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VK bonus chapter / sidestory from LaLa Special. :D

Yes, I'm alive. XD;; Just have been busier than usual lately.
Hence why this came so late, sorry. ^^/ (But I'm sure there's still people who haven't seen it, or who want to know what's going on it it, so here's the scanlation. :D)

As you know if you remember reading it in my scanlation last month, there's no normal VK chapter this month, just a bonus chapter.
But there will be a normal chapter as usual next month.
(And the LaLa cover + furoku goodie is VK too~ :D)

We're in luck lately, as on top of this bonus chapter, there will be another one on LaLa DX next month. (LaLa DX is another sister magazine of LaLa, just like LaLa Special.)

The other bonus episode will be centered on Zero. :D
It might be to make up for his fans for the fact that the main series seems to have been shifting its focus onto Kaname. (The first part of the manga was centered on Zero, then the following volumes focused on Yuuki, and now it seems it's finally Kaname's turn, or so the past chapters seem to indicate. :D So everyone has their turn.<3)

Chapter 49 (normal VK, not bonus chapters), will cover the flashback of back when Yuuki was in Junior High and cut her hair short, btw.
At least, if the preview pic is any indication. :D
I'm hoping it will be more than just that. (As usual, the preview line is a tease. XD *lol*)
*will post all the thingies from that LaLa in a separate post as soon as she has a moment*

Before we proceed to the bonus chapter, there was one or two important things I wanted to cover while I have you're all around/reading. ^^/

1) Please do not steal anyone's scans.

That doesn't means you can't share or give links (strangely, someone was accusing me of not wanting people to give links, which is nonsensical since I always encouraged people to share links freely).
Stealing a whole chapter to repost on your own site is not fine
, please credit and ask permission first before reposting scans on your own site. If you ask, even that might be fine.
Reposting a link to the original post is fine, of course.
One would think the difference between those two things is blatant enough that no one could possibly mistake them. XD;

Only Matsuri Hino & Hakusensha publishing etc. "own" VK, but the people scanning and scanlating own their own time and money spent in the act of making this material available to others. Hence why the bare minimum of manners is to ask first before reusing the scans. (Links to the original post are fine, once again.)

Btw, making graphics/icons/etc off the scans is totally fine. ^^/ Have fun~!
(If you want to take fanarts, on the other hand, please ask permission first.)

In an ideal world, scanlations wouldn't exist, everybody would have access to any manga and understand all languages and whatnot, but this world is not ideal... so scanlations are a necessary evil one may say. ^^;
So, PLEASE support the series by buying the books.
Reading the scans is fine, as long as you're supporting the series as well by purchasing a local official release of VK, or the japanese books.

And the other thing I wanted to mention while everybody is here. ^^/
2) On the subject of fanarts (100% unrelated to the official stuff scans): PLEASE NEVER repost people's fanarts without permission.

With official art, scanning is somewhat less wrong because we pay money to get the magazine, we buy the books etc, so there's a certain return. It's commercial. It's not quite right, but it's between us and a big company, and we're paying to get the magazine and all that.

Fanarts and doujinshi on the other hand are NOT. It's just fans, no money.
Contrary to the popular belief in the west, doujinshi artists don't really make money off their stuff. They're lucky if they can cover printing expenses and all, especially for a series like VK, with so little doujin activity.
The only people making money in the doujin world are scalpers reselling stuff in auctions once it becomes hard to find -- in other words, that money never goes to the artist.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you love a doujinshi, give links of places where people can buy it, explain how to buy it if it's in auctions or whatever, but PLEASE NEVER scan a doujinshi.

Doing so is the same thing as taking and reposting fanart off people's sites.

And don't flame me for spreading this info either. It's the simple truth.

Doujinshi scanning and fanart reposting are one of the things that most harms a fandom, because artists often close down their sites/cease activity or even drop out of the fandom when they're victims of such incidents.

So, considering how there's already almost no one making VK doujinshi to begin with, it's very important to not alienate the few people doing it. ^^;

I wanted to mention this because more people have been getting VK doujinshi lately, and people don't always know that some things (that may seem "ok" in the west due to the too small amount of communication with the japanese fandom and thus lack of info) can be harmful to the fandom as a whole, by making artists drop out of it.

So please, buy all the doujinshis you want, but do NOT scan or distribute doujinshi scans, please. ;__;/

Also, you might want to avoid falling for the scalpers selling doujinshi on Ebay. Anyone selling doujinshi for more than $40 or $50 is asking way too much.

The Zeki doujin "Secret garden" retails in Japan for $4. There's someone on Ebay trying to sell it for $100...
And I know the author of that doujin put it for sale as a downloadable file off a digital doujin website, so people can easily buy it in the West with credit card. ^^/

As for the other "Secret Garden", (a lovely Kaname x Zero and Ichiru x Zero doujinshi), it's harder to find but it pops up from time to time, so keep hope and keep searching. :D
And "Noble Vampire", a Kaname x Yuuki x Zero comical doujinshi, pops up very regularly in a variety of places, so you should be able to buy it for under $30 if you're lucky and find it at the right time and place. :D

I don't have any to sell, sorry. :X *hugs doujinshis to her chest lovingly* XD;;

But I cheer for all of you buying them, as they are lovely additions to anyone's collection. :D And nothing is as pleasant as actually owning something beautiful like that! :D Scans can't compare. :D

Okay, now that I've endlessly rambled (although it was on very important subjects), I shall finally proceed to the scanlation of the bonus chapter of VK. :D

Advertisement for the VK Guilty DVDs volumes 2 and 3. :D

Some more images of the game (including blushing Kaname~! XD<3 *loves when he does*), and you get to see also lovely pics of the latest merchandise~! :D

The little fastener thingies to hang on zippers and cell-phones etc are truly adorable up close. X3 They're my favorite of the latest goodies~! *adores them*
I have a dilemma due to them, actually, because my cell-phone still looked somewhat civilized until they released those. XD XD (I have a Kaname wallpaper in it, all the ringtones are VK-related --songs I listen to while writing fics, usually-- and there was already VK cell-phone strap on it, but now that the chibi fasteners are around... XD;;; *cell-phone weight increasing fast*)

Advertising the latest drama CD from LaLa.
I think it was already posted, no? I might post it too, or scan the booklet or something sometime. :D

*melts at the cuteness of little Yuuki* XD;

I've always thought there was something scary about Juri, and this chapter SOOOOOOO confirms all my plot bunnies on the subject. XD XD *LOL*
She's both awesome and... OH SO SADISTIC XD a bit scary. XD; *lol*

I suspect Kaname inherited the masochism from his father and a bit of his mother's sadism. XD

This might be confusing if you think VK is passed in this world or in this time.
But if you go back to volume 6 and take a look, you see that Aidou & Cain's teacher, when explaining the history of vampires, mentioned that they first appeared when humanity was on the brink of destruction, and ... we see in the background modern-ish buildings, back during the time of humanity being in danger etc.

So VK is passed in the distant future, or, well, in another world or something. But in any case, it's not in modern times.

Enough time and stuff must have happened for civilization to come back to a point where it was similar to its advances back then, since in the memories of Juri's youth, we see normal-looking "modern day" schoolgirls with her in high-school, talking about phoning boyfriends etc.
We know they have similar technology in VK nowadays (as a child, Kaname used to exchange e-mails with the chairman), and presumably more advanced technology as well (the super-fast train), although things are a bit different perhaps. (No one ever mentioned planes, and the cars have a distinct older flair to them, though that might be because we pretty much just saw cars owned by Ichiou XD by vampires. XD)

So yeah, many interesting possibilities. :D Bottom line is, the flashback must be passed quite a long time ago, as it's in Juri's highschool time (she went to that city to go to highschool, the three years mentioned), she said it's memories so old she can barely remember things well, and we know she's almost 3000 years old herself by the time of Yuuki's childhood. ^^/

My first instinct on the first read had been "OMGWTFBBQ, is it Haruka or Rido???" XDDD
And amusing as Rido would have been, Haruka is WONDERFULLY MOE in this chapter. XD *endless melting*

...It's still day for you too, Juri. XD *lol*

I guess Haruka can't easily tag along and also attend the school because he's visibly older. Poor thing, he's obviously putting up with living there just for the sake of Juri's experiment at life as a human. XD; (Though living with Juri and none of the other vampires around might be nice since he's in love with her.... even if she's so sadistic and utterly tsundere. XD *lol*)

*explosion of Haruka moe* XD<3

Juri, do you hear yourself? XD;;;

*dies* XDDD

And you know, I'm sure that if Yuuki insisted in walking in the rain, Kaname would make sure to get drenched too. XD XD *lol*

*heart breaks at the sad look he made on the top left* XD;

Tsundere as she may be, Juri is so adorably cute too! XD<3
And little Yuuki is just so adorable one could melt. XD

*bounces in delight at Kaname showing up, even though it was to appear so little* ;-;

You kind of get the feeling he was already a sad child then (which we know, as he was so lonely and already having trouble with the ancestor issue etc, on top of being a bit too serious for his age and all), and that perhaps, he wasn't all that into going super clingy lovey-dovey etc, but that maybe it's because Yuuki seemed to be so into it that he became so much more? XD Because she wanted it to be that way... *lol*
After all, nowadays he's a lot more Haruka-like clingy, while back then it seemed more like the stoic look of "yuck, our parents are being weird again...". XD

Or, also likely, it could just be that the clingy lovingness is in the Kuran blood, and he wasn't much like that back then just because he was a kid. XD (While Yuuki, with her head full of Juri's stories, was already all in full romance mode, hahahaha. XD)
Maybe. XD *gets a bucket-full of plotbunnies for fanfiction from that page alone. XD XD

Aaaand, some more info/clarifications etc. :D Mostly stuff you already read earlier in this post. :D

And onto unrelated stuff, I was trying to get out a chapter of "Cradle of Blood" for this week-end, but I'm not sure if I'll be done tweaking it on time. ^^;
If not, then sometime soon hopefully. :D

Even more unrelated ramblings, I have some new plants at home, and named them after VK characters.
The hilarious thing is, they're behaving in character!! XD XD
To the point that it's giving me urges to write a short little AU comical fic with plants. XD;;; *resists urges*

After an epic battle during which Kaname (a young rose tree) trashed Shizuka (a baby miniature cherry tree, which found Kaname's thorns rather scary when they got stuck together during transport), they settled down for a bit... and next thing I knew, it had become even more angsty. *lol* XDD
See, we've been having a lot of wind, and I have a little rose plant in a smaller pot, which I named Yuuki. To protect her from the wind, I placed her in a more safe spot... and a few days later, I realized that fittingly, the camelia plant I'd named Zero was what was protecting Yuuki from the wind, because Zero's pot is bigger and he's shielding her from it with his body...
I could swear that from across it all, Kaname (the rose tree) looked truly depressed at being so far from Yuuki and having Zero protect her instead.
His leaves are even looking less happy. I should probably plant Yuuki next to Kaname soon before he dies of sadness or something. XD;
He's totally ignoring Luca & Aidou. (two tiny rose plants looking worshipful next to him. XD)
He didn't even seem to notice when Seiren feel off the ledge. XD; (She's a small plant in a tiny pot and she was in front of him, but the wind knocked her off. XD)

Aside from the love triangle angst and resulting Night Class worries for Kaname (plantwise XD *lol*), Takuma is his usual sunny self, and was happily starting to bloom this morning, despite aphids constantly trying to eat his petals etc. Poor Takuma~! ;-; *mauls aphids*
*hasn't found suitable plants to get the names Shiki & Rima yet* XD

I'm delighted because Yuuki is flowering too, and she's making roses of a bloody red really pretty, very similar to Kaname's but a little less strong/dark. XD XD

Zero makes pink flowers. :D *is shot violently* XD XD XD;;;

(It's kind of weird that Zero isn't a rose, what with the bloody rose and the thorns etc in the manga, but it's because I haven't found the right rose to get his name on yet. :D It has to have a "Zero feel" to it and match his personality and color inspirational thingie. XD; *picky*

I have more than one plant that goes by the same name in some cases, so there will probably be a second Zero as a rose sometime when I find the right one. :D
Currently, I have two Aidous and two Kanames, one of which is a rose and one of which is an orchid. ;D)

Even my plants are all VK centered. XD;;;

Also unrelatedly, I made a twitter, (for those days where I'm running around too much to log in to LJ XD;), though I'm not sure if I'll stick with it and use it or not. *not used to the mini-posts* XD;

("SagakureVK" because there was already someone else called Sagakure there. XD;)

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