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Vampire Knight Manga Chapter 45 in English.


VK 45 is here!

I just spent the past 12 hours straight, non-stop scanning, cleaning, translating and scanlating the latest chapter of the VK manga, ever since I came home with my LaLa. Phew. XD;; I hope you'll enjoy the chapter~!! X33 ♥ ♥ ♥

Usually I make a post to say I'm currently scanlating so that people know the chapter will be up in some hours, but since it involves loading the browser and I couldn't load it while running photoshop with all the scans up (*glares at tired computer*), in my urge to scanlate as soon as possible so you'd have the chapter faster I ended up not posting any advance images or anything this time, although I got my Lala yesterday...

So yeah, if you already saw other people posting images from the same Lala issue first, that's why. ^^; It took a bit longer since I was scanlating.

But hopefully the fact that you can now read it in English will compensate for the few hours of extra wait? ;D *lol*

But here it is at last, scanlated in English for your enjoyment. X333

VK 45 in English.Collapse )

♥ ♥ ♥ ^__^/// ♥ ♥ ♥

*hopes you've enjoyed the chapter*

*crawls away and passes out half-dead-half-asleep, hanging halfway out of a coffin in vampire-slumber mode until she regenerates from all the tiredness* XD XD *lol*
*should be working but must make a momentary pause to sleep or will turn into dried up withered thing* XD;;;;

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