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VK 50 is on its way.

I meant to mention this a while earlier, but I forgot to make my usual little post about it... XD; *lol*

Hot pic of Zero is hot. XD

VK chapter 50 is on its way, coming in some hours. :D

*currently scanlating* :3

Here's some eye-candy while you wait for it. XD

Volume 10's cover image. :3
*sudden yuri fangirling* XD; *is shot*

And the gorgeous chapter cover, Yuuki with her two protectors. :3
(They look sexy even as metaphorical wolves. XD)

Click for full-size. :D

Ka... Kaname's muzzle is nuzzling near Zero's ear or is that just me? *-*/ *is shot, likes to see yaoi everywhere* XDDD
I find it's a pretty good metaphor of the manga, that Yuuki is holding Kaname in her arms, but still leaning against Zero/resting supported against him. And it's lovely that the two wolves/vampires are near each other so peacefully, for her. ♥ PLEASE BECOME A THREESO-*is shot again*

EDIT: The chapter is scanlated~! :D

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