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VK 50 scanlated in English is here! :D


VK 50 scanlated in English is here! :D

I HAD to put that pic of Zero in the preview. His pose & smile were just so hot that it caused me three hours of a sleazy grin on my face. XD

Also, this chapter has filled me with such IMMENSE Zero x Kaname moe ever since I put my hands in the magazine, can you imagine how hard it was to resist the temptation to write fanfiction right away instead of spending the entire night scanlating? XD;;;
It was HARD. XD *was so terribly tempted, and the playlist filled with sexy Zero x Kaname yaoi inducing songs didn't help either* 8D;;
As soon as I have time again next, I'm SO SO writing OODLES of fanfiction with the moe from this chapter. 8D;;;

It took longer than usual, probably because I've been sick lately. (Flu with really bad timing to catch so close to the chapter coming out ^^;)
Usually I don't pass out asleep on the table in the middle of it. 8D;;; *lol* *was making a pause while cleaning the scans, suddenly noticed a while had passed and she was almost drooling on her table* XD;;;; Urg. XD;;

(Hence taking pauses, though my energy still held better than expected. XD *is a brute that is not as affected by flu etc, probably due to pureblood healing. 8D; *lol*)

Also, 50 is 33% longer than the usual chapters, which must also have made it take longer. XD;; <-- *stupidly spent most of the night wondering why it was taking so much longer, then suddenly realizes the number of pages is in direct correlation to that* 8D;;;;;;;

But in any case, IT'S HERE now~! \\*__*// Whee~


Truth to be said, Yuuki is adorable in it too. XD And the chairman is LOVE~<3
Although inevitably, my Zero x Kaname self focuses more on staring at the beauty of those two. ;D

As usual, you might want to read first normally, and only read my commentary on your second reading, or it might ruin the serious.

Sorry if the commentary is full of typos. I put my best energy in doing the scanlation itself, and the commentary is... well, my random ramblings afterwards. XD;;

I added sometimes in the sides of some of the pages some notes explaining certain things and with reminders of stuff that might have been forgotten from past chapters, since I notice that often people forget details due to the fact there's a whole month between each chapter. And since people reading on Onemanga might not see such things put in my commentary in the post here, the little reminders will hopefully be useful.
If you don't need them, just ignore the little blurbs I guess? XD;;

Onwards with the chapter! :D

DVD 5 of VKG is out in a few days! :D :D

When I saw this ad, I had a momentary dorky panic over whether I'd preordered already or where at risk of getting the limited edition sold out before I got my grabby hands on it. XD;;
Of course, I then remembered I'd preordered ages ago. 8D;;; *can't help but panic needlessly*

At the bottom of the pic, they're advertising the upcoming contest held in Japan, where people can write saying what they'd like to see the VK characters cosplaying as, and Hino-sensei will draw the best idea. :D
The pic of Kaname as a doctor is one Hino-sensei drew a while ago, but it fit so they used it in this page. :3
(The examples written elsewhere in the magazine where... diverse. Such as "Yuuki as Alice in wonderland, and Kaname as the Queen of Hearts!" KINKY? XD;;; XD;; Sadly, there was no example for Zero, but they gave as example chairman Cross as a rockstar, and yum, I think he'd look good. 8D)

Cover art for the upcoming volume 10! :D
Out on June 5th~~ (in Japan)! :3 *makes grabby hands towards bookstore already* XD

If you saw my previous post, you've already seen the pretty eye-candy, but it's still lovely all over again. X3

Metaphorical paper is metaphorical. XD *lol* (Since we know they couldn't risk sending letters, as mentioned later on, there's not really any letters flying around in the air there, the stationery there is probably just the papers Yuuki is thinking of or writing on. XD;;)

Unless it really is random pages of the same stationery as the one she has, randomly flying in the air. 8D *shot*

Btw, Zero isn't ripping any letters. XD;
Yuuki hasn't sent the letters she's written, because they couldn't risk Sara tracking it down or something tragic because of that happening. So she must have written it then torn them since they couldn't be sent.
She said she writes to Yori (not to send, just for the sake of writing as if she was talking to them), but she most likely has also done the same thinking of Zero, and most likely the chairman too, and so on. :)

The kid is SO ADORABLY CUTE! She had my full melting attention until the sex god Zero stepped into the picture in that trenchcoat. 8D

(Zero = sex god #2
Kaname = sex god #1 because he was born first. XD
*sticks them together in bed* XD *dodges tomatos from non-yaoi fans* XD;;)

Btw, and because I've seen various people asking this: Nope, that's not Ichiru's coat, he's never worn any coat ressembling this one.
Ichiru died wearing a short-ish jacket, not a trenchcoat. ^^/

I'd intially wondered if Zero had inherited one of Kaname's coats, actually. XD;; They seem to be getting similar tastes for coast.<333
To go along with the fact that for the past few chapters, Hino-sensei draws Zero more and more looking like Kaname, hair-wise. XD;;
(The eyes are totally different, usually, but the hair is getting similar. XD)

*salivates profusely*

If I was that kid, he'd have the bag an hour later. *stares at his face drooling, takes forever to realize he's speaking* XD;;;

Also, there's no words to describe just HOW MUCH I wish it was Kaname half-naked there in the ground, being comforted by sexy Zero in trenchcoat, and not some random-chibi-kid. XD;;;

Sorry, the ZxK yaoi is going wild here right now. XD *fangirls wildly*

However, I have to admit, this is one of the cutest scenes EVER. XD

See, Zero is perfect for comforting scared people gently and soothingly. 8D *immense urges to go tweak latest chapter of her fic CoB*

Ah, and my brain woke up and would like to mention two actually relevant things. XD;;

1) Remember chapter 49? Lots of people said they didn't recognize the Cross Academy uniform as being what Zero was wearing, but it indeed was it. XD *lol*

2) I'm DELIGHTED by chapter 50. Not merely because Z & K are immensely hot in it, but because it's really a weight lifted from my shoulders to find out that Zero has a home (err, imperfect and lonely as it may be), is in school, has contact with his master & chairman Cross, is fitting in with the association, and has calmed down so much. (If you followed my advice to not read the commentary before reading the manga chapter, you haven't just been horrifically spoiled. XD;;;;;)

At the end of chapter 49, it REALLY looked like he might just be going after any vampires without it necessarily being fair (he had after all said he'd kill everybody and all), and I was scared he might even be living in the street and losing himself completely...
And thne, came chapter 50, and we see that he's doing SO MUCH better than we expected, and that even though his life is painfully lonely without Yuuki, he's mattured and grown SO MUCH, and he's.... EPIC LEVELS OF HOTNESS OMG AKJFHLS;- *shot* generally doing so much better than we expected. :D I'm delighted.

And it opens SO MANY horizons for plot bunnies. 8D;

Speaking of which, there's SO many plot bunnies I had that involved something or another that became canon in this fic, it's crazy. 8D;;; Even a future part of CoB's plot came true in this chapter. XD;;; I'm not sure wtf to do, and whether to actually make changes to the fics as a result or not. 8D;;;;;

For who doesn't hangs around here regularly, "Cob" = "Cradle of Blood", is just my ongoing Zero x Kaname yaoi fic series. XD; Ignore the yaoi fangirl's wild ramble here. XD *lol*

*back to the chapter* XD

And he doesn't wants the recognition or the thanks etc. :D<3

The city looks lovely in the winter. X3

Old building is creaky. XD XD

Dude, that is, err, WAS your wall. D:

Also, I don't think that amount of strength is the average for a normal level D, FAR from that. 8D;; Wow! XD

Chairman Cross~~~~~~~~~~~~~<33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

As adorable as ever! XD<3

And hey, I can't help but wonder tons of things from that little bit of information volunteered there.... I wonder if he is just wealthy and had the building built, or if he worked in construction or something... (As in, whatever he might have done in his youth on the side of hunting, before his life all changed more etc. After all, Yagari has a teaching licence and all for normal schools, so he hasn't only done hunter studies. It must be the same for Cross. :3
The fanbook also mentions that it's not uncommon for hunters to have a job or be students etc. as a "day job" on the side of their job as hunters. :D)

As for why the chairman's aura feels a bit like that of a vampire, in chapter 45 he hints at having drank Juri's blood after she wounded him when she was pregnant. ^^/
(It's not openly said, but it's presumably something along those lines, as he has many abilities that are somewhat vampire-like, such as impressive sense of smell, and when the previous president died taken over by Rido's blood, the chairman said that a similar thing could have happened to him (having one's body taken over by a pureblood's blood.)
Zero says his aura feels like that of a vampire a bit too, so it's even more probable that indeed the chairman drank Juri's blood after the flashback in 45. ^^/

Although, err, I secretly ALSO ship chairman x Kaname and hope it was his blood he drank. 8D *re-shot*

You know, right when the previous president died, I expected them to pick Cross as the new president. XD
Maybe they can't because he's far too deep close to the vampire world/not exactly a normal hunter anymore either since he quit, but he sure seems to still have quite a sway over the association.
Starting with the way he's barely out from his supposed imprisonment, and yet is participating in really important decisions and stuff, and very much looks like he's kind of guiding the association from the shadows. XD I love you chairman Cross, both for your goofy mask, and for your awesome serious self. You're as effective as Kaname when you want to get stuff done too. XD;

Also, Zero is SO CUTE in his:
Zero: "Rawr, I'm going to kill everybody!"
Parental figures: "Go to school!!"
Zero: "......okay."
Zero: *throws self in bed tiredly in super sexy manner*


*bravely resists urge to insert here distasteful porny yaoi comment* 83~~

Sooooooo sexy. X3

So tragic too. D: I hope he won't ever lose it and do a massacre or something. (As in, with innocents. If it's people murderous like the council, meh. XD;)
His mention of needing to kills so the hunger will stay quiet is rather kinda psycho XD; scary. :X
But then, compared to how we feared he'd be faring after this year, it's way mild. XD; At least he's resisting and sticking to the official lists, which AMAZES me. And makes me all happy/fangirly/proud of his resisting the bad urges. XD;;;;;

Err, yes, I'm obsesssed by VK, why? XD;; *lol*

*urges to write ficlet with Zero sating his hunger in a different way* 8D~~ *goes down the porny way yet again*

My brain never goes to the gutter. It has always been there and never left. XD

The chairman was really scared there for a moment. ^^; He came to find his young champion in which he intended to place his hopes for the rebuilt future, and for a moment he thought maybe Zero was making up excuses to kill random vampires and quench his urges... ^^;

I'm so glad that Zero isn't doing that, and that the two guys really were bad guys/were doing bad stuff. :D *is so reassured, after the worries at the end of chapter 49* X3 (Hino-sensei sure knows how to hit us with cliffhangers of doom. *LOL* XD XD)

It's like he said to the little girl, "I may be scary, but I won't do anything scary."
*melts* XD<3


Also, this is the mirror of how Kaname was so down after the loss of his parents and Yuuki turning human. They're both addicted to the tablets out of utter desperation and starvation. D:

(Well, Zero at least seems WAY more balanced/calm right now than Kaname was back then, but Zero has the advantage of being 18 while Kaname was 8 back then, so that sure helps keep one's head cooler, however much one may feel depressed.)

Onto more relevant details, Zero being able to take the pills is huge news. ^^/
*billion plot bunnies sprout to life* XD;;;

HOLY..... On the subject of amazing discoveries, this one is one of the biggest revelations of this chapter and of so many lately. ;D

Like Zero said, we don't quite know anything for sure, nor whether it's all good definitively, but wow. Even just being mostly fine is already such a huge change. (And explains the ability to take the tablets now.)

I'm amazed and marvelled, because I'd thought it might be too good to be true that this could happen, and it's indeniably awesome that through Kaname's blood and Ichiru, Zero could get the necessary stuff from Shizuka to be either fully stabilized or at least mostly. *___*

A part of me is sad that this means he won't be having sexy blood-drinking from Kaname in a last-minute-in-danger-of-falling-to-level-E thing again like in chapter 30, but her, he did say one can't quite be sure it's over, and besides, perhaps it just means that now they can have it for the sake of kink and not for such dramatic reasons. *-*/ Porn for the sake of porn!! *is shot again* XD;

Also, notice how Zero as tsundere as ever XD admits to have been saved from level E through drinking from Ichiru and "him", but won't said aloud "his" name. XD<333333 *amused by the slightets things*

And also, WHAT A HOT SMILE. *0* OMG. *dead*

Zero has matured and calmed down so much lately that the chairman decided he was safe to open up about the important stuff to, after all. XD

D: *worries about the murderous urges he has for Kaname*

Yes, the mess is bad, but it's better to be able to eliminate those rotten apples now than have them poison the future chances of peace and coexistence, by continuing to prey on humans in secret and ruin the trust between vampire & human societies. ^^/
So perhaps the chaos post-council elimination wasn't all that bad for humans and vampires. Not to mention it fills the lists to keep Zero's killing urges a bit calm. 8D; *lol*

If you remember, back in the early volumes of the manga, so presumably less than 2 years before at the very most, or a year and a tidbit more otherwise (I'd have to check again and calculate an estimate of months passed based on seasons), Yagari had mentioned that the execution list was all blank/empty, and joked around with Kaname saying that if the pureblood got bored and fell asleep in class, he'd put him on the list. XD (Kaname liked the joke and laughed. XD)

While now the lists are full enough that not only Zero but also other hunters are constantly busy with it, and there's people you just randomly find in the streets and they turn out to be on the list already. (I.e., there must be quite a bit of people on those lists.)

Considering that (see chapter 48), the council had humans who volunteered because of wishing to become vampires, and that they had turned and all (presumably by Rido and others, but also even by Kaname when he was a child and under their control/unable to risk refusing them and having them go after Yuuki or something D: Remember, Rido and as such Ichiou knew about Yuuki...), so it wouldn't surprise me if the council had quite a ton of not-so-stable and not all that nice ex-human underlings that made even more chaos when it all hit the fan. ^^;
(Not all ex-humans are from previous conflicts, far from it... And from the vibe we get from the average council underling, they're far from being nice like Zero. ^^;)

You can tell I'm sleepy when I get more and more random in my rambling. XD;;

EPIC. *_*

Also Zero's face. ^^;;;

It's inevitably tragic, the angst, the hatred, the fate bringing them back close and making it dangerous for both and all (because Zero has the urge to kill to resist, and well, Kaname isn't going to not react if something happens, so it's a double danger :X)...... and yet right now I'm so tired (you know how your mind works funny when tired XD;) that I can't help but see a strangely comical side to it all: *chairman comes to visit Zero, Zero is so much calmer, doing better, working on controlling his killing urges, and just keeps avoiding mentioning Kaname's name under any circumstances. Chairman mentions it just once. Zero nearly has a rage-induced apoplexy and blows the windows, then goes on rampage* XD;;;

Please don't throw rocks, I realize it's tragic and will fangirl the immense angst potential of it all over again later, but right now my brain is being very silly, and the whole rage explosion moment is really giving me urges to draw silly parody 4case comics with the three of them. XD;;;; And maybe Zero hissing? XD XD<3

Also, epic pureblood-like window cracking under the anger. ♥ ♥ ♥
(Yes, this somehow makes Zero even hotter. 8D;)

The silly parody urges aside, I fangirl his bouncing back fast. He has that rage fit, and then quickly is back to thinking strategically. (Well, being uber full of distrust, but still, he was still analysing possibilities, and right the next page, he came to an amazing conclusion.<33

One of the things I fangirled the MOST in his chapter. Zero's decision to "let Kaname live for now". XD<3

This is splendid for me on SO MANY LEVELS.

One, the yaoi one, of course. 83 So many fic possibilities there, YUM~ *salivates in advance imagining so many possible fic stuff* XD;;;;;;

Another, more on the innocent VK fangirling aspect, it's a HUGE step for Zero, this decision, considering how extreme he was being a year ago, with the "I'll kill you all" towards all purebloods.
I'd REALLY REALLY hoped that it was just because he was immensely shaken by Rido killing Ichiru and Yuuki being a pureblood, and it all happened just so fast because of the academy being attacked and all, but that once he had enough time to think, mourn his brother, and accept a little the fact that Yuuki may be a pureblood but his love can't turn to hatred like that so easily, he'd bounce back. ANd it seems that maybe, he is... slowly, but he's getting better!

Sure, he still has a world of problems to work on (they all do XD;), but he's doing so much better and is being so mature and wonderful. <3

Chapter 49 filled me with immense love for Kaname for confessing everything to Yuuki and baring his soul so much, and chapter 50 fills me with immense love for Zero for the HUGE progress he's made and how much he grew up, that he can now say he's willing to put aside his urge to kill Kaname, for the sake of society not tearing itself apart.

Even if he said it was only for now. XD;;; We'll hope the murderous urges to lessen on the long run.

*fangirls them both like whoa* X333

Sexy eyes! X3

Flachback. ^^/ This is passed six months after Kaname and Yuuki arrive at the Kuran manor, so, six months prior to the current point in the manga.

I'll refrain from ruining the powerful moment by mentioning the things I'm thinking of when he mentions the things he's waiting for her to be ready to go for. XD *lol*

Unless they already did it and he's talking about something else. XD *LOL* Unlikely, Yuuki is to otome-like. ;D They're probably waiting until she's ready/a bit older/err, I must finish this commentary soon as I can finally post and go write porn fanfiction sleep. *-*///

Kaname does everything sexily, even bleeding. *-*

Also, he's so cute doing all this so that her face is by his neck and hopefully she starts using her fangs. XD;

This means that throughout all this time, he's been having to cut himself whenever she needs to feed...

I just love how he's all "this is extremely important, you must use your fangs, I can't keep letting you do this, it's not good for your development etc. etc." type of thing, then she resists for a few seconds and he immediatly gives in and lets her do as she pleases. 8DDD *LOL*

He's adorable, and has NO authority whatsoever when it comes to her wants. XD;;;; *LOL*
Which is very cute, although I bet as of now she still can't use her fangs, as a result. XD;; *lol*

I wonder if she traumatized herself when she got bloodlusty the night of her awakening and saw herself as a beast (the more violent side of the vampire nature) as she claimed Kaname's blood a bit roughly, or what. *renewed nosebleeding violently at the memory of glorious chapter 36* XD;;

I also have a theory that perhaps she'd have been just fine and would have accepted her vampire side more or less naturally, but Zero's rejection of everything vampire (to the point of pointing his gun at his best friend and telling her he'd kill her "even though she hadn't done anything bad" ^^;) is perhaps what made her disgusted of herself and her vampire instincts, and she's holding back because she fears that if she accepts her more violent vampire side completely, then she'll lose whatever little human-ish-ness she might still have, thus losing Zero's friendship forever.

You know how dense and innocent Yuuki can be, I wouldn't be surprised if it was that that's going on in her mind. XD;;;

After all, like Kaname mentioned, she's totally starved for his blood, and yet she denies herself over and over the simple act of taking it with her fangs, sticking instead to the cuts...

I think that's why there's that emphasis on the bracelet in her wrist in the blood drinking scene. She's holding back on her vampire development for the sake of holding onto that illusions of humanity that she assumes Zero might maybe care about. ^^: (Because she might think he'll hate her more if she gives in to all of her vampire instincts.)

Hence also why Kaname makes a sad face whenever he sees the bracelet on her wrist. (And yet, he doesn't asks her to take it off, and just accepts her however she is, without bugging her about her attachments etc.<3)

I'm not accusing Zero for anything at all if Yuuki did really get traumatized by the whole ordeal, because clearly, he was so beyond messed up at that point with Ichiru's death and the whole issue with Yuuki being a vampire and Rido attacking and everything, that well, no one there was behaving at their best. ^^; But seeing how VK is full of lovely characters getting deeply hurt and then trying to hide it to avoid harming their loved ones, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Yuuki is indeed denying herself a big part of her normal vampire development to cling to a semblant of humanity that she feels might be what Zero likes in her. D:

Also, Zero seems to be accepting himself as a vampire a bit more (see his talk with the chairman, and that sexy accepting/resigned smile as he spoke of the vampire nature and its never-ending struggle), so I'm hoping that on the long run, such issues might be fixed for all of them. ^^;/


Presumably living with them? XD I doubt people come and go all the time, or it would be more obvious, so aside from Kaname etc. leaving for political stuff etc whenever necessary, I don't know if Aidou would be coming and going or staying over to teach Yuuki? X3 *wonders, loves the idea of them all living together* XD

Yuuki, you need to get used to your pureblood strenght, ideally before you kill someone with it. 8D;;;

I think that crack was his neck. XD;;; Yay for high-powered vampire healing. XD;; *lol*

Poor Aidou. XD XD And his attempt of just shrugging it off and getting to the lesson is hilariously cute. XD

Hino-sensei is a master of alterning adorable cuteness and moments of angst that really goes to the heart.

What's a better sign of one's sadness at not being able to go out, then writing letters to friends you know you can't send the letters to, for your safety and possibly also for their own safety. (Imagine what Sara might do to delicate Yori if she felt that she might lead her to Yuuki and thus to Kaname!! D: We remember her torturing Takuma, and he's a powerful high-nobility vampire. Yori would be in a world of trouble/pain. D: *tries to get brain to not picture kinky hot yuri all of a sudden* 8D;;;)

Speaking of which, I'm SO hoping that one of the upcoming chapters will include a flashback with Kaname (or Rima & Shiki, or all three XD) rescuing Takuma from Sara's claws. :X *misses cute bumbly happy-go-round vampire*

If Takuma is still in Sara's hands, I bet Kaname must be trying to get him back. We know he wouldn't just leave things that way. ^^/

Btw, because I see lots of people mentioning that "Yuuki must be secretly writing thinking of Zero instead", she has no reason to lie. ^^/ Why would she hide writing to him? :)
At that point, she was writing to Yori, although she's certainly written to Zero too. :D

Aidou did mention she's written letters just for the sake of putting it into paper even though it was unsafe to send. :D So of course she must have been also writing ones thinking of Zero. :)

Hence why at the beginning of the chapter, there's paper flying, torn. It's a metaphor for the letters she's written to him and torn since it was just for the sake of putting her thoughts in the paper to lift from her heart the weight of not being able to talk to him. ^^/

(In some cases writing helps you feel closer, but since it also means you miss those people and have some sadness due to being unable to safely go see them, it's why Kaname worries when he sees that. He's been trying to reorganize everything so that she can finally be safe to freely not worry when going out, so it must put even more pressure on his urge to get everything back safe soon, that feeling of "I'm not being fast enough, she misses them". ^^/)

I really hope Zero will quit the "I'll kill you next time I see you", or it will make things harder, even beyond the point where it's safe to send letters again. ^^;;
But seeing how much he's matured during this year, and that now he's calm enough to even accept a pureblood living for the sake of society being more peaceful, I'm sure he will have no problem to drop that matter with Yuuki. :D

Let's hope Sara doesn't screws everything up for them. D: (By attacking the peace meeting etc. ^^;)

Also, Sara is a BIG reason why sending letters is unsafe. What if she is trying to find where they are, and somehow finds out about suspicious letters coming to Cross Academy?

Zero can defend himself much better if she went after him, but can you imagine the carnage Sara could do trying to extract info from Yori, for example? ^^;; If she found somehow suspicious letters arriving and addressed to Yori? (Provided Sara has spies, which wouldn't be surprising...)

Sending letters currently is not only unsafe because it endangers the Kurans, it's also unsafe for their loved ones. D:

MORE angst. *fangirly explosion, always found uber sad but inevitably angsty-powerful Kaname's sadness over her calling him "senpai" instead of something less distant* :X

Yuuki, please get a clue. ^^;;;;;;;;;

Aidou getting up suddenly because he noticed he was sitting while Kaname was standing is so cute. XD<3

And the Kaname x Yuuki interaction in this page and the next is to die for. XD

AWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~~~! XD<333333333

Aidou's dad has a death wish, huh. D:
XD; *lol*

I think Ichiou had more class. 83 He was a jerk in a more fancy way. *LOL*

Then again... *suddenly remembers Ichiou shoving council-ally-families' girls in Kaname's face during the funeral party for his parents in the anime* Huh, maybe not that much. XD;;

Well THIS reaction was hilarious, and not one too easy to picture with Ichiou, hahaha! XD

Way to go, Yuuki, as it seemed like you were being overly polite to remind him painfully of his insulting lack of politeness towards a pureblood... when in truth, Yuuki was just being herself and clueless. XD *LOL*

The rest of the vampire society better not be all stare/look odd/look down at her, or Kaname (and Zero XD) will have them for breakfast. 8D; *lol*

And btw, another interesting detail: So Kaname wasn't scheduled to come home yet (as per Yuuki's words), and just dropped by really fast before he had to leave right away. (as per Kaname's words).
He could have needed to pick up some paperwork or something that he'd forgotten for the next meeting, but how likely is that?
.......The truth most likely is, he dropped by just to see Yuuki and get that good luck kissie from her. XD *LOL*

That's utterly adorable on so many levels. XD XD Although it makes me worry, what is he putting himself into, that even someone as strong as him, feels the need to run home for a kiss from her before feeling strong enough to affront whatever it is? :X
*urge to kick Aidou's dad for 1) interrupting and 2) looking so annoyed at the fact Kaname delayed them coming home just for that* :X

The whole situation is angsty also on a much deeper level: We know Kaname hates being around too much people, having to go and do political stuff etc... He's suffered having to put on a mask and deal with that for a while before already, but then, one would hope things would go well once there was no more council and Yuuki and him could just be together and have peace, right? Well no, because now he has to reorganize the whole society for it to be finally safe for Yuuki. (In a way he's doing what his parents didn't, so that she won't have to hide, nor be in danger anymore.)

So after 10 years suffering without her, he's now also suffering having to travel all the time and do all this political stuff/rearrange everything while worrying for her and feeling bad that it's taking time and she's not safe yet to go out without risks etc. :X

If at least he got to come home to have her call him the way he wishes, it would be better, but with the senpai thing... ^^;

She felt so bad because he had to shoulder all that pain etc. alone all this time, but what is she doing now? I hope she's supporting/helping too, because it looks kind of like she's still trying to stay a bit in her childhood, while Kaname is having to do all the reorganization by himself. (Though he informs her of what's going on, so maybe she participates too in part?)

I hope he's not hiding all his pain and putting himself through all sorts of unpleasant things for the sake of making the world safer for her. D: I hope she realizes all that's going on and how he's feeling.

:X *hopes the meeting will be positive and not end in a great big mess* (Provided they can reach an agreement instead of it ending in shoot-out vs. pureblood powers, it should hopefully go well. 8D;)

I re-read this page three times with my jaw dropped, the first time I read the magazine. XDDD

Then, I wasn't sure whether to rejoice or be vaguely dismayed (not really XD XD) by the fact that SO MANY of my plot bunnies have that scenario. XD;;;; *lol*
Perhaps they will be less fun now that it's canon? XD;;;

Ahhh.... after all, who can possibly resist putting Kaname as King and Zero as H.A. President? X333333333333 *MELTS ENDLESSLY* XD<333

(Well, we don't know yet if Kaname will be king or just some kind of senator/representative-person something, but the Kurans are the royal family and all, so...

I bet Sara will make a mess before it happens though. :X

I'd expected the chairman to be the next president, but perhaps the association finds him too vampire-friendly, while Zero (even if he's a vampire XD;) is so much more "purely hunter".
And you can't get anyone more powerful than him, seriously, he can rival purebloods! 8D

All in all, when you look at it that way, the Association's decision makes A LOT of sense.
And this new, older and more grown up/mature Zero strikes me as someone who might really make an excellent president. :D

It's was time someone pulled the HA out of the corrupt swamp it had sank into. 8D;;

Same for the vampire society, with all the crap the council had done, they really need a proper king to fix the mess up. (Have no illusions, the council was ANYTHING but democratic. XD;; It was just the power being held by a bunch of corrupt old tyrants as opposed to the power being in the hands of one person. XD;)

Btw, if Kaname foresaw that the association might pick Zero, or if he's the one who brought the idea up to the chairman at one point or another, then that might be what he means about a world that would be safe for Yuuki to live in freely.... after all, with Kaname reigning over the vampires, and Zero ruling over the hunters, there shouldn't be anyone left possibly stupid enough to lay a finger on Yuuki!! XD XD XD *LOL*

I'm so delighted to see how things are looking so much better for Zero, and just how far the association came. If you remember how they treated him before, it's such a colossal change!!
The chairman's influence must have helped a lot too. :D

Aside from the lack of Yuuki being human and nearby, Zero's life is looking better and more hopeful now than it has EVER since Shizuka bit him. ^^/

He finally has a future, which he's always thought was something he didn't have, since before he was bound to lose his mind to level E, and was nothing but a momentary object to use for the association, while now he's stable AND accepted by his peers. (Hopefully they do indeed plan to accept him. XD;)

It's awesome~! X3 *all happy for him*

Okay, time to go decide whether I'll crash and sleep, or see if I have enough energy left to squeeze a little pic or fic out. XD;;

I'll probably come back to see if the post/commentary is a festering pit of typos or what, at some point later. XD;;;

Edit: Initially, the credit page had a line about a bonus chapter in LaLa DX next month. This was the line I'd put there before, to announce the bonus in the last LaLa DX. (That's already scanlated and posted, back when it came out, btw. It was the bonus with Ichiru & Zero. :D)

There's no new bonus in the upcoming LaLa DX. I'd just forgotten to update the credit page to remove that line. D: Sorry if I got your hopes up. ^^;; *updated the credit page after noticing the line was still there* ^^;;

Bonus close-up:

Yeah, it's not a pic Hino-sensei drew recently, but it's a new and
cleaner scan than the one you usually see going around for that pic. ;)

^^; EDIT, Because various people saw the pic and flew to conclusions without reading the explanation in the first page: KANAME IS ONLY DRESSED AS A DOCTOR. IT'S BECAUSE OF A CONTEST. THE BABY IS NOT THEIR CHILD. XD;

There's a contest going on in Japan, as I mentioned farther back in this post (see the first image), but since some people missed it, rumors started flying about the baby and whatnot. XD;;

And because lots of bashing have been going on in recent months:

Guys, really... I've already often said it, but it's simply the truth: You'll enjoy the series a LOT more if you focus on what you love, and not what you hate. I really don't see how anyone can take any enjoyment in bashing a character (any of them), or hating characters etc. All that bashing accomplishes is hurting the feelings of the character's fans, and leaving you with a bitter taste of fandom, instead of the enjoyment fandom should be. :(

So please, love VK to your heart's content, but don't waste time hating & bashing characters or their fans. D:
Whether it's Kaname or Zero being bashed, it always makes me so sad. ;__;

LJ is luckily mostly peaceful (hence why I LOVE LJ, and I can't stand all the hate and bashing that happens in some threads on some forums. :-/), but there's various sites lately that waste SO MUCH time bashing characters, especially Kaname and Yuuki, ever since they got together.
Luckily Zero escapes a bit because it seems the western fandom favors him more, so at least I'm really happy that he isn't bashed often, but I get really sad when I see all the hatred directed at the other two. :( I love all three of them, and I find any bashing so sad.

So, to the bashers. Please remember to read the manga before you say stuff like "Yuuki is Kaname's prisoner" or "he won't ever let her out" and "she must find a way to escape" and whatever.
She's a pureblood, and really powerful herself. She could exit any time she so felt like. She is there by her own choice.
She even says herself that she won't send her letters because it's unsafe (with Sara etc). If she wanted to send one, she would never have to lie or hide either. (Do you think Kaname would disobey her wish? XD)

We saw how he gives in to her every wish. If he let Zero drink her blood and didn't do anything because it was what she wanted then, do you seriously think he would hold her somewhere against her wish or any of the such??

I'm glad that at least Zero escapes the bashing most often, but I'm so sad to see that so many people say such unfair stuff of Kaname. :( (And Yuuki. XD But naturally, I focus more on Kaname & Zero. ;D)

And if you see anyone selling scanlations, please bite them somewhere very painful. D: Use pointy teeth!! Let's train along with Yuuki! *is shot*

Enjoy the chapter~~!! \^___^/

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