that, please note it is canon), but she also said she hungered for Zero's and since there's "a chunk of her heart that needs it to have the thirst quenched", it means that part of her heart loves Zero too, for real, and not just as a passing fancy or anything. (Otherwise, there wouldn't be that NEED to quench the thirst. It's canon she has true love for them both. *-*/
So please threesome now, it's openly canon that she loves them both~~~! XD<3 We just have to work on the yaoi aspect of the triangle now. 8D<333
Set up your harem already, woman, you're making them both suffer. :X
While you could instead be happy and enjoying yaoi of them together. 8D; *is violently shot, couldn't resist saying it* XD;;;

Instead of being annoyed by her open declaration of loving Zero as well, Kaname accepts her completely and hugs her, saying he knows.<333333

Yuuki interrupts him as he's saying all that, and she asks him if it's okay for her to be with him[Kaname] despite that? (As in, despite the fact she loves Zero as well. Since, well, many men would object to being with a woman who loves them but also some other guy. XD But you know, it's Kaname. And Yuuki. She could probably tell him she was having a sex change and he wouldn't compla-*stops self suddenly just before starting a fit of fangirling Yuuki x Kaname yaoi with Kaname as the uke* 8D;;;;;;)

Yuuki, seriously, what do you think he'll answer? >XD *lol*

She cups Kaname's cheeks with her hands, and looking up into his eyes, tells him she wants to be with him forever!<3

End of chapter, on that scene of her holding him and looking up, both of them with eyes all soft-looking and locked on each other.


Sure, plot-wise we haven't gone very far on the action aspect, but this was still an epic chapter. X3 It's great to know her feelings a bit more.<3333

And the chapter would have been worth it and delightful just with Zero's hotness at the beginning and for how UBER ADORABLE little Kaname and Yuuki were in the flashback, plus the super cute little-vampire-instincts-side-Yuuki.......... but once Kaname came back home by the end and things became so epic with Yuuki's confessions that it got countless times even better. X3

Lovely chapter, filled with fangirlable moments. X33

Edit: *ROTFL* I was talking with my husband about how Yuuki seemed a bit psychotic in this chapter, with her conversations between the different aspects of her mind, and his reply was "She's the daughter of Juri and closely related to Rido. What did you expect?" SPOT ON. XD XD *LOL*

As I mentioned, you'll have the scanlation as soon as I get my hands on my LaLa, which will be soon enough. :D So just wait a little longer, and until then, well, I hope you enjoy this summary. :D

Sorry for the constant threesome fangirling throughout the summary, and the occasional Zero x Kaname mention. 8D; It's inevitable, as the trio is my OT3, and Zero x Kaname my OTP. X3 *fangirls endlessly*

I'm glad I updated CoB (my fic series) the other day, because I'm so filled with urges to write little one-shots based on this chapter... 8DDDD *lol*

What sucks is, I'll be busy all week-end, so I'm not sure if there will be any ficcage. ;-;
But I draw WAAAY faster than I write, so there will be pics at some point. X33333

Edit: Scanlation posted. :D

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