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Little Kaname mascot is here~! ^_^/

After a long wait, and so many wonderful encouragements and lovely comments from everybody as I posted sneak peeks and other previews of him as he "grew up".......... little Kaname is finally ready to be downloaded and go happily live in your computer! ^_^/ ♥

computer mascot

Right-click and save target to download. :D

There's a read-me file inside with instructions on how to install. :D

If you want, you can see a video I posted on Youtube, of a shortened
version of his animations for you to see the various things he does. :D

He is a free-download which I meant as a gift for the VK fandom, so I'm so glad that he got ready on time for Christmas. :D

I'll possibly be releasing upgraded versions of him in the future, with different interactions, so that you can load various little Kaname moods etc. X3
(There's also a Zero-chibi mascot in the making. :D)

So, who is he and what does he do?

He is a computer mascot of Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight, when he was little. :D

He sits on your active window (any program) and pays you company, doing various cute things while you work on your computer. (Such as swinging his leggies over the edge of the window for fun.)
Watching him smile innocently can be very relaxing and soothing. (I find it is, at least. If I'm stressed, I look at him and he makes me relax. XD *lol*)

If you give him attention by clicking him, it makes him very happy, and he blushes cutely while smiling a lot and saying "I love you!!"

If you don't give him your love, then he will become increasingly needy until he gets too bored/tired, and falls asleep. You can either wake him up, or he will wake up by himself and be embarrassed for having fallen asleep, before going back to being cute for you.

How to install Little Kaname:

Just unzip the file, follow the instructions in the "read me" file, and you're all set! :D

There's two main files in there: 1) the player/viewer, (the program to allow you to run the mascot), and 2) little Kaname himself. :D
Once the program is installed, you just have to click Kaname himself for him to come up. :D ♥

More in detail:

Mascot Art & mascot itself made by Sagakure:

Mascot voice by Amitaro:

*hopes you'll give little Kaname a happy and loving computer-home~!* X3

Edit: A little additional info:
1) Unfortunately, he only works on PC. ^^;; I'm trying to find a mascot loading program that will also work on Mac, but so far I haven't had luck on that. D:

2) If you are having a weird thing where you get a different mascot instead of Kaname, then you probably are clicking the mascot viewer program instead of clicking Kaname himself to load him, hence why you're getting the default mascot the viewer program has as example.
This won't happen if you click on Kaname himself instead of just on the viewer program, of course. (You want to load Kaname, not just the viewer with its example mascot. :D)

Otherwise, just right-click the example mascot you have up, and load Kaname instead and it will work. :D

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