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Awesome Kaname & Zero pic from the upcoming VK game.

B's log (a japanese game magazine) has a picture of Kaname and Zero in this month's issue, to advertise the upcoming VK game~! (coming out in December. :D)
They'll be having a different pic of the two in each issue, so I'm immensely looking forward, and will be buying and scanning as they come out. X3

Click to see the full size. :D

(Or right-click and save, to make yourself a wallpaper or something. X3)

Kaname reads peacefully while Zero plays games on his DS. :D
They look so peaceful together~! *___*
And Kaname's expression is... GYAH~! Looks wistful, doesn't it? X3 ♥
I like to think Zero is playing the VK game and trying to get Kaname in it. XD XD<3

This is the first pic~!
(Scanned by the lovely kaho_yukimura, who is utterly awesome and also is the one who told me about the magazine. :D)

I just couldn't resist rushing to show you all so that we may all drool over the gorgeousness of Kaname & Zero~! X3

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