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Vampire Knight Manga Chapter 45 in English.


VK 45 is here!

I just spent the past 12 hours straight, non-stop scanning, cleaning, translating and scanlating the latest chapter of the VK manga, ever since I came home with my LaLa. Phew. XD;; I hope you'll enjoy the chapter~!! X33 ♥ ♥ ♥

Usually I make a post to say I'm currently scanlating so that people know the chapter will be up in some hours, but since it involves loading the browser and I couldn't load it while running photoshop with all the scans up (*glares at tired computer*), in my urge to scanlate as soon as possible so you'd have the chapter faster I ended up not posting any advance images or anything this time, although I got my Lala yesterday...

So yeah, if you already saw other people posting images from the same Lala issue first, that's why. ^^; It took a bit longer since I was scanlating.

But hopefully the fact that you can now read it in English will compensate for the few hours of extra wait? ;D *lol*

But here it is at last, scanlated in English for your enjoyment. X333


As usual, I'll be adding comments in my post to discuss interesting points of the plot and to point out links with other stuff etc. etc., but since I'm sure you want to read it as soon as possible, I'll just go and post, and add the comments later as soon as I find time. ;D

Edit: Comments aded as well~! ^__^// ♥ *hopes you enjoy the chapter*

As usual, you might want to read the chapter once first, and then again with the commentary if you are interested in my ramblings. :D
I don't recommend reading the ramblings as you read each page the first time around, because it breaks the flow of your reading of the chapter. ^^;;//

Sorry if in the commentary ramblings there are typos. ^^;;; *is dead tired/sleepy by now*

Sneak peeks to the upcoming episodes of the anime!! *____*//
And some stuff we saw recently!!

I'm particularly intrigued by the image of Zero with the gun, smiling looking sadistic... The text says "something different/a change with Zero...?!"..... which indicates that they'll indeed cover some of the very recent manga chapers.... And it also mentions the tragic destiny of Zero and Ichiru, in the pic with the two. So cute!!!<333
(But then, it's not like it's a surprise that they're destiny is tragic, so they'd have said that anyway even if the anime was going to stop before that part... XD; But the general vibe is that we'll be seeing Zero's change... *__*/)

I'm fascinated by ADORABLE 8 years old Kaname, on the left (point 2), and SUPER SEXY Rido.
But adorable Kaname totally gets 99% of my attention, and Rido the rest. XD;;;
*stares at sexy sadistic-loooking Zero too* XD;;;

The lower part of the page mentions how there will be an interview with ON/OFF and Kanon Wakeshima in LaLa DX (a sister magazine of LaLa).

The right part is about the last DVD of season 1, which is coming out on November 26th, and has a bonus CD in it, the sequel to the CD in the first DVD of season 1. :D :D

I CAN'T WAIT to buy it, because of the little preview.... they used the image from VKG5, but... but... THE THINGS THEY'RE SAYING. *ROTFLMAO*

The Drama CD is about everybody going on vacations to an island in the heat etc... (presumably because Cross decided to go there on vacations, and Kaname wanted to follow Yuuki. XD)

So Zero is mercilessly teasing/torturing Kaname, bringing up the fact that "Wow, Kuran-senpai, it's amazing, your face is completely red, and you look about to pass out, are you okay?"
To which kaname replies "Please go play by yourself."


Man, they sure always know what to say to sell stuff to us fans. XDDD
Further proof of that just a bit below... you see an advertisement for the manga volumes (please buy and support the series, btw! :DDD ♥), and then.... and ad for the fanbook, where Zero is saying "Oh... I had no idea Master Yagari was so difficult in his tastes for women, I'm surprised..." <-- Thus immediatly prompting all the fans to realize that the characters reveal such things in the fanbook, as who or what type of girl/guy is their type etc....... thus prompting the fans to rush to buy the book, hahahaha. XD XD

DVD 5 also has an extra episode that's only for the DVDs, which is the mini bonus episode about the dorm president election. :D *looking forward to that too*

On the left side of the page you can see some new previews of the DS game... including ADORABLE Yagari. XDDDDDDDDDD<333
I never thought the day when he'd be cutesy would come. XD *rotfl*

This month's goodie that you can purchase by mail with Lala (if you live in Japan) is a DVD with:
1) Character introduction little movies.
2) Promo movies to the DS Game (I NEED THIS DVD NOW. XD;;;;)
3) A compilation of the ads of VK anime. (I like the ones in the commercial break. XD With the quiz...)
4) A talk with the voice acting cast~!

VK and Lala gets my monies each time. XD<3 *pokes empty wallet, has the anime season 2 OST preordered already too, and is waiting to see if they release a VK DS console before buying one* XD

And onwards with the actual chapter we go~!! ^____^///

The cover is so.... kinda sad, kinda wistful... But on same time, it's so beautiful, even if I worry so much for Takuma, and Cross....

From top left to bottom right, (in case it's not obvious XD) Kaien Cross, Sara Shirabuki, Maria Kurenai and Takuma Ichijou...

I can't help but wonder... did she actually know he'd been working with the council for a while, or was she sending that spy owl to the council building at random?

It's so sad that she's looking for him... I wonder if she feels that he disappeared or not. :X

Before people who don't like Kaname start going on about how he's evil for killing the council, I must mention as a reminder that said council sent Rido to murder the entire Night Class (and take Yuuki0, and also intended to murder the families of the Night Class, everybody standing on the pro-monarchy side, etc etc...
So yeah, Kaname killed the council, but it's practically self-defense, at that point... especially with the other stuff we find out later in this chapter... (But which undoubtedly Kaname knew).

I'd freak out too, if I was spying on a pureblood massacring his enemies, and then suddenly he turned around and looked straight at me. XD *rotfl*

Am I the only one who finds that Maria is adorable in this episode, especially when she looked scared? XD;;; *lol* *sadistic fangirl*

Although I still slightly want to bite her ankle for running around telling her parents and everybody about Kaname's whereabouts and all. XD *lol* (Well, not that everybody else hadn't noticed too, but you know. XDD *lol*
Considering that he summoned all the council members with bats etc, people must have all been wondering what was going on and all sending stuff to spy on what was going on in the building as well. XD;;)

I'm extremely concerned by the reaction of Aidou's father. D: (And the girl is Tsukiko, Aidou's sister who may or may not have a crush on Kaname. XD (Well, she just blushed when he smiled at her in the party chapter in volume 6, but the dad did ask Kaname to keep her in mind, sooo... yeah... XD *lol* (Not for marriage though... purebloods marry purebloods, especially now that they're so rare...))

I'm hoping Aidou's dad is worried for Kaname, and not worried that a war will break out and wanting to pull out of Kaname's side before things get too dangerous.
I'm hoping he's not that kind of person, but the mention of loss of sanity (great vampire excuse for wanting to get rid of a pureblood who's become an inconvenience, as we've seen previously with Shizuka...) has worried me. Let's hope he's indeed just fearing that Kaname could have lost it, but ready to side with him when he realizes it's not the case. :)

Meanwhile, the entire vampire society has exploded in "OMG WTF AHHH~!!" type of reaction about the council wipe-out, and are all contacting each other through messenger bats!! XD XD
It must be the vampire equivalent of an explosion of gossip too. XD;;; *is shot*

Those flap flaps in the top case are all bats.... undoubtedly more people gossiping and sending messengers. *rotfl* XD

And finally, we get to see Cross after so long!! (Last time was 4 chapters ago).

I am so amused by Yagari's "vague activities in the background" throughout this chapter. XD XD
I had never realized before just how much Cross is the seme Cross seems to be way higher in the hierarchy than Yagari, which wasn't clear before due to Yagari's griffness etc in the way he treats people, even Cross. But now that matters are serious, it feels more like Cross is the senpai, by far...
I wish we knew their ages, but the fanbook didn't mention it for Yagari or Cross.
We do know however that the chairman is way taller than expected, as tall as Kaname, and this gives me more yaoi mind images. *is shot again* XD;;;

And, and because I almost forgot to say the actually relevant stuff I meant to say... Yagari and Cross are using anti-vampire weapons. So, weapons that will be deadly on a vampire, but won't harm a human (well, I supposed if you hit them hard enough for a while, you can bludgeon them to death as Zero mentioned before in a drama CD, but it's not meant for humans/might perhaps cut less well or something. ;D)

Hence why it's even better the come back... since the guy had the nerve to say Cross & Yagari were turning their weapons against them, when in fact no hunter was fighting them, only the enslaved vampires the Association brought...

Btw, you might have recognized that guy... he's the one who was mean to Zero when they visited the Association headquarters. D:

I KNEW it. I knew there was a lot more sadistic stuff hidden under the table at the hunter's association than the idealistic "we hunt only for the good of mankind"...
Well, it's inevitable, they're people, so it's bound that some of them will be corrupt, others will end up enjoying the cruelty inflicting on the enemies, etc etc. But still, I was a tidbit surprised by the unexpected mention of the "beloved hunt"....
But then, the association president is full of, erm... surprising things. XD;;; *lol*

...the biggest of those 'surprises' for his allies must be the fact that he's buddies with the vampire council and has an army of council dogs at his call, who were just waiting to show up! XD;; *lol*

I liked how the hunter guy's first reaction was pulling out his ninja-like/wolverine-like blades at the sight of the council's vampires...!

Yagari is hot. X3

Another of the association president's creepy surprises... the fan actually can have pointy things stick out suddenly.
And they mustn't be just anti-vampire, or there would be no point in threatening the human hunter... so creepy. XD *wants a clawed fan too, though his one is, uhm, strange looking* XD;;;

I don't need to explain that the woman he's calling a witch bewitching Cross is none other than Juri... ;D

I loved the castle of sand reference. *fangirls back and forth* X3333

And onto an AMAZINGLY moe and wonderful flashback we goo!! *-*/
It's fun how much she looks like Yuuki and how much he sorta looked like Zero back then!!
I wonder about Zero & Ichiru's mom and her activities. XD *is shot by bloody rose repeatedly* XD;;;

I must frame this page and put it on a shrine.

You know, I am a sick sick fangirl. I have SO MANY kinky fic ideas, and a great deal involves purebloods. But never in my wildest daydreams have I ever expected canon VK to mention anything about purebloods being captured/trapped to be sold to people who desire their blood.

It makes IMMENSE sense (considering the amazing things their blood can do and all), and that's why I had so many fic ideas with it, but I never assumed it would actually be one day mentioned in canon.

The "miracle drug" is of course with the meaning of medication/thing to become stronger/etc. etc., huh, not a drug to get you high. XD *rotlf* I think it's quite clear for anyone who knows the series, but just in case, I thought it was better to mention. XD XD *lol*

Inevitable, 99% of my fic ideas on the subject do not involve medication, but kinky stuff. *rotfl* XD;;;; *nosebleeding endlessly ever since she first read the chapter and relished in the fact that this is canon* I will soon have filled a small ocean of blood from my nosebleed. XD XD *passes out in delirious fangirling* XD ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

If I wasn't so tired and my muscles weren't hurting so much from the 12 hours straigth scanlating, I'd probably skip around in the room doing happy dance. *did it after reading that page in that chapter the first time* XD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; *LOL*

Also, the SHEER AMOUNT of plot bunnies that sprouted out in my mind about his past urges to kill the Kurans... (urges which we don't know at which point started or ended, so we have some freedom for fics until the next flashback... *lol* XD *tons & tons of fic ideas* XDDD *must write one-shot fic with little Kaname almost getting stabbed* XD;;;)

AW~ ♥

You know... I've been dying wondering whether the child in her belly is Kaname or Yuuki.
Because this is presumably longer ago than 16 years, since we know that Cross retired from hunting vampires 16 years ago, so on same time than Yuuki was born/or when Yuuki was recently born. (which supports my lunar calendar theory, but that would get longer so I might explain in a different post sometime. XD It's a theory about the difference between the human and vampire years, which I suspect might be solar calendar (gregorian) and lunar calendar (asian)).

In this flashback, he already has the school, but he's still a hunter and killing vampires, so this is more than 16 years ago. So unless he stopped hunting immediatly after this maybe, the child shouldn't be Yuuki but Kaname.
(We've seen a previous, much older, 1 pic flashback where Juuri is yelling at him about vampires having feelings too, and she's holding a little baby... which again, I wonder if it's Kaname or Yuuki. XD)

Kaname is 18 years old.
If this was 2 years before Cross decided for sure to drop out of Vampire Hunting, then that child in her belly was Kaname, still unharmed by Rido. XD

As for the dates in which he'd have started the school, we know just a few things from various previous stuff in VK:
1) The buildings of Cross Academy are what used to be in the past the headquarters of the Hunter's Association (hence the underground cells/dungeons etc..... btw, if I were the parents of the Night Class, I'd be so creeped out to send my kid to that school, but then, there's Kaname there, so anything goes. XD XD *LOL*)
2) We know that for many years before the Night Class started, Cross Academy functioned purely as a human school (and facade for little Yuuki's safety & growing up).
It has a high school, but also younger classes. They have a separate campues, and only the highschoolers share classrooms with the Night class etc. The younger kids never see them. (I guess it's safer? XD *lol*)
3) In a letter/report he'd written to the Association 16 years ago, Cross indicated that he'd be dropping out of the hunt effective that day, and thet starting the next day he'd "consecrate himself full-time to his official main job"..... presumably the school. :O

And presumably the hunters were in it and there must have been some other purpose originally... but then, Cross came up with the Night Class eventually, which I bet the Hunter's Association wasn't pleased. XD (Unless they thought they could use the situation for their benefit, while Cross was playing double game to be able to go on hiding Yuuki/helping Kaname/etc.

And presumably, he'd had the school some time before dropping out of the hunt, because he said he's make his official job the main one/full time one... which means perhaps before he already had it although it wasn't his main activity while he was still hunting...
(Back then the school was humans-only. The Night class only started MANY years later. We don't know whether the Association knew he had plans to do a Night Class either... he might have kept links with the Association for safety, but have steadily moved more towards the Kuran side...)

Can you say canon obsessed? XD;;;;; *takes apart any tiny detail to analyse*
This is why I every so often guess ahead what's going to happen in the series, and hit frighteningly close to the mark. XD;;; *still amazed at Sara popping up as the new villain two days after I said she would* XD;;;; *lol*

Oh yeah, and before I forget... this page has brought up the interesting piece of information that a really skilled hunter (unless it's just that Cross is really exceptionnal XD) can sneak up on a pureblood and take them by surprise/move fast enough.
It was something we didn't know of before.

Of course, a normal hunter would get endlessly pwned.

And there's always the possibility that Juri was just super slow because maybe she sucks at fighting XD XD because she was pregnant or something.

Btw, to this day I have found Juri an interesting character and full of really nifty potential, but that was it.
NOW on the other hand, she has evolved to the status of super-mythical-adored-deity-type-of-being in my mind, because of her glorious line about the purebloods for sale.
*can't wait to go write porny fanfic when she has some time off the deadlines* XD *is shot*

Ah, my deadlines, btw... *is SO DEAD for scanlating this for hours instead of working* XD;;;;; Wahhh.... *will die to catch up later, was told to not expect to have any sleep until tomorrow, with the backlog* XD;;;;;;;;

I also inevitably fangirled ENDLESSLY that HILARIOUS shocked stare Cross shot to Juri's belly when she said she was pregnant, to the point that she got bugged & embarrassed and complained. XD *rotfl*
It was adorable, and utterly hilarious. XD XD
(Also totally something I could see with Zero and Yuuki. XD XD)

The fact that Juri sneaked out escaping from guards and even Haruka is wow also. XD
The fact that she mentioned Haruka AND guards, but no little Kaname further makes me think it might indeed be Kaname in her belly. XD

Though again, there's no way to know 100% for sure. Lots of things point to the possibility that it could be Kaname, but it's also the same for the possibility that it could be Yuuki.

I shall stop rambling and move to the next page. XD;;;;

And this is where it becomes trickier. XD In Japanese, she can use that word without having to specify whether it's one or two children. So for the Japanese text it doesn't matters whether it's Kaname OR Yuuki that's in her belly, as the sentences about the child/children she's saying could stay the same.
I used "they" in English because it's a word that works for male or female, and sicne there's no indication whether the baby is Kaname or Yuuki, I didn't want to make any assumptions that weren't expressly in the text, so I used a word that could be either.

If it's Kaname, she would use the singular, because at that point, she'd only know of one child so far. However, if it's Yuuki and something already happened to Kaname, we don't know if she'd be focused on protecting Yuuki only or both. (Because previously, she seemed to assume Kaname could fend for himself, since she let him go face Rido at age 8, and instead of even telling him to be careful, she told him to take care of Yuuki later. XD;;;; Poor Kaname. *felt bad for him, although thinks Juri had no bad intentions* XD;;; *lol*)

So yeah, basically, I left the first bubble with the child she's referring too, most likely the one n the belly whichever it is, and then used they/them so that it was not specified whether it was the boy or the girl, so that it's the same as in the original text.

I moe the idea that it's Kaname. XD (And prior to the ancestor incident, she'd be presumably as protective of him as we know her to be of Yuuki, perhaps.)
But either is possible. :D

I shall say nothing of the fact that Juri expressly said she wants the child laugh so much...... and cry. *rotfl* *cough*Sadistic woman*cough* XD XD XD *rotfl* (It's not for the kid to be sad, it's for the kid to have the freedom they wouldn't have in vampire society, I know, but I had to crack this joke in the comments. XD;;;)

Cross = ♥

This was quite the surprising info. :O
I had figured by now that Cross was more important in the hierarchy than he seemed, but I didn't expect that he had had the chance of becoming president and let it go... But then, if he was president he'd have to go on organising vampires being killed etc, and would be unable to be there with Yuuki.....although maybe it would have been useful for the cause of peace, but since Yuuki is the priority...

Yagari noticed things were about to get hot and decided instead to go save the Night Class. XD *is shot*

I'm just joking, I actually find it awesomely fangirlable that he went for them. X3333 Yagari-sensei to the rescue!! XD<3333 It's so lovely!!
(My Cross and Yagari fangirling has reached stratospherical levels with this chapter. XD<33333333333333)

That nickname............... *FANGIRLS TO NO END* XD

I wonder what is Cross' sin... there's still so much mystery going on. O_o
Is it linked to the destiny he felt stuck in?? Or is it indeed a lot more like the Kiryuu issue and he has a twin...? (It was a big deal that Zero AND Ichiru had survived, so perhaps the great issue here is that Cross was born, after having absorbed/killed his twin? Which would led to him having all the issues, but also being so powerful...

After all the curse of the twins says "no twins will be conceived in a hunter family, or if they are, then while still in the womb they will try to devour each other, and both will be either a miscarriage or still-born. In very rare cases, one survives, after having absorbed the other." The Kiryuu case was EXTREMELY rare because both survived. (In volume 8, Kaname explains all this. He also mentions that Ichiru must have survived because Zero was overly gentle, even before being born. XD ♥ *rotfl*
And the way Kaname mentions that there has been rare cases where one of the twins survived after absorbing the other's strength and life in the womb, and was born as an extremely bad omen......... He could be talking about Cross...... )

Or it could be a random thing that has happened in the past, and Cross' sin is completely different. XD *can't wait to find out more, looks forward to upcoming chapters* X333

In case you find weird that he can smell so well, remember that hunters ate a vampire ancestor, so long ago... so that they'd obtain the power to hunt vampires. So hunters are human, but have a bit of vampire in them, and have better senses than humans. (Though apparently nowehere like a vampire's from what we saw before).
In any case, we saw before that little Zero could distinguish the "pureblood scent" coming from Shizuka and Kaname (so not only after he turned, presumably), and it's why he attacked Kaname when she first met. (I suspect said scent is nothing more than their blood, that is strong enough to have the scent perceivable through the skin).

Yeah, all that just to say Cross isn't just a weirdo who sniffs random people with dubious clothing tastes. XD *lol*

Although again, I'm quite sure that if you hit them often enough and hard enough, anti-vampire weapons can probably work on humans too... XD XD *rotfl* But perhaps the difference is that on a human the blade would fell dull and not cut well/easy like that? Or something. XD *lol*


It's VERY interesting to see that with a pureblood that's powerful enough and a person drinking the blood that's weak-minded enough the blood can take over the body like that. He wasn't turned, he wasn't supposed to be a vampire, and yet, just because he drank the blood, he doomed himself...

Also, this is most likely Rido's blood that the council gave him. (now we know also what they'd have wanted to do to Kaname if Kaname had let them take his blood... I wonder if they keep a stock of little vials to bargain with corrupt people or what. O__o;;;)
We know Rido has specialized in really interesting abilities allowing him to control his blood from apart, separate his body in pieces and reform it fine etc. On light of that, it's probably a total piece of cake for him to take over someone's body with his blood, since he actually directly controls that blood so well.

The conscience is still the corrupt president's though, so it's not as if Rido was inhabiting his body like with Shiki (he'd need a relative), it's just that the power of the blood took over his body.

We don't know if that was affecting his decisions or not... chances are yes, but... it could be he was just a considerable jerk even without Rido's intervention. XD;;;; *lol*
(Which we don't know at which point happened either, btw. *ponders*

SO OMINOUS death is so ominous. D: D:

Croooooooosss.... *fangirls*

Also, his last line in that page totally makes me think Cross drinking Juri's blood is probably canon. XD *lol* (Possibly because he was wouded when she countered his attack...? We don't know how badly...)
The chairman x Kaname fangirl in me wishes it was Kaname's blood, but Juri's is more likely. XD *lol*


First two bubbles are still Cross speaking.
We can foresee there will be a colossal scale memory wipe among the day class students. *rotfl*

That's most probably what he's talking about, but....... maybe records as well?? ;__; After all, if the Assciation is taking him, he won't be able to run the school... and Kaname has so many problems right now there's no way he can do anything school-work related either...
It was pretty obvious that without those two = no Night Class, but still, it's so weird/scary to think that this might indeed be THE end of the school... ;___;
They wanted ot to be a haven for Yuuki after all, and she's awakened, so the duty is fulfilled..... ;__; But that's just so so sad....... *SO SO hopes they'll all be okay and the school won't close either* (Cross Academy is like a character in itself. XD;;; *loves it*)

Sara Shirabuki, pureblood vampire and really good at looking sweet but having quite the bite.... as purebloods usually do. *had guessed she'd come back as a villain, but was still shocked, had hoped to be wrong and that Sara would turn out to be super sweet. (Well, I really just knew she'd come back as a villain, but I wanted to be able to cling to denial. It was shortlived, hahaha. XD;;

For who doesn't remembers her, she appears in the party in volume 6.

Ichiou has SCARY allies. After Rido, now her. :X

AND Ichiou is still presumably alive and totally fine, since Sara stopped Takuma.
There are tons of noble families, and many are supporters of the council and all, so they probably still have a lot of power, especially with purebloods like Sara on their side... :X

I SO SO FEAR for Kaname, he's in a really delicate position. ;-;

I find it amazing how she can be both so pretty and so creepy... especially when she says she'd ask Ichiou for him to give her Takuma. XD;;;

And I fear she might want to use Takuma directly against Kaname. Poor Takuma, he just barely got out of the issue Shiki had and all...

Kaname is hotness incarnate as always. XD<333

EEK. ;____________________________________;

This is such a scary sight. DDDDDDDDDDDD:

I don't think Kaname would be easily defeated, but so much tragic stuff could happen. ^^;;; (I'm particularly afraid that Zero might try to kill Kaname, Kaname might try to beat up Zero, Yuuki might intervene/throw herself in the middle to protect Zero out of instinct, thinking he needs it more, and then Kaname will be all open or have stopped an attack to not hurt her, and Zero will do terrible damage to him (on purpose or not)... Let's hope none of that happens. D:

Kaname is by far my favorite, although I also like Zero a lot, and hope none of the three will die. (I like Yuuki a lot too, although so less than the other two. ;D But she must be safe or the two will angst so badly and trash each other. XD;;)

What's scary is that at this moment it's so very hard to tell what's going through Zero's mind, and when he's serious (and potentially really dangerous/lethal, especially with his amazing new powers), and when he might be suicidal or what. D:

And I don't know whether Zero might maybe be hoping Kaname will kill him (like he was with Yuuki before), or actually really planning to kill Kaname (he's often said he wanted to, even before genocide!mode... :X And right now "Yuuki will be sad if he guts the pureblood" is hardly an argument that would weight in his mind as much. (I strongly think he cares for her, but if at the current moment he's messed up enough to point his gun at Yuuki, then chances are Kaname is in for some trouble. :X)

And then, there's Kaname... he's looking so calm, but even if he wasn't sure of the outcome, he'd never let the enemy see it on his face, so we can't tell whether he's seeing Zero as a danger or not. :X
Which makes that I'm not reassured by his calm attitude. :X

All in all I so so hope none of my favorites will die. ^^;;;;;;;;;;; (Or get messed up. ;_____;)

And I strongly wonder what the hunter association president meant in his parting words... it could be that he was just BSing to sound scary, but........... I think what's left of the council still has power, and wanted to go to war, and has only sparred the hunters so far because they were being useful.

Now we'll see whether the deaths of the councilmembers we know of will have changed their intentions (out of fear or lack of power) or... the opposite (out of certainty of their victory with Sara). :X

This pic was in the back inner cover. :D *loves it, melts so much as how hot they both look in it, especially Kaname* ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Next chapter has color pages, woot! *-*/

More "Wah, in the next chapter...!!"
Sorry if it's hard to read the text? ^^; *tried to make it legible, but wonders if it's hard.

I love how vampire Yuuki (on the left) has such a similar look/gaze to Kaname's!! *melts in fangirly glee* X3 It's one of the things I love about her change. Hino-sensei truly is godly with her art, and has such amazing mastery of it. X3 It's not easy to make the same character look so distinctly different and make it all work so perfectly. That and the ressemblance from the beginning, everything is SO well done. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Various advertisements for various VK thingies. :D

Please please please, go buy the books and support the series and author that you admire? \ ^___^/ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And lovely bonuses~!!

There's al All Stars calendar as a free goodie with LaLa this month, and one of the pages is VK~!
A family pic of the Kurans in New Year kimono! X3 ♥

Click to see the much bigger size version.

And the back of the calendar becomes adorable little postcards:

Lala has a contest going on, where people in Japan can win original drawings from the various mangaka... ^_^/ Hino-sensei drew this pic for the contest:

It's Takuma and Kaname, wishing you a happy new year, and eating traditional soup that is eaten on New Year in Japan! :D
(Ozoni soup. It's delicious, but you can easily choke on the melted mochi.... I wonder if it gets stuck on the fangs?? XD XD *LOL)

As usual, Onemanga is the only one I send the scans to.

Everyone else, please ask before instead of just taking, and please credit my translation if you want to post the scans on a manga-reading site. ^^/ It takes time, effort and money (lala buying) to provide a scanlation, and it is irritating like whoa when people go around reposting and getting credits for it in some places. 9-9

If people ask and it's for an actual proper site (for example, not one infested with stolen content :O), then I always say okay... But when people just grab and run off to use without a word to ask even, it's sad. ^^;;

♥ ♥ ♥ ^__^/// ♥ ♥ ♥

*hopes you've enjoyed the chapter*

*crawls away and passes out half-dead-half-asleep, hanging halfway out of a coffin in vampire-slumber mode until she regenerates from all the tiredness* XD XD *lol*
*should be working but must make a momentary pause to sleep or will turn into dried up withered thing* XD;;;;

Tags: ¤ Vampire Knight - All VK Posts, ¤ Vampire Knight - News & Scans etc
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